NFC Championship: Green Bay vs. New York Giants

We goin’ to the Super Bowl baby!

The Pats are in the Super Bowl awaiting the winner of this game right hurrr.

Show of hands…

Who actually thinks the Pack is going to lose this game?

Is that crickets I hear?

This is one of those crazy games where the talent is almost irrelevant. Talking with a couple of my peeps, I have my conspiracy theories on why….


This game is simple. The Giants will win if they drive Brett Favre to the turf every single chance they get. I’m talking like 15 sacks.

That ain’t happenin’.

Quick points:

Ryan Grant will look to run through his former team and take advantage of the ridiculous weather.

Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw look to pound the rock in conditions not cool for the passing game.

Who breaks the mirror? Green Bay 7-1 at home, New York 7-1 on road.

Green Bay mystique will likely win out and prove too much for Eli to handle as he’ll be facing a defense that will look to prove this squad is more than Brett Favre.

Charles Woodson and Al Harris physical style will stymie the duo of Plaxico Burress and Amani Toomer.

Brett Favre will be magical (did I write that) today improvising all over the field sending Lambeau Field into a raucous frenzy.

Osi Umenyiora, Michael Strahan and co. better control the line of scrimmage or Favre will kill them with rising star Greg Jennings, Donald Driver and Bubba Franks.

Green Bay takes advantage of the minus 1 degree conditions (-23 degree wind chill) and heads to the Super Bowl.

Green Bay 24, New York 17

52 Responses to “NFC Championship: Green Bay vs. New York Giants”

  1. Nicole 10/20 Says:

    Brett Favre irritates me. I bet his ” the kid in me loves this game” act is choreographed just like T.O. and Chad endzone celebrations. In fact if T.O or Ocho had “celebrated” with the official they would have been arrested in the lockeroom, fined and suspended.

  2. ya know what Nicole? You may be on to something….I can see a real keen, shrewd PR person coaching him on that whole routine.

  3. GrandNubian Says:

    If the Giants don’t win this game, Tynes is gonna get the axe….lol

  4. GrandNubian Says:

    OT: Favre throws another INT…..but the Giants are playing conservative. They’ve stopped going to Burress.

  5. GrandNubian Says:

    Tynes has another shot at it in OT… 🙂

  6. GrandNubian Says:

    HE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!

    Giants vs Pats in the SB!!!!!

  7. Will someone please check up on Tiki right now? Please……call him and tell him to put the pills or gun down.

  8. Nicole 10/20 Says:

    THANK GOD!!!!!!

  9. What the hell happened to Favre at half time? I’m 40 years old and I know if I would have came in from that cold at half time like he did I would have gotten a little sleepy. Anyway, Giants deserve it….they should have won it long before. One question….why did the Giants decide not to go to Burress AFTER Al Harris was cramped up?! I think I could have shook him after halftime.

  10. Hey Mizzo….just going over your pregame predictions…..Looks like you were right all along…….about the G-Mens’ running game that is…other wise, I’m still looking.

  11. Old Back Foot Brett does it again.

  12. I thought the fix was in for Farve as most of you have argued?

    As I predicted at SOMM, there was no way the NFL or media elites would allow another fly-over State to get to the Super Bowl again. So, now we have an all East Coast Super-Bow with the upper-class, elitist prep schools going against each other. The referees have have hated the Packers dreaded, tatooed, and trash talking secondary all season. The NFL and Fox and Madison Avenue could care less about an old drunk quarterback, a no name coach, and the youngest team in the NFL to market the franchiese. Plus, who wants to see Al Harris, Charles Woodson, and Atari Bibgy give interviews during Super Bowl week? No one.

  13. HarveyDent Says:

    I really enjoyed this game because I didn’t have any real rooting interest in who won. Once the teams got over the cold they settled down and played while not a perfect game, a darn entertaining one.

    I do know though that teams can’t let Eli hang around because while he doesn’t have the fiery demeanor he will take the other teams’ best shots and still remain standing. Can’t believe I’m saying this but the kid’s a cool customer.

