Friday Fire: Choose Your Weapons

The Super Bowl is a week from Sunday and the New England Patriots are in a position to complete the second undefeated season in NFL history. On one hand – I would like to see it done for the historical value and so Mercury Morris can finally shut up. Here’s a newsflash Merc; they’re in your neighborhood, they’ve been your block and now they’re at your door.

Then again, I wouldn’t mind seeing the upset – I’m not to thrilled that it’s the Giants but at this point I’ll take what I can get.

So here’s what we’re gonna do, you can pick any one offense and defense from any non-Super Bowl team and put them together to face the Pats next week. You can even select a head coach.

Mizzo said his team would be the 1998 Minnesota Vikings offense and the 1991 Philadelphia Eagles defense.

I’ll second that 1991 Eagles defense with the 1980 San Diego Chargers offense and give me Denny Green coaching just to hear him say “The Patriots are who we thought they were!” Upon accepting the Lombardi Trophy.

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  1. TBR,

    Give me the 84 49ers offense and the 2000 Ravens defense. I’ll take Bill Walsh as my head coach.

  2. Now hand me the trophy!

  3. 94 Niners with with 2000 Ravens D with Walsh as coach. (Remember no Jerry Rice in 84.)

    Now, hand me my trophy.

  4. Non Super Bowl participants folks.

  5. I’m a Pats fan, but I think there are several teams who could beat them. The Niners of the late 80’s, the 85 Bears, Cowboys of the early 90’s – all would give my Pats one hell of a game. But if I had to choose, it would have to be the 85 Bears defense, and I’ll take the 89 49er offense. Our linebackers and secondary would be extremely vulnerable to that offense, with Roger Craig out of the backfield.

  6. Ooops. Sorry:) The 76 Steeler defense, and the 85 Miami offense.

  7. Can Belichick be my coach??? LOL. I’ll take Bill Walsh too.

  8. Oops! let me think about this

  9. wellslion1 Says:

    07 Pats offense, 85 Bears defense. Nobody would give them a game. NOBODY!!!!

    Ok so somebody please fill me in on this. I thought Belichek was a defensive coach. How is it that Weis leaves and then this offense sets all kinds of records? Sure the personnel is better than it’s ever been on the offensive side of the ball but seriously, most points ever, most passing touchdowns, most receiving by one player. Unbelievable. Belichek just may be the most complete football mind I’ve ever seen.

  10. OK, 93 Niners with 84 Bears defense; still sticking with Walsh.

    Tough to compare across eras; game has changed too much. I don’t think any of the great seventies teams could compete under today’s rules; they weren’t built for it.

  11. I grew up in the 70’s near Pittsburgh, and hated the Steelers. Mainly because they always won. And NO ONE could run the ball on them. Minnesota gained 17 yards rushing in the Super Bowl the first time they won it. Passing yards weren’t much more. It was an incredible defense. But since then, I can’t see how anyone could argue against the 85 Bears. They were monsters.

  12. This years Patriots could not beat any of the top tier teams of the 1970’s and they didn’t

    Remember folks from 1966-1977 the DBS could harass recievers until the ball was released, I saw Jack Tatum and Atkinson put a lick on Swann that he was afraid to go over the middle I think of teams who would kick Brad and Pats asses

    1969-1970 K.C Chiefs

    The Oakland Raiders from 1967-1977 Those defenses were good and dirty and the “Soul Patrol” (Atkinson, Tatum, Thomas) would have killed the Pats recievers and the and Brady would be hit from whistle to gun.

