2 Charged In Sean Taylor Homicide Linked To Previous Break In

First I’d like to thank Marcellus Wiley for mentioning TSF and his piece on ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning.


According to a New York Times report, there is evidence connecting two of the men charged in Sean Taylor’s death to the break in eight days before the homicide. This should dispel any rumors, Whitlock Black KKK nonsense, Wilbon non-surprise, Shapiro sensationalism, Cowherd mic spittle etc., of Taylor’s past being ridiculously the cause of his murder. Thanks to those who did the right thing instead of rushing to judgment.

At least two of the four men charged with the murder of the Washington Redskins star Sean Taylor were involved in a burglary of his Miami-area home eight days before his shooting death, a law enforcement official and a lawyer involved in the case said Wednesday. Neither person wanted to be named because the investigation into Taylor’s death remained open, but both confirmed the connection between the previous burglary and the attempted burglary that resulted in Taylor’s death.

Football memorabilia belonging to Taylor and large amounts of cash were found in the home of at least one of the defendants in the murder case, the lawyer and the official said.

Richard Sharpstein, Taylor’s former lawyer, said he knew of the connection before Wednesday. “This wasn’t a random burglary,” he said. “This was a dime-a-dozen wannabe criminals who had been to the house before. They stole his life thinking they were going to steal a few dollars from him.”

Eric Rivera, 17; Jason Scott Mitchell, 19; Charles Kendrick Lee Wardlow, 18; and Venjah Hunte, 20, have been charged with first-degree felony murder and armed burglary in Taylor’s death. Their arraignments have been scheduled for Dec. 21.

The Miami-Dade Police Department spokesman Roy Rutland said Wednesday that he could not confirm a link between the two burglaries.

“It’s something we’re looking into,” he said.

Taylor, a 24-year-old Pro Bowl safety, was shot last week during what the police have called a burglary gone bad.

The week before, Taylor’s house had been burglarized after someone pried open a window to gain access to the house. Although little was stolen, the police said, trespassers rummaged through several drawers and also went through a safe that Taylor kept in his bedroom. A knife had been left on the bed, according to the police report.

After Taylor’s death, there was speculation that the knife was left on the bed to threaten Taylor. Arizona Cardinals cornerback Antrel Rolle, Taylor’s childhood friend, said that Taylor had many enemies in the Miami area and that “they’ve been targeting him for three years now,” according to The Associated Press.

Sharpstein, however, said that the knife left on the bed was a kitchen knife used by the intruders “as a simple burglary tool” to pick locks.

“They weren’t professionals, and it showed,” he said.

In the grand jury indictment, Rivera, who will be tried as an adult, was identified as the shooter. Mitchell wore a hood during the burglary to conceal his identity, it said.

At least one of the defendants had been to Taylor’s house last month, Sharpstein said, for a birthday party for Taylor’s sister, Sasha Johnson, who turned 21. Johnson has dated Wardlow’s cousin. Mitchell’s twin brother, Scottie, said that his brother had been to the house before to mow the lawn, according to a report in The Miami Herald.

Hunte’s lawyer, Michael Hornung, said that his client had never been to the house before the night Taylor was shot, and that he had no idea why the other defendants had gone to the house in the first place.

Circuit Judge John Thornton Jr. denied Rivera bail in Miami-Dade County court on Wednesday. After that hearing, Rivera’s lawyer, Wilbur Smith, said that he hoped to resolve the case quickly, to minimize the pain for the Taylor family.


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  1. What’s sad is that we will probably never hear the apology that his family deserves after all this mess. The day he died I was arguing with people on my job how those assumptions cant be mad and like 4 people tried to jump down my throat at how his death had something to do with his past. Or that the media wasn’t doing anything wrong for bringing it up. Now they have NOTHING to say at all…..

  2. You Mizzo and Cevidence my wife was saying the same thing to her coworkers. The funny thing is my wife woke me up this morning hot as he11. Because NBC morning show was showing how that young dude in Nebraska went on a killing rampage in the mall. Well the hosts of the show tried to make the shooter out to be the victim. Then they had interviews making every excuse for him. His girl left him, his parents kicked him out, he lost his job. My wife was so upset because last week they painted Taylor out to be a criminal jsut for defending his house.

    My wife asked me how can the media have sympathy and make excuses for a man who kills 8 people. But a man defends his fiancee, child and mother is considered a thug.

    I told her the realist thing I ever heard from Ice Cube was “our skin is my sin” plan and simple.

    Thats really all I could tell her.

  3. It’s both fortunate and unfortunate, Origin, that what makes your wife humane in America Inc., is also what seperates her and most of us from the vile haters is the ‘god’ in us. The unfortunate part is that we still are suprised that people would be so uncaring and dismissive of the lives of others.

    Most people sometime will step back from the rampant emotionalism spured on by our broken social conditioning just to check themselves. But the media and the power brokers believe whole heartedly in hating at any cost, that’s how genocidal acts such as legal and illegal lynching can continue.

  4. Hey, uninformed idiot, when did I say Taylor’s past contributed to his homicide? This is why I don’t respond to your constant e-mails and instant messages. You’re dishonest.


  5. Jason Whitlock….I don’t have the time to break down ALL of your pandering bs.

    I feel betrayed I actually thought you were going to be somewhat of a help after the Lupica exchange.

