Friday Fire: What Is Your Greatest Sports Memory?

The notoriety and memorable persona of Reggie Jax fueled my sports passion and intrigue.

What did it for you? What athlete or athletic event gave you the sports memory unique?

Too young to remember this blast, but it was a sign of things to come

26 Responses to “Friday Fire: What Is Your Greatest Sports Memory?”

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  2. GrandNubian Says:

    Wow….great topic. There’s so many to choose from:

    For me, it was the Sixers “sweeping” the Lakers and Dr. J getting his NBA title. Very special moment because i was (and still is) a HUGE Dr. J fan.

  3. GrandNubian Says:

    Damn……Reggie knocked the “crap” outta that ball.

    Makes you wonder if he was on the “juice”. 🙂

  4. Easy. Kobe’s alley oop to Shaq in game 7 of the 2000 WCF. I’ve never jumped so high in my life. After 12 years of mediocrity, bad coaching, wasted potential, and last second air balls we were finally back. I slept well that night.

  5. thebrotherreport Says:

    My very first sports memory was with my dad – it was Ali knocking Joe Frazier’s mouthpiece out in Manila

    Easily the Greatest – Cheeks dunking to complete the sweep of the Lakers. I ran out into the street in my shorts, no shirt meanwhile people are shooting into the air.

  6. I was living in Cleveland, and back then I was a Browns fan. I would occasionally look at football, but my attention span as a 5 year old was not all that good. Then suddenly I noticed a certain number 28 on the Vikings. I sat right up and said, Daddy, that man has my name on his jersey. He explained to me that man was Ahmad Rashad (formerly Bobby Moore), and THAT was my official introduction to football. Since my name was being paraded around the football field, I felt it was my duty to not only watched Mr. Rashad, but all the other teams as well. I actually want that picture framed, and put in my house

  7. thebrotherreport Says:

    Now that’s a cool intro into the sport and a lesson at the same time.

  8. gyangstah Says:

    1992 World Series. I was in a club watching the game on a big screen thinking, OK, all we need is a double, Joe. When he hit that walk-off homerun, we all went absolutely nuts. When I say all of Canada jumped with him, it’s not that much of an exaggeration.

  9. Allan Houston’s runner to beat Miami. I spent the rest of the day jumping up and down and screaming like a maniac with my wife.

  10. One of my greatest sports memories that sticks out in my mind is from the 1992 Summer Olympics. The British runner Derek Redmond was in the 400m mens semi-final and he goes down with a pulled hamstring about a third into the race. All the other runners have finished, he gets back up and hops on one foot towards the finish line. With about a third of the track left to go his father jumps out of the stands to help him finish the race. When the security guards come out to escort him off the track he says to them… ‘this is my son, we are going to finish this race together.’ The entire stadium cheers him on until he reaches the finish line.

    I just watched it on youTube and it still gets me teary eyed.

  11. I still remember exactly how I felt watching Flo-Jo run that 10.49 in the Olympic Trials in 88 and I watched Michael Johnson record breaking wins in the 96 Olympics. Regardless of the PEDs controversy surrounding track and field stars, I’ve always been fascinated by sprinters. We all know some kid in elementary school that was soooooooo fast and you swear at that age no one in the whole word could beat that kid!