  14. Damn Bosco. Nice to see you on TSF, but chill bruh 😉

    As far as the pick was concerned…I blew that shit on so many levels lol

    Yo brave1 are you that dude that went with me on that doomed adventure to Syracuse University to see some lovelies back in the day in that raggedy ass Chevette?

    Memories huh? That’s what I get for telling my Pop we were going to Temple.


    I was just on Chuck D’s radio show commenting on how no one saw this coming. The Giants passed 40 times tonight Wow. Technology is something. Did anyone notice just how polished the balls were?

    Movin on….

    Go see Cloverfield people. I’ll leave it at that.

  15. I guess you were right Bosco. Dang Brett messed up my prediction.

    And I bet the announcers said that both of Brett’s picks were the WRs fault.

    Anyway I saw the Giants beat the pats.

    He11 at this point I would root for anybody to beat the Pats. LOL!!!

  16. Thank you Giants. The cowboy is gone. At the end of the day he turned back into his old INT. throwing self. SEE YA!

    Hats off to Eli. You did a great job kid!

  17. Miranda,

    Girl… you ar too funny!

  18. HAHA sista Michelle you are a trip. Good thing I don’t work for the mob or I would be sleeping with the fish with my prediction……..LOL!!!

    Those INTs were not Brett’s fault.

    The WRs ran the wrong way.

    Watch Mizzo Brett will be sportsman of 2008 or Tom Brady.

  19. thebrotherreport Says:

    Too bad DMac can’t chime in to tells us how wrong we were about Eli.

  20. HAHA true TBR. Don’t worry Dmac is probably in ELI heaven.

  21. Oh DMac is running to a public library or nearest Kinko’s to chime in later….don’t worry…he’ll find a way! LOL

    Michelle….now you know Tiki is somewhere in a corner in the fetal position bawling! Please…..somebody tell Ronde to call his brother and calm him down!!

    Oh its already started….I heard Brett last night begin his annual hostage takeover of the Packers franchise….will he or won’t he…should he or shouldn’t he……could he or couldn’t he…….oh hell…..he’ll be back.

  22. Sportsman of the Year 2008….? F*ck Favre. Brian McNamee, steroids outer, Clemens killer. B-Mac is a lock. The cover photo will have him holding open a trench coat with syringes stuck in the lining instead of hot Rolexes.

  23. Miranda,

    I know your right on Tiki. If he just would have stayed one more year. DAMN! DAMN! DAMN!

  24. Origin,

    Yes, I’m waiting for the Brett Farve excuses to come.

  25. GrandNubian Says:

    Don’t hold your breath Michelle. You know the MSM love them some “Brett Favre”. 🙂

  26. Can’t tell you how glad I am not to have to hear the Brett Farve (yeah, I spelled it wrong intentionally) fellation for the next couple weeks. And I’m glad for the youngest Manning; that’s a great retort to the doubters. Anyway, I know who I’m rooting for in the SB.

  27. And enough with knocking kickers. People in America who don’t even respect soccer, or rugby, claim that kickers are soft. They can’t do it. Anyway, kudos to the kicker for keeping his head up. More power to him. And I’m wonderin’ if Coughlin’s nose chipped off as he made contact in hugging opponent coaches and refs… nose gets the same way in cold….but that looked bad.

  28. I’m actually kinda wondering myself who’s going to serve up the crow for the people here that said the Giants weren’t anything without Tiki and his big mouth.. and those that also said Eli would never win anything?

    Crowing about how Eli is only in the league because he’s a Manning when really he’s in the league because he has shown he can get the job done. 3rd full year of starting, and he’s helped take his team to the Bowl… not bad.

    The Giants took that game away from Green Bay last night. All GB could do was grab and tackle the Giant receivers before the ball was thrown… the fix isn’t in if the Packers lead the league in Pass interference calls during the regular season… it’s called “living up to expectations” if you do it on the big stage.

    I hope the G-men take down the Pats, but I doubt it’ll happen.

  29. “The referees have have hated the Packers dreaded, tatooed, and trash talking secondary all season.”

    That’s right, the fix was in! Against the Packers! Why, of course! And it’s because their cornerbacks have tattoos and dreads! That clever, evil mastermind that is Roger Goodell. Hey, maybe BusHitler was in on the fix too!