    I put you on a pedestal that disgusts me.

    I would have never asked you for that interview if I knew what the future held.

    Are you really calling me dishonest? What the hell are you doing to help?

    You shout the most stupid bs with no facts involved.

    What the hell is the Black KKK? Why the hell would you come out with your typical bs as Sean Taylor lay dying?

    You incite a racial dichotomy with such a ridiculous and money grubbing term.

    I’ve asked you to debate me numerous times on air, off air…anywhere.

    How the hell can you engage in critical discussion within the Black community when all you do is speak to White people?

    You do nothing for us. Shut the hell up until you come in our communities and create helpful discourse.

    You do nothing more than create a voice for white racists. How the hell can you sleep at night?

    Don’t come on here unless you are ready to help ALL of us deal with issues that plague us.

  6. When did I say Sean Taylor’s past contributed to his homicide? It’s a very simple question.

  7. This is what I said:

    Blacks are sick of this BS! Jason Whitlock does not speak for US. He speaks for himself. Blacks want solutions. There are all kinds of church services, tributes and megaphone led marches going on in ‘hoods across America that don’t get publicized. We do not want to hear blame hip hop, the ‘hood or nonsensical Michael Vick comparisons when a 24 year old father lay on his death bed and eventually passes. Really Jason, what does your empty rhetoric solve? How do we get pass this? If you or anyone else in the media doesn’t have anything constructive to offer, then shut the hell up until facts are presented. Let the people sort out information. Be responsible in your reporting instead of going after the money. Don’t most of you criticize athletes for the same damn thing? How are we as Americans going to get pass this cancerous and potentially harmful racial dichotomy if all this BS continues? The timing of Whitlock’s piece smacks of opportunistic this should get us some hits boss nonsense and devoid of reverence and sensitivity for Sean Taylor. The man saved his family and should be applauded for providing the ultimate sacrifice–his life. The masses will never be affected by Black tragedy and for whatever reason, this is who Whitlock loves to speak to.

  8. I think if anyone is going to use “Black KKK” it would better be served in bringing it up in a situation like this ( http://www.examiner.com/a-1089067~Students_beat_woman_on_city_bus__police_say.html ) , than say the All-Star game or Jena 6 incidents.

    When you throw something like that out there it needs to fit the event, if it doesn’t its pandering to the ignorant masses, and that isn’t right, its dishonest and fear mongering.

  9. You put yourself out there so don’t be shocked now you are getting called out!

  10. wow. Jason Whitlock got owned.

  11. Mizzo, was that really J. Whitlock?

  12. Sorry Okori,,,

    Dude’s been owned a long time now check his back, you’ll see the brand from the circle pig ranch.


    The Chickens are coming home to roost

  13. Yeah, I checked the email.

  14. Sankofa…

    I meant owned in the “His Argument got utterly and completely destroyed” sense.

  15. @sankofa

    Are you actually advocating the beating of an innocent woman by a bunch of thugs?

  16. See this is why this dude disgusts me. He comes on here asking dumb ass questions and then falls back.

    You know my number. You know my email address. If you want to debate this further hit me up.

  17. According to a New York Times report, there is evidence connecting two of the men charged in Sean Taylor’s death to the break in eight days before the homicide. This should dispel any rumors, Whitlock Black KKK nonsense, Wilbon non-surprise, Shapiro sensationalism, Cowherd mic spittle etc., of Taylor’s past being ridiculously the cause of his murder.

    the above is what you said.

    When did I say Taylor’s past was the cause of his murder? It’s a simple question.

  18. Mizzo,
    Why does Sh!tlock keep asking you where he referenced that Sean Taylor’s past contribute to his homicide? Does he not read his own ramblings?

    “No, we don’t know for certain the circumstances surrounding Taylor’s death. I could very well be proven wrong for engaging in this sort of aggressive speculation.”

    Well what aggressive speculation is he referring to?? Oh…now he’s gonna pretend that he only meant the statistical chance that the perpetrator was black? Nice try…but then why write this?

    “According to reports, Sean Taylor had difficulty breaking free from the unsavory characters he associated with during his youth.”

    yeah….”reports”….what freaking reports?? Oh…I guess “reports” kinda implies some credibility….couldn’t just say rumors, conjecture…or more accurately..shit you just made up.

    I think once again, we need to NOT jump to conclusions about the facts surrounding the case you linked. Here’s the version from the Baltimore Sun:

  19. What the hell? Are you paranoid? You should be.

    I called you out for your continued BLACK KKK references. That should be obvious reading what I wrote.

    I did also call you out for your insensitivity to Sean Taylor as he lay dying just to once again get all the attention on yo ass.

    You do this every time something happens. Where’s your piece slamming white dudes for shooting up malls?

    Listen Jason, I will give you props for what you do with the Boys and Girls Club, but that’s where my admiration for you ends.

    You have this template that needs to be burned and trashed and writers like myself and Dwil will call you out every single chance we get.

    Change your muffed up ways or deal with it!

  20. EDITOR’S NOTE: This column originally appeared Wednesday, two days before Friday’s arrests of four men in the shooting death of Sean Taylor.

    There’s a reason I call them the Black KKK. The pain, the fear and the destruction are all the same….

    Even his editors knew.