  12. let me preface my best sports moment with this: I’m born, raised, and living in North Carolina. College b-ball will always be the biggest thing in this state, and my favorite sports memory comes before NC got any pro sports teams. Before the UNC-Duke hype started courtesy of ESPN, when NCSU-UNC was the biggest sporting event in the state. And way before “Personal Fouls” came out and destroyed what was then, the second best b-ball program in the ACC.
    1983 NCAA Basketball Season and the Cardiac Pack –
    Derrick Whittenburg gets hurt in the middle of a good season. Down the stretch, NCSU notches their first victory over the UNC Tarheels with Valvano as coach. NC State had to win the ACC Tournament to even get into the NCAA’s. (back then, it was only 48 teams, and NCSU was the sixth place ACC team). They beat a heavily favored UVA Team with Ralph Sampson. They had to come back to beat Pepperdine and UNLV, and upset UVa to get to the final four. Once there, they dispatched Georgia (and Dominique Wilkins who didn’t go to NCSU b/c Georgia’s coach told him he’d always be compared to David Thompson if he did). Then, the finals. Houston gets the lead late in the second half, but Valvano uses a strategy that involves fouling Houston’s bad free throw shooters. (Remember, back then, you could freeze the ball, no shot clock) NCSU ties the game up. Derrick Whittenburg launches that long two (no 3 pointer back then for the NCAA’s, although the ACC was one of the leagues experimenting with it), and Lorenzo Charles slams the ball through! NCSU wins it’s 2nd NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship! Valvano runs around looking for Sidney Lowe so he could hug him, as was there custom after wins. That made me a Wolfpack fan for life.

  13. Adam V’s 48 yard field goal to beat the Rams in the Super Bowl. Time seemed to stand still for the follwing ten seconds, and it took about that long for it to sink in that the Pats had actually won.

  14. R aka JDubb Says:

    My first moment that truly had me hooked on sports was watching Ali defeat Foreman in 1974 (The Rumble in the Jungle). I was a mere lad but my dad and uncles gave me a love of boxing that continues to this day. I still remember being so afraid Ali would die in the ring. I remember what Foreman did to Frazier and Frazier was the scariest man alive to me back then. The first few rounds, I swear I almost pee’d my pants because I knew; I thought Ali was getting killed on the ropes. “I am like Dad, why don’t he move, why he don’t fight back”, Dad was like , “ he playing possum, just watch and wait”, and by the 5th and 6th rounds I was noticing swelling all over Foreman’s face, Ali was hitting I believe at one time with like 4 or 5 straight jabs to the dome. I was chewing on my pillow, I was grimacing and wincing with every punch; I was shadow boxing with Ali. And with 23 seconds left in the 8th round, The GOAT made his move and like a house of wet playing cards Foreman just folded. I believe it was the last right that Ali threw that has been burned in my memory forever. I can still see the sweat just explode off of Foreman with Ali finishing punch….With that, I was a sports fan for life and Ali fan forever

  15. If I can find the specific pic I will link it somehow

  16. I like Diallo’s, was when the Lakers were completing that huge 4th Quarter comeback against Portland. That was sweet.

    But football is my love, and I hope to see my new favorite sports moment this weekend.

  17. CDM the XXXL Creative Says:

    RASHAD – That’s wsup. I remember when the Vikes usta play in the snow but now that’s telling my age.

    As I am in Cleveland, unfortunately my sports memories are long and pained. The ones that came to mind are:

    Being in a room with Bulls fans as Craig Ehlo drove by MJ for what should have been the winning layup. I remember being swelled up with pride and joy. I knew they would check MJ with a much taller Hot Rod Williams or Brad Daughtery.

    I remember yelling, screaming to the top of my lungs that the CAVS had arrived and we were moving on. PLAYOFF BASKETBALL, is CAV-TASTIC!

    I remember the inbound pass, Ehlo’s drawers on the court along with his broken ankles.

    I remember the net swish and Ehlo slumping on the floor.

    I remember seeing 23’s black fist punching in the air as it punched a gaping hole in my heart.

    I remember the screaming throng of Bulls fans leaving the room in silence as for one second they were sensitive to my obvious pain. All the air left me and the realization that this was the beginning of the Jordan Legacy was totally missed by me.

    Sigh…boy that was almost therapuetic.

    Other pained memories in order of agony: John Elway’s drive. 4th and 21 and he scrambles for 22. God, please keep Marty Schottenheimer out of the league…please? The Fumble. Ugh. Red Right 88. Jose Lima’s Blown save against the Marlins. The Marlins? For christsake.

