Isiah Thomas, MSG Settle With Anucha Browne Sanders for $11.5 Million

Brown Sanders: “extremely pleased”. Will this affect Zeke’s job status?

With the Knick faithful chanting “Fire Isiah” during every home game as well as everything else that’s swirling around the Knicks organization, it was probably in their best interest to get this lawsuit out of the way and focus on basketball. We all know how outrageous the New York media can be and the Knicks’ brass made a judgment call reportedly spurred by Commissioner David Stern.

Sitting at 6-14, is the season salvageable? It’s early right? Ladies I would love to get your thoughts on how this affects you (if it indeed does at all) as a woman first and sports fan second.

Isiah Thomas/MSG settle with Anucha Browne Sanders
New York Knicks coach Isiah Thomas and Madison Square Garden could look at it in this way: They saved at least $100,000 by settling for $11.5 million the sexual harassment case brought by a former team executive.

A jury awarded Anucha Browne Sanders $11.6 million in punitive damages in October. But she agreed to settle for just $100,000 less, a person familiar with the deal said Monday. The person spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity because the terms of the deal weren’t immediately released by either side.

The deal came as Browne Sanders prepared to return to U.S. District Court in Manhattan this week for the compensatory damages phase of her civil trial.

Browne Sanders’ testimony of her ordeal with the Knicks, which she testified included crude insults and unwanted advances from Thomas, exposed the club’s tawdry side, from its dysfunctional clubhouse to its star player’s sexual exploits with a team intern.
Besides the $9.6 million sought by Browne Sanders in compensatory damages, the Knicks had been facing the possibility they might be ordered to pay what was likely to be millions of dollars in legal fees. By settling, the Knicks avoid that, while Brown Sanders gets her money faster and avoids the possibility of having her award reduced on appeal.

Browne Sanders said she was “extremely pleased” to have settled.

“The jury’s verdict in this case sent a powerful and enduring message that harassment and retaliation at Madison Square Garden will not be tolerated,” she said in a statement. “It has been a long journey, but I believe that justice has been done.”

MSG said: “We don’t feel any less strongly than we did throughout the entire episode. The outcome was a travesty of justice, and we vehemently disagree with the jury’s decision; however, at the strong request of Commissioner Stern and in the interest of focusing on basketball, we can all agree that it is time for us to move on and put this issue behind us.”

Thomas added: “As I have said before, I am completely innocent. This decision doesn’t change that. However, this is the best course for Madison Square Garden, and I fully support it.”

Testimony about the off-court escapades made the trial a feeding frenzy for those interested in the inner workings of one of the National Basketball Association’s most storied franchises.

Browne Sanders, a 44-year-old former Northwestern University basketball star, says she was dismissed last year because she dared to accuse Thomas of routinely using vulgar language before making unwanted sexual advances toward her. She had sought reinstatement to a job as vice president of marketing, which paid as much as $260,000 a year.

Trial evidence portrayed Thomas as a swaggering, cursing bully who first tried to intimidate Browne Sanders with brutish language after his 2003 arrival but later showered her with insincere affection.

Stephon Marbury, recruited by Thomas, was described as a pampered star guard who had sex with an intern inside his truck one night after romancing her by asking: “Are you going to get in the truck?”

Thomas has repeatedly disputed the allegations but has had to endure boos on the basketball court even before his team launched its new season with a string of lopsided losses.

Stern told ESPN that the Knicks’ handling of the lawsuit “demonstrates that they’re not a model of intelligent management.”

The settlement means the end to legal proceedings in the case, which was supposed to resume before U.S. District Judge Gerard E. Lynch this week. The judge was set to decide how much Browne Sanders was owed in compensatory damages, a payout that usually involves lost wages and future loss of income.

Although Browne Sanders had demanded the right to resume working for the Knicks, one of her lawyers, Kevin Mintzer, said she will continue working at the University of Buffalo as an associate athletic director.

Because the jury was unable to reach a verdict on one of the accusations against Thomas, the possibility of another trial loomed. It would have brought with it another wave of negative publicity about the team.


76 Responses to “Isiah Thomas, MSG Settle With Anucha Browne Sanders for $11.5 Million”

  1. It’s time for men to stop viewing women as objects. I find the behavior of Stephon and Isiah horrible. As the mother of a teen daughter it’s my hope that men who think this way will change. Women are beautiful beings that are not put on this planet for men to bully or toy with.

  2. [Stern told ESPN that the Knicks’ handling of the lawsuit “demonstrates that they’re not a model of intelligent management.”]

    That’s the first really honest, straightforward thing David Stern has said in a long, long time. When I read into this it implies that he is putting pressure on the Dolans to sell the franchise ASAP. Commissioners just don’t say stuff like this about their own clubs without an additional agenda.