  21. When the traditional, white KKK lynched, terrorized and intimidated black folks at a slower rate than its modern-day dark-skinned replacement, at least we had the good sense to be outraged and in no mood to contemplate rationalizations or be fooled by distractions.
    You can’t be serious? People please tell me the key word in what Whitlock wrote above.

    Desi Cortez got you too. Any real brotha is going to come after your words with fury and black soul. You can help (?) absolve yourself by changing the tenor of your writing. Until then you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  22. I’m sorry I dont believe the kid’s parents miranda. There is no excuse for a 9 on 1 beating of a woman.

    Non-whatsoever, I hate to go this route, but if the races were reversed you would be all over this situation wondering why those kids aren’t in jail instead of being under house arrest.

    There is no justification, spitting or anything else for what they did to that woman, plus if the guy had a knife why aren’t any of those kids cut up, you think a man would let someone beat his woman up while he stood there with a knife after already issuing a threat to the kid? I think not.

  23. Our new millennium strategy is to pray the Black KKK goes away or ignores us. How’s that working?

    About as well as the attempt to shift attention away from this uniquely African-American crisis by focusing on an “injustice” the white media allegedly perpetrated against Sean Taylor.

    You know damn well what people are referring to. People are sick and tired of the same dumb trash spoken when BLACK people die.

    I can’t wait to read your white self hate piece on the Nebraska mall shooting.

  24. Davidmac has a point. 9 on 1 beat downs are real hard to excuse. I can think of a couple reasons… somebody does something foul to one of my kids or wife (like sexually) and yeah, 9 on 1 beat down sounds about right, but even then I’d want to handle that myself. Beyond that, you’re going to have a real tough time explaining a 9v1 beat down of woman to me.

  25. No disrespect to Taylor, but he controlled the way he would be remembered by the way he lived. His immature, undisciplined behavior with his employer, his run-ins with law enforcement, which included allegedly threatening a man with a loaded gun, and the fact a vehicle he owned was once sprayed with bullets are all pertinent details when you’ve been murdered.

    That’s mad disrespect to Taylor!

    NONE of this had anything to do with his death Jason Whitlock.

  26. Davidmac,
    I’m always impressed when I get the “but if the races were reversed you would be all over this situation……”

    I’m impressed because it implies you think I’m not aware of my bias and instant defense mechanism when it comes to black folks. You seem to think I should be inherently unbiased, possess some Solomon-esqe ability to be equally praising or venomous when it comes to black folks vs white folks. Let me clear that misconception up. I’m not, and I make no apologies for having that bias.

  27. but Miranda 9 on 1? I try my best to excuse black folks too, but that’s a leap of logic i’d like to see someone else make before I join in.

  28. It’s bad Jason when Jay Marriotti calls you out.

    He brings attention to the “Editors note” as well.


  29. Well then how can you hate white racist when you are no better? If you are going to hold on to your ignorant racist beliefs I expect that you will no longer complain when a white person says something racist?

    I guess I will never understand that kind of hate Miranda.

  30. Mizzo…you don’t even need to waste your time. Uncle Ruckus’s ego will not allow him to even attempt to understand what you’re saying to him. You asked him if he would write about the mall shooting….naw….don’t forget, Pimp C……….I can see Whitless now….”SCORE!!!!”….. beating up on hiphop is where the money’s at….why that type of piece could land him on countless conservative talk shows! Its too bad that Sean Taylor thing backfired……I hate to say it, but you know his only reaction to the authorities conclusion was “damn….no Hannity appearance now.”

    Just don’t even bother….let him go own beating us down…the only thing that will stop him is the inevitable angioplasty that awaits his clogged up heart.

  31. Duly noted 🙂

  32. Okori, GMP…I’m not excusing anything….I said I’m waiting…there’s a difference. Davidmac accurately assumes that if the situation were reversed, I wouldn’t be as patient…and he’s right. I have no problem admitting that.

  33. oh ok. once again i misinterpreted.

    But damn….. initially it doesn’t look good.

  34. TSF,

    Damn! I take a nap after working last night and all hell breaks lose. Jason, I too agree with Mizzo and the others. You say some of most house nigger dumb shit I’ve ever heard. Bottom line..Sean was a random victim. He was the first time they broke into his home and also when he was killed. Is is that much of a stretch to believe he was a target because he was rich? Dah! Home invasions are on the rise all over the country. So take your black kkk bs over to the Bill O’Reilly show where that type of rhetoric is welcome.

  35. Davidmac, what racist beliefs are you referring too?

  36. what do you think your bias to support people just because they are black against overwhelming evidence. I would say that is racism at the max and prejudice at the least.

  37. Miranda,

    I need my blood pressure meds. LOL! What is DavidMac talking about now?


    You put your thing down. Sent Whitlock running back to his cave. LOL!

  38. Malik Mohammed Says:

    Miranda — DavidMac is likely referring to the hypocritical anger you exude on issues of racism in America. The shameless hypocrisy means that you cannot be taken seriously, and it in fact undermines the quest for social justice of my brothers and sisters. It’s a dumb tactical move to openly express how proud you are of your selective righteousness and outright racism. It hurts our cause. The collective brothers and sisters would all be much better off without idiots like you sounding their horns and tooting off so ignorantly and unrighteously. There is still time for you to turn your life around and see the light, however.