    The only semblance of joy was when the CAVS ball came up in the draft and they pickt LeBron. Now, I save another hole for when he packs up and leaves for New Jersey or New York, but at least I’ll be prepared.

  18. CDM the XXXL Creative Says:

    My bad, that was Jose Mesa that blew that save. Duh.

  19. thebrotherreport Says:

    I think the Vikes played in old Exhibition Stadium. Dag if any team needs an outdoor stadium it’s the Vikes. That Norsman looks real hot in a climate controlled dome.

    Somewhere Leif Erickson is shaking his head in disbelief.

  20. CDM the XXL, you must not have been pained too much by Jose MESA’s blown save 😉

    My #1 sports moment has to be watching Joe Dumars play in the 1989 and 1990 NBA Finals all the while knowing his father was basically on his death bed. Even moreso in the 1990 Finals because I don’t even want to think about how I’d be able to contribute at my job if I learned my father died while I was thousands of miles away….

  21. Gotta be the Horry 3 vs. Kings in ’02. I love hearing Marv’s call: “Horry for the win….YES!” Me and my brother were jumpin’ around hugging and actin’ the fool for a long time. Wow that was great. Another would have to be when I lived in N. Ireland and Ireland got to the World Cup for the first time in 1990. If you’d wanted to rob a store, during one of the Ireland games would have been a perfect time. No one out…I remember at halftime in one of their group matches I went outside with my brother to kick a ball around….we were near a pretty busy street and there were maybe 8 or 10 cars went by in 10 minutes. We were in N. Ireland but everyone was cheering for Ireland. I remember also when Horry hit that basket I could neighbors screaming, just as we were.

  22. Seeing Magic J go into Philly as a rookie, and play all 5 positions, and with the help of Jammal Wilkes, bitch slapped DJ and the 76ers and took the title.

  23. HarveyDent Says:

    Alright, ‘Hotep, we through after that post but it’s all love…LOL!

    My best sports memory was when the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan beat the Seattle Supersonics for their first title since Jordan’s return from retirement. Like many people then I was more a Jordan fan than a Bulls fan and I didn’t know the things then that I know now about His Airness but that was in the future. The thing that makes this memory so poignant for me is seeing Jordan run to get the game ball and collapse on the floor in a room off the court crying for his father who had been murdered a few years before. This was the first title Jordan had won without his father there for him and the fact that he achieved this milestone on Father’s Day was touching. That touched my heart more than anything right there.

  24. My memory of the Kirk Gibson walk-off HR in Game 1 of the ’88 world series is a little different than most peoples. We moved back to Ireland the previous winter and they had football on TV over there a lot, but finding any baseball was just about imposisible, and hoops was impossible to find then. That’s changed now. Anyway, I guess they played World Series highlights around 3 in the morning over there on Channel 4 I think so I was 13 and my mom (God bless her) woke me up at like 3 in the morning and I went downstairs and got to see that HR.

    Another great moment over there was watching Super Bowl 25 when Norwood missed that FG that allowed the Giants to come away with the win. You haven’t watched a Super Bowl until the game has started at 11:15 at night and the tension reaches a fever pitch at after 4 am.

  25. Had to be the NL Championship series in 92′. Atlanta vs Pitt. It went seven games. Game seven with the braves down 2-1 and bases loaded Bobby Cox decided to pinch hit with a kid named Francisco Cabrera. All the while Lonnie Smith is on the bench and has been killing the ball. I was furious! but when that ball skirted through short and third and the “speedy” Sid Bream crossed home plate I almost came out of my skin!

  26. I have 2. First would be Joe Morgan sending that single softly into center in the 9th inning to beat the Sox in Game 7 in ’75. The second would be in college, when the NBA Finals were not even broadcast live! Had to stay up till the wee hours to watch on tape delay, as my Celtics came from way down to beat Philly in Game 6 and force a Game 7 at the Garden. The irony of the 1st memory is that I now live in Boston, and am a diehard Sox fan.

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