Barack Obama Wins South Carolina 2 to 1 Over Hillary Clinton

We’re in uncharted waters politically. Blacks are getting out to vote and Whites are making a statement never before seen in the South.

With his landmark victory in South Carolina, Barack Obama garners more votes than the entire total cast in 2004 Democratic primary with over 290,000.

The final number of Democratic voters in South Carolina’s primary topped Republican counterparts for the first time since 1992–roughly 530,000 to 445,000.

80% of Blacks voted for Obama. He also received a fourth of the White vote with Edwards and Clinton splitting the remainder.

Hillary Clinton second, John Edwards third. Former North Carolina Senator Edwards gets blown out in his home state by Obama and to a lesser degree, Clinton.

February 5th, Super Tuesday, is next. 24 states will hold either caucus or primary elections. Obama has received a good percentage of the White vote, but will his South Carolina victory carry over to states with not a lot of Black voters historically?

The state of Georgia is the lone exception.

Simply put, after February 5th, we’ll know a lot about what direction this country is headed.

Hopefully the issue of race will be discussed prominently in a very real manner and across party lines. Obama’s vision of inclusion seems to be working early on. Diversity among Obama supporters builds with every victory while Clinton seems to be all about the Black vote. She stumped last night in Tennessee at Tennessee State–band playing and all–so Hillary is serious about tapping into a source of vast voter potential few candidates historically have influenced. She knows if she cuts into Barack’s stranglehold on Black voters, she’ll get the nod. Regardless of who gets the nomination this also bodes well for the Democrats come November because Blacks are voting in primaries like never before. Barack is locking up young voters with charisma and a new politics look and feel. In his last two victory speeches Obama has spoke of bringing home the troops from Iraq and affordable health care for all Americans. It also must be stated that so far young people are leaving an indelible impression and will have a major say on who receives the nomination in Denver.

Obama picked up 25 delegates and now has a total of 63.

A full explanation of delegates and superdelegates here 

It’s still early.

What are your thoughts?

26 Responses to “Barack Obama Wins South Carolina 2 to 1 Over Hillary Clinton”

  1. I’m an Australian, however I’m watching your elections with interest. As an outsider, this is what I see. Barak Obama has the best of 2 of 3 worlds. He is both black….AND white. The only part of the equation he can’t proclaim is “I am woman” The race card seeming to be played, really shouldn’t work, since he is completely both races. As far as his affinity to women is portrayed, he’s got that down pat. Women, black or white, would be drawn to him anyway due to his overall charisma of seemingly wanting to bring everyone together. The real currency underpinning the American election dilemma is trust. (trust in the elected, by the people who elect them) I hope whoever is elected, never betrays what the American public are starving for. Baraks blackness or whiteness should be immaterial. I find myself as a woman, admiring Hillary to the enth degree and yet, admiring Obama for what I consider to be an amazing opponent to one who is well known to have ‘more experience’ in the world of politics. Best of luck to both of you, and even more luck to the American people whoever is elected. I would think though, if both Obama and Hillary actually joined forces and worked TOGETHER, more problems may be solved than each trying to cut the other down. I’m thinking people are sick of the rhetoric, they just want results that work.

  2. Michelle from Australia, an outsiders perspective tends to hit on themes not explored by insiders. Still from inside America Inc. one tend to have a much deeper overstanding of the system and its legacy.

    Hilary is part of the ruling class that is connected to people above and beyond the idea of what governance is intended for the citizens of America Inc. From George Washington to the current president, this once sovereign country has been transformed into a corporation fueled by WHite Supremacy, the manifest destiny of colonialism and imperialism-disguised as exporting democracy- and the practice of caste discrimination(racism).

    Unfortunately the electorial system as it stands now is divorced from truely representing the masses, and the only way some one like Obama is to be indipendent from the Military Industrial Complex and the committee of 300 is for the people to change or clean up that same electorial system into one free of big money interferance and political vote buying by big corporations.