    Merry Christmas Anucha!!

  3. Stern better watch himself. He works at the discretion of the owners. As for the women, when are they going to take responsiblity for being whores. So what that Stephon got into it with a chick in a truck. Big Deal. Either fire her or note it and move on. As for Sanders, I don’t believe her.

  4. DaveMac,

    You just go from bad to worse. What? Whores? Stephon has been rich and famous for awhile now. He needs to be more respectful. I’m assuming this intern was much younger then him, so he needs to act like the more mature individual and show some restraint. Again, we are back to making good choices. What if this girl would have cried rape? Then he would be defending himself from that. I’m saying he’s been famous since college so at what point do these men get having a lot of women out of their system?

  5. ‘So what that Stephon got into it with a chick in a truck.’ – I don’t know, I really don’t know what that had to do with anything. That was the biggest non-issue in this whole case. Athlete bangs a willing woman… headlines for that? Whatever.

    Stern seems to tread a fine line seeing as how he works for the owners.

    ‘As for the women, when are they going to take responsiblity for being whores.’ I agree and disagree with that comment. I don’t like the term whores, because I don’t see why people should be ashamed of enjoying sex, regardless of the gender. But on the other hand, athletes/entertainers pull in nice tail, and it isn’t because they’re attractive but because it seems a lot of women are out to pull in some dough off of giving up ass. And that is where I agree with your comment.

  6. @michelle

    Yeah take all the responsiblity off the chick admitting she gave it up consentually to Anucha Browne Sanders and you might have a point. The fact is she screwed Marbury willingly and seems to me like this was a non-issue until money grubber ABS brought it up.

  7. Michelle,

    Magic has been rich and successful (and HIV positive) for a while, and that doesn’t appear to be slowing him down much, since you still get the occasional headline with him.

    Wilt plowed through quite a few, never seemed to get tired of it.

    Musicians get groupies left and right, and I don’t think they ever tire of it. Men are pigs (not all, but enough) so raise your daughter to be wary, that’s all I can say.

  8. I disagree with the men are pigs talk, if men are pigs (not all, but enough) then women are money digging whores (not all, but enough).

  9. Enough men are pigs that any parent should warn their daughters and break down life’s realities for them.

    Enough women are money diggers that men should know better then to hit every piece of ass that walks by.

    Is that better?

  10. I’m not saying her behavior was ok. It wasn’t. I’m saying rich men in this situation can be targets of women trying to get pregnant or accusing them of rape. With all that’s happening with young black athletes today, the last thing he needs to be doing at his age is putting himself in a situation where he is sleeping with a women that he hardly knows out in a truck.

    They are both wrong. Some young women due to lack of fathers in their lives are starved for attention and make poor choices with men. I think too many men take advantage of that without thinking first.

  11. @michelle
    Or the check might just have to have “it”

  12. ‘I think too many men take advantage of that without thinking first.’

    You might be overestimating the average man’s ability to think when there is sex involved. As a gender, we’re not exactly known for our sound decision making when sex (and alcohol) are involved.

    Before you point out the exceptions, there are exceptions to everything, I even turned down sex with willing women while drunk on multiple occasions, but that was not the rule. I wouldn’t rely on a man’s decision making making in those circumstances, not sure how the female half operates though.

    And any man can be a target of a woman trying to get pregnant or accusing of rape. I know of a female or two that have gotten pregnant in order to keep a man, and not rich men.

  13. GMP,

    You are correct but look at the Duke Lacrosse team. Why are you hiring strippers in the first place? That was just poor judgement. We don’t live in a perfect society where everyone is honest. As for the young lady, what if Steph was some kind of deviant that tried to hurt her? The poor judgement goes both ways.

    Yes, woman can try to hook men in a every day situation. The difference here is money. They now have an extra motive to hook them or make a rape allegation for the cheddar. People, all of us need to use better judgement when it comes to these situations.This isn’t a perfect world. When they end up in a jail cell then it hits that they should have used better judgement.

  14. why can’t the Duke lacrosse hire strippers. they wanted to enjoy the pressence of women dancing eroticly. I don’t see how that was a bad decision. One money grubber messed up the whole party.

    What if steph was a deviant? How do you get all of this from a consensual relationships. I’m sorry, but it not falling in line with your moral code is one thing, but saying its poor judgement. I don’t know. If both walked away satisfied whats the problem.

  15. I really wasnt expecting to see some of the responses that are here….

    Do some women go after men that have fame/money? Yes. Do men who have fame/money take advantage of it? Yes. But I honestly beleive that both of those facts are more of the exception than the rule.

    I do agree that what Maurbury did was not part of this case, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens more often.