    The Miami Dolphins of 1973 (Those Dolphins had the greatest power game I have ever seen before or since)

    1974 AND 1976 Pittsburgh Steelers the 74 team was devasting on defense and the 1976 team saved their season after going 1-4 that defense and an 8 game shut – out streak

    1977 Dallas Cowboys can match the 2007 Pats with equal talent and more transendent players

    1984 San Francisco 49ers – the best of The Niners dynatic teams

    1985 Chicago Bears – The greatest defense of the Super Bowl era

    1992 Cowboys – the triplets and speed on defense

    2001 – Ravens- the Second greatest defense of the Super Bowl era

    2002 Buccanneers – The Third greatest defense that can score points and gives an offense nightmares

    The Pats benefit from not really having strong enough teams in both conferences and the liberal passing game and protection of the WR and RB

  13. […] Friday Fire: Choose Your Weapons […]

  14. People again, we wanted to make you think here.


  15. ’85 Dolphins offense – Not quite as explosive as ’84, but Marino would not get touched, and Duper, Clayton, & Tony Nathan would have a field day.

    ’86 Bears defense – Actually gave up less points than the ’85 team.

    Does the head coach have to be a non-Super Bowl coach as well? If so, I’ll go with Buddy Ryan. With Marino at the helm, he wouldn’t have to worry about the offense. He could spend two weeks devising schemes to eviscerate Brady.

  16. The 1998 Vikings offense, couped with the ’76 Steelers defense. This assumes that we are playing with today’s rules. In the old days, well, the defense could basically kill the offense. With Randall Cunningham handing off the ball to Robert Smith, or throwing it deep to Cris Carter and Randy Moss, any team would be hard pressed to stop this offense. Too many people forget that for years, while Smith was there, the Vikings were a pretty good running team. The Vikings really missed Smith after he retired. The ’76 Steelers had one of the best defenses in history of a team that didn’t win the Super Bowl. I’m not entirely too sure how’d they do with this era’s rules, though. In the old days, the defense could get away with so much more than they can now. With the front line and linebackers weighing less than today’s athlete’s, they’d have to rely on brute strength, and hope that the offense could run some clock so they wouldn’t wear out late in a game.

  17. thebrotherreport Says:

    Non-Super Bowl Teams A Super Bowl Coache is acceptable.

    If you need help as to what teams were Super Bowl teams here is a link.

  18. thebrotherreport Says:

    Forgive my spelling “coach”

  19. Forget that give me the great Joe Gibbs, the 1986 bears defense and the 1990 bills offense.

  20. I’ll take the 1995 Detroit Lions offense and the 1975 LA Rams… at coach I’ll take Bill Parcells as my head coach, Marvin Lewis as my defensive coordinator Bill Walsh

  21. thebrotherreport Says:

    Boney – James Harris is your QB?

  22. oops, meant to put 1975 LA Rams DEFENSE… Scott Mitchell is my QB if we’re using 1995 Lions, but a 32 TD/12 INT season with 3 wide of in their prime Herman Moore, Brett Perriman, and Johnny Morton along with Barry Sanders is just ridiculous…

  23. 1986 Bears D
    1998 Vikings O
    Don Coryell Coach

  24. Ok guys give me the 1987 49ers offense and the 2002 Ravens defense. AHH…trophy please!

  25. Give me the 1994 Cowboys, offense and defense, but get Switzer off the field. Put Bill Walsh with that Cowboys team, and they definitely win four straight bowls, and they definitely beat this Pats team. They were younger, faster, and just plain better. They fell behind 21-0 in the first quarter at Candlestick, and if Deion gets called for that pass interference on Irvin down the left sideline in the fourth quarter — the one where he held his arm across Irvin’s body and prevented Irvin from lifting his arms to make the catch for the (probable) TD — Dallas wins. Sorry. I… just… can’t…. let it go…..

    If the Pats win next weekend, they are still not the best team ever, just the team that recorded the greatest single-season accomplishment ever. No one takes that ’72 Dolphins team very seriously when it comes to discussing greatest teams ever, and this Pats team, while miles ahead of that Fish bunch, isn’t in the top three all-time. The offenses for the 92-93 Cowboys and the 88-89 49ers would have eaten this Pats defense alive. And that 92-93 Dallas defense was stifling.

  26. I forgot. My coach is still Bill Walsh

  27. The 1974 Oakland Raiders offense

    The 1999 Tampa Bay Bucs defense

  28. Eric Daniels,

    I think my team beats your team. Better offense.

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