Is This a Joke? Brett Favre Is the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year?

Not a joke. This is real.

Before I get into Brett Farve being named Sportsman of the Year, I want to explain the thought process behind abandoning a life long love.

Growing up, Sports Illustrated was my main source of sports information. Once a year–either Christmas or my birthday–I would run to the mailbox and hope it contained a Sports Illustrated renewal.

Like most, my parents have been most instrumental in building my thirst for knowledge. Before my mother passed she made sure my sister Gina and I had enough reading material to keep us busy and out of trouble. The SI subscriptions began around age 11 and before that were subscriptions to Highlights (helped develop early reading skills) and the now defunct Ebony/Jet magazine for Kids (gave me a sense of pride and history of the Black experience).

I read SI religiously.

On my bedroom wall, was a cork board where I tacked SI covers of my heroes–Julius Erving, Franco Harris, Reggie Jackson as well as countless others until they fell to my bedroom floor from being tacked over and over. A cover of Willie “Pops” Stargell was a favorite. Even though I was a Yankee fan, the Pirates stole my heart for a season in ’79 when they were improbable World Series Champions. The roster was filled with cult figures that helped propagate my hunger for baseball: Dave Parker, Bill Madlock, Lee Lacy, Dock Ellis, Mike Bibby’s uncle Jim Bibby, Kent Tekulve, John Milner, John “The Candy Man” Candelaria, Mike Easler, Omar Moreno, Ed Ott and Bert Blyleven.

I loved that team.

Of course the February issues of the Swimsuit edition were must haves for obvious reasons.

Faces in the Crowd–which gave props to talented youth across the nation–was another favorite of the mag because the segment helped build my imagination and let me dream.

I learned of the unapologetic brilliance of Ralph Wiley and the long winded journalistic talent of Gary Smith. The resilience of Joe Montana as a Kansas City Chief struck a cord. I forever respected Joe even though my sister would get on my nerves fawning over his legitimate greatness (love you sis). The Carl Lewis and Marvin Hagler stories gave a me against the world sense of pride because they are two of the most underrated athletes of all time.

Other issues introduced me to Oregon State’s Gary Payton, St. John’s Felipe Lopez, Stanford’s Jamila Wideman–her father–author John Edgar Wideman, golf and tennis (Arthur Ashe, Jimmy Connors, Calvin Peete and Jack Nickalus), brought me to tears (Bo Kimble and LMU’s March Madness dash in tribute to Hank Gathers, Jim Valvano, and the widows of Steve Olin and Tim Cruise), made me stick out my chest (the Desmond Howard Heisman pose, the Rocket Man Randall Cunningham and George Brett), forever hurt my soul (Chris Webber timeout, Kordel Stewart’s Hail Mary in the Big House and the fall of Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry), alarmed (Monica Seles stabbing) and mystified (Michael Jordan holograph cover).

Thanks SI for the memories.

Then the unfortunate happened: SI entered the realm of sensationalism. The Tyson Guilty! issue began my SI blindness. Most Blacks thought Tyson was set up and I definitely agreed, but I still hung on because of mom. There was the 1997 cover, What Happened to the White Athlete? that I found offensive.


It wasn’t the question that raised my ire. It was the pandering to a white male demography that made me sick. SI must have been losing its fan base to the Sports Center generation and began a full fledged marketing drive to irrelevancy.

There was the issue asking Why the University of Miami should drop football–In the U’s colors that was disgusting. The ‘Canes brought an excitement to the college football landscape–even when they lost to Boston College on Doug Flutie’s Hail Mary. Was the issue the influx of flamboyant talent on the collegiate and subsequent pro level or problems within the program? Where was Jimmy Johnson’s accountability if the latter truly mattered?


Total SI blindness culminated with the issue that angers me to this day. The May 4th 1998 issue Where’s Daddy depicted former Celtic guard Greg Minor’s son Khalid holding a basketball with a face of stress and anguish. Don’t get me wrong, the issue of absentee fathers sickens me. There is no greater joy in life than being a father. I will never understand how a man could turn his back on the seeds of his soul. In my opinion, SI sensationalized the issue instead of initializing a discussion.


So after twenty years, I canceled my subscription to the magazine which raised my sports awareness as a fan first, then as a writer.

I pick up an issue every now and again to freeze moments in time for prosperity but no longer after learning Brett Favre has won Sportsman of the Year.

What!?! What about Tony Dungy or to a lesser degree Roger Federer?

Brett Favre? Are you serious?

Yes, Brett Favre has had a tremendous season. He is one of the greatest athletes of all time. You root for him because he is unafraid to take risks and Brett has set all kinds of records because of his talent and incomparable will to stay on the field. Conceivably, the Packers could lose in the first round of the playoffs this season. Knowing how the magazine field works to a certain extent, this decision was made a while ago.

Roger Federer became his sport. His 2006 season was one of the dominant performances of all time. He was beatable this year, but it’s utterly ridiculous the last two years of his career have essentially been erased. He would have been my second choice.

The 2007 Sportsman of the Year award rightfully belongs to Tony Dungy for leading his team to a Super Bowl win in a year they weren’t the prohibitive favorite. He overcame the suicide of his son and further suffered when Mike Vanderjagt missed a potential AFC Championship winning field goal. His Colts were affected by Dungy’s very public mourning but had to be inspired by his strength. That he’s still coaching is a testament to his will and faith as a man, a husband and a father.

Tony Dungy humble in Super Bowl victory over good friend Lovie Smith

Isn’t this an obvious choice? What went into the thought process SI? What statement are you trying to make? Tony Dungy transcends race. Is there a better person in sports? What does this man have to do to get the proper respect he has deserved since becoming a top flight NFL coaching prospect at age 28? Why does Peyton Manning get all the credit therefore diminishing (in documented history) the Quiet Strength of Tony Dungy? Fans of Dungy don’t need this honor to continue a legendary admiration of him, but a few honors here and there would surely help.

It’s just the right thing to do.

It’s a shame I won’t pass along a tradition started by my mother to my children. She definitely had my best interests in mind when she introduced me to SI and I love her much more for having great intentions.

Again, thanks for the memories SI, but goodbye and good riddance.