    I’m a Knicks fan, but in no way can I defend Isiah. First off, on paper the Knicks should at least be a playoff team. They have a nice roster and in the east they could make a run as a 6-8 seed. But to this day they have only 6 wins?!?!?! Then his comments about the word bitch didn’t do it either. All I know is if my girlfriend or child is called a B by a man of any color, then he better step outside for some fist-d-cuffs!!!!! Seriously though he needs to repair his team and tarnished image quickly….

    Situations like these though have me scarred as hell of sexual harrasment cases though. Guys know how easy it is for a comment “You look nice today” or any type of motion to be misconstruded (sp?) and then you’re out of a job. It makes me so much more careful…..

  16. I had a professor tell me the story of how some chick trying to get ahead got his friend on some sexual harassment bs, because he had a picture of him and his wife on the beach, with her in a bikini on his desk.

    Now a days I find myself pulling for the dude, because some of these women will do whatever it takes to take a man out of a position of power.

  17. Cevidence-

    The Isiah ‘bitch’ comment… I really don’t know, I don’t know how you can put your foot in your mouth like that.

    I saw so much sexual harrassment in the military, and on the flip side, I saw one woman knock two different guys down a rank and get one knocked out for trumped up sexual harrassment charges. What I’m getting at is I know women have to deal with it, but there are a few that abuse it, and that is what scares the rest of us men.

  18. DaveMac,

    You obviously don’t have any children. Let me ask you this. When you were coming of age your parents never,ever,ever,ever warned you about choices and how you could end up in a bad situation as a result of that choice? I’ll wait for your answer.

    Don’t tell me about those asses from Duke just enjoying women. They were very disrespectful and had a history of bad behavior so don’t defend them. Also one of the jerks spoke about skinning the girl. What kind of sick sh.. is that? They are not angels and their poor judgment landed them in court.

  19. If you have a daughter, I hope you would tell her that regardless of a persons social status or income, getting in the car with them and having sex is a bad idea. Assuming of course she didn’t know him that well. Having money doesn’t make a person decent.

  20. DaveMac,

    Better example of a bad choice. Kobe Bryant. You meet a girl for 10 min go to her room and have sex with her. NO, NO, NO. Bad choice. Now you have to rebuild you reputation, almost lost your freedom, your wife now looks at you side ways and I’m sure isn’t easy to deal with and you’ve lost millions of dollars paying her and the lawyers. Do you think if Kobe had a choice to just go to his room and go to sleep he would have. AH, Yeah. Argument over!

  21. The Stephon/Intern car thing seemed to be a pretty clear case of both people making it clear what was going to go on. From what I read on that, the Intern knew what was up and she was down for it. So why that even made it in the Anucha Brown case is beyond me. Isiah sexually harasses Anucha… so Stephon getting it on with a willing intern is somehow relevent?

    I’m not real sure how the Duke thing snuck in here. Hiring strippers is not a new thing, stripping seems to be big business (not my thing personally, if I wanted a tease to blue ball me I’d chill with the wife), but it isn’t illegal. Then everything breaks down into he said/she said BS. Now I don’t doubt that they acted like drunk men, and were probably disrespectful. I really don’t want to get in on that case, too much BS to sort through. But hiring a stripper isn’t illegal, only paying her for sex is (or rape, obviously).

  22. @michelle
    Yeah I would tell my daughter to be careful who you hang around and don’t have sex until you are married or I’ll kill you. You know the usual.

    As for the Duke guys, gmp said it best, they did nothing wrong, they hired entertainment and the lady lied to get some money out of them, because she taught they were all rich.

    Kobe Bryant, you are right, he got burned, but that isn’t the situation with Stephon and the trainer. They had consensual sex and it was done. ABS was told by the girl in confidence, and she used it to try to make it seem like there was an attitude of male sexism in the place, so that she could get her money and start writing books (you know its coming.)

  23. DMac sup with you killing people all the time bruh? Chill brotha. Can’t you come up with a better choice of woids?

  24. Gmp,

    I’m talking about the poor choice they made in hiring the girls. Bad choice equaled a bad result. Rape allegation. That’s my point.

    Flip side and this happens in college all the time. Young woman gets drunk in the company of a bunch of young men–who are also drinking. Then they rape her. Bad choice. Of course no one has the right to rape a person, but ladies don’t put yourself in that position. You don’t know what’s in the next persons mind.

  25. DaveMac,

    I’m not saying Kobe’s situation is the same as Steph’s, I’m saying the result could have been the same. How many guys have to get caught up before they start making better choices?

  26. Listen people one bad decision could change your life forever. That’s all I’m saying. Once it’s done you can’t go back.That goes for all of us rich, poor, black or white. Worse if you black because you will get the book thrown at you.

