Chris Webber and Don Nelson Reunion? Tiger Dominates Buick; Roger Clemens Goes Damage Control; LeBron James Sends Kobe and the Lakers On A Slide

Calm yourself Michelle. Be EZ.

Coming out of Michigan in ’93 it seemed Chris was headed for the same success he’d had in college. The second sophomore drafted first overall (Magic), was in a position early to contend for a championship with the passionate Warriors. Remember how Spreewell was dunking on everyone?

GS was amassing multiple 50 win seasons with the likes of Spreewell, Chris Mullin, multi-talented Billy Owens and current Mavs coach Avery Johnson. They were a dynamic bunch who stuffed the stat sheet with all around contributions from almost the entire roster. Webber put up 17 and 9 on his way to winning Rookie of the Year, but he often clashed with Nelson over defining his game. Nelson wanted Chris banging in the post and Chris wanted to show his versatility similar to Magic Johnson and fellow Detroit native Derrick Coleman.

In hindsight, both blew it. Though the Warriors were 50-32, Chris exercised an option and was traded to the Washington Bullets for Tom Gugliotta and three first round picks. Both men have had success in the lig, but not what each has hoped for.

Remember this?

The 1993 NBA MVP, Barkley got him back in the playoffs putting up 58 in the first game of a three game sweep.

Looks like Webb and his first NBA coach might be willing to give it another shot–as early as Tuesday. Chris has a crib out there and is also cool with Baron Davis and Matt Barnes.

Coach Don Nelson – in one of his half-combative, half-pleading tones – finally made it clear Sunday why he is chasing after Chris Webber so hard.

“Have you seen my roster?” Nelson said after the pregame shootaround. “I think you need to look deep at that roster and look at our schedule and when we start playing the West. Are we going to be strong enough? You don’t think that’s a concern to everybody?”

Nelson essentially put out the welcome mat for Webber, stressing his need for another big man while critiquing his players’ shortfalls.

“It would be a talented big person – a guy who has some skill that we don’t have,” Nelson said of Webber. “I see a big person. A need. And I see passing skills. I’ve got one passer only on the team (Baron Davis), and he can’t get all the assists. And the size factor, the fact that Al (Harrington) is not a good rebounder. …

“I think we need to look at a player, or anybody, who can play in an NBA game (who) has some size and can make me one player deeper. With (Austin Croshere) in and out, (Mickael Pietrus) not (playing well), it’s basically a seven-man team. And two of them are D-League players.”

This most likely is the last hurrah for both. The only other active players from the 93 draft are Lindsey Hunter and Sam Cassell. Golden State is looking to get back the gold dust that allowed them to upset #1 seed Dallas in the first round of last year’s playoffs. Chris has always been one of the best passing big men in the game (22 triple doubles). Maybe he can help free up a very talented roster for open looks and therefore get this team get over the hump and do some real damage in June.

Good luck Webb.


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With all the controversy swirling around Tiger Woods the last couple of weeks he still was able to run through Torrey Pines like Fuzzy Zoeller chasing him with a bucket of Kelly Tilghman’s fried chicken. Since 1991, he’s won an astounding 14 times on San Diego area courses, and defeated the field at the Buick for the fourth consecutive year. With yesterday’s masterful performance, Tiger has tied the legendary Arnold Palmer for fourth in all time wins. I’ll have a pretty extensive piece posted tomorrow asking five questions of journalists, athletes, bloggers as well as The Starting Five collective. Tiger’s response to Kelly Tilghman’s lynch remark and subsequent Golfweek cover definitely are addressed.

Thank you to everyone who contributed in advance.



I have to admit I haven’t read it all, but Roger Clemens and his lawyers are attempting to provide evidence Rocket’s career ebbs and flows were a product of a commitment to weight training–amplified by shoulder surgery in 1985–natural ability and the every day rigors of being a pitcher in MLB.


“Clemens’ longevity was due to his ability to adjust his style of pitching as he got older, incorporating his very effective split-finger fastball to offset the decrease in the speed of his regular fastball caused by aging,” said the report, created by Randy Hendricks and two associates at his firm.

Clemens’ former trainer, Brian McNamee, claimed in last month’s Mitchell Report on drugs in baseball that he injected the pitcher with steroids and human growth hormone at least 16 times in 1998, 2000 and 2001. Clemens vehemently denies the allegations, and Clemens and McNamee are among five witnesses scheduled to testify before a House committee on Feb. 13. Clemens also has sued McNamee for defamation.

Hendricks’ report, which includes 38 charts, in some ways resembles a salary arbitration case. One of the charts shows Clemens’ ERA was lower than the league average in all but two of his 23 major league seasons. The report also compares variations in Clemens’ career with those of Randy Johnson, Curt Schilling and Nolan Ryan, and maintains slumps often can be correlated with injuries.

“Of the six years that feature Clemens’ best ERA margins, two occurred in Boston, after he had been in the major leagues for several years; two occurred in his two years in Toronto; and two occurred after he switched leagues and pitched for the Houston Astros,” the report said.