152 Responses to “Is This a Joke? Brett Favre Is the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year?”

  1. Mizzo,

    I totally agree with you. Farve while great at one time was exposed this week against the Cowboy’s. The Packer’s have had a very easy schedule and 2 of their wins could have easily been loses( Eagles,Skins). His numbers to start the season were mediocore and I’m just sick of the MSSM falling all over Brett. He can do no wrong in their eyes. My choice would have been and to say this hurts as a Yanks fan, Josh Beckett his year with the Sox was outstanding. His performances in the playoffs and World Series was legendary. Tony Dungy and Roger Ferderer are also great choices. Tony is an amazing man with a good spirit and I agree with you that he hasn’t received the credit he deserves. His days in Tampa ..with that defense. I found it sad the way McKay sent Tony packing. The Steelers would still be waiting for a ring if they had been as impatient will Bill Cowher. Chucky was given all the credit for Tampa’s Super Bowl but he got it with Tony’s team and won it against his former team. How have things been in Tampa since then? Terrible until this year. I still say I would have given a slight edge to Josh. He was like magic on the mound and it made me sick that Cashman didn’t bring him to NY.

  2. Mizzo how can you not vote for brett farve. That is unamerican.

    Brett Farve is like a ford/chevy truck. He is like hunting for deer. Like eating apple pie. He is like chewing tobacco and drinking milwaukees best.

    Brett Farve is America. And to root against him is as unamerican as you can get.

    Got that Mizzo. You are either with us (Brett Farve) or against us.

  3. Origin,

    LOL. I think Brett has the goods on the media. He must know some crazy secret about some of these guys. Why else do they slobber all over him so? It’s total madness. It’s to the point I don’t want to watch a game if he’s playing because I know the commentary will be one sided in his favor.

  4. origin, you forgot that Brett Farve is a gunslinger. And that he’s just having fun out there.

  5. David,

    Too funny! Don’t you get sick of hearing that BS.

  6. I’d give sportsman of the year to Barry Bonds. I mean the man broke the most sacred record in sports this year, and from what I heard on ESPN this morning, he is going to play next year.

  7. Sportsman of the year? Bonds, Barry Bonds! anyone else is purely political.

  8. I’m with Origin,
    Mizzo is a fascist. How dare he question the choice of Farve. Brett is the personification of that rags to riches, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, overcome trials and tribulations, Hoosiers, Rocky I, II, III, IV, V, God Bless America, My Country Tis of Thee, hero story that we’ve all come to believe is true!

    Now…which pill…..the red one or the blue one??

  9. I’ll go with Barry. The media has slammed him so bad that he didn’t even come to mind. They got me to. Yeah, BB is a good choice.

  10. Miranda,

    You got me is stiches girl. LOL!

  11. Yeah Miranda, that was funny. While Barry Bonds is a logical selection, I chose Dungy because of the resilience exhibited during the passing of his son. As a father, I felt for the man. I still do.

  12. Mizzo, I have no problems with Dungy, but with all due respect to him and his deceased son, he had a very supportive public. Bonds defines resilience. The man performed day in an day out, with major distractions and very few supporters. A lesser man would crumble under the pressures that Bonds faced. What , you got the FBI, IRS and Mitchell all looking up your butt, and he still produced! Bonds all the way baby.

  13. I’d go with Federer. But hey I’m not gonna cry if they go with Dungry.

  14. I don’t like how you all are piggy backing off of my suggestion without giving me credit. ūüėČ

    I could see Dungy being the Sportsman of the year, but to be Bret killed the Sportsman talk with his terrible outing last week and his insistance that he play this week just to keep his streak alive, not to help his team.

  15. That settles it….with the return of the noose…the almost magical elimination of Michael Vick and the asteriskation of 756 by Whats his name, the shirt dude….and the death and rebirth of Don Imus:

    2007 is officially now known as the year of the White Man.

  16. and personally I woulda gone with Everson Walls.

  17. I once heard Brett fart the Star Spangled Banner at the Special Olympics and almost came to tears when he did both Marvin and Jimi’s versions. Yes, his underwear looked like a collaboration between Jackson Pollack and Hershey’s, but gawddamn he’s from Kiln, Mississippi, the birthplace of our great country.

    What better example of the MSSM hero when an older, white guy is able to hold back countless successors for years on end? This is a guy who hasn’t been that interesting since the late 90s and has managed to be THE story on his team, even when Ahman Green was putting up huge numbers.

    For every reason that Favre could be the Sportsman of the Year, it should in fact be Dikembe Mutombo.

  18. How can Brett Not be Sportsman of the year……….he invented the QB position and the forward pass.

    He built Lambo field. He saved the NFL………just like Steve Nash saved the NBA.

  19. I’m loving the sarcasm today.

    Inkognegro: Brotha, that’s the best selection I’ve heard. Let’s keep those prayers going for Ron.

  20. everson walls is a great selection.

    And the Favre jokes made my day.

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  22. Whats the over/under on Tom Brady winning it next year?

  23. Malik Mohammed Says:

    What a joke. Favre is nothing more than white America’s dreamboy drunk. It’s sickening that he’d win this over a genuine achiever and hero like Bonds or my man CC Sabathia. Somebody should just put a gun to that fool Favre’s head and pull the trigger. You guys are right. This year has turned into the de facto year of the cracker. It’s like the 19th century all over again. The ONLY answer to this is to fight these white devils at every turn, and when possible kill them.

  24. You are trying to hard dumbass.

  25. Malik take that poser BS somewhere else. No one on this blog ever has alluded to killing someone. Keep talking that trash and you’ll join your boy Darius in TSF never never land.

  26. Malik Mohammed Says:

    Why can’t a black man in America ever get respect? No brother ever wins this award. I mean, Dwayne Wade won it last year in 2006, but aside from Wade a brother NEVER wins this. What is white amerikkka afraid of? Still fearful of dark skin after all these years?

    Oh yeah, there’s also Tiger Woods, Tim Duncan, David Robinson, the brothers on the Red Sox, Arthur Ashe….maybe some other. But aside from them NO BROTHER ever wins this award! Sickening.