  39. Davidmac, not sure where you’re going on Miranda, she’s consistently been one of the more moderate people on here.

    Also, as MODI pointed out in an article way back http://www.cosellout.com/?p=6 (I just read it today, I’m slow) he points out some myths on this black kkk of whitlock’s.

    I’m not going to paraphrase his article, the link is there.

  40. Davidmac,
    I’m looking back over my comments…..ummm…exactly where do I “support people just because they are black against overwhelming evidence”???

    Michelle…I have no idea what Davidmac is talking about at this point. I can only guess he’s reading words that aren’t there in my comments.

  41. Malik Mohammed Says:

    Give it up Miranda. Your racism is obvious. You excuse it, apparently, because you believe that white people deserve it. I don’t much like white people myself, but it’s certainly not for the idiotic reasons that you have. Racism from any perspective is outright wrong, and it’s most shameful that it’s so often excused on this blog. This is probably the main reason why there’s only about 6 or 7 people who post here regularly. You’ll never gather moss with such puerile, unrighteous attitudes. I may not like white people, socially speaking, but I do try to keep room in my heart to love them and everyone else. Peace, and may God be with y’all.

  42. @Miranda
    “I’m impressed because it implies you think I’m not aware of my bias and instant defense mechanism when it comes to black folks. ”

    Didn’t I just paraphrase this sentiment you expressed. I mean what you are saying is you have a prejudice in that you will always jump on the black side regardless of the situation.

    You proved in this thread that you would jump on the black side in the face of overwhelming evidence, the cops, bus drivers, and eyewitnesses who saw the 9 kids beat 1 white lady.

    I don’t see how you can say you fight for equal footing in the US for blacks yet openly be prejudice for blacks.

    If you aren’t at a Solomon-esque state of mind regarding situations and you know you aren’t instead of staying in your current prejudice mindset shouldn’t you be trying to move towards a more open mindset?

  43. DM

    “I don’t see how you can say you fight for equal footing in the US for blacks yet openly be prejudice for blacks.”

    I don’t know how you can’t see it. It’s as obvious as can be.

  44. People don’t even address MM.

  45. Thank you Kevdog….its right there….guess he missed it.

  46. Prejudice isn’t racism. Personally I’m prejudiced against old ladies, I hate old people driving in front of me, especially those cotton haired old ladies, but I don’t harbor any real ill-will towards them. My personal prejudice tells me that every time one of those old people gets in front of me, they’re going to drive slow and fill me with a peculiar rage.

    Now Miranda says she’s prejudiced or biased to a black point of view, does that mean she hates white people? I personally think this is a hard fight for her to win in this particular case, but I get where she is coming from as a prejudiced view point.

    I don’t know if that came out right, but I hardly think she’s worthy of demonization for admitting a personal flaw. Even if I think her faith might be misguided with the 9v1 beat down.

  47. Mizzo

    “Where’s your piece slamming white dudes for shooting up malls?”

    Shit Mizo. You and I BOTH know that house Nigga with a jones for white people smiling in his face will NEVER write THAt aricle. Good work calling him out on EVERYTHING.

  48. Look I’m not trying to demonzie Miranda, it was just shocking to me how you can casually jump to the side of the 9 in a 9 on 1 beat down or a female. Then say you do that because you always side with blacks, but also speak out when a white person might say something ignorantly or malicously. Thats all. Its a disconnect with me. I shouldn’t have said anything about hate though, thats my bad.

  49. Orgin

    I saw the media coverage of that white black muslim and felt the same thing.

  50. GMP…you got it with your analogy. There was never any advocacy of the behavior in that Baltimore story…..Davidmac just decided that there was because I didn’t go Whitlock.

  51. DavidMac,
    What exactly do you think the purpose of this site is? What exactly is it that you think Mizzo, or Dwil or Modi are doing??

  52. @Miranda
    I think they are reporting news and writing editorial news from their own perspectives.

  53. So you don’t see any particular, recurring theme in their opinion pieces??

  54. Kev Dog that needs to be said every time one of these clowns calls out the Black race like violence and death is Black folk exclusive.

    Why ANYONE would create a word association with Blacks and the KKK is sickening.

    This is our time to speak out people. Do your part.

    Words on TSF are cool, but it’s time to get out there and do some constructive damage.

  55. rockydyes Says:

    So mizzo, mr loudmouth big man, what exactly are YOU doing in doing your part, other than ranting out a call to arms on this blog? Put up or shut up man. We are all doing our best.

  56. Ask ANYONE who knows me what I do in my community.

    Damn right I’m calling us ALL to arms and I’ve been putting up since the age of majority.

    What you feeling a little defensive? No one else addressed that particular comment.

    Don’t come on here spitting what you don’t know.

  57. Is rockydyes whitlock or just someone else?

  58. I have no idea.

  59. rockydyes Says:

    mizzo — that’s what I thought, you’re all hot air. More rambles on your own webpage doesn’t constitute any genuine activism. All it means it that you blow more hot air than most. This isn’t taking it to the streets brother. Better clean your own house before insinuating we aren’t doing our part.

  60. Who is we? Go to ANY town I’ve lived in and see what I’ve done inside of the community and will do in my new home in Philly.

    Don’t get bounced like your people have.