    I think the world would like to see a none Anglo-Saxon or even a woman becoming a president, hoping that this will soften the “muscular” attitude shown currently, but not at the cost of being another puppet or casualty of sinister backroom mandarins. Also the majority of citizens in this alleged “democratic nation”, still have to deal with the psychotic view of seeing their neighbours through the prism of skin tone, ethnicity and gender which often elicit fear, hatred and the enaction of policies that abuses and victimizes on a greater level than other developed nations.

  3. Feb. 5 may or may not turn out to be the key. The primaries that day are so many, and so scattered across the country, that it is quite possible that we still won’t have a clear frontrunner for either party’s nomination. I think people really want to vote for Obama, they don’t really like the idea of another Clinton as much, but they’re waiting for Obama to reassure them that he does indeed have the substance to go with the style to be an effective president. The other significant problem Barack faces is that he is trailing in most of the big states that vote on Feb. 5, with not much time to reduce his deficit. And because it’s such a big day, he can’t focus on the retail politics that he so clearly excelled at in Iowa, NH, and SC. It becomes a real television war. And when your opponent can match you dollar for dollar, I think it becomes more difficult to cut into that deficit. Having said that, nothing that happens will surprise me this election. It’s been one wacky ride.

    And my friend Sankofa, just one question. If, as I read you to say, we have “been transformed…” since Washington, then when exactly were we a “once sovereign nation?”

  4. I should have mentioned a couple more things. 1, SC will never vote Democratic in the fall, no matter who the nominee of the party is. 2, I told David Mac weeks ago Obama would win the vast majority of the black vote in SC, and he disagreed. Hope to see you David!

  5. Does DavidMac actually know anything about politics? I thought he was merely an appendage to Friedman. What’s changed?

  6. Personally I think this thing is already decided, regardless of what happens on super tuesday. Middle america maybe split in their support for Barack, and he appears to be getting some popular support, but it’s the money changers that decide elections. Did you notice that Hillary carried Hilton Head S.C.? those are the power brokers, the ones that makes things happen.

    Notice also that Hillary pretty much dominate the white populaton aged 55 and above, we’re talking board members, Sr. management, and deep pockets to finance her till the end. Obama gets some of that money, but a large % of his money comes from young people, their pockets are not as deep.

    Next, the pharamaceuticals, the financiers and the military complex they know that they can count on Hillary to see their programs through. So they will control her destiny

    America talks a good game about inclusiveness, but when in the history of this country has it been inclusive? Surely not today! And not on Feb 5.

    I would not put anything pass bill and hillary to get into the white house. They will use karl Rove tactics to get in the white house. I’m still trying to figure out WTF happened in New Hampshire, I guess america happened.

    To Mischelle from Australia, What have you done to the Aborigines?

  7. First of all, there’s not much difference in Hillary’s positions and Barack’s. So speaking personally as one who will vote for Obama on Feb. 5, either is acceptable to me as the nominee. And as far as money is concerned, Obama’s raised as much as Hillary. He certainly isn’t getting outfundraised. Now in NH – I live in Massachusetts, so the race was really covered here. And the sexist crap that was coming in spades from the press the last few days before the election was unbelievable. Obama carried a slim plurality of the women’s vote in Iowa, and was leading in NH. But on election day, that changed. And I think there is ample evidence of women who decided enough was enough. The way the numbers turned around was stunning, as is the amount of misygony from the media before NH. Also, don’t forget, it’s not like Obama got crushed in NH. He lost by 3 %! Oh, and one more point. INclusiveness isn’t limited to race. We’ve never had a female nominee either. So one way or another, the Democratic party will make history this year.

  8. It will be interesting to see how New Hampshire reacts in the event Barack is in position to win the nomination.

    Great point about the 55 and over demography.