    Oh and all you Eli haters: please, shut up now.

  30. Boney Tiki was the WHOLE squad in 2000. He earned the right to speak. Eli has had ONE good run–not even an entire season.

    I congratulate him for getting to the Bowl (he’s played well in the playoffs, gotta give it to him), but so did Kerry Collins.

  31. Friedman SUSTAIN a conversation. You are the biggest hater TSF has ever seen. You come ’round here only when it suits your ass.

    Write something!

  32. Just pointing out the absurdity in Bosco’s “logic.”

    That is all.

  33. WRITE something!

  34. You talk all this shit. Man up.

  35. c’mon Mizz… you can’t be that blinded by Tiki’s wide smile and his sharp suits, can you? I’m not going to spend a lot of time jocking Eli Manning, but all the howling I read about how the Giants wouldn’t be any good because Tiki is gone and Eli is only in the league because he’s a Manning and then somehow he was listed in with a group of white QBs that somehow weren’t better than Byron Leftwich, that Printers guy from KC, etc.. Jeremy Shockey is out for the season yet the team has won 10 straight on the road. It’s not ALL Eli, but something inside me says the Giants wouldn’t be in the superbowl if Jared Lorenzen was the starting QB.

    Perhaps the best thing that could’ve happened to this Giants’ team is that Tiki’s cancerous words are no longer being said in the locker room in front of his teammates. I think it says a lot that the Giants turned a deaf ear to him after the regular season started. Give credit where credit is due… I never said he was a superstar, I’m only asking how some of you like your crow?

  36. Listen the ONLY reason why the NFC is so foul is because of the Philadelphia Eagles inability to handle their damn business.

    There’s no doubt in my mind–even with an 8-8 record–the Eagles conceivably could be in the Super Bowl.

    Boney maybe you and Friedman would like to do a TSF collabo.

    Goodness! These cats….

  37. “There’s no doubt in my mind–even with an 8-8 record–the Eagles conceivably could be in the Super Bowl.”

    Except that they couldn’t even make the playoffs. Small problem. Oh well, they should have kept Jeff Garcia and put Mr. Over-the-Hill McNabb’s ass on the bench, where it belongs.

  38. Cevidence Says:

    Wow Friedman…you really know how to start an argument huh?

  39. Friedman why does it always seem you are such a primitive step behind?

    What’s Jeff Garcia’s career playoff record?

    What’s Donovan McNabb’s?

    Thought so.

  40. Okay I may have overreached a bit there.

    Still . . . last year, PHI was certainly better off w/ Garcia under center. Just sayin’.

  41. Man whatever. Everyone knows that Reid ditches his 75% passing attack when Donovan goes down.

    We’ve been through this before. You bring up one year like word is bond…laughable.

  42. GrandNubian Says:

    I give a ton of respect to Eli for navigating his team to the SB. But let’s not get carried away here. Eli didn’t win the game by himself, although he played a monster role in the defeat. Someone had to catch the balls that he threw (Burress). Also, without the running game and that defense, the Giants are watching the game instead of playing in it.

    It’s one thing for your QB to get the team the SuperBowl and quite another to win it. Just ask Rex Grossman. Ask Matt Hasselback(sp). Ask McNaab. Ask McNair. Ask Kerry Collins. etc, etc, etc.

    To make a long story short, let’s not put Eli in the class with Montana and Brady just yet. Let’s see how this game pans out.

  43. mizz come on now. You and I both know (or at least I hope) that the Eagles didn’t get it done this year because they couldn’t. Let’s face it, they just aren’t that good. They wouldn’t have handled their business in the postseason… like others have argued, they have no WEAPONS to use besides Kevin Curtis and Westbrook (when/if healthy)

    Nubian, if you’re angling your comment at me, I never said to crown Eli’s ass. I simply asked those that crowed about how he’s only in the league because he’s a Manning how they wanted their crow prepared? That’s all. I saw Eli’s name in a long list of career backups, in comparison to Byron Leftwich who can’t even stay on the field anymore for an entire game, who people were arguing it was somehow racist that Byron Leftwich wasn’t given a fair shake until nearly halfway through the season because he’s so talented. Leftwich gets one more year until he’s deemed a bust, and if he can’t stay healthy on the field then he’s of no use to anyone.