  61. rockydyes Says:

    Okay mizzo, what exactly are you doing with your Whitlock outrage that goes beyond the internet “call of duty,” something that qualifies as “getting out there and doing constructive damage”? Well? Be specific. Don’t give me all this jive about asking people in all the cities you’ve lived in about you. Like anyone would care enough to do that. That kind of response is empty rhetoric and really makes it sound like you’re all bark and no bite. I just don’t think you should go thundering around here, calling people out, as if you’re doing something fantastic and beyond the usual, unless you actually ARE doing something beyond the usual. So let’s hear it..

  62. Listen people, I was typing that chicken come home to roost piece while dashing from one plantation to another. So let me set the record straight. Whenever there is a disapropriate beat down by Africans on Europeans every body get nervous and self righteous, yet when ever the opposite happens all kinds of rocks are turned over to try and justify the disproportionate beat down by Europeans against Africans.

    The chicken coming home to roost analogy has been so misunderstood since it was first uttered. What baba Malcolm meant was the violence that America Inc. perpetuates and export was coming back to them. You know the deal…what goes around, comes around.

    America Inc. is an inherently violent society, outside of a direct war zone. It’s crazy to believe that all this violence in a top shelf industrial society like this won’t feed on itself.

    Whether you like or don’t like a 9-1 beat down—and I don’t support that— it too is a reality of America Inc.’s cannibalism of itself.

    DavidMac, really what is the difference between Jason Whitlock’s KKK donkey like braying and you incessantly trying to find “black racism” in everybody’s closet?

    Based on my sometimes in cindery tone…most would believe I am a racist! But Miranda?

  63. rockydyes

    Mizzo can stand on his work. What do you have besides talk?

  64. Rockydyes,

    What’s your point?

  65. Sankofa

    “The chicken coming home to roost analogy has been so misunderstood since it was first uttered. What baba Malcolm meant was the violence that America Inc. perpetuates and export was coming back to them. You know the deal…what goes around, comes around.

    America Inc. is an inherently violent society”

    I’m sure Dm knows what the analogy means. I’m also sure he doesn’t care as long as he can make a baseless, intellectually dishonest attack.

  66. As always Sankofa and Kevdog set the record straight.

  67. rockydyes Says:

    Mizzo shouldn’t strike such accusing tones if all he pretty much does is fart around on his computer. While somewhat commendable, it’s hardly the kind of cred required to call people out so righteously and pompously.

  68. Look dude. I don’t know you. I’m not going to get specific with someone over the Internet unless I do know you.

    Say what you want to say, add something to the conversation or shut the hell up.

  69. Michelle


    Answering this troll isn’t worth your time. He’s probably one of Scrapplin’ lips’ lovers offended by your exposing him for what he is.

  70. Gotcha. Thanks my brotha.

  71. rockydyes Says:

    mizzo — you sound like one of those wimps in a street fight who keeps screaming “go ahead fool, you throw the first punch, you just go ahead and do it!”, all the while quaking in his booties that the other guy might actually do it. All bark, no bite. Like I figured.

  72. Wow….these foxsports interns sure have to do some ridiculous stuff for those 12 credit hours. Whitlock’s gonna be mad you’re being so obvious rockdyes.

  73. Miranda, Kevdog thanks.

    When you thbik you have snatched the enemies game, he changes it up on you. All you have to do is check the tone of these idiots and you’ll know the devil when you see him.

  74. Sankofa…yep…if I’m the resident black racist today….dear God…what are you?? LOL!!

    But seriously, apparently since my first comments regarding the bus beatdown story weren’t of the Black KKK fire and brimstone tone, that must mean my cause dujour of the moment is roving bands of black teens going around and beating up white gals…..yeah…I support this….isn’t it as plain as day in my comments?? I support that…think I’ll start a non-profit for it.

  75. Cevidence Says:

    Rockdyes —

    Damn man why all the hate lol. Mizzo is doing his thing. Getting interviews and responses from people within the media is HUGE in my book. And a step in the right direction in times where the media runs wild with accusations however doesn’t have to answer to anyone when they are wrong.

    What’s the real reason for your attack when it was clearly uncalled for?

  76. TheLastPoet Says:


    I’m disappointed in you. Miranda is about as guilty of racism as you are of sound judgment. Nuff said there.

    Per the 9 v. 1 beatdown: actually, it was 9 v. 2, and the boyfriend allegedly had a knife, so perhaps the greater numbers of Black youth were necessary to counterbalance the weapon. In other words, imagine a situation in which an unfamiliar antagonist spits on a female friend of yours, and then her boyfriend pulls a knife on the girl (or group of girls, as it were), what would YOU and YOUR friends do? Would you let the girls get spit on and stabbed because “it’s not right” to hit a white woman? Sounds like some ol Uncle Ruckus shid to me.

    Further, if it is true that the white couple initiated the confrontation with behaviors that could be interpreted as racist, then it is unfair to say that the assailants’ violence was unprovoked. To say so would imply, as you often do David, that Black youth are inherently and uncontrollably violent. I’m sure you would like to believe that, mostly because you’re blindfolded, brainwashed, inexperienced, and incredibly stupid, but it isn’t true.

    Anyway, notice the high number of “ifs,” “perhaps,” and “imagine” this or that throughout my commentary above? That’s because this matter isn’t even close to having been decided yet, the facts are not in, and you make the same mistake that Whitlock and the rest of the mainstream media did when they rushed to judgment on Sean Taylor’s murder.