Clemens went 40-39 in his last four seasons with the Red Sox, and when the pitcher left Boston’s general manager at the time, Dan Duquette, said Clemens was in the “twilight” of his career. Clemens was 192-111 with the Red Sox and won three Cy Young Awards and an MVP, then went 162-73 with Toronto, the New York Yankees and Houston, winning four Cy Youngs.

“Clemens was far from being in the ‘twilight of his career’ or ‘washed up’ in 1996, as some have speculated,” the report said. “During the 1996 season Clemens ranked first in strikeouts in the American League and tied his own record by striking out 20 batters in Detroit on Sept. 18, 1996. In addition, he ranked sixth in the AL in ERA, second in the AL in hits per nine innings, and fifth in innings pitched. This performance cannot be reasonably categorized as a ‘twilight.”

Man, I could care less. I just want all of this to go away. The actual games matter to me most. All this drama is killing a love for the sport I’ve adored since Reggie Jackson signed with the Yankees.


(AP Photo: Ric Francis)

Big Z didn’t know what to do with sickness like this did he?

NBA leading scorer LeBron James is becoming deftly unstoppable. The difference between he and Kobe is Bron Bron’s ability to bully himself into the lane–after grabbing a rebound on the other end–and scoring while getting to the line in the process. I truly think the cat could average 30 and 15 as a power forward.

In yesterday’s match up with Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, James scored 41 to lead the Cavs to a 98-95 win in Los Angeles. At times he overshadowed Kobe in his own house. The Lakers have lost three straight and have cause for concern considering how injuries are beginning to take their toll. Kobe scored 33 had 12 rebounds and 6 dimes. After LeBron hit two free throws to go up three, the Lakers inexplicably did not get off a potential game tying shot:

“We ran our last-second play, I was hoping to get the shot off,” said Walton, who shot 4-for-8 for nine points and also had five rebounds, five assists and four steals. “I kind of fumbled the ball a little bit, wasn’t aware the clock was as low as it was, and as soon as I passed it back to Kobe, I realized that that was a mistake, and unfortunately it cost us big.”

Kobe’s response:

“It was designed for me to come up from the top of the floor and get a good look at a 3,” Bryant said regarding the last play. “We had to run a dribble weave in that situation and they both came with me, so I kicked it out. I don’t know if he had a clear look at the basket. I think they rotated to him pretty quickly. There’s always other options.”

Although Kobe can shoulder the offensive load for multiple game stretches, this team is missing Andrew Bynum’s big time presence on both ends of the floor. Kobe led the team in almost every offensive category Sunday and it’ll be interesting if the Lakers will have the guts and pull the trigger to bring a big man in until Bynum returns. January is a lost month in the NBA similar to the dog days of summer in MLB. Players are tired and limp into the All Star break, so don’t make too much of team slides.

On the other end, LeBron and the Cavs look to make a decent run to reclaim last year’s playoff luster. James is hovering around 30 points a game, almost eight rebounds and 8 assists–seventh in the league.

Dude will average a triple double for a season in the next year or so. Don’t sleep.

81 Responses to “Chris Webber and Don Nelson Reunion? Tiger Dominates Buick; Roger Clemens Goes Damage Control; LeBron James Sends Kobe and the Lakers On A Slide”

  1. Say it isn’t so. C-Webb back with GS? WTF! I guess his love of the game trumps everything. I wish him well. He’s my boy you all know that.

  2. Oh and I still have my old GS jersey. I guess I’ll have to pull it out of the drawer and wear it as a scarf. LOL!

  3. Tiger…WHO CARES! So what he can hit a golf ball in a hole. In the game of life he SUCKS!

  4. I heard about the Clemens thing on Mike & Mike this morning while getting ready to go to work. I found it interesting that now Mike Golic is changing his mind about Clemens. He was talking about maybe Clemens is innocent. He’s doing all the things you’d think an innocent person would do to defend themself. When Barry Bonds defends himself, it seems it’s just a guilty man trying to sway public opinion.

  5. Kos,

    I second that.

  6. thebrotherreport Says:

    Forgive me but those cats in GS run too much for C-Webb. And if those knees aren’t together it’s all for nothing anyway. As much as I like fam, I don’t think he’s got anything left. If he proves me wrong that’s great but I don’t think the desire is there anymore.

  7. Mike Golic is a joke anyway. He was a terrible football player that got in on his family name. He was ridiculous. Who is he to judge athletes that unlike himself deserve to play on pro teams?

  8. Michelle,
    Playing with Baron Davis should make Chris Webber effective even though he doesn’t have the same explosiveness that he had when he was younger. I think mainyly, Nelson wants Webber to try to match up better with a Phoenix, New Orleans, or a Bynum-less Lakers. I had heard there was a possibility that the Lakers might try to sign Webber as a measure to keep them going while Andrew Bynum was out. I haven’t heard anything else about that lately.

  9. TBR,

    He has the desire. The question is that bad knee. He also needs a coach that will use him the right way. Unlike when he was in Philly. That was terrible coaching.

  10. kos,

    I agree with you. He is a very skilled played that has lost his agility and power. Having said that, he has skills that most big men don’t have when they are 100% healthy. I think he can still help a team playing about 20 min. a game. I’ve always liked Baron Davis. I thought the Hornets were going to be a force for a long time but when they lost Mashburn to injury that came to an end.