  27. Many of us have made them and by the grace of God we didn’t get caught up in something bad. But, there is that small percentange of people who get caught up. Make better choices and you won’t become a statistic. I’m speaking of situations that we as people can control not a Sean Taylor situation.

  28. Or turning down a woman’s advance might signal the end of your career. I feel for Isiah, this woman his brought him down.

  29. GMP is correct Anucha was reaching by bringing the Marbury/intern sex into the case to try to prove that MSG was/is a den of inequity.

    Cevidence…Isaiah never called anyone a bitch or said it was alright to do so. That is straight up lie, proven by the FULL disclosure of the transcript. It was only partially disclosed in court again to prove he was a serial groper.

    Now the question to ask is why would Anucha and her lawyers revert to obfuscation, lying and raching to prove what was a supposedly clear cut harassment case?

    Just like too many men try to take advantage of women—this is well documented all over the map, too many women shout rape at the hint of discontent, this needs to be dealt with more. This makes it difficult for real victims of harassment to seek justice from a biased male dominated society.

    Dispite is language DavidMac is right ( I must stop saying this for my sanity) many women are taught from young and through later association that pussy politics is alright to partake of. They don’t realize that if the kitty kat is all they’re offering they will run into big problems.

    As well these men are also conditiioned to piss in every hole they can find to their own detriment. The thing is everybody plays that game male and female, athletes and not. We just have to teach those we care about to make better choices and not get caught up in that politics.

  30. Sankofa,

    Well said! The game goes both ways. The consequences of those games can be devastating. One way or the other.

  31. Cevidence

    Isiah the coach is a different animal than Isiah the GM. I think the media has done a poor job of giving him credit as a GM, while castigating for poor coaching. But, if the get on him for bad coaching, there needs to be more of an outcry towards George Karl, Rick Adelman and Scott Skiles. Seriously, Isiah took over as the coach of a team that had won like 23 games. Nobody every brings up the awful mess he walked into with Layden and after Larry Brown. That needs to be done.

  32. Hi people, not on topic, but just found this about Sean Taylor; again, very little mention of the man’s decency in the media; (Not an endorsement of one set of religious beliefs over another-I was raised Adventist but am not practicing; but they had a largely very positive influence on my life).

  33. People, they were going to use those same tactics on Anucha and then we’d be coming to her defense, so now they don’t like tasting their own medicine!

    I like this unfolding of events because i don’t like the Knicks management. This is just indicative of other ills. How you do anything is how you do everything.

    Isiah was a fool not for taking the impossible head coach’s job but for acting so pompous and arrogant, like he was the shit and could somehow do something about the situation.

    Meanwhile, this goes all the way back to Dolan dumping Ernie Grunfeld as GM. Never shoulda done that.

  34. Pompous and arrogant.

    It’s funny how those words get tossed about.

    As if most GMs and coaches aren’t pompous and arrogant. For Isiah it seems as if that fact has obscured any success he has had.

    Uppity ass nigga.

  35. I dont’ know how the tryst in the truck became relevant to this case…so I just ignored it altogether. My main problem with trying to form an opinion is in my antiquated notion of sexual harrassment and the fact that probably every friend I have including myself would have cursed Isiah out if we really thought the actions rose to “harrassment’. That being said, according to the mandatory harrassment training of my HR dept, the harrassed determines the standards for harrassment…not the harrasser….so if Anucha says she’s harrassed, she is. That doesnt’ sound fair…but …$11 mil later, it damn sure sounds true.

  36. Yeah, just another example of how society is giiving women power by making men subserviant, not raising women up.

  37. Straight shooting Allen..

    one mans pompous and arrogance is another mans confidence and belief in himself.

    The most dangerous of Africans are not just those who are educated, but those educated and know that the back of the bus is not their destiny.

    Even the best of us still tip toe and look over our shoulder when ONE of us decides that he or she will not act the nigger no more. In certain aspects,
    Rosa Parks was an uppity nigger, pompous and arrogant for not knowing her place.

    When fifteen year old Claudette Colvin was arrested early in 1955 for refusing to give up her seat, the HINC of the local colored people club, E.D. Nixon thought he had found the perfect person, but the teenager turned out to be pregnant. Nixon later explained, “I had to be sure that I had somebody I could win with.”

    Parks, however, was a good candidate because of her employment and marital status, along with her good standing in the community.

    But she was thought of as not knowing her place. Tell me folks what has Isaiah done really that we here at TSF can say makes him deserving of the vileness thrown his way? If you go over COSELLOUT’s excellent book on Isaiah, it details all the issues related to Isaiah, warts and all.