    • Malik, your obviously too blinded by what every other ‘brother’ says. Start forming opinions of your own. Have you ever thought of why certain people have won this cover? Mabey in the prior years, no ‘brother’ had the requirements to win the cover. People like you make me laugh. Im not just talking about ‘brothers’ im talking about peope int he general public. All you did is research what ‘brothers’ won this cover. You didn’t research why anyone did win it. So next time you decide to be a spoksman for the … what should i call it… ‘Brotherhood’ know your facts.

  27. GrandNubian Says:

    Peace Pham,

    Forgive me for this ‘jack move’ but here is a link to an article i think you all will take interest to. I don‚Äôt know if anyone has read this one yet but it looks like a winner.

    Check it out:

  28. Some people miss the point.

    I think everyone that likes football, and isn’t a Packer/Favre kool-aid drinker is sick and tired of Favre. You don’t have to be black to despise the slurping Favre gets every time he’s on TV. I’ve been irritated by this since the ’90s, I also felt they robbed Barry of a sole MVP and made him split it with Favre. I’m biased, because Barry made me want to watch a team other than the Chargers (and since the Chargers have sucked a lot over the years, given the choice, I’d probably would have chosen Barry over SD).

    I’m sick of announcer slurping of Manning and Brady as well. Not because they’re white, I have no self hate, but I hate how ‘marquee’ people get all the attention and they make excuses for their mistakes…’the receiver quit on that ball’… My god Favre has had more ‘That’s the receivers fault’ statements during games than any QB in the history of football. Any fan that doesn’t have their head up their ass can tell you this.

    I don’t follow tennis, all I know is Federer owns it.

    I’ve been jocking Dungy for years, ever since he was DC in Minnesota. In one moment of preseason brilliance I bet my friend that the Bucs would finish above 8-8 and Barry would hit 2k yds. I’ve been wrong since then, about pretty much everything, but people forget that pre-Dungy the Bucs had the worst winning percentage in team sports. I remember a graphic on ESPN stating that the Bucs would have to 10 straight years at 16-0 (or something to that effect) just to hit .500. This was the year before Dungy I believe, and they’d only been the league about 20 yrs.

    So if you want to defend Favre and go way off the deep end, tell me what he did to deserve the award over others.

  29. Great article Grand. I read it this morning and ment to post it on here and dwils site.

  30. Ironically my boy just sent me that piece Grand. Powerful.

  31. That link is blocked at my work, but at least it isn’t for the same reason all of Sankofa’s stuff is blocked. My work doesn’t like Sankofa’s stuff, he’s a bad person and into bad things….
    (I refuse to type smiley faces)

  32. GMP brotha you are missing the facts. Brett Farve represents everything that is good. Everything that is american.

    If anyone can’t understand that then they are unamerican and need to move to canada and take Micheal Moore with them.

  33. I’m a Falcons fan. and here is all I have to say to Brett Favre: Thanks a lot, Panda Jerk.

  34. “I could see Dungy being the Sportsman of the year, but to be Bret killed the Sportsman talk with his terrible outing last week and his insistance that he play this week just to keep his streak alive, not to help his team.”

    So it’s his INSISTENCE that he play this week that is the reason he’s playing? Not because he won them 10 games before the Cowboys game? Get real. Everyone on that team wants him back starting on Sunday. It’s not like there was some plan to start Rodgers and bench Favre after one halfway decent showing but was busted up because Favre INSISTED that he play.

  35. Farve as “Sportsman of the Year” give me a break, It should Dungy and Smith. This the result in this stupid concept called ‘colorblindness’ like it does not matter that two Black Coaches reached the pinnacle of their professions in the nation’s biggest sport. This is Ward Connerlly’s idea of an Amerikkka run amuck, ignore an outstanding acheivment and give it to a Quarterback who got lucky with a great defensive team.

  36. Malik Mohammed Says:

    This is a disgrace! Any year that a black man doesn’t win this award is another affirmation of the Ku Klux Klan by racist white America. Like Eric Daniels, I too wish to express the feeling that with almost all whites I feel like getting violent and beating the crap out of them. Most whites are worthless, and this award going to a white man just reaffirms that the brothers and sisters of America will never catch a break. CC should have won this award. He was so much better this year than a loser like Favre, or Josh Beckett.

    • listen mother fucker, idk if your tired and cranky because its 2 am, but you have some kind of fucked up opinion. I guess you didn’t take any sort of history class but there were white people who did stand up for blacks. They marche with them and got the same beat downs. YOU think that whites are worthless. Well, lets have a little sit down here and i’ll fill you in on some facts

      “Among men, blacks (28.5%) are about six times more likely than whites (4.4%)
      to be admitted to prison during their life.”

      If I was as uneducated as you that would make me think… No wonder blacks are underminded. Because they do shit that gets them put in prison and/or jail. Lets go over a few more facts shall we?

      “since 1990, African Americans have accounted for more than 75% of persons
      incarcerated for drug offenses…” hmmm look there ” and make up 97.7% of the people in
      that United States who are given life sentences for drug offenses.”

      That tells me a whole lot, now please, shut the fuck up!

  37. Mizzo do you have some roach spray. Cause these troll roaches are all this website.

  38. I’m trying, origin… but I have a gag reflex I just can’t swallow it

  39. Origin,
    they just dont’ get it…..I expect O’Reilly to do a segment on Mizzo and this site real soon about his unpatriotism. Why, not loving Brett Farve is the same as hating the troops!

    GMP….you’re a fascist too…how can you say such about the “Gunslinger”….. next thing ya know you’ll say you never liked Gunsmoke or the Lone Ranger.

  40. Mizzo, Dungy would have been a nice pick too, agreed; Brett feels too much like a sportsman of the last 3 months. But I still see something worthwhile in picking Brett. Here’s a guy whose team went 4-12, then 4-8 before winning some soft games at the end of the season. It really looked like he should just go away, retire…and then he bets on himself one more time, comes back on a young, rather untalented team, and leads them to the play-offs. Sure, the whole “Brett Farve is just a big kid!” nonsense from announcers is gag-inducing, but I like to see an old All-Star reach back for just one more decent season before retirement.

  41. Exactly Miranda. GMP don’t worry if you don’t believe it don’t worry, the historians will write it in the history books so that your kids will believe it.

