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Throwback Thursday: Johnny Sample

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Johnny the Jet

TSF will document extraordinary moments and outstanding persons in history with Throwback Thursday. This Thursday TBR highlights Johnny Sample.

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Friday Fire: Can Kobe Bryant And The Los Angeles Lakers Win The NBA Championship?

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Run by the Commission for Old School Friday.
Fallin’ from the roof. Thanks Coach Lynam 😉

It’s simple. Can the Lakers do this? If not, what’s holding them back?

Happy New Year 2008!!

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Happy New Year! For those brave enough to venture out into the skreets, hope you found your way home safe and sound.

Thank you for putting TSF on the map in 2007. Let’s go all the way live in 2008 in everything we do in every single moment of every single day!

Lets Get It!

Thank again!

The Starting Five

Friday Fire: How Do You Want Your Sports Reporting? Mistaken or Blurrrrred?

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The future of sports reporting?

More and more athletes are using their individual voices to connect with fans. The negative effect of money only cultured reporting has created an athlete backlash. Seemingly, pros are growing weary of journalists having control over their athletic legacies and are doing something about it. Gilbert Arenas has one of the best blogs around because of his cool wit and unapologetic sense of straight up realness. His words will not be spoken or written out of context because he alone–at least through his blog–controls what we will and will not know.

I love it.

What’s next? Is it time to “blow up the spot”?

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Interview With Sacramento Kings Forward Ron Artest: “I Keep It 100%”

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There is no denying Ron’s positive effect on Queensbridge

This interview was conducted this summer in Long Island as Ron was getting ready for the season–just days after the referee gambling scandal hit the press.

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Friday Fire 2: The Mitchell Report: What Does It All Mean?

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Roid Rage or frustrated concern?


Here’s a list of names:

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The Mitchell Report: Absolving the Owners By Dave Zirin

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(Illustrations by Steve Brodner)

DZ is quick with his ish….
Thanks DZ.

Ever had someone spit in your face and tell you it’s raining? That’show it felt watching former Sen. George Mitchell’s press conference onsteroid use in Major League Baseball. The former Senate MajorityLeader unleashed his “investigative findings” speaking with the somber, deliberate tones of an exhausted undertaker. Mitchell strained to convey scorn upon both baseball owners and the union for being “slow to act.” Yet beneath the surface, his report is ugly sanctimonious fraud, meant to absolve those at the top and pin blame on a motley crew of retired players, trainers, and clubhouse attendants. This is truly the old saw of the magical fishing net that captures minnows but lets the whales swim free.

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