This Is Why You Should Have Spoken Up Tiger Woods

Cover story

I sure as hell regret writing my first ever article about Tiger Woods.

So last night I get a text from a writer instructing me to go to and scroll halfway down the page. I smile in anticipation thinking I’m gonna have a funny moment. So I look around the page and get hit by a tank. If this would have been a movie, you would have heard dramatic music where the piano keys are slammed followed by the loud beat of the drum–many drums. My heart began to race and my blood began to boil for I couldn’t believe my eyes. I couldn’t believe a “respected” publication would have the temerity to go there. To explain themselves, the editors of the site ran the cover story on the site after most likely receiving many heated emails. No one does this. Why would folks buy the mag if they could read the cover story online? To chip away my anger, I immediately labeled this a commercial move. So I call the writer and the next thing I know we are discussing slave ships. We are discussing Fuzzy Zoeller….

and Tiger’s cowardly response to someone’s benefit, but not his own.

Then this happens….

Still nothing from Tiger? OK, now we have a big problem. Do all your friends call you nigger to your face Tiger Woods? Remember what Cube spit in True To The Game:

You wanna be just like Jack, but Jack is calling you a nigger behind ya back.”

Still funny? Where’s the Drop Squad?

What would Earl say Tiger? One of my parents is deceased so I can ask you this question. I miss my mother like you miss ya pop, trust me on that.

By not speaking up on this issue when it smacked him in the face, Tiger neglected every Black child who looks up to him with diamond eyes and impressionable minds just to make White kids comfortable. Let’s call a spade a spade and realistically ask what else could it be? How is Tiger defusing anything by not speaking out? He’s also doing a disservice to White kids by not speaking up and fully expressing himself (I know it’s a pipe dream because not many athletes do this).

He also authenticates any racism directed his way present and future by not upbraiding Tilghman immediately and the Golf Channel as well for waiting five days to suspend Kelly.

Who do you think is bringing in the big cash for the entire sport?

What’s it gonna take for you to speak up for yourself Tiger?

Seriously, I challenge anyone White who thinks this is a non issue to speak their mind. I truly welcome your dissent, but you come strong with your words.

His friendship with Kelly Tilghman gave Tiger another excuse to remain clandestine on divisive racial issues. Some Whites say Tiger is a classy guy who is above feeding a racial firestorm like they themselves are the definition of high morality. “Kelly just slipped and made a mistake. She apologized to Tiger so let’s all move on,” some say. Some Blacks say he’s a sellout only interested in making more money (doesn’t he have enough?) and lost a chance to speak to the kid in the hood talented…but alone.

Who is right? Who is wrong?

This whole thing is reminiscent of Tiger friend Michael Jordan’s irresponsible comments during the 1990 senatorial race in North Carolina. Mike had the opportunity to endorse Harvey Gantt, the Charlotte mayor, against the racist Jesse Helms. Why Jordan didn’t publicly endorse Gantt–a dem–we’ll never know. ”Republicans buy sneakers, too,” he said at the time.

Also, why aren’t more prominent Black journalists speaking out candidly? They probably would to this day laugh at a Tex Avery cartoon–something I’m sure Kelly did many times growing up in Mytle Beach.

The joke once again is on us people.

Some ask why is it Tiger’s responsibility? He spends time with charities and gives of himself. Isn’t that enough? This may be true, but when is the last time Tiger came to the hood and embraced children who need his confidence and assurance the most? Our history forces us to carry a responsibility to those who blazed a path crimson drenched with societal humiliation and straight up bullshit hatred. Do pioneers deserve our reverence or are their sacrifices forgotten? How many Blacks were lynched in this country? How many lynchings went unnoticed? The word lynch is so powerful and worse than calling someone a nigger to their face because it conjures imagery of hatred and burning, hanging, shaking DEATH.

Kelly Tilghman knows damn well she wouldn’t have used anything perceived offensive to Jewish folk as easily as the word lynch rolled off her lips live on air–with laughter. You would have seen the cane yank her ass off stage on Youtube a minute thereafter. It’s the comfort that makes Blacks hot. Why are we once again forced to take a back seat on the proverbial bus just so this can become a non issue for Whites who care not? What happens the next time something similar happens? If Blacks speak out on issues that burn the soul primitive, we are pulling the race card?

Fuck that!

Yeah, I’m upset right now!

I could write on this for days, but it doesn’t mean shit if Blacks continue to allow this nonsense to happen. Golfweek made this controversial decision obviously to sell magazines, but it’s way deeper than that isn’t it? I would have loved to been in the board room when the cover shot was discussed–or have any other person of color present–to shoot that shit down and probably get fired in the process. This is why we scream for inclusion. It gives the decision making process objectivity when the lightening strikes the brightest, but….

It’s all about money people…once again at our expense.

Some are criticizing the cover shot. Time will tell if others follow suit right and exact.