  11. thebrotherreport Says:

    I can’t pinpoint what it was here in Philly but I won’t blame all of it on coaching.

    My questions are Is he gonna be a defensive liability? Is he working out now? Is he ready to do more posting up at this point in his career on a bad knee?

  12. Michelle,
    When Baron got injured, Kobe was lobbying hard for the Lakers to pull the trigger on a trade for him. The Lakers blinked, thinking he was too injury prone. Davis has stated that he would have loved to come back to his hometown and played for the Lakers. And no, the Hornets weren’t smart enough even then, to ask for Bynum. {= Somehow, I think they just lucked up and got Chris Paul. Oh yeah, Atlanta, instead of taking that point guard that they needed, took Marvin Williams, a forward of which they had plenty!

  13. TBR,
    He can’t be any more a defensive liability than Dirk or Steve Nash. Webber’s smart. Hopefully, he’s adjusted his defense so he’s more of the kind of guy that keeps his guy from getting easy shots. Besides, any Don Nelson team isn’t gonna play but so much defense anyway. If he can give them double figure points, and maybe hold another team’s big guy to 5-14 shooting, I’m sure they’d be happy.

  14. kos,

    That says it all Don Nelson teams never play defense. Who gave Dallas fits when Nelly was the coach and kept them from advancing in the playoffs? C-Webb of course. His career is coming to an end. As much as I would like to see him in Detroit I will have to accept this deal if it happens. I just hope to see him have fun and flash that smile a little while longer.


    Jim O’brien terrible coaching even before C-Webb came to Philly. Sorry to
    to say but Mo wasn’t much better.

  15. thebrotherreport Says:

    That may be true but players do play in spite of their coaches A.I. did it for 10 years here, Barkley didn’t have a coach worth a damn after Billy C. left the 76’ers. I’m just disappointed in what Webber gave here, I hear the word desire getting tossed around – didn’t see alot of that here from C-Webb.

    Yeah Webber is a smart player, I’ve never disputed that. I see him going to a contender before he opts for GS

  16. To his credit bruh, the first game in Philly–coincidentally against the Kings–Chris missed a tip in at the buzzer that would have given the Sixers the win. How many times do you see tip ins off foul shots while getting boxed out?

    Yo the fans booed the shit out of him. I couldn’t believe it. They booed him like he’d been here 59 years. No one wants to play here bruh because of the fans or the Sixers front office inability to deal with reality. They don’t want a winner or they would have one. They relish in this negative atmosphere. He was 20 and 10 the rest of that year before bowing out against Detroit in 5. Weren’t they the champs that year?

  17. thebrotherreport Says:

    I agree that the fans wanted results right away I guess because it seemed like we got the one guy that could play w/A.I. and it crashed and burned. In no time flat, that trade was made 2yrs. too late.

  18. That shit has to stop here. They need to change the entire character of the franchise. How do you boo somebody in their first game? It doesn’t happen anywhere else. I actually felt sorry for some of the clowns there. My sister was even getting into it with a season ticket holder until I politely asked if there was a problem with one of those mean eyed smiles ;).

    I don’t know man. Stefanski better step up.

  19. Just got in contact with Webb’s people. Nothing is official but…

  20. Philly fans are terrible. A.I. stop playing for several coaches. Pro athletes are just like the rest of us if there job situation is bad they protest. So what.

  21. Golden state must be desparate for low post help if Webber is the best they can do. Webber has not been effective since his surgery 5 years ago. He can’t leap, poor latteral movement, and don’t ask him to run the length of the floor.

    If he could not make it with the Pistons, which run a structured half court offense, how the hell will he be effective with G.S.? He is a defensive liability, and he can’t run with these youngster. I don’t see a roll for him on this team, unless he is going to provide that “veteran leadership.”

    To say that he had poor coaching while with Pilly, don’t add up. Iverson excelled with that poor coaching. Good players excell inspite of poor coaching. Fact is by the time he got to Philly his knee were shot, and he was a shadow of his once all star status.

  22. I agree with Imhot – Webber’s done, and GS must be desperate.

  23. I think it hurt Webb that the Pistons moved on this season without him. You see it often, a guy towards the end of his career, signing on with the team in his hometown where he grew up or where he currently lives, only to fade off into obscurity after a season or 2 of 12th mannin’ it… I would’ve liked to see Webber win it last season with Detroit, even though that #84 looked odd on him.

    I don’t think the Golden State situation is one that will benefit either team. He will likely serve as a mentor to Biedrins, Harrington, and if that kid from UNC stays at the end of the bench rather than in the D-league, him as well. Webber has the smarts to play the game still, and could one day be a great coach. He’s just lost his abilities, and it’s not his fault… he just has some goo-gooked knees.

  24. thebrotherreport Says:

    If A.I. stopped playing for any coach it wasn’t here in Philly. If his numbers indicate that he stopped playing give me two more like him.