    Remember as well, Isaiah is a high performance athlete, a hall of famer, one of the 50 greatest players. If you don’t believe you can run through walls when you’re on that level, then you wouldn’t be on that level.

    And note I said believe, with belief you learn to carry yourself as if nothing can phase you.

  38. Exactly sankofa.

    when I watch Isiah speak, i can see his leeriness, I can feel his distrust. And I don’t blame him.

    The media across this nation hates him, and then pretends it can cover him without bias. That’s ridiculous.

    isiah has never had any reason to trust the media and the larry bird flap cemented that mindset. the media chose sides before isiah was even hired. and after he pissed of larry brown, well it was too easy to see who the bad guy was in this case. the “prickly”, “aloof” black man was easy pickings.

    see, i’m sensitive to those type of comments because they’ve been thrown towards me. because i don’t drink beer with my peers, keep to myself the majority of the time and don’t brook bullshit, well my people skills have been questioned. I understand how people form opinions about you and how they color every future interaction they have with you.

  39. Glad to see the Knicks putting their legal matter behind them, aside from that the Knicks are a joke. The mecca of basketball have not brought home a title in over 30 years. Heck, San Antonio is more of a mecca than New York.

    Now with Isiah, I don’t understand the apologist for this brother. He has been a poor GM and an average coach. The only thing that keeps the guy in a job is a supportive owner. Can anyone tell me any move that Isiah made as a coach or GM that actually helped the team? All his recent moves have been to clean up his earlier mistakes. Explain to me Jerome James, Malik Rose, Steve Francis. He wasted a high draft pick on Balkman. Richardson have one good game every two months. And the little guard, well he can dunk.. if he tries 10 times. Let’s not forget the buyout of Larry Brown’s contract. All under Isiah’s watch.

    Firing Grundfelt was a bad move, I agree. Firing Layden was a good move. With the current Knick roster, there is no title in the distant future.. Willis Reed is not walking through that door, Walt Fraiser is not walking through door, Dollar Bill is not …..

  40. Isiah sucks. That’s why people hate him. He has failed at every job he’s had in basketball (outside of actually playing). Period.

  41. Imhotep

    As I said check out COSELLOUT for the most definative chronology of isaiahs time with the Knicks. if you can’t at least do that, then you’re not seeing another side of the toilet.

    I will defend Isaiah if you chose not to, fine that’s your choice, but if it is from parroting the MSM lies and racist —Yeah I said it—bullshit!

    Chris..go bak to espn or yahoo or whatever. You hate him and don’t haev any clear comprihensive reasons for doing so, which makes you a lemming.

  42. I’ll stick with “pompous” and “arrogant” and here’s why.

    There’s a big difference between those words and words like “confident”, “outspoken”, “brash”, “gutsy”, “balls-out”, and even “opinionated”, “hard-headed”, “hard-nosed”, or even just plain “wrong.”

    I don’t mind a coach or a GM (or a player) who has any of those qualities.

    For example, I wouldn’t call Dennis Rodman pompous or arrogant. But he did have some of those other qualities and so did his teammates, including Isaiah.

    Pompous and arrogant comes from being centered more on one’s self than on anything else, to the detriment of (or oblivious to) those around you.

    Hey, my wife is from Detroit and we’ve been Pistons fans since the Bad Boys, and I’ve been a fan of Isaiah up through his stint with the Pacers, and I’m proud of any black man who makes it in the league, at any level, especially in management.

    Especially in management.

    It’s nothing personal that I have against Isaiah. It’s just that I believe he has those qualities as character flaws that get in his way, that get in the way of the results he wants. That WE want for him.

  43. Sankofa, Because we disagree does not mean that I’m subscribing to someone elses points of view. I subscribe to the NBA package, and have for several years. When it comes to basketball I don’t need someone to tell me what I’m seeing on the floor. A coach (any coach) is only as good as his roster, and the Knicks roster is laughable, but who put that roster together? If you noticed from my earlier post, I stayed away from Isiah’s legal issues, mainly because thats media driven with the accompanying slant. But the stuff on the floor –to quote Sankofa– even Ray Charles can see that.

  44. 1. Horrible commentator
    2. Ran CBA into the ground
    3. His entire tenure as president of basketball operations of the New York Knickerbockers
    4. sexually harassed an exec

    Yes, I’m a lemming and have no reason to dislike this man and wonder why he continues to have a job.

  45. Well, coming from where they were coming from, do you think this is an upgrade? Do you think this is a finished product?

    Look at the Atlanta Hawks; is the GM better than New York’s? Danny Ainge was a bitch, until McHale hooked him up and Seattle had a fire sale, now he is a genius and Doc is a coach again.

