Ron Artest Bangin’ In Salt Lake: “No Layups!”

Hat Tip to Hardwood Paroxysm

This is what every team needs–a cat that won’t take any smack down low.

Ron Artest is my dude. Utah past, present and future is the wrong place for Ron Ron to bang like we do summer time in the hood talking trash on every possession–mouth all dry. They just ain’t havin’ it. Even Bennett Salvatore knew the whole scene was foul. His crew had no control.

Sixers trade for him pleaaaaaaaase. Ron would give me the best quotes.

Remember when Chuck used to do this?

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  1. I loved Ron in this video. I don’t understand why people are calling him crazy for this. Looks like Ron just went into hyper-competitive overdrive. Don’t we want our players to be competitive? Us fans have to figure out what we want. Sure, Garnett, Artest, even Philip Rivers are mouthy and a little crazy–but if they’re not seriously injuring people, and they’ll go quietly if they get ejected for it, so what? It’s fun to watch!

  2. That’s old school balling. No complaints, no whinning, don’t fucking come into the lane with no weak shit!

    And if you do me some lame shit, best watch your back! Stern wants the Negro Ball-bustin Association to be tipid and emotional less like…checkers!

  3. …. or like the NFL.

  4. Leave Ron alone please.

  5. McBias,

    You’re right. Media bitches about Rivers, but is he really harming anyone? He doesn’t curse, which is amusing if you read his lips, but he is making it interesting for the crowd. Gives them something to focus on.

    Artest being Artest, gives the crowd a bad guy. Look how well that works for wrestling, to have a ‘villain’. This is a mid season game, fairly meaningless, but the crowd got worked and had a good time. Hell, he might bring in more fans for other fairly meaningless road games. The fans get a good ‘villain’ to boo and he worked them perfectly.

    Sports are a show, entertainment. As long as the athletes don’t curse, fight or inappropriately gesture the crowd, then let them do it. Makes the experience better.

  6. It’s a wrap. The Knicks must trade for Artest. I would do anything right now to have any one on the Knicks to have a “no layups” attitude…

    …been a long time since Ewing, Oakley, and Mase

  7. I mean at some point the coach has to call him over and say, “Look, love the enthusiasm, keep it up, but don’t get thrown out, we need you buddy”.

  8. In the past Barkley has spoke about some of the most vile things Jazz fans say to visiting players. Ron Ron is not built to deal with over the top bs. Trust the could care less if he wore a Kings jersey or a janitor working in Jersey, he’s only going to put up with so much from Utah fans.

  9. The Jazz announcers were so funny. Those home team announcers are the absolute worst.

  10. I grew up watching the Lakers on KTLA, I always liked Chick Hearn. He’s the only hometown announcer I’ve ever cared for though, might be that I was a Laker fan, or maybe he was just good.

  11. Ron Artest in this video is a “good crazy”. Now if one of those mormoms threw a beer at him, then he’d be “bad crazy”. Even though his retaliation is warranted..

  12. Damn god love Ron Ron. If all players played with his passion, damn, the league would be like 100 x better. And yeah, as another poster said, I shudder to think at what those Mormons were yelling at Ron. I’m glad he didn’t lose it. “No layups. NO LAYUPS.” Matt Harpring was a bad match for him because Harpring isn’t above a subtle (or not so subtle) stiff arm. Seriously though, that’s what was so great about the Chuckster. There was Chuck, 6’4.5″ in his bare feet and he would throw down with anyone. Wouldn’t play much D but….ehh…..anyway, good to see Ron Ron havin’ a good time.

  13. I wonder did those fine Jazz fans call Artest out his name like they did to the warrior players in last years playoffs??

  14. hey, you met me and my brothers yesterday at the salvation army

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