Breaking News: Bobby Petrino Resigns As Falcons Coach

Get me outta here!

Falcons head coach Bobby Petrino reportedly has resigned from the Atlanta Falcons and will take the same position at the University of Arkansas. You don’t see this often in the NFL during the season.

The Falcons, sitting at 3-10 and averaging a paltry 14 points a game, are going nowhere fast, and it seems Petrino wanted out of a franchise in total disarray. This comes a day after getting embarrassed on Monday Night Football by the Saints, 34-14. Arthur Blank’s somber mood, while being interviewed, makes perfect sense now (Let’s also put to rest that the fried chicken comment Blank made during the interview was innocent. I wasn’t offended and I don’t think many others were). It had to be crazy hearing Michael Vick’s name day in and day out and knowing the mercurial quarterback was never a possibility to run Petrino’s offense. I can’t see the Falcons locker room buying into Petrino’s scheme, so this move was most likely in the best interests of everyone involved. Petrino makes around 4 million and will take a million less on the collegiate level. Some coaches are made for the college game and Petrino seemed out of sorts the entire year in Flowery Branch.

More coming as story develops.


35 Responses to “Breaking News: Bobby Petrino Resigns As Falcons Coach”

  1. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Guess who’s the biggest Vick fan in the world?? BOBBY PETRINO!!

  2. Bye kid

  3. Oh damn…………….he told Blank to kick rocks from his cell phone!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!

  4. Girl you are too funny!

    Is anyone watching E60? They are calling Vick’s dogs “victims”. As sportscenter concluded, there was a story about a 5 year old kid killing a 345 pound bear.

    What’s wrong with this picture?

  5. Mizzo,
    I can only shake my head at that….I saw the story up on CNN……a descendent of Davy Crockett…….why I feel like singing This Land is Your Land and making an apple pie.

  6. 24 hours after finding out Mike Vick really won’t be back next season…….Bobby Petrino told Arkansas he’d work for pesos!

  7. mizzo – But dogs have nice eyes that wook so cut those cuddwy wuddy little things!

  8. Oh well, he should have stayed at Lousiville a failure as a pro coach. (Oh that must be Michael Vick’s fault) Cam Cameron is even worse and the Dolphins won’t win a game. Well Arthur, if Bobby Petrino can eat fried chicken and watermelon he may be back also. LMBAO !!!!

  9. Looks like Petrino got off the titanic before it completely sank.


    Bears, deer, baby seals, lions, tigers and most of the animal kingdom are here for white men to shoot and hang their heads on the wall.

    Dogs help them while they are hunting. That’s why they are important or they would kill them to.

  10. I laughed when I saw that story on Headline News. The boys grandfather taught him to shoot at 2 years old!!!!! And people say the African American community has an issue with guns. That 5 year old boy can shoot me from 200 yards away with no problem!!!!

    It’s ok though…we’re just playing the “race card”….

  11. White Americans also love….

    Chinese Babies
    African Babies
    Paris Hilton
    the Enviroment
    Phony Morality

    Oh well, they can always drive their enviromentally protected car while protesting Michaekl Vick’s release in 2009.

  12. GrandNubian Says:

    This is only the beginning. The negative energy that has manifested from the fans who hated MV7 is in full effect. The saying goes “Be careful what you wish for.”

    These rednecks down here in Atlanta wanted Vick gone and they got their wish. I think it’s going to be difficult for the Falcons to get players to come play here. And you know what? I’m loving every minute of it.

    Those hateful fans are getting exactly what they deserve. I applaud Petrino for sticking it to them like they were trying to do him.

  13. GrandNubian Says:

    Oh yeah, McNaab would be a FOOL to come play here!

  14. EricDaniels,

    Lol! You forgot David Beckem and Posh Spice

  15. There’s no way I could play for Petrino. How can you be a leader of men, and quit on those men in the middle of the season to take another job? If I were an Arkansas commit, I would de-commit.

  16. GrandNubian,

    Philly is next. They are trying to run McNabb out of town.

  17. Grandnubian…..YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!! Let’s face it……Petrino waited to see what Mike Vicks sentence would be and not 24 hours later he is Arkansas’s new head coach?? Yeah…….LOL!!! Just last night Arthur Blank said Petrino was committed to the team and he was committed to Petrino……………..LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. If I were a black quaterback in college and had a chance to be drafted highly, I would tell the Falcons managment don’t draft me because I don’t want to deal with those redneck racist white fans or the black apologists like Terence Moore and Cynthia Tucker.