What’s going to happen at the Buick Invitational? Kelly’s suspension ended on the 14th, so she’s due to work the tournament. Who representing the media there is going to have the cojones to get right to it? I would love the opportunity to be there and turn some heads with confident and persistent questions anyone in earshot would have to address.

Who else is going to do it?

Scoop’s take on Tilghman.


I had to post this. I bet these clowns loved Glen Dorsey and JaMarcus Russell before him. IMO this is just like posting a noose on the cover of a magazine.

What is this?

161 Responses to “This Is Why You Should Have Spoken Up Tiger Woods”

  1. Here we go again!

  2. Like it or not, Tiger isn’t built that way. Its as simple as that. Maybe later in his life, he’ll be moved to do such a thing, but right now his focus is on golf and family. And there is nothing you, me or even Jim Brown himself can do about it. Plus you have to remember, this was his “friend”, so he was only going to get but so angry. Again, I’m not completely disagreeing with you, but you have to know who you’re dealing with, and after 12 years, Tiger is who we thought he was

  3. Yeah another Uncle Tom. He is who we thought he was! The black struggle is of no importance to him because he doesn’t want to be black.

  4. Ron Mathias Says:

    Rashad is right to a degree. Maybe later in life when he needs help or support from us. Sort of like Michael Jackson when he was being prosecuted and when his CD sales flopped so the label dropped him. Michelle you are right, another Uncle Tom.

  5. Yeap…………….once white america turns there back on him he will come running to use.

    Remember how OJ wanted black folks help and support after white America turned their collective backs on him.

  6. They are talking about this right now on first take

  7. thebrotherreport Says:

    I’m wondering what did Earl Woods put into his son when it comes to having knowledge of self. He looks like he comes from a privledged upbringing and I’m afraid that somewhere along the way since he comes from a mixed background they felt that this lesson wasn’t needed. But looking and listening to his father he seemed like he would’ve schooled Tiger on what to expect from the media.

    Remember Tiger’s first weeks at Stanford were spent with him being called all types of niggers and what not amid hazing and other harassments. That in essence would cause a weaker individual to denounce his race and repress what he went through. It by no means makes it right, it just shows me how weak of an individual he truly is.

  8. Michelle,
    I understand your anger, but do you really think Tiger doesn’t “want to be black?” And if so, how in the world do you know that? Seems to me Rashad has the best angle on this issue.

  9. Finchem–PGA commish–is harshly criticizing Golfweek for the cover. We haven’t heard the last of this story yet.

  10. Rashad that’s not enough. I’m sorry, but with his response, he diminishes every proud soul that was lynched. Harsh words, but damn sure fact.

    When will it end? Blacks are once again getting smacked in the face by the MSM–and laughing their asses off.

    I’m sick of it.

  11. That quote from Jordan was released by Sam Smith and attributed to an unnamed close personal friend.
    Jordan is not known for being controversial, but are we really willing to go on Sam Smith’s words in his book that set out to give the most negative portrayal of Jordan as possible? A book Jordan panned?

    If MJ said it, he was apparently making a joke to a friend. Who among us has not made a joke among friends that might sound bad to the general public? This wasn’t his statment to the media, this was something he said to a friend that Sam Smith published in a book.

    Jordan later donated to Gant’s campaign. So, I acknowledge that Jordan never took a stand in support of black folks, but at least let’s stop using this story to prove that point.

  12. Go tell that shit to Mike.

  13. Go tell Mike what?

    Check the history of the comments. They were documented by Sam Smith in his book and the mainstream media then ran with it.

    After the fact.

    This was not something he said in response to a direct question at the time of the race.

    But people assume it was, and also assume that if Sam Smith wrote it, it must be true.

    Anybody who has followed Sam Smith knows that is bullshit.

  14. “If MJ said it, he was apparently making a joke to a friend. Who among us has not made a joke among friends that might sound bad to the general public? This wasn’t his statment to the media, this was something he said to a friend that Sam Smith published in a book.”

    Sorry Allen, but that’s not a joke I would ever say. I will say this, if this comment isn’t attributed to Mike, then I apologize, but I haven’t heard one Michael Jeffrey Jordan say anything in defense of himself.

  15. Mark,

    You are obviously not black or a Uncle Tom yourself or you would know the answer to your question.

  16. Mizzo,

    Nice article but like Miranda says calm down and go get your blood pressure meds.

  17. Allen,
    While you may question Sam Smith’s motives with regards to Jordan….I don’t question William Rhoden’s at all. His research and breakdown of Jordan (and it amazes me he played like that without an identifiable SPINE) in 40 Million Dollar Slaves is fascinating reading, and has never been disputed.

  18. Trust me I’m trying to. Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

    Tired of the brothas putting their Soul on Ice.