  25. Imhotep,

    Am I missing something or have you guys been given wrong info about the 76ers? Allen’s last 4 years or so in Philly were terrible. I think they made the playoffs just once and one of those years was when C-Webb was on the team. He had blow ups with Larry Brown, Chris Ford (refused to go into a game and was suspended) and he fought with Jim O’brien. To say he excelled was a joke. He scored points but his fg% was low and the team was bad. Now that’s not AI’s fault but I have to disagree with your analysis. As for Webb post surgery, he shows flashes of his former self. That’s because his knee feels ok from day to day. I remember one game in Philly against KG. AI wasn’t having a good game and he carried them. Webb had a 20/20 game and shut down KG defending him well at the end of the game. He also post surgery beat the Mavs in the playoffs recording a triple double in I think pivitol game 3. He was also key in taking MN to 7 games in the semifinals. No one thought they would beat the Mavs and even compete with MN. So it hasn;t been all bad. Yes he’s slow and can’t jump but that’s not his fault if he’s injured. To say good players excell when they have bad coaching… well not if they are hurt they don’t. Imean major injury. Also the Kings never beat the Mavs in the playoffs without Chris.

  26. TBR,

    Define stop playing. In the playoffs against Detroit he turned his back on Larry Brown on the bench during a t.o. and ignored him. He refused to enter a game when Chris Ford was coaching. He a Mo got into it regarding the game plan so what are you talking about? Now I agree with A.I these coaches were all terrible. I’m not sure I know what you are talking about when it comes to Chris either. When the decision was made to buy him out he was removed from the team. Just like when they decided to trade AI the team came up with fake injuries and sat him out.

  27. Boney,

    I agree with your analysis.

  28. The Piston’s lost to C due to bad guard play C.B. had more turnovers then he did assist in that series and that young boy lit him up.

  29. Bad coaching to.

  30. thebrotherreport Says:

    Hold on now, A.I. NEVER refused to go into a game. Sure he had blowups with coaches. Magic/Westhead, Jordan/Collins it happens. Whatr player hasn’t had a blowup w/Larry Brown (Jalen Rose, Starbury, Carmelo) Yeah A.I. shoots a poor percentage for a guard he’s a scorer not a point guard, I can live with that.

    But find me a better player under 6 feet in the history of this sport and I’ll give you Zeke. His last 4 full seasons in Philly he averaged 30 points, 7 assists and 2 steals and in 03-04 he only played 48 games. That’s far from terrible I can’t help what Billy King put around him. I know we’ll never see a player that size put a team on his back and take them to the finals again.

  31. His fg % wasn’t low when Chris was on the team. I didn’t mean those years.

  32. TBR,

    Wrong my friend he did. Check your info.

  33. I’m not debating AI skills. How did we get to this conversation? He has been great in D.

  34. Funny how you left out the FG% If your not getting teammates invovled and your not winning then how is that good?

  35. I never mentioned the finals year. Good coach and his teammates played within the game plan. He did his thing as well. Look I agree withn you on AI’S game but to say he never stopped playing for a coach is an incorrect statement. He refused to go in a game. What do you call that?

  36. thebrotherreport Says:

    Stop playing IMO means to quit could you tell when he was in the game that he quit. I’m waiting to hear when he refused to go into a game, because they’d still be talking about that one today. Coaches and players always get into it. LeBron shoulder bumped Mike Brown 2x a couple of weeks ago, big deal it happens.

    I’m not gonna let you sit here and say A.I. quit – not when I’ve seen him on a constant basis for 10 years here.
    And who quit first in that Detroit series A.I. or Brown – that snake had his bags packed ready to stab Rick Carlisle in the back please don’t make him out to be some saint.

    The same way you defend C-Webb, I gotta stick by A.I. – I’m not saying dude was an angel he was an ass on many a day but I can never say he quit.

  37. thebrotherreport Says:

    I didn’t leave anything out I admitted he shot a low FG % I stated I can live with that. 7 apg. Look at the team Billy King put around – him the coaches either didn’t play Dalembert or didn’t know how to. The team was never below the cap anytime he was there so there was no room to manuver. And how can you make your teammates better when they’re fumbling the ball if they’re not standing around watching you.

  38. Define quit? I’m not saying he quits. I’m saying he refused to listen to his coaches at times. That’s all. Again, his game in Denver is wicked. He’s a great player. Maybe my facts are confused. He didn’t want to come off the bech or something. I just remember a huge rif between him and Ford. I like Allen and hope he wins a title.

    Since we are talking b-ball who do you think will win the title this year?

    By the way Chris Ford sucked as a coach.

  39. TBR,

    You are right like Randy Moss when your teammates suck, frustration sets in and anything can happen. A.I. was frustrated most of the time.

    So who you got in the finals this year?

  40. Michelle, A point of clearification, when I use the word excel in regards to Iverson, it was in response to your using poor coaching as a reason for Webber’s lackluster performances while with Philly. Iverson excelled, in that he continue to perform at a high level, he still had the respect of the league, and even though he may have had differences with the various coaches, he stilled produced on the court. Webber on the other hand was reduced to doing little more that taking up space on the floor. 😉

    It’s interesting to note that McDyce also had knee surgery, but he recovered to regain most of his effectiveness. Once Webber lost his knees, his effectiveness was gone forever.