    Our young people are facing a number of issues and concerns which require our urgent attention. But they are not the Black KKK. To say that they are, even to imply it however subtly, is to reach the absolute pinnacle of historical amnesia and contemporary social stupidity. I won’t be bothered to go into to details about this.

    But don’t test me.

    And finally, did Jason Whitlock actually visit this site? Just long enough to spout off the plurium interrogationum? Seriously, Jemele Hill is worth the dialogue, not Whitlock. Go ‘way Whitlock, we don’t be got no chicken or watermelon here…

  77. LastPoet came correct. Why would someone automatically give more credence to one account of the incident than the other. The white people said one thing sparked the fight, the black people said another thing did it. I figure it’s probably somewhere in the middle. Remember, the white and black folks in Jena had too totally different opinions about racim in their community despite living in the same place. One person’s account of something is only their account. The police used the white folks account because they had the more serious wounds and that’s typical police procedure.

  78. And finally, did Jason Whitlock actually visit this site? Just long enough to spout off the plurium interrogationum? Seriously, Jemele Hill is worth the dialogue, not Whitlock. Go ‘way Whitlock, we don’t be got no chicken or watermelon here…


  79. I can’t believe some people. I was playing poker the other night and STILL heard the ‘he must’ve done SOMETHING’ comments. It was amazing, though not too surprising I suppose.

  80. I find it so profoundly peculiar that a self-described Black writer, concerned principally with all that ails a segment of Black youth (as is suggested by J. Whitlock) would actually work for a non-Black, and anti-Black media enterprise like Fox.

    I am left to conclude that Mr. Whitlock lacks either the brains, balls or both to forge relationships with wealthy, established BLACKS to create a viable sports news and distribution network better suited for the wide dissemination of his message to Blacks.

    Simply put, I think he’s full of shit and prides himself on being contrarian in the hopes that it will garner riches and fame – all intended to soothe a deep and abiding pain inside. Indeed, as he analogized in his piece on Mr. Taylor, he is that fat man suffering from a heart attack – an attack of conscious-science – an attack of his AWAKE SPIRIT – and he is near death.

    He should follow his own prescription and lose weight. I might suggest first shedding the burden of pandering to “whites.” Bigger, brighter and tougher men than he have succumbed trying to play this pathetic game. They all shared in common a lust for the riches of this world and a profound unwillingness to work in and among their own people to build wealth, establish institutions and provide economic options for the next generation.

    Then again, he could always go back to his alma mater in Indiana and pick up his other testicle. It seems there is only one per slave for the alums of “Ball State.”

  81. t3….. DAMN!

  82. Wow! Some exciting chit today! But we end the day the way we started, polorized. Africa for the Africans, at home and abroad…. M.G.

  83. Who’s polarized? Jason Whitlock has no use for your program Imhotep – so what? Does it matter? Of course not. You have to impose your will and make it happen. Be clear that Garvey knew all about folks who operated like J.W. He also had specific recommendations for them – and specific criticisms of them. It’s the same as it ever was from what I can see….

    This isn’t about unity being the same as uniformity. It’s about SUFFICIENT UNITY, not TOTAL Unity. All you need is enough folks on the same page to catalyze your program – that’s it. You ain’t gittin’ airbody – so don’t expect it. Think catalyze, not polarize.

  84. Yo! JW who yo dady….T3!

  85. I’m just waiting for CNN to do a round table on how country music and rock’n roll music has affected white folks. I mean if you watch Nancy Grace for one week you will realize that white folks have lost their minds. No one seems to address that . We see child molesters, husbands who kill their wives and moms who kill their children, teachers having sex with students, but no one ever tries to figure out what’s going on with white people. Johnny Cash did sing “I killed a man just to watch him die” There are problems in the black community as well as the white community, but white folks do not seem to throw the most vulnerable of them under a bus. When I was a home health nurse I visited many trailer parks with “the gang banging dog” tied up to a tree, the hoopty car on blocks, guys standing in the street drinking and smoking. I now call the gang banging dogs (gang-banging trailer park dogs).

  86. Temple3, Not expecting airbadi, fact is there is some that will have to be eliminated enroute, and upon arrival. That said, unity is essential.

  87. Nicole,

    They already did all that. They’ve been blaming rock since like the 60’s, Elvis from the hips up, and all that other stuff. I’m not that old, but people have been blaming music for society’s ills for a while. Tipper Gore and the PMRC was big when I was a kid, all Heavy Metal was blamed as Satanic (my wife still says that shit, drives me nuts), Marilyn Manson being blamed for Columbine shootings, all that crap.

    People have been blaming music for years, rock, rap, whatever. Because people are too weak to take responsibilities for their own actions, they blame everything but themselves. That shit drives me nuts. Look at yourself, look at what you did, don’t give me this ‘grand theft auto made me shoot a person’ shit. If there is one thing that has pissed me off over the years it is the total lack of responsibility people want to take for their own actions. It happens at work when something goes wrong. It happens when someone commits a crime. If a person is so weak willed that a song or music dictates how they live, then they have mental issues.

    I bounced around on that one, but I hate the blame game. None of that shit ever made anyone do something wrong. Stupid, weak willed, irresponsible fucks are to blame, and if a person makes it to the age where they can take someones life or get a job, and they can’t separate reality from fantasy, then perhaps there’s medication out there for them.

