Jack Lambert Was a Monster!

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A friend of mine for almost thirty years, Brian Atkins, sent me this video. I was a Steeler fan growing up and always knew Pittsburgh would be alright on D no matter who the Steelers played–well except for those damn San Diego Chargers.

Temple 3 can appreciate this video mos def.

Still to this day most real sports fans can name at least 6 players from the Steel Curtain Defense. O.J. gets slammed and dude from the Los Angeles Rams didn’t want any parts of the ball. He knew he was getting a speed smack!

Andrew Bynum Out 8 Weeks; Alonzo Mourning HAS NOT Confirmed His Retirement

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When you finally make up your mind, Be Peace Zo. Thanks for being a true warrior.

Andrew Bynum is out 8 weeks to heal from a left kneecap injury suffered last night. The injury does not require surgery. The full injury is a subfluxation of the kneecap and a bone bruise.

Meanwhile, Alonzo Mourning HAS NOT confirmed what most of us already knew. The Heat are calling this report a mistake.  “I’m retired. This is it for me,” Mourning said. “There’s a possibility that I can explore some coaching opportunities if at the particular time I’m in the right frame of mind.”

The 37 year old Mourning, who is a 15 year vet, tore the patella tendon and quadriceps tendon in his right knee December 19th going up for a block under the basket against the Hawks.

I’m working my contacts to find out what’s really going on.

Dennis Brutus Smacks Down Hall of Fame: By Dave Zirin

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Aggressive activist against Apartheid

On Dec. 5, amid lavish ceremony, famed anti-apartheid activist and 83-year-old poet Dennis Brutus publicly turned down induction to the South African Sports Hall of Fame. The 1,000 people in attendance at Johannesburg’s Emperor’s Palace were surprised-some even scandalized-but none was truly shocked. Sports Illustrated once called Brutus (who was prominent in the campaign to isolate apartheid-era South Africa from the world sporting community) as the “dark genius of dissent,” but Dennis Brutus is ominous only if you believe sports should be an unchallenged playground for racism and reaction.

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Message To Tony Dungy: It’s Alright To Walk Away

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Going out a winner regardless

There was widespread speculation last week that Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy was stepping down at the end of this season. With the Colts shocking Divisional Round loss yesterday to the San Diego Chargers, Dungy remains non-committal to his future in Indy.

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Terrell Owens: “It’s Really Unfair” Somewhere Donovan McNabb and Jeff Garcia Are Rejoicing (Or Not)

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There’s no doubt in my mind Sleepy Brown Terrell Owens is being sincere here defending “his quarterback” Tony Romo. That’s not the point. How will the media respond and why couldn’t he have done this for Donovan when he was flying with the Eagles (preferred of course) or blazing stars in San Francisco for Garcia?



Oh and another thing…

Replace Sleepy Brown here with Terrell.

Check the shade switch pimpin’.

How you doin’ Tammi Hotstep? Holla Black.

Divisional Playoff 1/13/08: Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants

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Best believe I’m coming for that ring

The Cowboys haven’t won a playoff game since 1996 because of plays like this:

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Divisional Playoff 1/13/08: Indianapolis Colts vs. San Diego Chargers

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Will Wayne, Harrison and company get separation from the talented Cromartie?

I’m late on this subbing for TBR. My bad. I have no excuses. Since the game just started, I’ll be brief.

There’s been mass speculation whether Tony Dungy will come back next season. Dungy is a family man first, but he has some work left to do. This is where the loss of Dwight Freeney becomes glaring. These playoffs also give Dungy and his staff a sense of urgency. We’ve heard nothing but the Pats, Pats, Tom Brady, Pats.

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Randy Moss: The Strength, Speed, Charisma and Fallacy of 81

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(Photo:Matt Slocum, AP)
All you haters….

Think to yourselves and make a list of the current ten best players in the National Football League. Rationally cast aside group thought and realize there is no criteria where a quarterback has to be number one. Is your opinion based on individual or team loyalty and therefore biased? Who is at the top? Tom Brady? Peyton Manning? Tony Romo? Brett Favre? LaDanian Tomlinson, Adrian Peterson?