  9. Mark the majority of Blacks will be skeptical of Washington even if Barack gets elected.

  10. Mizzo,
    Most Americans of any race or age are skeptical of Washington! And I don’t blame any of them.

  11. Sure as hell didn’t seem that way in 2004.

  12. Mark, There are significant differences between Barack and Hillary, both with their personalities and their approach to governing. Barack wants to end the war, Hillary wants to wait and see. Hillary wants universal health care, Barack want you to put some money on the table. Barack is keenly interested in alternative enery sources, Hillary want wants to maintain the cozy relations with the Saudi’s. I see hillary as wanting to govern party specific, whereas Obama will ne open to outside ieads.

    You kid yourself if you believe there fund raising will yield the same results. Yes they both have the same amount of money, but eg; Obama will get $100K from 100 people and Hillary will get $100K from 10 people, which one of those funding groups is the most influential?

    Now, New Hampshire. Explain to me how within a 24 hour period there was a 15 points swing in the polls? (without any scandal or negative press), all pollsters will have a margin of error, that swing was so far removed from the margin of error it did not make sense. That New Hampshire smelled a lot like florida. The day before the new hampshire primary, hillary’s inhouse polling showed her 11 points behind, and she wins by 3 points, how do you account for a 14 point swing in that short of period of time? Your idea that the women voters of new hampshire are fickle, I’m not buying. The fact that N.H. is one of those states that hesitate to recognize MLK day as a holiday, that may have something to do with the poll swing.

  13. Michelle from Australia,
    That’s a real interesting view you have, but dear, we’re inside the picture….and that aint’ what you’re looking at….you gotta squint much harder than that.

  14. “been transformed…” since Washington, then when exactly were we a “once sovereign nation?”

    Sovereign in the sense that dispite what they did to the original inhabitant they attempted to set up a self ruling society away from the one that kicked them out of England. However unbeknown to them, there where members among them that sought to hinder that dream of self rule.

    The cessation of that sovereignist dream officially ended during the North-South tribal war, with the introduction of war financing from foreign bankers and the altering of the consitution which effectively made the country a corporation.

    All these symbols of power called presidents will forever be beholding to the New world order seekers, unless there be a correction in the whole electorial system. As I said before, most people the world over would like to see a none anglo-saxon male or a female as that symbol, but even they will be puppets for the real power brokers.

  15. There is an interesting video i just saw over at assault on black folks sanity
    about that interesting swing Imotep talks about.

    check it out there or see it here.

  16. Mizzo,
    I don’t know what you’re talking about. The polls for the last 30 years have shown most Americans distrusting Washington. The sheer number of people who don’t vote say the same thing. Now blacks may distrust it more, I have no idea, haven’t seen any data. It wouldn’t surprise me, all I’m saying is that the distrust is far more widespread. That’s all.

    No one will ever know for sure. But the “Bradley EFfect” has been largely discounted as a reason. I agree with you about the style and personalities – that’s one reason I’m voting for Obama – but I don’t agree with your argument on fundraising – it doesn’t matter so much who the sources are for election purposes – the money is the same color. NOw if you want to argue that Hillary being funded by corporations may make her a different type of president once elected than Barack, I have no argument on that score. I”ve been arguing that finance reform is the most important issue we have.

  17. Sankofa,
    If you’ve never read it, I recommend reading Howard Zinn’s “A People’s history of the United States.”

  18. Imhotep, yes the New Hampshire swing on the last day was extraordinary and normally I would cry fraud at such a drastic shift from polls. But if you take “The Bradley Effect” PLUS Hillary squirting some tears the day before, then that can be a plausible explanation. Also, many voters who swung Hillary’s way may have thought Obama would win anyway and just voted because they felt sorry for her.

    But the most exciting point to all this is mizzo’s point about the unprecedented amount of new voters that Obama is pulling into the fold. This will greatly impact the general election, the Senate/House races, and future elections beyong 2008. This is very exciting.