    Rooting against Farve is like rooting for Bin Ladin.

    “I pledge allegiance to Brett Farve of the Green Bay Packers.”

  42. Oh and GMP the reason Farve, Manning and Brady make mistakes is because of the players around them plan and simple. If the players around them were better then they wouldn’t make mistakes.

  43. I can see that angle, mcbias, but….
    I don’t subscribe to it. Although these sort of awards don’t mean anything to me, I like it when players I like get awards (MVP = LaDainian), but for the most part I gave up caring when Geno Torretta ripped off Marshall Faulk’s Heismann.
    I guess since I really don’t care, I don’t really have an alternative to Favre. I honestly think all these awards are meaningless (though I’d been pissed if LaDainian didn’t score MVP last year), I just don’t like Favre, and haven’t for quite a while.

    I’m unAmerican I know. But I enjoyed John Wayne movies as a kid… Sands of Iwo Jima was my favorite movie as an 8 year old. Does that make me more American, Miranda?

  44. GMP,
    Hmmmmmm……. that’s a tough one….because John Wayne is the ultimate in American legend folklore…so your dislike of Brett weighed against your like for John Wayne…….why…I think it might actually balance out!! John Wayne/guns = Brett Farve/football……yep…..

  45. MCBias, I feel you bruh, but I’m getting queasy just thinking about Favre. These cats are taking away from just how good a player he’s been by swinging incessantly. It’ s sickening. I understand SI, but I definitely don’t like it.

    As far as the trolls, just ignore them…period.

    Like I said in another thread, we all know real rap when we see it.

  46. Elvis..was a hero to most…..

  47. McBias,

    With all due respect, the NFC sucks and the Packers have not beaten a decent team yet. The wins over the Eagles and Skins were handed to them because of mistakes. Brett did not have good outings in either of those games. There is no argument to justify him winning this award. Many other candidates have been offered on TSF. Josh Beckett, Dungy, Federer, Bonds, and Everson Walls (character choice). You can make arguments for all of these people. And can we please give the Packer D some credit? Damn. Remember Farve refused to mentor Aaron Rogers, that’s real sportsman like.

  48. Mizzo,

    But he never meant shi.. to me….

  49. HAHA Miranda you are killing me.

  50. […] Is This a Joke? Brett Favre Is the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of … […]

  51. Federer= sportsman of the year emeritus. that dude is beyond ridiculous.

  52. A straight up racist….

  53. wha? What happened? Roger Federer’s racist?

  54. I stopped paying attention to the Sportsman of the Year award after they refused to reward Charlie Brown in 1993 when he hit a walk-off homerun to finally win a baseball game (against Roy Hobbs great-granddaughter!). That kind of perserverance is what it’s all about, people.

  55. GMP…

    Bad as I wanna be! daps fo dat!

    Folks I’ve been trying to be on good behaviour but this fake ass Malik dude, I don’t know…

    Bitch! Can’t you at least learn to rap for real? Fuck Ray Charles can see through your shit!

    Note to sir- nose- devoid -of -funk….YOU CAN’T FAKE THE FUNK!!!!!

  56. I am sorry ‘Kofa but I need to have this cleared up.

    Did Mizzo just call Roger Federer racist?

    Because when this: Okori Says:

    December 6, 2007 at 4:32 am
    Federer= sportsman of the year emeritus. that dude is beyond ridiculous.
    is followed by this: mizzo Says:

    December 6, 2007 at 4:53 am
    A straight up racist….

    I got very confused.

  57. Mizzo – you are BUGGIN OUT!!!!!!!

    “It‚Äôs a shame I won‚Äôt pass along a tradition started by my mother to my children. She definitely had my best interests in mind when she introduced me to SI and I love her much more for having great intentions.”

    What could be better than maturing as a man and realizing that SI is not your own and creating YOUR OWN media (TSF)? What could be a better legacy of self respect than that? I think your mother is smiling brother. The tradition wasn’t about Sports Illustrated, it was about illustrating sports. Isn’t that what you do?

    “An Illustration is a visualisation such as a drawing, painting, photograph or other work of art that stresses subject more than form. The aim of an illustration is to elucidate or decorate a story, poem or piece of textual information (such as a newspaper article), traditionally by providing a visual representation of something described in the text.”

    You already learned the lesson – now don’t forget you learned it. Pass it on, pass it on, pass it on.

  58. And, of course I agree that Dungy is one of many more deserving folks. Great post.

  59. Cevidence Says:

    Wait….how is Federer a racist? Did I miss something?

  60. if you don’t see a hyperlink at Mizzo’s name it’s not him.

  61. cevidence and Okori…follow the thread

    mizzo Says:

    December 6, 2007 at 3:12 am
    Elvis..was a hero to most…..

    Michelle Says:

    December 6, 2007 at 3:27 am

    But he never meant shi.. to me….

    mizzo Says:

    December 6, 2007 at 4:53 am
    A straight up racist….

  62. ohhh…… I see.

    I got confused there.

  63. If you don’t see the Five X’s next to my name, it ain’t me folks.

    T3 you know I love to start a healthy discussion bruh…

    Is anyone gonna finish the rhyme?

  64. Cevidence Says:

    Oh ok…I got ya…and lol…I can’t remember the next line damn!!!!

  65. …he suker was simple and plain…
    mutherfuck him and John Wayne!

    DA BOMB!

  66. But look at mizzo’s post above. He clearly states that Federer is a “straight up racist.” What’s up with that outrageous charge??? You should be sued for slander my brother!!

  67. I thought it was a requirement to watch sports if you work for Sports Illustrated? This award is right up there with Scorsese’s Academy Award last year.

  68. HarveyDent Says:

    Favre is sportsman of the year, huh? Yeah, that seems about right…NOT!!!

    I really do enjoy guys like Brady, Peyton Manning, Favre, Nowitzki, and Steve Nash when they play but my scorn comes from overhype they recieve in the MSM media and rightly or wrongly it’s projected on the players. Steve Nash has not revolutionized the assist in the NBA just like Tom Brady isn’t the best QB to play in the NFL but listening to Bill Walton and John Madden and their ilk you’d be surprised. Again, I enjoy these guys when I watch their games but they’re play is no more spectacular than watching an Iverson, Adrian Peterson, Tomlinson, or Garnett.