    McHale has been the worst GM based on record for the past 5 to 7 years, but who outside of Minnie fan who wants his head.

    The Knicks roster is flawed, not by talent level but by cohesion and ball sense. Are they realy the worst or is because of the unreal expectation placed on them as Knick players and coach/GM.

    As coaching goes I would like to see Pat Riley come back and work with this roster or maybe even Larry Brown. Yeah Isaiah put the team together, so what no one is infallable, but the hate for isaiah and for the Knicks goes beyond normal. Boston was a shitty team for what 5 years,
    LA scucked for a time after Shaq left, even with Kobe’s brilliance. the Bulls sucked for 7 years AJ (after jordon)

    Maybe Isaiah is trying to create himself in Marbury, maybe getting the Knicks to play like Detroit of his days, buth the one thing I am sure of is that this is not Pat Riley’s Knicks and people keep expecting them to be.

    Give the coach and team a chance!

  46. You know what Chris, after this I am not going to respond to you. Because i am going to go off on your stupid ass.

    1. Horrible commentator
    2. Ran CBA into the ground
    3. His entire tenure as president of basketball operations of the New York Knickerbockers
    4. sexually harassed an exec

    Get a bloody opinon of your own. Don’t blow and suck at the same time!
    Don’t hate because some one told you to hate! Hate for your own reason.

    If you’ve been living onder a pile of rocks for a time, don’t act like you know sunshine fo what it is.

    I better stop and go do some pushups!

  47. Isaiah could never have helped the Knicks, and everyone knew it and everyone would have understood.

    That’s like blaming Lenny Wilkins. Even his GM moves were partially (but not fully) inherited. And I can see where he was trying to go with Francis. He was trying to make big moves with small options. In New York the value of the big name move is as important as the results. But there weren’t any good results. That’s when the “oohs” and “ahhs” of big name moves wear off.

    He’s been resting on his laurels for years, and the “oohs and ahhs” of his basketball playing career have worn off, or are about to expire, at this rate. I mean, and that takes a lot. You know?

  48. Sankofa, I’m not singling out your boy, but this thread is about Isiah. Sure there are some incompetent GM’s and coaches around the league, but let’s not use them as the standard. If the Twolves want to keep an incompetent and ineffective GM, let them do so, but WE need to go to a higher level.

    Here is my solution for your ailing franchise. Step 1, Offer Mark Jackson the coaching position. Step 2, clear out cap space to get Kobe after next season. Step 3, offer Cylde the GM position. Step 4, open phone book and call 4 guys to run with Kobe.

  49. Step 1, Offer Mark Jackson the coaching position.

    I like Jacks, if it can work why not

    Step 2, clear out cap space to get Kobe after next season.

    Not anytime soon, that more than anything is the hitch

    Step 3, offer Cylde the GM position.

    why? How is he better?

    Step 4, open phone book and call 4 guys to run with Kobe

    See answere #2

    Again it comes back to the contracts, i admit the contracts hae srewed most any effective move. But aren’t some contracts coming off the books next year? maybe we can work from there. But i agree with getting a different coach tho’

    And Claude i hear you and overstand where you are coming from on the resting on the laurals piece. He is most blind that cannot see his weakness.

  50. Sankofa, after next season you should have some expiring contract which are always good for trades. Crawford is a good player, his contact should be up soon, and if he has to go, then hey. Curry should have about two years left on his contract, same with James, hopefully he did not get a five year deal. Richardson, out. Keep Lee and Balkman, you need good role players.

    Give Clyde the GM post, he is well liked in the city. He has ties to the last championship. If Steve Kerr , Paxton and Ainge can go from the booth to GM, why can’t Clyde? Like I said before, I have the NBA package, I see the Knick games and I hear Clyde’s analysis, he has the pulse of the team.

    Notice I did not mention Starbury’s name, It’s time to move on.

  51. Sankofa! Dude you didn’t have to go hard like that. Damn Chris, what the hell did you do?

  52. I say this one thing Sankofa…. being a fan of the Hawks. (and not liking Al Horford for that scary foul on TJ Ford.) We can safely agree the following: The Knicks are talented. But what do all of their good players have in common? They have never won anywhere.

    Jamal Crawford ruined UM hoops the one season he was there, and the Bulls got better when he left. Eddy Curry hasn’t gotten in shape, or learned how to play defense, since he got in the league. Zack Randolph was tossed the hell out of Portland.

    Look I like Isiah Thomas. I want him to succeed. But this mix does not work. It hasn’t worked, and it doesn’t help that in my opinion it never coalesces. From one year to the next you keep adding pieces and changing the flow of the team. No identity is formed. What are they?