  41. thebrotherreport Says:

    The rif with Ford was over practice he benched him for being late, I give Ford credit for that because he stood up to him in that sense figuring it would allow him to keep the job. But I said the day they hired Cheeks that A.I. was lickin’ his chops because they were gonna walk all over Cheeks because you can look at Mo and see why dudes like Darius Miles and Bonzi Wells cursed him out in Portland it wasn’t right but you have to assert yourself from Jump Street or they’ll walk all over you. A.I. used his relationship w/Mo to his advantage and that wasn’t cool.

    He lost points on that one

    I don’t know the Western Conference Champ is gonna be worn out but I think Boston is gonna get a workout in the Eastern Conference it’s not paved that easily for Boston I think. You’ve got Detroit, Cleveland, Orlando, and Toronto. The Wizards would be in the mix if they had Agent 0- but it should still be interesting. I can’t call it yet.

    Chris Paul for MVP

  42. TBR, it’s funny how you’re not able to acquire players when 1 player earns $18-$20m per year and then he complains that you can’t acquire any other talent other than the guys who get the MLE or 1st round contracts. It’s funny how KG and Kobe come out and demand all these trades, but they don’t realize that the teams they want to go to are maxed out by the cap or would have to empty their bench to acquire them to make the salaries work.

    Boston got lucky with KG. They’re taking a risk trying to run an 82 game season with inexperienced Tony Allen and Eddie House backing up 2nd year PG Rondo and brittle Ray Allen. But that’s what happens when you sign a big deal… sure, you deserve it because you’re one of the best in the game… but don’t turn and complain about how the team can’t acquire anyone since 90 percent of the NBA owners do not want to pay luxury tax dollar for dollar.

  43. Imhotep,

    When Dyess got hurt, he took a lot of time to get back. If I remember correctly, Webber came back from the knee and had foot/ankle issues too. Dyess had the knee, went to NY they tried to rush him back then Phoenix got him and he finished out ok. He’s not back to where he was, but he’s never been a bruising type of PF and it’s been often noted that he does not workout in the off-season anymore so he can give his body a chance to heal.

    I’m surprised Dyess has been able to remain relatively healthy. I don’t know how many surgeries he’s had on that knee, but his operation was one of the first I had heard of for an NBA player.

  44. thebrotherreport Says:

    I agree partly – in the case of the Sixers they had a bunch of guys that had 6 and 7 year deals, which no team was trying to pick up.

  45. IMotep,

    Hold up I’m a nurse buddy so please take your lesson. Factors in recovery. First of all A.M. never played as much as Chris so the milege on his knees wasn’t the same. Also the type of injury is a factor and bottom line we don’t heel the same. Mashburn had knee sugery and so have many other players that never returned. Chris tore his medial meniscus, very small blood supply there and a rich blood supply is important in heeling anything.

    Doctors cannot predict how a person will respond to surgery. Infections could occur, in this case level of activity can be a factor. Chris came back too soon. Bad analogy but you are welcome to try again.

  46. That’s healing. LOL!

  47. Dallas has to come out of the West this year. I think Detroit will win the east. I’m not sold on Flip as a coach so the title will go to Dallas. Or the Spurs should they win the west.

    I agree Chris Paul for MVP. He should get more shine. He has been the best point guard in the league this year.

  48. Thanks Boney. I couldn’t have said it better. I’m a terrible blogger guys. Sorry.

  49. — Just don’t see Webb working out with GS. It’s the knees not the heart. I thought Webb was a nice fit with Detroit last year in the half court sets.

    — Michelle, Flip is truly a horrible playoff coach. He basically gave away the last two playoffs. His substitutions have me scratching my head.

    — Philly are the only fans worse than NYC. Even Knicks fans would wait to the 3rd game to boo! It is a shame because it has a long-term impact on how a franchise is run, and there is probably a connection between the fans, the media, and the losing for so many years… in EVERY sport. The Yankees can spend there way out of it

  50. Michelle, You being a medical professional, I’ll defer to your knowledge in that area. But I clearly stated in an earlier post, that Chris was a shadow of himself after his surgery.

    Chris has not been effective in 4 years. he will have the occassional good game, but Philly bought him out, send him packing. Home town team, Pistons sent him packing. Don’t you think that if he was still a productive player he would have been on an opening day roster? I don’t see him turning the clock back 5 years with the warriors. Perhaps you can share with me how you see him improving the warriors?

  51. Just found out Webb is signing for a prorated amount of the league vet min of 1.2 mill.

    Official announcement tomorrow.

  52. Imhotep of course the brotha isn’t gonna pivot slam like he used to do so well, but I do see him settling down the GS half court. All he needs to give them is 12, 8 and some assists for 20 plus minutes.