  19. Crazy as it sounds, Andre Woodson of Kentucky might end up there next year.

  20. If Arthur Blank wants these ATLiens dollars….Mike Singletary would want to be announced as the new head coach within a week. That’s about his only shot of even getting half these season tickets sold.

  21. The Falcons are a mess. When Mike gets out they will be begging him to come back.

  22. The term mans best friend is related to the a dog right? So…what is woman?

  23. Still Ridin' Dirty Says:

    As a proud Falconsfan I am so damn happy. This organization is getting every minute of what it deserves. From the dup[licity in which the the Front Office and the Blank handle things with Vick to dumb draft decisions to sucking up a bunch of drunken clampett fans. That’s why all this season I’ve worn the jersey of the opponent the Falcons have played this year and it was well worth it to see Blank and those Clampetts get their comeuppance. Did anyone from the A catch Terrence Moore little bit of commentary on Fox 5. Oh how he went from being Blank and McKay’s biggest apologist for their blunders to now ripping on them. Terrence will be irrelevant to ESPN and White America in 5…4..3..2..1… He can say goodbye to those cushy guest appearances on Jim Rome or any ESPN show for that matter.

    I hope to the high heavens that Woodson isn’t draft to this team, because these Clampetts down here would really and literally try to crucify him much worse than they did Vick since Woodson is bi-racial. I hope that DeAngelo Hall and others get the the hell out of this state and on to better teams with fans that will appreciate what they bring on the field.

    Ms. Miranda, you and I know both know that Singletary would be a good choice to be the new head coach just like Mike Tomlin was a goice last year because both guys command the the respect of the players and player want to play for them. But think about it. The minute the Falcons have their first losing season under Singletary, all of the the Grand Dragons and their subordinates will be out in full force. And I wouldn’t wish that upon a good man and good coach like Singletary.

  24. GrandNubian Says:


    Good post. Thanks for rep & presentin’ the ATL. Holla!

  25. Still Ridin,
    Right there wit’cha….right there…….I am loving this…can’t wait to see how 680 the Klan and the good ole boys at 790 try and twist and turn this…….what a collapse…..karma is a beyotch!

  26. Grandnubian,
    Falcons press conference at 2pm tomorrow……get your popcorn and your coke…should be a good one!!

  27. I can’t crow too loud over the Falcs misfortune because I know it’s coming the Eagles way after the season is over when McNabb is tied to the first train going west out of Philly. I feel kinda sorry for Petrino but this was a tough situation for him but Blank should have never hired a college coach because coaches in the pros know how to deal with their players even when the season goes south. Not even that punk Saban did something like this so Petrino better show and prove in Arkansas because something like this can follow a guy forever.

    Blank and McKay are going to do some dancing at the press conference tomorrow but all my former ATLiens can make sure not to hold their breath that management and the fans will learn anything from this season. If, and it’s a big IF, the Falcs are able to get another electrifying player in that Dome the fans will run him down just as much as they did Vick and before him Jamal Anderson and Deion Sanders. ATL may be considered the new capital of Black America but those of us who’ve lived there know that if you go twenty miles in every direction it’s nothing but Dixie being whistled and the St. Andrew’s flag being waved.

  28. GrandNubian Says:

    Asante(Thanks) for the update Miranda. I’ll be sure to check it out.

    @ HarveyDent

    An old school “Right On!”……

  29. The University of Louisville is chuckling to itself right now.

    a pox on all their houses.

    Petrino DOES know that McFadden is going pro, right?

  30. Not quite Singletary but close…

    Emmitt Thomas named interim HC of the Falcons

  31. GrandNubian Says:

    Emmitt Thomas, huh?

    Hmmmm… Blank trying to lure us black folk back into the stands with this “interim” hire? 🙂

  32. It would be funny if Atlanta became what GreenBay was, devoid of blacks and totally uncompetitive. I think the only way players can lash out if they feel the organization was wrong, is to boycott the Falcons.

  33. GrandNubian,
    Could Blank BE MORE OBVIOUS??? LOLOLOL!!!!!!
    Now watch the clowns on 680 the Klan holler that its not Zimmer. I’m sure the only reason its not Hue Jackson is because he said he’s got to now spend the next 4 days straight trying to come up with a offensive gameplan since the play-caller got outta dodge in the middle of the night and is chillin in Arkansas right now.

  34. Looks like TSF is much represented down in hot lanta. Way to represent the south guys.

    Well, Arthur is pissed..Hmm.. What will he do now?

    Damn! What a difference a year makes, huh?

  35. GrandNubian Says:

    For those interested, below is a link to the phone conversation between Bobby Petrino and Arthur Blank:

    [audio src="" /]

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