Where does Randy Moss fall on your list?

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Divisional Playoffs: 1/12/08 New England Patriots vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

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New England Patriots vs. Jacksonville Jaguars 8:30 pm NBC

The New England Patriots’ true run at immortality begins tomorrow. Nevermind that Bill Belichick’s bunch went 16-0 in the regular season, if the Pats are not picking confetti off of their sweat-soaked faces on February 3rd it was all for naught. They will join the ranks of the 1991 UNLV Runnin’ Rebels, who steamrolled the NCAAs to a perfect regular season only to lose to Duke in the nightcap of the Final Four (And I haven’t gotten over it yet.).

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Divisional Playoffs: 1/12/2008 Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks

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Green Bay vs. Seattle 4:30 pm FOX

Ok, we’re going to shorten up the chalk talk this week and get right down to it.

This is when we find out if the bye week is a curse wrapped in a gift. And if momentum gained last weekend leads to burnout.

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TNT Notes Jan. 10th: The Detroit Pistons Defeat The San Antonio Spurs In Big Road Win

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It’s a Wu Friday at The Commission

Last night’s notes. Enjoy. Funny how Barkley’s Sheed comments fit in to our discussion.

Smith on the talent of the Detroit Pistons versus the Boston Celtics: “If you look at the ‘Big Three,'(Celtics Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen) no matter if they are better than anyone they face, they aren’t that much better than Rasheed (Wallace), Chauncey Billups and Rip Hamilton, and then you add in (Antonio) McDyess and Tayshaun Prince. (The Celtics) are not really more talented than Detroit.”

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Friday Fire 3: Should Alonzo Mourning and Warren Sapp Be Inducted Into Their Respective Hall of Fames?

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One more question raised by CinQue:

Warren Sapp called it a career after 12 seasons. He was a Defensive Player of the Year in 1999, a member of the 90’s All Decade Team and played in 7 Pro Bowls. Rushing the passer, he was tenacious and was in your ear hole telling you about it. Here he’s giving it to former Green Bay head coach Mike Sherman as a member of the Tampa Bay Bucs in 2002. Look at Sherman’s face.
Sherman wishing he didn’t say a word

After a stellar 16 year career Zo recently went down with a career threatening knee injury. He played in 7 All Star games, was a two time Defensive Player of the year, is an Olympic gold medalist and also the Miami Heat all time leading scorer. In his prime he was one of the fiercest competitors in sports. He and Patrick Ewing had some battles didn’t they? Crazy they both went to GTown.

Always a winner

Both of these outstanding athletes won a championship and are the classic representation of their respective universities–Miami and Georgetown.

Mentally and physically they also were two of the strongest their sports have every seen.

Do they both deserve induction to the Hall of Fame? If not, who has the stronger case?

Friday Fire 2 From Cevidence: It’s Life Or Death. Who Do You Pick?

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So you’re in a life a death situation that has to be decided by a one on one basketball game. Your worse enemy versus you. But instead of you two playing it out, you have to pick one current NBA player to take your spot. The coin flip is held and somehow your enemy gets the first pick. In turn, of course, he picks Kobe Bryant to represent him. Who do you pick as your player in hopes that you make it out of this game alive?

Friday Fire From Okori: Who Is the All-Time Oh My God, We’re Facing Him Player?

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Don’t be shook

Okori sent me this question a couple of days ago. They’ll be three this week as Cevidence has a nice topic and TSF writer CinQue will post one as well. On subsequent Fridays we’ll post one from a reader and one from the TSF writer collective.

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Throwback Thursday: Johnny Sample

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Johnny the Jet

TSF will document extraordinary moments and outstanding persons in history with Throwback Thursday. This Thursday TBR highlights Johnny Sample.