    The only difference is the skin color and I’ll let that go at that.

  69. Cause I’m Black and I’m proud
    I’m ready and hyped plus I’m amped
    Most of my heroes don’t appear on no stamps

  70. Hey folks, a propos of nothing, here’s some Dave Chappelle in London. ‘nite.

  71. “Diondre” no I never said Federer was a racist. We were exchanging lines from Fight the Power by Public Enemy.

  72. Yo Mizzo!

    Sorry man…but fuck Diondre! That’s a damn troll! Everybody else got hip to the tread, but for this redbeck bitch, changing his handle trying to cause shit.

  73. Diondre,

    Haven’t you ever heard of PE? Dah!

  74. Too bad I suck with links and stuff, but I’m now sold on Favre….
    There’s a stained glass pic of him in a robe and halo with people praying before him… such a powerful image, I’m sold on the glory that is Favre now.

    How could I have ever doubted?

  75. There you go GMP now you are getting it. Also if you keep saying bad stuff about Farve the FBI will tap you phone and put a bug on your car.

  76. Origin,

    Yep, He’s Serving His Masters Well!

  77. That was a great piece by Desi Cortez…thanks Origin!

  78. No problem sistas.

  79. ‘Also if you keep saying bad stuff about Farve the FBI will tap you phone and put a bug on your car’

    I thought they did that for coming to sites like this…

  80. Hey man hey! ūüėČ

  81. Malik Mohammed Says:

    GMP — you’d have to be a deluded moron with an over-inflated sense of importance to believe the FBI would bother monitoring this blog. I say this because most of the regulars express themselves with such unrighteous anger and ineloquence that nobody outside this very small social club could possibly take you seriously. In other words, you’re no threat at all. You sound like a bunch of dumb and angry college kids constantly on the search for the slightest reason to express your hatred of white people. Such a ridiculous attitude and approach will never gather moss on the black collective’s rolling stone. Seriously, most of y’all are an embarrassment to the cause. Step one in your rehabilitation program should be to take a look in the mirror and acknowledge and understand your blatant hypocrisies.

  82. Do you notice the more this bitch barks the more its redneck view point comes out?

    Word to the unwise Malik..slow your fucking role, you’re not doing a particularly good job…undercover bitch!

  83. I was just ignoring him. But hey, now I’m part of a black collective. Will probably f…. with my wifes head a bit to find I’m now black, but you know, maybe she’ll see the positives in the situation.

    I didn’t come to this site to look for ‘like minded’ people, I actually felt like arguing. But I’m open minded and I can’t tell other people how they should think and feel and perceive the world. All I can do is try to understand why others behave and act the way they do, and try to understand their viewpoint.

    You can disagree with people, but you can’t tell them that how they feel is wrong. That is their life and their experience. And all I can say is people like you, MM, reinforce the negative opinions.

  84. Roger Federer does charity and humanitarian work in Africa, in Asia, for the United Nations and against AIDS (see links). Federer raises funds and actually visits disadvantaged children in poor countries, e.g., tsunami disaster zones. As well, Mike Greenberg of ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike in the Morning once said “You don’t appreciate tennis? I’m not telling you that you have to. But, if you don’t give Roger Federer his due, then you’re just missing the boat. Roger Federer is the best player in any sport today, and it’s not close. It’s not close.” Brett Favre??

  85. great post AMH

  86. Federer is a beast. Tim Duncan was more deserving also.

  87. Well I think it’s wierd that you all think you’re so much smarter than the people who get paid to make these kind of decisions. The board that makes these choices are, in my estimate, pretty sports savy…seeing as how that’s what they get paid to do. If a guy (Favre) who everyone thought shoud retire because he was getting too old and washed up, can come out and have this kind of season, as well as the last third of last season almost leading his team to the playoffs, then I think the SI people got it right in selecting him. If Tom Brady, or anyone for that matter can have this kind of success in the NFL while pushing 40 years of age, then you can have a complaint.
    Also, for those who have been saying that Favre showed weekness against Dallas I question that…He played one quarter, he hardly got to play and everyone knows his best play comes forth at the end of games.

  88. adam you just blew my mind. that was the most persuasive argument i’ve ever heard. Its true, experts never make bad decisions because they’re experts. Look how well the war in Iraq has turned out? Sports experts are similarly infallible. Whether its end of year awards (Jimmy Rollins mvp?) or drafting (Sam Bowie) or anything out of the mouths of Sean Salisbury, Skip Bayless, etc. What ESPN, SI, the White House and Jesus say is the Truth, and you never forget it.

    according to your definition adam, favre might qualify as AARP’s sportsman of the year (although i’d still give it to julio franco ahead of #4), but for most of us, we have higher standards than:
    – 4th or 5th best player currently at his position in the league (especially when a certain other player at his position is putting up all-time numbers) on the 5th or 6th best team in his sport (especially when a certain other team is putting up all-time numbers and might go undefeated)
    – hasn’t yet won a game that mattered this season
    – had been the very definition of washed up the past 2 seasons yet selfishly demanded his organization continue to build around him
    – broke the vaguely important record of most passing TD’s, about the 8th or 9th most impressive statistical achievement in sports this year
    – being the recipient of constant john madden fellatio

    The fact is SI is in the business of selling magazines, not journalism. SI quit long ago being in the business of editorial integrity. Thankfully at least, they haven’t been relevant in years either. As for Farve, whether he’s deserving or not doesn’t matter, all that matters is that Brett Farve means ad revenue. This award is just as empty as the swimsuit issue, the only difference being farve’s flabby 40-year old body looks better in a green jersey and yellow pants than a bikini. Quite simply, Tony Dungy and Roger Federer can’t compete when it comes down to selling Coors Light to SI’s target middle aged white guy football loving demographic. As for Bonds, its long been known SI has had it out for Barry and will avoid at all costs anything that paints him in a positive light.

  89. you’re right…lets give the award to someone who cheated

  90. @adam

    Prove he cheated.

