Breaking News: Golfweek Editor Fired For Noose Cover Shot (More to come)

Bad mistake

Power to the people!

We do make a collective difference. Sorry for the anger yesterday. Hope I didn’t offend anyone. I humbly apologize if I did.

Courtesy of Richard Prince (site is temporarily down)

David Seanor fired.

Golfweek apologized Friday for putting a noose on the cover of its magazine to illustrate the controversy over a Golf Channel anchor’s use of “lynch” in a comment about Tiger Woods. The editor responsible for the cover was replaced.

“We apologize for creating this graphic cover that received extreme negative reaction from consumers, subscribers and advertisers across the country,” Turnstile Publishing Co. president William P. Kupper Jr. said. “We were trying to convey the controversial issues with a strong and provocative graphic image. It is now obvious that the overall reaction to our cover deeply offended many people. For that, we are deeply apologetic.

Turnstile is the parent company of Golfweek.

The company said Dave Seanor, the vice president and editor of Golfweek, has been replaced immediately by Jeff Babineau.

Just sent this email from Earl Ofari Hutchinson:

A Statement from Earl Ofari Hutchinson, President Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable on the Firing of Dave Seanor VP and Editor of Golfweek.

On January 8, Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable President Earl Ofari Hutchinson called for prompt disciplinary action against Golf Channel broadcaster Kelly Tilghman for her crack on a nationally televised broadcast that young golfers should “lynch” Tiger Woods. The Golf Channel responded and suspended Tilghman for two weeks.But Golfweek Magazine apparently did not get the message that racially offensive and threatening words will not be tolerated and chose to feature a hanging noose on its cover. Golfweek editor and VP Dave Seanor was promptly fired for this racial insult. We applaud Golfweek for its swift response. The firing again puts editors and broadcasters on notice that racially offensive language and depictions will not be tolerated.

The LAURP Sent a Letter Sent to Golfweek President William P. Kupper, Jr. Applauding his action.

9 Responses to “Breaking News: Golfweek Editor Fired For Noose Cover Shot (More to come)”

  1. Glad to see this site and others like it can make a difference. Only thing I hate, he’ll probably be hired by some other magazine in a small time frame and eventually, everyone will say Golf Week over-reacted to pressure from a bunch of bloggers and special interests groups. The typical things they do to sweep things like this under the rug.

  2. Good………………but Kos is right the fool won’t be unemployed for long.

  3. But hold on shouldn’t some more heads roll. The editor wasn’t the only one who saw this article before it hit the self.

  4. […] competition handled the issue — and finds a vast improvement.   UPDATE!!! — TSF leads me to AP copy saying Golfweek’s editor and VP just got the axe for that […]

  5. Nahh, I think the editor will be the only lamb left to the slaughter. I am already catching flak from some of my more less than pecan brown skin employees saying that Sharpton is always stir up trouble and everyone is making this ant hill into a rollercoaster

    Now only if someone other than Sharpton or Jesse someone who is truly respected in Golf circle would come out and condem the ignorant remarks made the sparked this whole thing who could do it hmmmmmmm

  6. I think Kos is right. The editor may become some sort of free-speech martyr after a cooling-down period, and he’ll get another chance.

  7. Even Imus got rehired, so I think you’re correct. But this picture stirred people more than the original comment by the reporter. Even Mike Greenberg was blasting the decision to print that picture.

  8. They fired the Senior editor but never said who came up with the idea in the first place. I think much like anything else if you don’t go to the root of the problem and just try to band-aid it by getting rid of one person you allow the problem to continue. I am not complaining about the firing though, as he did have last say in the choice.

  9. Mahabon48 Says:

    This is how you know that her statements, or the statements of Imus, or any other commentator are not just a mistake or a slip of the tongue. How many times have any of us heard someone in the media “slip” and say something derogatory about the Jewish people? What if the commentator on the golf channel hd said,” they should take Tiger out back in an alley and gas him like Hitler did the Jews”! She would have been fired instead of suspended. When someone doesn’t value your worth as much as theirs, there will always be these so-called slips! When a nation doesn’t value your worth, there will always be suspensions!

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