    Eli didn’t put up the gaudy numbers that Peyton did, sh*t, he didn’t even get into a program that was all that great in college. Sure, he’s not as good as his trade demand to NY would have you believe, but he’s above the list of career backups that some of the frequent visitors here would like to compare him to.

    All teams have receivers to catch the passes, even in Philly (sorry Mizz). So the argument of “someone has to catch the balls he threw” is kind of, well, not really weak but there’s not point to it since a lot of teams have guys that will catch the ball. Hell, even FredEx can catch a pass when it’s necessary and he’s now substitute teaching somewhere… Let’s get past all the reasons/excuses why Eli was able to help his team get to the bowl and just admit that he helped his team get there.

  44. mizz, come on now. I try not to be as ignorant as Friedman… I’d love to write a post for TSF, but it would likely be in the mold of the “white boy fraternity” posts that noone likes OR your readers would read it and blast your inbox with complaints…

  45. GrandNubian Says:


    Actually, it’s your argument that is very weak. All teams have receivers to catch the ball but not all teams have GREAT receivers. The Eagles do not have a great receiver and haven’t had one since T.O. It would be interesting to see just how “good” Eli and Peyton are with the Eagles core of receivers.

    It’s funny how all the credit goes out to the QB for putting up the stats and winning the games but the WRs, O-Line and playcalling is barely if not ever mentioned. Hell, the WR is barely even considered for the league MVP. That’s just another example of how “left-brained” this society is.

    The point is this: there is no “I” in team, eventhough there is an “i” in Eli.

  46. Tell ’em bruh. Tell ’em.

    Nah they wouldn’t blast my box, they would blast you. Trust me on that.

  47. GrandNubian,

    The Giants do not have a “great” receiver as Plaxico has shown to be undeserving (so far at least) of the hefty contract the Giants awarded him when he left Pitt. I think it’s great that Plax came up big the other night when it counted, but to see highlights (or lowlights) of his alligator-arming balls in the regular season doesn’t lead me to believe he’s in the top 20 WR in the game today. Perhaps this last performance will boost him up in some people’s views, but it’s going to take more than 1 game from a guy who should be able to catch balls over Al Harris because he has a 6″ height advantage on him to change mine. The defense came up big by making 3 picks, but Eli didn’t (and hasn’t) turned the ball over at all this postseason after LEADING THE LEAGUE in QB turnovers in the first 16 games of the season! The very stat that had the crowers here crowing for his benching because he’s not good, he’s only a Manning!

    Why is it “left brained” to think that the QB should get all the credit? They’ve been getting all the credit ever since statistics have been managed! When Joe Montana left the 49ers, there wasn’t talk about how Jerry Rice and John Taylor were going to hold the team together, it was talk about if Steve Young would be able to get the monkey off his back by filling Montana’s shoes! The QB should get all the credit when a team has success! Without a solid QB running the plays, who’s going to throw catchable balls to Plax/Moss/Welker/etc? You forgot to ask me the effects a poor quarterback has on a team with great wide receivers. I’ll tell you… Roy Williams, Calvin Johnson, Mike Furrey all catch balls when thrown to them, but they can’t catch ones that are thrown to others. If Manning threw 36 INTs this year, he’d be on the bench right? Why? Because he could be the reason why the team isn’t successful! Not because of playcalling/o-line/WR play/insert other legit reason here. He stepped up in a year where Tiki’s mouth started running last season and kept running into this season until the G-Men stood up and supported their QB.

    The arguments of Moss for MVP this season were legitimate until you open up Tom Brady’s stat sheet and see that he’s put up great numbers with poor receivers (unlike McNabb), and you see that by adding true talent only allows for a natural progression in his stats! That doesn’t take away from Moss, it simply shows that the sky is the limit for Brady’s output on the field (of course backed up by playcalling that puts them in a position to succeed!).