  91. Very nice post Ace.

  92. GUYS,

    Brett Favre has had the benefit of an easy schedule. The first good team he played he went back to his old interception throwing ways. The Packer’s D deserves much credit for their success in the horrible NFC. He’s not even playing the best at his position. There are many people far more deserving then him not only in football but in other sports as well.

  93. thanks Allen

  94. To all the idiots who think Favre should not have gotten this. You must remember, it is sportsman of the year and NOT athlete of the year, there is a difference. Along with athletisism there are other factors, what he does for community, how one represents themselves, charity work, etc…

  95. Tim Duncan was better and he’s probably third on the list.

  96. The obvious is seen by time on the job and more than just football, 17 years, over 420 TD passes, consecutive starts…

    1. Cover the smallest or biggest subject of interest,
    2. Sell Magazines
    3. Controversary SELLS
    4. SOLD OUT PACKER GAMES, over 70,000 people plus magazines sold by the general public, equals SI magazines sold out, 2nd print in the stores, ummm, sportsman of the year is declared for prime NFL end of season run to the super bowl 42, how about SB 31 repeat:

    Green Bay Packers vs New England Patriots

    Where has Dungy been for the last 17 years and is Dungy on the TV as much,,, jeans, etc

    Brett isn’t being investigated for steroids, but had his share of pills, but are the drug use the same, NO.

    We all want to be the best and we all want to beat the best, whether it is a team or an individual sport. Tom Brady and the Patriots are hated, as shown on NFL films… wait until jets vs patriots… this is the game to watch.


    Go Pack Go
    to SB 42 vs Patriots

  97. For those who say the Packers have had an easy schedule, going into this past week the Packers have faced a .497 SOS. Dallas? .497. Indy? .502. New England is the only “elite” team that has faced a SOS well above .500 and that is at .520. And as far as I can see, at least from the position of 12/18/07, there are games that Indy, NE, and Dallas “easily could have lost”. So, using the last few weeks to bash Favre (and by extension the Packers) is based on the above arguments do not hold water.

    As for Favre actually being Sportsman of the Year, I really don’t care. I’m more concerned about winning another Super Bowl than anything like this. Has what Favre has done just over this past year warrant SOTY? Maybe not. It IS really remarkable. But to my mind it wouldn’t seem so remarkable if the various Packers’ brain trusts of the last decade hadn’t sucked so bad then this year wouldn’t stand out so much and be so remarkable. But that’s a whole other story. Suffice it to say that all it took was Ted Thompson making the bold move of actually getting receivers who can get a little thing called separation. Something the likes of Post Contract Freeman, Bill “Wrong Way” Schroeder, Robert Furgeson, etc etc couldn’t do.

    What I think is happening here is Favre has been hyped quite a bit by the Sports Industry. This is simply a backlash by those who are fed up with it. Even I got sick of all the hype a decade back. But BEYOND the hype stands perhaps the best QB ever who is having a great season. As far as hype in general, people need to understand that the hype doesn’t help or hurt the particular player involved unless they cash in in endoresements. It simply gives all the Industry “hangers-on” something to do to legitimize their existence. All the blather back and forth is made by these parasites and fed to the consumer. Meanwhile the player simply goes out and plays his game. Put another way, don’t people think that Favre could do many more commercials than he has done (like say Manning who is f’in everywhere). But he doesn’t. In other words, Favre could have used the hype machine more to his favor than he has if he wanted to. He shouldn’t be blamed because 50% expansion in the Sports Media Industry hold a job by building players up only to give other parasites something to tear down.

    So whether Favre should be SOTY can be debated. But it shouldn’t be because you’re sick of the hype. Either he stands on his own merits or he doesn’t. Personally I think he is being rewarded for a body of work rather than a specific year. That’s not the point of the award I’d assume. THAT should be the argument, not simply anti-Favre venom.

  98. Brad,

    Sorry, but Joe Montanna is the best qb ever. I don’t care about all of Bretts stats, if you play long enough those records would fall anyway. Greenbay is not winning another Super Bowl with Brett at qb. Reggie White and Desmond Howard are the reason why he won the only Super Bowl he has to begin with. Last, it’s called the Sportsman of the Year not career.

  99. John Manderfeld Says:

    Anyone who says black people don’t win the award is stupid. Dwade 2006, Tim duncan, david robinson 2003, tiger woods 2000, sammy sosa 1998, and 1996. Brett favre is an idol to many people including myself because people can relate to him. He has problems just like any other person. He overcame addiction to alcohol and drugs. He almost lost his wife when he was an alcoholic. His dad died a day before a game that he threw for 399 yds and 4 tds. His wife had cancer. Hes had more problems than most people i know and hes played through all of it and set almost all the records possible as a QB. He has the interception record because of the way he plays and has always played, but it allows him to make plays no other QB has ever made. Tony dungy had a problem, Brett Favres had many more and is now having one of his best seasons ever with the youngest team in the NFL. Hes a typical american and a favorite to all the people who can relate to him. I’d like to see some of you even try handle everything that brett favre has had to with the class that he does now. So what if he had some problems in the past. He overcame them which is harder for him since everything he does becomes public. Him and his wife have started multiple charity organizations which they donate to all the time. He has become a great player and a great man and is definitely worthy of this award.

  100. Brett Favre encompasses everything you’ve mentioned, but there were so many others who deserves this award–this year. Tony Dungy won a SB the year after his son commits suicide? Brett has had his share of tragedy, but not this year. His is a great story, but Dungy was way more deserving. It’s not even close.

  101. I was having this discussion at work yesterday. This isn’t a lifetime achievement award…this is for this year 06-07. And what has he done….nothing really. They are having a great season, yeah, but I don’t think that is enough to put him over people who’ve made history like a Tony Dungy. Nah no at all. Yeah Brett’s been through a lot. He’s one of my favorite 3 Qbs, but I wouldn’t give him this award either, not for this year.

  102. Cevidence:

    Not that I think Favre should get the award. I’ve always thought he was overrated – but my question is – can a player be awarded some ceremonial accolade in the year in which so many of his lifetime achievements come full circle?

    On a side note:
    “Brett favre is an idol to many people including myself because people can relate to him. He has problems just like any other person. He overcame addiction to alcohol and drugs. He almost lost his wife when he was an alcoholic. His dad died a day before a game that he threw for 399 yds and 4 tds. His wife had cancer.”