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Don’t Believe the Hype

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Tiger Woods
The second time Tiger has been spoken about along racial lines 

“Some are fortunate, some are less fortunate…some get it, some get acquitted.” – RAM Squad, North Philly circa ’95. I’m really disappointed with the media, but don’t pity me, that’s why I went to Temple University and majored in Broadcast Television and Mass Media. At an early age, I realized that things were different in how so called minorities are portrayed on TV. Since that was the case, I wanted to make a difference, and with Spike Lee, and Robert Moore (Ahmad Rashad) as the people I looked up to, I went full force into journalism and here we are today in 2008.

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Interview With Former ESPN News Anchor And Current 6-ABC Philly Sports Anchor Keith Russell

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Covering Sixers games you come across all kinds of Philly luminaries inside and out of sports. Sitting in press row, you might see legendary journalists like David Aldridge or Phil Jasner doing their thing any given night. Since I live in the Philly area, I get a chance to see their local news stations and there’s nothing like Action News. I grew up watching professionals like Vernon Odom, Jim O’Brien (Sportscaster turned comedic weatherman who tragically died in a parachuting accident helping someone parachute to safety) and the beautiful Lisa Thomas-Laury. So one day to my surprise, I saw Keith Russell anchoring sports on 6-ABC. I was shocked being that he was one of my favorite ESPN News anchors because of his quick wit, chemistry with other anchors and funny as hell facial expressions. My sister, Gina, does the best Keith Russell impression…Has me rollin’ just thinking about it. Simply put, Keith is a natural and one of the best. I wanted to do something different (type of journalist) and get the perspective of a sports anchor to give everyone an idea of what it takes to be one of the elite. Keith’s dedication to Philly sports as well as his craft goes unparalleled. Enjoy, but more importantly pass this interview to a talented youngster who has a dream of doing what Keith does so well.

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Ryan Mallet Leaves Michigan. Opens the Door For National#1 Recruit Terrelle Pryor

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Gonna miss you Ryan. Good luck!

Rich Rodriguez’s tenor at Michigan is starting off with a bang. Strong armed and very talented, but immoble freshman QB Ryan Mallett has left the school and is most likely to land at Tennessee.

Meanwhile the nation’s top recruit Terrell Pryor, a six foot six athletically gifted phenom from Jeanette, PA has added Michigan to the mix after having a conversation with Rodriguez. He’s been compared to Vince Young and is also the nation’s number three ranked small forward in basketball.

If this happens? Oh my goodness….

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We Talkin’ Bout Practice! Allen Iverson’s Classic Rant And Boondocks Clips

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From SLAM:

Another former Philadelphia star went off on their former team the other night. Allen Iverson sored 38, on 14-25 shooting, to pace Denver’s 104-96 win….

Man, scratch that! I just wanted an excuse to post this:

Damn I miss my dude here. I’m still in shock. Can’t wait for March 19th.


Does this make sense or what?

Trying to get the creator on the site. Wish me luck.

Butts On Parade: Clemens Meets Wallace By Dave Zirin

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What the hell was I thinkin’?

As the scrutiny of Rocket’s press conference begins tonight in earnest, DZ hits us off yet again with his words of reason.



“The higher you get up on the flagpole, the more your butt shows.” Roger Clemens on 60 Minutes 1/6/07

And not since J-Lo’s heyday – or maybe Brad Pitt’s rear appearance in Thelma and Louise – has a butt been so utterly over-analyzed.

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From Dr. J To Kobe Bryant: The Evolution Of The Slasher Past And Present

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The entire piece posted below or you can check it on SLAM. doc-kobe.jpg
The mirror of basketball evolution past, present and future

I wanted to somehow chronicle the evolution and origin of the slasher. The slasher has become the most feared offensive force in basketball. The entity alone changed the game and also its unique characteristics by implementing a mid-range jumper, shelving the jumper and banging it on anyone and everyone because of the entertainment value of the ABA, picked it up again to keep defenses honest and now uses the jumper to become deadly and almost unstoppable. The latter is still a work in progress.

One December night in Philly, Kobe is playing the Sixers–who just so happen to be honoring Julius Erving.