  53. Modi,

    Thanks!!! When I say Flip is a bad coach some people look at me like I have three heads. As good as CB is, I think the Chicago guards wore him down a little bit. Flip saw him struggling and never took the ball out of his hands. I was like WTF? You can’t win a series if your point guard is turning over the ball a lot. Dah! Then he should have triple team LJ if he had to. The one game Chris was in late he played well. I think he was the only guy making shots. All the shooters on the Cavs fouled out but LJ and the fool didn’t trap him. I remember Webb had a three point play at the end of the game. The crowd went wild then they let LB come down the court a drain a three. I was like grab him put him on the foul line at least. Flip looked like he was blind or something.

  54. Imhotep,

    I only mentioned my medical knowledge because you mentioned A.M.

    I’m not saying Webb will improve the team. That I don’t know. What I do know is that he has something left. He can still board and he is the best passing big man to ever lace them up. He can be effective without moving. GS has some shooters so we will see. To say a guy was traded or let go doesn’t mean anything. People sleep on talent all the time. And please don’t use Philly to make that point. GEEZE!

  55. If I were Webb I would have taken the 12 million Greece was offering. I guess he just wants to play. So I wish him well. Unlike many sports fans I don’t judge a player by title wins. Most pros will never win one. I have enjoyed watching Webb playing over the years and he does a lot for his peeps. For that I am most proud of him.

  56. Michelle,

    People probably look at you like you have 3 heads because they are thinking about Flip as a head coach during the season — where he is pretty good. But all coaches in any sport have to adjust their style in the posts season to the win or go home format. In the playoffs, you gotta play the match-ups as well. And why the hell did he stick Nazr Mohammed at a critical juncture that final game against the Cavs after being out all series. Nazr was completely cold. Unbelievable.

    Some other horrible baseball managers that come to mind:

    — Davey Johnson: Refused to bunt in the playoffs, another manager could have won two more World Series with those Mets teams

    — Tony Larussa: Should have at least 5 rings, but Mr. Quick Hook overmanages the situation most every playoffs

  57. Boney’s logic is faulty.

    KG, Pierce and Ray Allen all make the Max.

    Iverson’s contract wasn’t the problem in Philly. It was the mega deals give to MckIe and Snow, then Willie Green and Dalembert and Korver.

    Cats bring up money with no idea what they are talking about.

  58. the only possible explanation that I can see for C-Webb is for additional interior rebounding backing up Beidrins who is their only board man. The passing is a bonus too. But C-Webb in the run and gun style… I just don’t know…

  59. Modi,

    I agree with you about the run and gun style. I don’t know how tat is going to work out either. I see Webb playing about 20 min a game. In the past his conditioning have been good. He spends a lot of ime in the gym so we will see what happens. Andy Reid hasn’t been the best coach in the playoffs either.

  60. That’s has been good. I guess I should read my post before submitting them. Oops!

  61. Modi:

    teflon tony should have had five stints in rehab and maybe a turn or two in the pen. rolen probably left because tony wanted him to be the next ‘roid boy.

    (alright, that’s unfair conjecture and I have no idea why rolen left, but…)

  62. Mizzo,

    Is Chris coming back as #4 or #84? I have my old GS jersey but I can’t fit it now. I guess I will have to get a new one. LOL!

  63. Allen,

    my logic isn’t faulty if you actually read what I put down in the comment. 90% of the owners in the NBA are not going to pay the luxury tax penalty, which is what I said. Knicks, Celts, Mavs, etc are all over the “cap”. My logic is not faulty because you also have to trade enough salaries in order to obtain a contract that is still “max” under the old CBA.

    If I was an owner in the NBA I wouldn’t want to pay the Luxury Tax either… dollar for dollar? please. Not when teams like the Spurs, Pistons, etc can operate at the cap or a little above the cap and compete. Plus to get a salary like AI you have to dump half your team, like Boston did. I don’t care about McKie’s contract, he has nothing to do with what I’m saying.

    Allen, do you REALLY think anyone wants Aaron McKie, Kyle Korver, or Eric Snow’s hefty contract in salary and years in return for a Kobe Bryant or Kevin Garnett who could just opt out of their deals at the end of the year? There’s no talent in any of those 3 guys, you’d simply be continuing to pay for another team’s mistake… which is why noone wants any of the Knicks not named David Lee or Renaldo Balkman, or Larry Hughes from CLE. Philly’s owner shouldn’t be forced to pay a luxury tax because the GM makes bad personnel decisions. Joe Dumars is required to stay below the cap by the Pistons’ owner, and he manages to make due with what he has (see: Nazr Mohammed trade for 2 expiring contracts).

  64. MODI,

    He put Nazr in that game because of foul trouble with the bigs. That’s why. You can’t play Sheed or Dyess with 2 fouls at the end of the 2nd quarter in the final game of the year when you know they’re going to be on the floor 24 minutes of the 2nd half.