    This is actually the reason that most folks have for disliking Black athletes. It’s ironic. The Black athletes who are most revered are the perfect athletes. There are exceptions and in those instances the love is mostly local – but by and large, Black athletes have to be perfect (or damn close to get the love).

  103. Temple —

    I’m not 100% sure I’m following what you are saying. But after I posted I began to think of this topic more in depth. Here’s what I came up with.

    Even though he may not be a standout star, someone like Braylon Edwards is a Sportsmen of the Year to me. Why? Because 1: He’s having a GREAT year on the field. The Browns are supposed to be in dead last, some predicting them to lose every game this year, but Braylon is a reason why they have been doing so well and are still standing strong.

    2: This didn’t get ANY press, but Braylon paid for the college education of 10 children that went to his highschool. 10!!!! Out of his own pocket. I’m still pissed that no one but yahoo covered this story. And that was for only a day.

    3: ESPN did cover the story on the boy who needed a transplant who Braylon became very close to the family. That was a touching story and almost brought tears to my eyes.

    Now I know that a lot of players do great things on and off the field that you don’t hear about. But it’s players like these that should win these types of awards. Farve’s having a great year…THIS year, cause last season he was horrible (and if his name was McNabb would have been run off….but anyway). Even still there were players on the field who had better seasons. And what has Farve done off the field in the past year. We may have not heard of anything, but the way the media slurps on him, I’m sure we would have no matter what he has done.

    Again, I wouldnt expect Braylon to win such an award, that would be assinine, but I’m just saying….that’s the type of example I would want to have as Sportsmen of the Year.

  104. He’s just a receiver they would say. Like how Moss lives in the shadow of Brady which is ridiculous. Temple and I have both mentioned this in pieces, but the common denominator in the two most prolific offenses of all time is Randy Moss.

    This can never be discounted.

    Sports Illustrated wanted to have a living document of honoring Brett, just like Brady in 2005.

    It also creates a new generation of readers.

  105. My apologies…Braylon pledged 1 Million to fund scholarships for 100 kids in the Cleveland district….

    Still amazing in my eyes..

  106. Yep, sportsman–think about what the word means. Can you think of another person who embodies the term so completely? If you still doubt, I suggest you watch Favre more often. The Packers, the youngest team in the NFL, have had an incredible year so far with Favre at the helm. No on or off-the-field crimes and misdemeanors (a la Vick or the signal-stealing Pats). Embodiment of loyal support to Koren Robinson, and openness about his own substance abuse past. It’s not just because he seems like a regular guy, either. He’s one of the few superstars out there whose ego doesn’t suck up all the air in the room. Number crunch all you want because Favre’s high up there, but what Favre brings to the table is more than mannequins like Brady will ever manage. He’s doing what he loves, and doing it so well all-time records drop with every game. Sunday, “the old man” pulled off a 21-yard scramble. He probably won’t get MVP; Favre’s not perfect enough for such stat-driven honors. What he is, and will always be, is a sportsman. Sportsman of the Year? You bet.

  107. These people will never get it. DJ, when do you think this decision was made? Do you think it was when the Pack was rolling to the great record they amassed or waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before that?

  108. Mizzo,
    How sportsman like was it when Farve threw that hissy fit this summer over the Pats not grabbing Randy Moss?? Didn’t he throw a Bam-Bam like tantrum and pout like Pebbles??

  109. Of course he did. Could you imagine if Donovan went off like that? He damn sure would have but we’d still be hearing about it.

  110. Donovan would have been gone 3 years ago….no way he gets to hang around throwing interception after interception until the rest of the team is rebuilt to make his azz look better.

  111. Favre never threatened a thing. He was vocal about the Packers not making more effort to get Moss, absolutely, but when you’ve proven yourself as a leader, the way Favre has over the years, you have the right to weigh in. I admire the ways he has spoken up of late, advocating for the team and his teammates. As I said watch him more, don’t judge by what the media alleges.

    Having watched Favre over the entire course of his career, no one knows better than he does when he’s made poor passing decisions, and yes, there have been a few. Again, however, having watched receivers half-heartedly attempt to catch a decently thrown pass that goes for an “interception”, (Ferguson alone gave up 6 at least last year), that criticism is pointless.

    Mike Holmgren spoke of his ability to make plays when he told of looking up at times to see Favre bulleting a pass seemingly to the wrong spot, where he’d scream “NO, NO, Noooooh… yes! YES! YES!” That’s part of why so many of us love to watch Brett play, I think, the sheer audacity of him, even now, still celebrating each success as it comes, even if it’s with the ref!

    Favre is flawed, no doubt, but he is an athlete who succeeds by accepting both his strengths and his limitations. A genuine gamer. Those who don’t bother to watch Favre don’t have a clue what I mean, I know, but let them live in ignorance.

  112. DJ we don’t want to hear that here. This has nothing to do with Favre the person.

  113. Sorry. False statements and bashes were made by others about Favre the athlete and his character already; I merely addressed them. Character counts, as is noted about Dungy, so I don’t feel it’s inappropriate at all to the discussion.

    Having said that, I do think an equally strong case can be made for Dungy. He is the epitome of grace and humility under pressure, a leader by example of the highest order. Is it as awful as racial bias, the choice of Favre instead? Am I missing something? Could it be, as with Oscar voting, that the most recent viewing often has greater impact? Favre is more visible than Dungy, on a wider stage, every game since 1992.

    So, how do we raise the public profiles of excellent men like Dungy without calling Brett’s designation as SOTY “a joke”? It’s not. He’s earned the admiration, too.

  114. Not considering the criteria for SOTYs past…so I agree with half of the latter statement.

  115. Chanizzle Says:

    Brett Favre is 38 years old and is still dominating one of the toughest sports in the world…there’s another reason to vote for him.

  116. Felt Freak Says:

    Barry bonner Bonds is a joke. why doe’s he have the arm brace on? he’s the only player aloud to have it. its a divice that aids to the power of his swing.
    So i say cheater!!! drugs ? Farve is the best aaaah can you say records!!!