    Example: The Spurs are a calculating half-court defensive team with a penchant for doing the little things exceptionally well, and maybe the best-run organization in the sport since the Celtics dynasty. Meanwhile… the Suns want to gas you out of the building with constant movement, a lack of desire to play defense, and a maestro at PG. What are the Knicks?

  53. Imhotep I have no problem with what you are saying except for Clyde. And that’s just because I don’t have the package so I’m not previ to Clydes insight. but does it translate into dealing with some of these low baller IQ no nuts players I see in the game today. And I mean across the league. At the end of the day any new Knicks GM best keep a low profile and let his work speak for himself.

    I still like Isaiah, I like his fire as a player, am I biased, no problem there does this biasness blinds me to reality…I hope not.


    if I hear one more drone talking about Iasiah and the CBA I think I will start flexing. Note I suggested that Imhotep read COSELLOUTS piece on the book of Isaiah and not Chris? Because I checked his blog and took a bead on him. Nuff said!

    And this shit about terrible anouncer? Isn’t that the reason they fired Bill Russell sometime ago, ’cause the nigger can’t articulate?

    Please. It’s like these people are commenting on shit they heard in a frigging bar and use it like gospel. I expect that inacuracy from the other sites, please make it so!

  54. 1 Question Sankofa: If you start flexing are we talking Lee Haney or Ronnie Coleman-style?

  55. Okori

    I can’t argue your point. All I am saying is it’s been 4 years since the worst roster ever put together was dismantled.

    So give it sometime to gell. Again, everybody wants a championship team after four years of a train wreck. not even Brian Colangello was perfect as a GM and he had the benifit of time and patience.

    Am I protesting too much?

  56. On the flexing tip

    I am thinking Ahati Kilindi Iyi….look it up!

  57. Sankofa, Listening to Clyde comment on a game, I believe he has a good eye for talent. Cylde is a bright guy, so I don’t think he will stand for any intellectual foolishness. I think more the issue with any new GM is dealing with agents, and horse trading that goes on with contracts. If all these former players can do it. He can too. He is a respected member of the Knick family. If there are doubts about his abilites, then get him an experienced assistant. But he and Mark Jackson needs to be the face of that franchise as they look to rebuild.

  58. Wow Okori I haven’t heard those names in a while.

  59. I’ll look that up. but here’s the problem with this Sankofa.

    This is a quote i read somewhere: “In exchange for my respect I demand competency.” See here is the thing about the Knicks. They keep adding players. Did no one tell Isiah that sometimes the best move is the one you DON’T make?

    For instance Eddy Curry finally started t look like he got it together last year, because he was finally the focal point of the team’s offense. Everyone knew he was the guy they were going to in halfcourt, and Eddy knew they needed him so he stopped floating through possessions. So what does Isiah do? Not give him the “Come to Jesus” speech about getting in shape so we can ride your back to the playoffs and give Chicago the bird. But instead trade for a low-post scorer, and in the process chain David Lee to the bench… the one guy who seemed to be the grinding yin to Curry’s smooth yang. They didn’t need to make that move.

    This team needs more guys who can create an identity, and by the way maybe someone who will stand up for the logo when the team is getting blown out.

  60. this is what happens when you read Muscle & Fitness at work, and cut out all the covers so that my kids see in-shape role models.

  61. Damn, for a minute I thought you were talkin’ about Clyde Drexler.

    Right after the House of Hoops opening when Golden State was in town and Chris Mullin was on that panel discussion there with Charles B. and Kenny, there was a rumor that he (Mullin) was talking to the Knicks about a v.p. position or something. Mullin laughed it off.

    I would too if I were him, but not under new ownership. Under a new owner, now can talk about Mullin, Jackson (the St. John’s connection), you can then talk about bringing in Mel Davis and even Coach Jarvis. I mean, a whole new ball game.

    One last point about the Knicks and Isaiah. My dear friend and former Harlem Rens player John Isaacs has been lobbying for years to have the Knicks retire the jersey of Nathaniel “Sweetwater” Clifton. They could, but they haven’t. It would be a huge gesture league-wide, and all of the Knicks greats are in favor of it.

    Meanwhile, I just got off the phone with “Mr. I” (Isaacs) to confirm something he told me a long time ago about a meeting he had with Isaiah and Steve “Mr. Princeton” Mills, in part to lobby for the jersey retirement and also to warn Isaiah about coming to NYC.

    Mr. I says he told Isaiah, “Don’t do nothin’ freaky in this town. The jackals will get you [Lupika, Mushnik, etc.]. This ain’t Chicago!”

    We had a belly laugh about that. The words of an old wise man.

  62. You are an incredibly intolerant person with no people skills and no real clue into my mindset and whether or not I’ve researched it. You write me off as some sort of mindless drone because of something on my joke snark blog?