    Sorry, I had to sit through assemblies in Jr High telling me that what I listened to was satanic. I had my mom take my tapes away from me cause some jackass that had no clue told her one my shit was satanic or violent. So they’ve been there a while, Nicole. You’re just seeing these same people finally realizing that rap isn’t a fad, and is affecting white people.

  88. The Last Poet,

    I take the said of the couple because the bus driver never mentioned a knife, the cops never mentioned a knife, witnesses never mentioned a knife, on the mother of a kid, the mother not being at the scene, said there was a knife.

    I am going by what is out there now, as for the 9vs.2 no, there was not a 9 on 2 beatdown it was a 9 on 1.

    See this is the problem I have with some of you, you are quick to always try to paint a black person out of a corner, regardless of the situation, when evidence is in plain sight. There is NO JUSTIFICATION for a 9 on 1 beatdown of a woman. PERIOD.

    Stop making excuses for those bad ass kids, its black society’s continuing to try to support criminals and bad parents, like the one trying to blame a 9 on 1 beatdown on the victim, that make blacks look terrible. Its no different than blacks marching and crying about those theives who got shot outside the house in Texas, or the blacks marching for those thugs who got shot in california and the surviving one getting charged with murder.

    Pick the right causes to stand for, why support thugs and the garbage part of our population.

  89. GMP,

    Those are interesting examples, but Manson and Elvis have not recieved the same intense scrutiny as some hip-hoppers. They mentioned that Manson music for awhile, but after the shootings continued they did not bring up the type of music that the person was listening to every single time there were subsequent shootings. They focused on gun control. Look at that boy who shot up the mall in Nebraska, they almost want to eulogize him in the same vein as the victims. It seems like every other month CNN is trying to figure out what is going on in the black community, but they never bring in cultural experts or community leaders to discuss what’s going on in white America. Where are the J. Whitlocks of white America??? I believe that people are responsible for their own behavior also, but hip-hop seems to be a convenient out. The media just irritates me. I would not be so annoyed by the media if they had some warm and fuzzy positive stories about blacks along with the negative stories.

  90. There were other examples in the early 80’s… the kids that blew their heads off (but one survived) after listening to a bunch of Judas Priest (and smoking a shitload of weed if I remember correctly). I’m just dragging examples off the top of my head that I remember from my childhood.

    I don’t want people dragging rock or country into it on why white america is jacked up, same as I don’t want rap being brought into it as the reason that black (and white) america has issues. They’re both copouts.

    I don’t go for this equal billing stuff. The media is barking up the wrong tree with rap, and they’d be just as wrong with any other form of music. Instead of looking for stuff to blame, maybe they should do stories on families and social fabric. I may have been pissed that my mom took my tapes, but at least she cared enough to try something (even if she was horribly misguided, you’d think for a hippie’sh child of the 60’s she’d know better).

    Two wrongs don’t make a right, as they say.

  91. David Mac

    How are you going to tell other black folks what they should get upset about? Who the fuck are you? YOu read reports from two separate news organizations and you decided that you wanted to go with the report that said the woman was attacked for no reason.

    There is noting in that story that references statements by the bus driver or witnesses. That story is written strictly from the police report.

    So, are you convinced that the police have the whole truth,? If so, explain why?

    The fact is, you picked a version to run with, climbed on your high horse and started spouting off. In the Cali case, you ignored the fact that it’s quite possible this man was selling weed from his house and this was a drug beef.

  92. Davidmac,
    “Pick the right causes to stand for”……………excuse you?? Who exactly sets the standard for the “right cause” ?? Goodness…that is a truly phucked up statement.

  93. GrandNubian Says:

    @ T3’s post on December 7, 2007 at 8:26 am

    Well said brother!

  94. @Allen
    I read a reporting that stated the bus drive saw a 9on1 beatdown. Only to mother said some crap about a knife.

    I read a update, again the students say nothing about a knife, they say she called them nigger and that she punched them. Which the police say is bull, because they can’t see that on the bus tape.


    The fact is this, anytime you look at something so one side as a 9 on 1 attack and say that the group of 9 might be the victim, your reasoning is shot.

    There is no way you can excuse their action at all and again if the guy had a knife why weren’t any of the 9 attackers cut. This was an out and out assault that had no justification and some of you are actually on here trying to justify siding with the group of 9 simply because they are black and that is downright pathetic.

    As for the Cali case, the man was licensed to have medicinal marijuna. Not to mention the attackers beat his 19 year old son so bad that he now can’t even feed himself. Its crap like defending those pieces of crap that make all blacks look bad. There is no reason for even defending those pieces of garbage except because they are black.


    Excuse me what? Excuse me while I tell the truth. Protesting for criminals is not a right cause. Right and Goodness is not subjective, it is absolute. Why is it the NAACP and other black marchers always pick a to march for criminals and thugs, instead of for real victims of racism.

  95. D@MN D@MN D@MN. I leave early from work one day to go to the doctor. And all he11 breaks loose on TSF. Man you’ll got to be kidding me. Fat boy unicron whitlock came on this site.

    Boy oh boy. Then his punk p@##y @ss comes on here and does a hit and run. What a coward. I might not care for Jemele Hill but atleast that sista got some heart. She didn’t come on here and run like a lil B%$@^!!

    But that whitlock ain’t only a self-hating tom, but he is a Fing coward plain and simple.