  65. TBR, you’re right. The problem with the contracts before the latest CBA is that they were all 6-7 years like you said. The problem in Philly was they locked up guys that had no business being paid what they got paid for one reason or another (to me AI is the only one worth the salary he made), but because of what AI made, on top of the contracts still on the books, it’s hard to make a deal. Especially if you have no talent in house already, which is likely what lead to AI’s wanting to be traded or the front office wanting to get rid of him. The problem is replaying all over again right now in Cleveland. The only true value on that team is LeBron… sure you have Z and Gooden, but those guys have to be just as untouchable as Bron because of depth…

    on the bench you have past his prime Damon Jones, Eric Snow, Ira who?, Donyell Marshall… who wants those guys unless it’s an expiring deal? then again, when you invest time and money into a guy like Kobe/AI/KG, you want a young stud (Al Jefferson) in return along with bad contracts

  66. I totally forgot about the Hornets. They are rolling. They beat the crap out of the Spurs the other night. Mo Pete and Tyson Chandler have found new life on their new team. A.I. and company are in town tonight that should be a good game. The West is really tight right now.

  67. Temple: LOL!

    Boney: I can’t remeber the foul situation, but wasn’t there anyoner else? Was Maxiell already on the floor? Go small ball?

    Besides, there were 15 other incidences of substituions that i just couldn’t understand… can’t recall them all

  68. Well what I thought was cgoing to be a good game has turned ou to be a blow out. These Hornets are good. Melo is out but I thought the game would be closer than this. OH well. Goog night folks duty calls.

    C-Webb welcome back to Cali!!!!!!

  69. Sorry I’m in a hurry. LOL!!!

  70. Boney, I read what you wrote.

    My point was that it wasn’t the big contracts of Iverson or KG that made their teams shitty, it was the big contracts of guys who lacked value that did that.

    You can build around a superstar making the max, but, you have to be smart in how you surround him with talent. So, simplying the issue as you are wont to do by saying that the teams couldn’t do well because of the money the superstars were making is disingenious.

    The smart GMs know that certain players make the max and other players make due. The Pistons, who you seem to love to reference, maxed out Billups, and gave Rip, Prince and Sheed big deals back in the day. That’s why they are at the luxury cap right now.

    Unfortunately, many of these GMs, like McHale and Billy King, seem to believe that overpaying for role players is the best way to keep talent. Or, they let personal biases get in the way of their talent evaluation.

    Either way, it’s not the fault of superstars making the max, it’s the fault of dumbass GMs who can’t figure out how to manage their teams.

    It’s crazy to me that people believe that if a ball player maxes out their talent and then asks to be paid according to that talent they are to blame for the company’s failure to acquire other talent. Nobody in any other professional field is judged by that standard. In fact, the media members who promote that idea, raise holy hell any time their own salaries are used as justification for cuts at newspapers or television stations.

  71. I was arguing about the fact that these guys think it’s so easy for them to be traded because they “demand” it. I don’t love to reference the Pistons, but I do in this case because they are at the cap, and continue to put up numbers. You don’t see them over the cap after giving Ben Wallace $60 million, they let him walk.

    You have to overpay to keep important role players. Like if Sam Dalembert was a UFA right now, he’d get more money on the open market than an Anderson Varejao who was asking $10 mil but “settled” for what, $3 mil? Dumbass GMs are the reason why these guys (KG, AI, Kobe, Jason Kidd, etc) cannot be traded to “contenders” like they want to be because the contending teams don’t have the talent/contracts to give up in return. Like the Bulls… they aren’t going to give up more than Gordon and some bad contracts for Kobe.. that’s not a fair trade for LA, so why trade him?

    I’m not blaming the ballplayer per say, I’m just saying that when you’re a KG and you’re 21 or 22 years old and you’re saying “sign me to the richest contract in history” you also have to think how it’s going to hurt the team’s financial ability going forward. If it’s all about you, that’s fine. But when you got Craig Smith, Rashad McCants, Mark Madsen, Mark Blount all around you making either 1st round rookie contract which is guaranteed or league minimums and you’re making $20+ million and are 1/3 or 1/4 of the team’s salary “cap” then you can’t really 100% fault the team. That’s one of the reasons why contracts in the NFL are not guaranteed, because of the cap. If contracts in the NFL were guaranteed, then not only would players make less, the teams would not be able to be under the cap when a guy has a career ending injury and can’t play yet he signed a 7 year deal.

    It’s not easy to trade these guys with their superstar contracts, yet they feel like whenever they demand it they should get it.

  72. MODI –

    It’s ok that you don’t remember. It’s been kind of a spur in my side since it happened because DET should’ve beat CLE that series, no matter what LBJ did in Game 5.

    I don’t honestly remember the matchup problems, but I do remember Maxiell not playing much in that Game 6 because in Flip’s mind it was an elimination game and Sheed and Dyess (or Webber) had to play since they were the best post options off the bench. You have to also remember that Maxiell was getting maybe 10-15 minutes a night since Webber came, so his impact on the game isn’t great. I know Webber picked up 3 or 4 fouls, so he was done for the night. Sheed picked up 2 or 3 and Dyess had 2. Nazr came in for Dale Davis duty because getting Dyess to 3 or 4 fouls when Z has his slow motion up and under pumpfake wouldn’t have worked well in the 2nd half.

    Nazr is a decent body in the middle… look at how he’s done in Charlotte.. but he had been out of the rotation so long that it’s amazing he was even able to run down the court without being gassed.

  73. YOu need to check you stats BOney.

    Mark Madsen makes far more than the league minimum, as did Mark Blount. Not to mention the contracts for Troy Hudson, Joe Smith and Trenton Hassell.