    Please. You have no clue what I do for a living, where I’m coming from, etc. All I know is that Isiah has failed in his tenure with the Knicks. It’s time for someone else to lead the way. The man has failed, there is no denying it. No amount of re-writing of history or comparisons to the Hawks will explain away the horrible mess he’s created.

  63. I’m working on a post for (most likely) tomorrow called something like “Why So Many Pro Athletes Self-Destruct” … please feel free to check it out at and thanks in advance if you do.

  64. Imhotep, Claude and Okori I am digesting your food and will meditate on this.

    On this discussion your views are solid and makes sense to me, the other I will dismiss as befitting his importance to me.

  65. You are a joke.

  66. Who is?

  67. TheLastPoet Says:


    Do “the ship be sinkin,” brotha?

    Don’t reach for that life preserver just yet. Shid, there’s only three real Knicks fans left on this planet: that’s me, you, and Modi. Stay with us, bro!


    I hear you about bringing in Randolph when EZ Ed is already on the team. But they had to get rid of Francis because he did not want to be there, and so how do you NOT make that move? Randolph is better than Francis and Frye, and so Portland got fleeced on that deal.

    I know it adds to the “identity crisis” as you’ve defined it, but in that regard I like what Modi says: the Knicks are not a finished product. Duplication at certain positions means you’ve got tradeable assets. Remember, it was duplication at PG with Marbury and Francis that got them Randolph in the first place. So let’s not assume that Zeke is done dealing here. All he needs is for Dolan to loosen the reigns again and he can continue building the team – perhaps discovering that identity you’re longing for.

    I hope the settlement with Saunders will serve as a catalyst to allow Zeke to focus on hoops again (there, now I’ve managed to bring this discussion back on topic!).

  68. Here’s the problem Poet. Before you make a trade, from something as complicated as the Frye-Francis\Randolph trade to a trade of Draft Picks, you have to sit down and ask yourself this question: “How will this affect our current players?” And if anyone thought that having another position of strength redoubled instead of finding a halfway-decent outside shooter was a good move then i’m sorry, but you and I are different. I hated when the Hawks did this with the legion of forwards they drafted. Could you not have tried to swap Francis, Frye, and an expiring contract to say….. Utah for Giricek? Not necessarily the most dominant player, but a guy who fits a need.

    And this is where I think Isiah makes his biggest mistake. Isiah has tried to find the most talented player, and not the player who is the best fit. Was Zack Randolph necessary? And let’s not even get into discussions about Portland doing all they could to get the spectre of the JailBlazers away from their franchise rookies.

    Right now the Knicks need more grit and less “talent”. A little sandpaper maybe. And proof of this is how many times this year they’ve been blown the F out. Back-to-Back with Philly, the debacle in Boston.

  69. Okori, I’m not a big defender of Isiah, but the Randolph trade could have worked. In teaming Randolph with Curry, you’re now making the team a low post team, and you have power on either side of the basket given that Randolph is left handed. To get the max results when those two big men are on the floor, you will need a penetrating and passing point guard. Isiah does not have such a guard, his guards need to shoot the ball to be effective, thereby nullifying the low post presence of Curry & Randolph. Ofcourse on the defensive end those two are a disaster. All in all I agree with your previous points, that the team was put together with no clear identity.

  70. and they don’t really have a point guard. they have guys masquerading as point guards. Like a guy like Brevin Knight or Earl Watson would be perfect. You don’t need a 20-ppg guy at the point. Just someone who provides stability.

    But here’s what I don’t like about the Randolph trade: You drastically ruin the defense on an already-bad defensive team to redouble one of the few places you’re already strong. Plus, and I have always maintained this about Eddy Curry, you need to put him with guys that will push him. I never thought I would say this but maybe you should trade Zack Randolph to Chicago for Ben Wallace. Helps everyone out. Wallace moves to the 4 and makes Eddy Curry his personal project while immediately providing the team with the enforcer and butt-kicker this team needs, while Randolph provides the low-post scoring that the Bulls need desperately. And Zack can rebound.

  71. Okori, Your trade scenario is not a bad one, but at the end of the trade, if you’re the knick, your problem have not been solved. No point guard. Mike Bibby is on the block and the Kings could use a low post presence, and their contracts are pretty close.

  72. see I like Mardy Collins as the point guard. 🙂

    and the knicks’s biggest problem is toughness and leadership. So I like Bibby for the point, but I like Wallace better.

  73. I hate to say it but damn are these knicks ever soft.

  74. Mt. Eliza Pool Cleaning…

    […]Isiah Thomas, MSG Settle With Anucha Browne Sanders for $11.5 Million « The Starting Five[…]…

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