    Mizz, c’mon now. You know I’m not attacking you man… lighten up a little. If you want to be that way though, it’s fine… it’s your site. To lump me in with Friedman though is pretty ignorant.

  48. Man I’m chill Boney, just messing with you.

    Has Brady ever thrown 50 tds? Who did almost half go too>

  49. GrandNubian Says:


    Plaxico Burress is a great receiver. As Joey Porter has often quoted, ‘Big time players make big time plays”. Plax has made big time plays on several occasions, even as far back to when he was w/ the Steelers. In case you don’t recall, a few years ago, when Shannon Sharpe was with the Ravens, he referred to Plax as “plexi-glass”. How did Plax respond? He went out and torched the Ravens all-world corners and the Steelers killed the Ravens in that game. Afterwards, Shannon Sharpe said Plax earned his name (Plaxico). The guy is a legitimate number 1 receiver. Disagree if you want, but I won’t argue with you. We’ll have to agree to disagree.

    If you go back and read my post re: Eli, i gave the kid his props. But I also said not to put him in “I AM LEGEND” status as of yet. Let his career play out and then make the call. That’s all i’m saying.

    It’s “left-brained” because it’s based on logic, statistics (ie. mathematics, which is a characteristic of being “left-brained”). Also, just because they’ve been getting all the credit (mostly from MSM) does that make it right? No, it doesn’t. We know that the QB is the leader of the offense (calls signals, manages, etc.) but the QB does not play all 22 positions. It’s a team effort, unlike golf or tennis.

    The QB should get his share of the credit but not all. Eli Manning did a helluva job but he did not win that game on Sunday; the New York Giants did.

  50. Moss played the biggest role of all the NE receivers by helping get Brady to 50 TDs. There’s not argument from me about that Mizz. I’m simply saying, you take Moss out of that lineup and the team is still going to win 13-14 games a season like they’ve been doing. Moss has meant the addition of 2 extra regular season wins and 2 playoff wins, but who knows what the Pats would’ve done considering they’ve been to the Bowl so frequently the last what, 7 years?

    GrandNubian, I get it. I’m not going to argue about Plax because the hype he got coming out of MSU didn’t line up with his output in the Steelers’ system or so far the Giants’ system. Perhaps if he were in a system like NE’s, I’d appreciate it more for him. Also, take into account the fact that the man is 6’5 and as physically blessed as any other WR would like to be, he hasn’t made so much as a blip on the radar of superstardom, or even top 20 WR in my book. I respect his game, but one game out of however many I’ve seen this year doesn’t change my tune on him.

    It’s left brained based on stats, you’re right. But it’s not the MSM that forces a QB down our throats. I grew up playing football and baseball. I played fullback because I was short and stocky, yet in my neighborhood pickup games I played QB because I had the touch and arm strength that was better than the same guys I slugged it out in practice with. The QB got all the glory, while my blitz pickups went unnoticed except by my positions coach. It’s how it is… just like when I played baseball. I pitched and played first base, because I was left handed. The Shortstop gets all the glory in baseball, just like the QB in football. It’s the most important position on that field. What’s the old saying? Kill the head, and the body is dead? I can’t remember… Gerard Warren of the Browns said it back in the day and was fined by the NFL for it… The QB is the “head” and the body is everything else around it. That’s why it’s the most important position on the field to everyone, or at least to people that think that way.

    I know the importance of the other positions, but I highly doubt Matt Gutierrez would be able to throw 50 TDs or even 25 TDs to Moss just because Moss is in the lineup…

  51. Pats receivers are worth more than two or three games. We saw that last year. That’s why they got Welker, Stallworth and Moss. They would not able to beat the Colts, the Bolts (did so thanks to Marty, last year) or probably even the Jags with the receivers they had last year.

    Think about the Pats schedule this year. There are twelve playoff teams the Pats have beaten nine of them (didn’t play Titans, Hawks or Packers)during the playoffs or the regular season. They wouldn’t be able to do it with Brady alone. And certainly not without a top shelf receiving corp.

    Also don’t sleep on Mulroney. The talk was all about you need a run game in January. Guess what the Pats have one.

  52. Oops. The Pats have only beaten 8 playoff teams. They don’t beat themselves.

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