  19. sankofa, just saw that video. Pretty scary…

    I wouldn’t rule out voter fraud but I think that super Tuesday might answer those questions. Assuming Hillary doesn’t cry again, we should expect totals within the margin of error + a few points for the Bradley Effect

  20. I have an issue with Michelle’s initial posting here, and pardon me if it drifts a bit off the topic of this thread.

    On an earlier thread, in regards to the Tiger Woods/”lynch” comment, I believe you posted something to the effect that “Tiger is black. America will always see him as black, and that’s just the way it is. He better learn to accept that he’s a black man in America.” This post was in response to my attempt to find some middle ground for Tiger given his very complex Thai and African-American ethnic histories. Now, in this thread, you grant Barack Obama the “best of both worlds” status of being “both black…. AND white” and “completely both races.” My question is, how is it you can allow Obama room to bridge racial barriers with his accidental (because he certainly had no hand in his own conception) bi-racial heritage — and by implication not be strictly beholden to the unique political causes and issues of either side, but rather be able to campaign as a sympathizer to each side — yet Tiger Woods, for his refusal to take to the streets in defense of one-half of his own accidental ethnic recipe, gets castigated by you for his perceived lack of action?

    If, as you suggest, Americans are so shallow as to only view Tiger Woods through the prism of skin color/appearance, and thus make him a “black man in the eyes of America,” then wouldn’t Obama be equally viewed in such a way, since his skin color reflects more of his African heritage than his caucasian, just as Tiger’s appearance reflects more of his father Earl’s genetic contribution to the soup, rather than that of his mother’s? I would think, in your logic, that Obama would have no chance at all of being accepted by white Americans, since you’re so confident that white Americans simply can’t accept Tiger as anything but a black man, when even the scantest amount of research would reveal to anyone that Tiger has a racial heritage as rich and complex as Barrack Obama’s.

    What’s going to happen the first time President Obama comes down, in your opinion, on the wrong (white) side of an issue? Is he going to be accused of not upholding the struggle?

    And finally, what a joke this comment is: “Barack’s blackness or whiteness should be immaterial.” HA! That’s funny, coming from you. How often on this site have you accused whites of being “white,” whatever that means, and how many times have you cautioned other readers to not trust anything a white person does, says, or writes? Yet here, you suggest that voters should disregard Obama’s racial heritage when making up their minds as to whom they should vote for. In the past I’ve found you belligerent, hostile, and (unintentionally) comical for some of your bizarre postings. But at least you’ve been consistent. Now, you defy even your own benighted sense of social logic and reasoning.

    How disappointing……

    And as a post script…… I write this as an American, not a white American, when I say that the opinions of a non-American citizen are irrelevant in an American election. I think most Americans would prefer you stick to the matters at hand Down Under. G’day………

  21. Will B.
    I believe this isn’t the same Michelle that you’re referring to from the Tiger Woods posts.

  22. Dude you went off on the wrong Michelle. I have to come to our Michelle’s defense because she tells it like it is every single time she posts.

  23. I guess no one can ever contradict MIchelle then:) You’ve all been warned!

  24. Will B,

    I’m back! Michelle from Austrailia is not me. Now that my identity is confirmed. Are you kidding me? This country defines black by 1 drop of black blood in your veins or being darker than a paper bag. Tiger is both. Don’t get mad at me for the definition. I didn’t make it. He is less white than anything and like I said if Tiger lived 50 years ago in the south and was caught up in a racial conflict he would have been lynched like the rest of the brothers. So don’t get mad at me for calling out someone elses hate. Why the hell aren’t you pissed at those who lynched people and defined race that way? Futher more white people who have racist views don’t care about asian people either. You think they haven’t suffered racism here? Just ask the Japanese. Bottom line he’s not white.

  25. We welcome Michelle from Australia.

  26. “And as a post script…… I write this as an American, not a white American, when I say that the opinions of a non-American citizen are irrelevant in an American election. I think most Americans would prefer you stick to the matters at hand Down Under. G’day………”

    Will B, Michelle seems to have tackled the race issue, so let me tackle the global issue. Is precisely this type of American arrogance as to why we are so hated around this world. Non- American opinions may be wrong like American ones, but are not irrelevant and should be judged on their merits. Michelle from Australia, please know that Will B does not speak for this American…

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