    Scared punk……………and he considers himself some type of new black leader. How are you gonna be a leader and a coward.

    Whitlock couldn’t lead a fish to water.

  96. Temple, Miranda, Sankofa, Mizzo, Nicole, allen and GMP you’ll laid some real talk down.

    Also good to see you back lastpoet.

    Whitlock is fox paying you in rib tips??????

  97. Well folks there you have it……DavidMac says “Right and Goodness is not subjective, it is absolute.”

    That’s a militia-type statement….scary as hell.

  98. There is nothing militia-esque about saying Right and Wrong are absolute.

  99. DavidMac…

    Whose right and whose wrong?

  100. whose right about what, who is wrong about what? I think you actually you are making a point, but all you are demonstrating is that you are simple-minded.

  101. Were you drunk when you wrote that last comment? You are usually way off base, but generally have proper sentence structure and capitalization. I really don’t know what the hell you’re saying.

    ‘whose right about what’
    ‘I think you actually you are making a point?’

    Man, you should post after you’ve been drinking. I know you’re smarter than that. You’re like a super smart college grad and all that jazz, I remember reading you say all that.

  102. *should not post after you’ve been drinking.

    I’ll take my own advice now.

  103. GMP….LMAO!
    I’m going out later….hopefully I don’t log in after I come back home….no telling what I might post.

  104. Sankofa….the answer is everybody else.

  105. Did this piece…did Davidmac just call me simple minded?

    Man, I have to really meditate on this. After reading your stuff on all the other threads, I realize that you are lonely. You use to be the little round headed kid that use to get your ass handed to you when you came around African folks.

    Did your parents put clips on your noes to straighten them? Told you to suck back your lips so they appear smaller? Why do you insist on insulting your betters? Aren’t you ashamed already for being a dyed in the wool Republican?

    It is said that insult is the first step to ignorance…and I have been guilty of some ignorant insult, but charlie brown….you real ignant!

  106. I don’t know. I think this site, and most of its readers are great. But I think one of the problems in the black community is a lack of understanding/tolerance/sympathy for those who have gotten lost in the sauce a little bit. The Black KKK theme is definitely wrong/off for a number of reasons. But who’s to say Whitlock doesn’t get his mind right soon, and by this time next year we’re just laughing about the little self-hate phase he went through. We all go through it at some point, it’s institutional. As others have pointed out, what hurts with Whitlock’s columns is that he appears to be ignoring his own sickness while diagnosing the ills of the young-black-hip-hop community. But if we string him up with such virulent hostility, allowing him no room to caveat his thoughts without feeling prostrate to critics, then it seems like we’re all guilty of the same crime. That being a lack of respect for the nuanced complexity that goes with being a black person in America trying to come up and do your thing.

    Baldwin said, “we can never underestimate the cost of a negro to rise out of obscurity … and the higher you rise, the higher the cost.” Of course we don’t want to throw accountability out the window. But I read the comments here and I wonder why would Whitlock want to respond. There’s a good chance, anything he says short of, “you guys are right, i hate myself/blacks” will only lead to more ostracizing etc. And that line, as a declarative statement, would be just as wrong as the black kkk line.

    An angry intelligent black person is often a beautiful thing. The emotional cauldron always bubbling in all our chests mixing with real insight that others have ignored can create statements, pieces, scenes more powerful than anything those more entitled and comfortable can put out there. But by the same token, respect that those words, those statements can sting more than normal. Maybe black-on-black crime isn’t limited to just guns and street-homicide. In can get gully in the intellect-osphere as well. Recognize the power this community can hold. You guys sometimes recklessly blast like Cyclops without his shades, destroying every semblance of anti-black sentiment in your field of vision.

    Racism is not an issue that can be reconciled only through logic formulas. That’s what all the it’s-all-good Af-Am studies majors miss. There are tears and irrational flaiings, and knowing winks and confusion and …. so much of it is a matter of the heart. Like love. Which is, of course, the only and ultimate reconciler of people.

    Whitlock has done a lot of good. He’s a writer who has been around the circuit and been through a lot of ish that many here could only speculate on. And he has maintained as a provocative voice that people continue to check for, agree or disagree. I don’t think we pay attention to real idiots, and so I think he deserves more respect for the work he’s done in his past, and the platform he built for himself without the help of any of you. It’s not a byline, it’s a person. And it’s a person with a family to support. Part of the mission here is to point out that athletes, especially black ones, are not characters for your thug-narrative. Part of the mission here is to fill in the blanks on these journalists. Whether you like the blanks or not. Why is Whitlock an exception?

    For Whitlock this is not neutral turf. What reason does he have to play ball in this hostile environment now? The saying goes you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. And if y’all are trying to lure as many flies as possible, then you should be using all tactics. But there ain’t no honey up in here. Strictly the most acidic vinegar you can find.

    If we accurately identify our problem with The Black KKK argument, then a crucifixion is not what is in order, but an intervention. This isn’t straight brazen and unabashed hate speech. It’s coded and complicated, and no one here has definitive answers … so back off a little. Let a negro breathe and process.

    I think that’s all I got for now ….. just sayin’

  107. AN check the Friday Fire thread.

  108. internet marketing…

    […]2 Charged In Sean Taylor Homicide Linked To Previous Break In « The Starting Five[…]…

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