Perfect…a dream realized….

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Bobby Knight Needs An Intervention…Like 20 Years Ago.

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By now, most have heard of Bobby Knight including his grandson in the press conference after TT’s win against UTEP. Most of it is innocent, but there is some language that inexplicably has been cut by ESPN–even with the beep.

What’s up with that?

Substitute John Chaney here and what’s the result tomorrow morning?

Can’t wait to hear the apologists explain this one.

Yo, the cat Randy Culpepper can get up! He’s only 6 foot. Goodness.

Wild Card Weekend 1/06/08: San Diego Chargers vs. Tennessee Titans

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Not this time

Game 2: San Diego Chargers vs. Tennessee Titans 4:30 pm CBS

Bad blood from the regular season that carries over into the playoffs always makes for good theater. Today, the Tennessee Titans and the San Diego Chargers begin a new chapter in their saga.

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Wild Card Weekend 1/6/08: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New York Giants

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Defense still formidable after all these years

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New York Giants 1pm FOX

This is a game where something has to give. The G-Men have won 7 straight games on the road, averaging 24 points a game. Despite their sometimes questionable play at quarterback the Giants defense is ranked #6 overall. Buc Ball is alive and well in Tampa Bay, Jon Gruden’s gang has the NFL’s #2 ranked defense. The Bucs pressure will give Eli Manning fits if the backs cannot pick up the blitzes. Quarterback Jeff Garcia will look to go deep to Joey Galloway against a banged up and overall slow Giants secondary.

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Wild Card Weekend 1/5/08: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

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Signature game early in Tomlin’s career

Game 2: Pittsburgh vs. Jacksonville. 8pm

Three weeks ago the Jacksonville Jaguars shredded the Pittsburgh Steelers Steel Curtain behind the running of Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew as the Jags shocked the Steelers 29-22 in the muck of Heinz Field. Today, not only does rookie coach Mike Tomlin go for his first playoff win as a head coach – he is also looking for revenge.

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Wild Card Weekend 1/5/08: Washington Redskins vs. Seattle Seahawks

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Game 1: Washington at Seattle. Saturday 4:15 pm

The 1990 Loyola Marymount Lions and the 1992 Philadelphia Eagles – Two teams that had to deal with the death of a teammate prior to or during the season. The 2007 Washington Redskins are still coming to grips with the unspeakable tragedy of losing their All-Pro Safety Sean Taylor when he was murdered in his home in late November. The Redskins have won four straight to get into the playoffs, today they can begin a magical run to history and one step closer to healing.

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So Andy, You Wanna (Re)Load A Winner?

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For the second time in three years the Philadelphia Eagles season has ended sooner than I would have liked. As is custom – I’ll offer my solution to bring Andy Reid’s ball club back to the NFL elite.

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TNT Notes Jan. 3: The Portland Trailblazers Are For Real

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The Portland/Chicago game was great. Portland is the truth. What was Ben Gordon thinking on that last turnover before Jack’s 3 point play? As far as Seattle, they have to somehow get consistency or they’ll be in a position to draft Michael Beasley. That might be a good thing for Oklahoma City 😉

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Friday Fire 2: What Does Barack Obama’s Win In Iowa Mean?

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 *If any of you have a Friday Fire topic you want discussed, hit one of us up via email.

As Obama wins in Iowa amid a huge democratic voter turnout (approx. 230,000 which doubled republican voters) you will hear how much of a historical win this is for Blacks.

When considering the initial groundswell of reports worldwide, is this the case?

Does it matter?

Watch closely how the race is reported from here on in. This could get interesting, but don’t bet the house on Obama even when considering Kerry (Edwards second) won Iowa in ’04.

*Relevance elicited amending the original question, but do comment on that topic.

Friday Fire: Can Kobe Bryant And The Los Angeles Lakers Win The NBA Championship?

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Run by the Commission for Old School Friday.
Fallin’ from the roof. Thanks Coach Lynam 😉

It’s simple. Can the Lakers do this? If not, what’s holding them back?