TheStartingFive Launched Feb.1: Come On Over

Be Peace

It’s time to do some renovations.

They’ll also be subtle changes to the new site as we settle. Any questions, complaints or concerns, hit me up by email.

Our previous posts will be archived here if anyone wants to check ’em out, but there won’t be any new posts. We are also working on a redirect regarding the url you are used to using to make the transition seamless.

The site now offers our readers an opportunity to be more interactive. There’s no charge–we ain’t all that–but you do have to sign up at the top left of the page.

The instructions are pretty much self explanatory. After you sign up, you’ll see TSF has been introduced to a new Internet space. You can create your own profiles and post our pieces to any other social networking sites such as Myspace, Facebook or any of the other popular alternatives.

They’ll be a podcast tool implemented very soon to give a more well rounded feel to our interviews.

We are also working on some other very exciting things. Stay tuned.

Thank you all for your contributions and incredible insight over the past year. As we enter a new stage of development, we hope you all continue to visualize our goal of providing a formidable alternative to the present media construct.

Things are about to change….

3 Responses to “TheStartingFive Launched Feb.1: Come On Over”

  1. Holden Caulfield Says:

    Wow a lot of people comment on your blog? Do you get paid for writing this blog?

  2. good luck with the renovations, hope everything goes smoothly

  3. congrats on the new startup!

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