  117. How dare Brett Farve be voted sportsman of the year for being a sportsman, when a black coach had to endure the loss of his son. Obviously dealing with losing your son makes you a better sportsman! !

    Yeah, I knew before I even saw the photo that Dungy was BLACK. BLACK…

    I thought it was SPORTSMAN of the year, not “heartbreak” of the year, or “overcome personal tragedy totally unrelated to sports” man of the year.

    A racist black speaks again, and there is no outcry. No reality check. Society is scared, and blacks love it that way. Blacks will NEVER let racism die because they have nothing else.

  118. […] with the Patriots and the Packers again didn’t go after him as a free agent. Bush league. Sportsman of the year, my […]

  119. Dungy would have been a great candidate for SOY. What a GREAT guy!!

    But, Favre is also a great candidate. He broke several career passing records this year. He came out of nowhere with an incredible season and was just 3 points shy of leading his team to the big game.

    Brett is first in wins, he is first in TD passes, he is first in passing yards, he is first in passes thrown and completed, he is first in consecutive starts, and he is first in all-time jersey sales. He embodies football. He is a living legend. One of the best to ever play the game. Definitely deserving of this honor.

    That’s not to take away from anyone else. But, Favre is every bit as deserving as others.

    Mike Smith

  120. Oh god here we go…”the white man is bringing me down, waa waa waa!” Do you even know what a sportsman is you dumbass? He is the most respected athlete in sports. He is universally liked even by rival teams and fans. Get a clue before you open your mouth next time.
    pl -men
    1. a man who plays sports
    2. a person who plays by the rules, is fair, and accepts defeat with good humour

  121. BeutnerAustralia Says:

    ok. im pretty pissed off about this article. brett favre is an amazing athlete. he is one of the best PLAYERS of all time. he holds every qb record to date excluding most td’s in a single season (but who wouldnt snag that title with the weapons the patriots had?) so for you to say that favre doesn’t deserve this honor and that someone else does is a complete joke. i wish i had seen this earlier so that i could tell you how wrong you are and you actually read it. you are a joke. you know nothing about sports if you truely believe that he doesnt deserve to be SI sportsman of the year. i also gotta say, for someone who found the “What Happened to the White Athlete?” cover offensive, you sure are slammin a lot of white athletes in this article. and seeing who you would rather give this award to im begining to speculate that u are a racist. and therefore you shouldnt even waste your time writing about sports if you are already completely one sided on the topic if you judge them by the color of their skin. brett favre deserves this award. fuck you, you racist bastard.

  122. lol you went from killing my piece to labeling me a racist.

    They voted on this before the season was over. Don’t you understand that?

    Dungy won a SB to begin the year–after going through a bittersweet season last year.

    What’s the question here?

  123. that guy Says:

    I agree with thomas and chris. Unforntrly there is racism in this country. Not only against blacks and whites but also varouis immigrints. I shake my head in disappointment for the fact people belive that tony dungy didn’t win sportsmans of the year because of racism. Tony dungy is a great coach and in the whole year coaching the colts he never raised his voice and only swore once. He even has a book on his sucess. But Brett Farve was just doing better in my mind. He is a future HALL OF FAMER. This is his LAST season and look at all the records he’s set. Yes im WHITE but race doesn’t have anything to with my desicon and neither does it for all the people who decide on sportman of the year.

  124. Show your support for Brett Favre at

    Sign the online petition

  125. BNAMack Says:

    OK – read the article, read the comments – while I also disagree with Favre as AOY, I did find the racist slant pretty obvious.

    Racism works in all directions my friends. We’ve definitely got a racism problem here in the US, but I don’t think we’re tackling it *everywhere* it is found.

    We can never be a ‘we’ country if all of our problems are boiled down to ‘them’ and ‘us’.

  126. […] Brett Favre gets too much credit when others would have been crucified a long time ago. Does the make up of the media have anything to do with that? […]

  127. Favre Rocks Says:

    While Roger Federer might have had a more dominant season, and Tony Dungy might have overcome more adversity, Favre deserved the award because of his actions on and off the field. At 38 he had arguably his best season ever, and led a young Packers team to the NFC Championship game. Also, off the field, his charities and contributions to less fortunate people were breath-taking. He is one of the best athletes of our time, and one of the greatest quarterbacks ever. He has set seemingly unbeatable records, and is The Ironman in a tough sport. Read the article in that issue with an open mind, and you’ll see why he was sportsman of the year.

  128. I agree with the man Favre is but Dungy and Federer to a much lesser extent, won a whole lot more.

    I thought sports wasn’t about stats!

    Favre had a great season. I have much respect for the man, but damn enough is enough.

  129. […] What competition in the entire world’s existence (besides the little kiddies of course) doesn’t settle their sport with a true champion at the end of making so much money? Every game and every player matters and the media is a big blame as well. Why is their a need to mention class when speaking of Tebow and Bradford. What…no other college football player plays with passion, is dedicated to being the best on and off the field or is White? […]

  130. Yo what was that bro looking at, that’s crazy

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  142. […] Terry McDonnell who has been ruining the publication that I, and many others, grew up reading and […]

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  144. […] past employees cited Sports Illustrated‚Äôs ‚Äúentrenched sexism‚ÄĚ[27], past fans cited its¬†racial ‚Äúsensationalism‚ÄĚ, and in her 1997 landmark study on¬†SI‚Äôs swimsuit issue,¬†sociologist Laurel Davis concluded […]

  145. […] past employees cited Sports Illustrated‚Äôs ‚Äúentrenched sexism‚ÄĚ[27], past fans cited its¬†racial ‚Äúsensationalism‚ÄĚ, and in her 1997 landmark study on¬†SI‚Äôs swimsuit issue,¬†sociologist Laurel Davis concluded […]

  146. […] past employees cited Sports Illustrated‚Äôs ‚Äúentrenched sexism‚ÄĚ[27], past fans cited its racial ‚Äúsensationalism‚ÄĚ, and in her 1997 landmark study on SI‚Äôs swimsuit issue, sociologist Laurel Davis concluded (p. […]

  147. Karl Jobst

    Is This a Joke? Brett Favre Is the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year? | The Starting Five

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