    Let’s not forget the big deal for Terrell Brandon, the massive Marko Jaric contract that was taken on for Sam Cassell’s expiring deal and the God awful contract Wally World once had.

    I haven’t even mentioned the Joe Smith debacle or letting Billups walk for nothing.

    So, just looking at McHale’s tenure, his problems had nothing to do with a lack of money because of KG’s contract. They found money for all those bums. The problem was that the GM was a jackass who couldn’t draft and couldn’t trade.

    But, don’t let that get in the way of your theory that it’s guaranteed max contracts that are holding teams back.

  74. Well said Allen.

  75. McHale is a poor GM, and should’ve been fired a long time ago. The guaranteed max contracts now are not the problem, so long as they’re after the latest CBA. My theory on the topic is about as truthful as you can get. Considering that the main point of my discussion is max contract players want to now be traded but their max contracts cannot be moved because other teams don’t have enough to give them without raiding their bench. I know you read it, but you took away from it like I was taking shots at the players for the money.. I don’t care about the money, I said that in the beginning. If you take a $20m a year deal, then you’re stuck with the team and you can’t expect to be traded like Kobe had been or like Jason Kidd wants to be now.

    The contracts these guys have signed have made them more untradeable than even Marko Jaric, or Troy Hudson. Sure, McHale sucks… no argument from me on that.

    When you sign the guys like Hudson, Blount, etc you’re signing them based off of need and depth in the FA class at their positions. Nazr Mohammed could’ve been looked to as a bad signing, but in the summer he was signed he was the best that could’ve been had at his position and he signed for the MLE, which is a bad contract. Same with Marko Jaric… same with Troy Hudson. All of these guys at one point or another have been terrible/mediocre but they have be offered the MLE or a max money deal because the teams have more of a need. I don’t need to check my stats, I was being sarcastic when rattling off names.

    Terrell Brandon had years of greatness before getting hurt in MIN. Wally World was going to get his money, whether in MIN or elsewhere because he had ability in MIN. If you want to dig back and back and say how horrible these guys are now without realizing that at the time they signed they were serviceable, that’s fine. I understand you want to come to the defense of guys like AI or KG or Kobe whoever and say “well they deserve the max deals”, I never said they didn’t. I don’t care how much these guys make, they’ve earned it. But to expect to be traded at the drop of a hat when your $20m salary can’t be traded is borderline hilarious to me. Just think, how many guys were traded for Garnett? 5 and 2 potential 1st rounders? Jesus christ… just to make the salaries work! Kidd isn’t going to go to another contender without that team dumping 3 guys back to NJN, Kobe isn’t going anywhere without the team dumping 4 or 5 guys… that’s what makes it funny to me, Allen. You want the money, you want to win, when you don’t win you want to be traded, then all season you moan and groan and pout until your contract is bought out (which is a ripoff to me because you’re stealing money for nothing) or you’re not traded and you don’t give effort.

  76. Boney its no more different then these owners. They b$#ch and moan about getting a new stadium. They hold a city hostage for a new stadium. They get the new stadium and cry and moan 15 20 years later that they want a new one.

    When those bums didn’t even put up their own money for the first one.

    Yet no one or their mother says sh^% about it. He11 the punk @ss cities or states won’t even stand up most of the time.

  77. I meant 15 to 20 years later.

  78. Boney

    I don’t follow your logic. Iverson and Garnett have been the last two max players requesting a trade.

    They got traded. So, I’m wondering, how is it so impossible to trade a max guy? Didn’t Shaq get traded too? As a max guy?

    In your second post you said that players who sign max deals shouldn’t complain if their teams can’t surround them with good talent. That’s bullshit.

    Even at $20-22 million a year for a superstart, teams still have nearly $50 million more dollars to use to sign players.

    You’re arguing that it’s impossible to sign other good players if you’re paying somebody $20 million?

    And you ignore Boston?

    This doesn’t make sense.

    As I’ve said from the beginning good teams in this league have been able to surround max players with good talent. Bad players do not. That’s just how it works. Max salaries in and of themselves are not the reason why teams can’t sign good players. It’s the other horrible moves that make that problem.

    And Wally was not worth what he got. His contract was panned by many GMs and pundits. As were the contracts for Hudson and Hassell.

    McHale signed bad players to bad contracts and that’s why his team lacked flexibility. That’s the simple fact for most teams with unhappy superstars.

    The Cavs have a horrible roster of players with contracts that do not match their value. As do the Nets.

    That’s the team’s fault, not the players. It’s amazing that you blame players (and that’s what you did in your second post, it’s obvious) for the failures of management.

  79. Didn’t Orlando just give a max deal to Howard and Lewis, while signing Nelson to a hefty extension?

    If you sign the right players your team will succeed. If you don’t, it won’t.

  80. thebrotherreport Says:

    The Nets are willing to listen to offers for Carter and Jefferson as well as Kidd.

  81. Once again Allen I couldn’t agree more. I have been meaning to get in this conversation but I have been too busy with work.

    Lately I’ve been working mad hours like brotha Kevdog and sista Michelle do.

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