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Dr. Harry Edwards: Still a Rebel With a Cause

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When Harry Edwards organized the Olympic Project for Human Rights in the fall of 1967 – I don’t think he realized the long term effect it would have on American sports and society.

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Men Of Honor

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Why isn’t Eddie Robinson mentioned among the best of all time in MSM ?

I’ve been laboring for weeks on how to acknowledge the 60th anniversary of the color barrier being broken in professional football. I could go on for days about Jim Brown, Deacon Jones, and Deion Sanders. And while they deserve credit for bringing pro football to the forefront and “Prime Time” of American sports, there were those that came before the signing bonuses and sneaker deals whose only luxury came from playing the game that they loved in exchange for minimal pay and sometimes hostile treatment. The Civil Rights Movement only reached its peak in the 1960’s; it was fought in locker rooms of professional teams as with as much intensity as any diner sit-in.

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TNT Telecast Notes From November 1

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Notes from last night. Enjoy.

Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson

Barkley on the trades of the Miami Heat: “As long as (the Heat) have Shaq (O’Neal) and Dwyane Wade, they’re going to be the same team. They realized they have to get more athletic because Chicago would run them up and down the floor, I like the changes they’ve made.”

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The Goodbyes

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As we head back to our respective sites, I just want to say that I have learned  tremendously from you all over the past few months. Things I thought I understood in an intellectual sense – particularly the way race shapes our respective perspectives on reality – I now understand in a more visceral way. And, however much my view of reality is, of course, shaped by my background and all that, my experience writing here and
being in conversation with you all has changed, humbled and deepened the way I see the issues we’ve been writing about since April.

So, thanks for that and for your collective intelligence and interest. I’ll be taking a break until the end of the year to finish a book manuscript (I’m on deadline), but plan to re-start Sports Media Review come January.

-J. Weiler

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SLAM Magazine Editor-In-Chief Ben Osborne

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bosbornejpg.jpgIn the six months as SLAM magazine’s EIC, Ben Osborne has stressed the logical importance of broadening the mag’s readership while keeping its initial Hip Hop empowering fanbase intact. Ben has a vested interest in SLAM’s success not only because of the many years gaining experience and wisdom shooting through its ranks, but also because he wants to make sure SLAM remains the go to magazine for everything relative to the sport of baskeball. He’s a fan who truly cares about how his readers view his staff’s depiction of the sport and is determined to make a difference both here and abroad by implementing innovative nuances and mature features that will keep the sport’s most popular magazine fresh and relevant. I personally hope to positively impact SLAM’s future with upcoming features that will remain close to Ben’s personal responsibilty to continue the success of SLAM.

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Their Kind of Town?

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“I’m so outta here. They forget my contract is up soon too…This wasn’t bad for a while, I didn’t have to do much, I made twice the money I would’ve if I’d taken that front office gig and this might give me a legitamate excuse to retire before they try and expose me for not developing talent. Again. These kids don’t listen anyway, which is exactly why I wanted veterans. They’re hungry, they just need direction, not a damn babysitter. I tried to give Kwame ‘The Joy of Cooking’, something, anything to get the boy to use his damn hands and what

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Remember When?

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tillery4.jpgRemember when sports media actually did their jobs and covered games instead of the irrelevant soap opera? Remember when you would sneak a peak at the ‘ship but it was way past your bed time? Remember hearing your Dad fight Pop like hard in trying to convince your Mom to let you stay up ’til the wee hours of the night? “Let the boy watch the game! He’ll be alright in the morning. He might learn something. It’s the championship game baby, let the kid be a kid!”, you heard your Dad exclaim. Remember when you could tell if your team won or lost by your Dad’s reaction even though you were falling fast asleep but you smiled because he stuck up for you? Remember when you and your Dad or some other family member actually had a catch instead of hitting the sticks and playing your favorite video game alone?

Remember when…..?

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