  19. Mr. Rhoden’s book changed me forever.

  20. Mizzo,
    Should be required reading for high school athletes…ALL of them.

  21. To the question of Eldrick’s upbringing, I definitely don’t think Earl instilled a good sense of self in him. He probably was one of these kids who was not sent to his cousins during his childhood.

    Eldrick is from Orange County. I live there now, and the Black population is less than 2%.

  22. thebrotherreport Says:

    19082008 – Thanks for that. 40 Million Dollar Slaves changed the way I look at many of my so-called “heroes”

  23. Brotha Mizzo I agree we keep getting slapped in the face. The reason is a lot of these elite blacks have kissed a lot of tail to get where they are at. And to go against 70% of the population would be to commit financial suicide. Thats why you got c@@ns like Bob Johnson talking noise.

    Thats why I respect folks like Ethan Thomas and Jim Brown so much.

    Money ain’t work your dignity or your peoples.

  24. Origin,

    Don’t forget C-Webb. The MSM hates him and tries to tear him down every chance they get. He’s a brother with a library card (means he’s smart) and he educates black youth about their history and potential. The MSM could never control him and his boys that’s why they hated the Fab Five.

  25. Mizzo,

    I like the Soul on ice comment. I have to use that.

  26. Mizzo,

    After Fuzzy made his comments, there were many in the MSM who
    had the gall to rip Tiger because they felt he didn’t do anything to bail
    Fuzzy out of the jam he caused with his big-ass mouth. I don’t believe
    that Tilghman should have been fired, if dumb comments were grounds
    for dismissal, the unemployment rate would be at 100%, but Tiger is
    grown enough to lay the smackdown on anyone who would nave the
    balls to say dumb shit. What is it gonna take for him to use his pimp

  27. Des,

    Don’t hold your breath. He would have to be proud of who his is in order to care enough to say something.

  28. I’m interested on the cover. No one has really addressed that. I know I’m not getting hot for nothing.

  29. Nicole 10/20 Says:

    In the PBS documentary “Jews In America”, there were many stories about how some Jews totally disregarded their “Jewishness” to better assimilate into American society. They changed their names and celebrated Christian themed holidays, Christmas and Easter. They wanted to be American more than anything else, Jewish included.

    Sometimes it’s easier to observe other cultures and then see parallels than it is to see what is right in front of our faces. I don’t doubt for one minute that Micheal made those statements that are attritbuted to him. He wants to be liked by everybody, not just blacks. He did donate money to Obama’s Senatorial campaign. I live in Chicago and I remember when Juanita was complaining that her sons were being racially profiled in their affluent suburb. He is one major mistake away from truly feeling the wrath of “America”.

    For all of the people who do not consider the remarks racist or the cover unneccasarily provocative : What would qualify as racist to you?
    If she would have said about a Jewish golfer ” they should kidnap him and take him to a concentration camp.” is that not offensive??

    If the cover was “Thown Into An Oven”, would that qualify?
    Everyone knows that we have freedom of speech, but we also know that words lead to action. Remember Jena 6, they hung the nooses and those black kids were not having it.

  30. The cover is in bad taste, to say the least. But like many of the mainstream media of all forms, I am pretty sure they don’t have an AfAm reporter or editor who could stay “stop” or if they have one, that person would not speak up.

  31. thebrotherreport Says:

    Wow Tex Avery? I bet people are still scratchin their heads over that one; that’s some serious hurt bruh.

  32. I used to laugh my ass off at that cartoon until pop set me straight. He also did all the Droopy Dog cartoons that had something racist towards Blacks in most episodes.

  33. thebrotherreport Says:

    Remember how they had the lady on Tom and Jerry speaking in broken english. If you watch those same cartoons today she speaks totally different.

    At the end of the movie Bamboozled it’s amazing how many “big name” actors and actresses used blackface and all of that,. Bing Crosby, Mickey Rooney, Shirley Temple, Judy Garland, that’s crazy man. Chez Whitey can’t get nothin from me but the finger.

  34. Yeah the one with the big booty, slippers and patches all over her socks and skirt?

    That got me hot as a kid–a young kid.

  35. TSF family the best revenge is success. However that success should be on our terms. What 19082008 said about having a Knee-grow on staff to voice dissent is only half right, because that knee-grow will cash his last check.

    The chinese have always had a 50 year plan, and if you observe their movement from the long march to the point where they are telling America Inc. to kiss their asses, you will overstand the necessity of consolidating our economic power and if must…segregate our selves from them bitches!

    Now before you jump on me about that, remember that the greatest period of sustained and collective success for Africans in America Inc. was after reconstruction, when we had to fend for our selves.

    During that period we had an explosion of African business, schools, theaters, restauranst and consistant two parent family structure. Unfortunately we forgot to PROTECT these institution from psychological and physical harm, so they kicked us back into the cotton field.

    I know many, including those who’s opinion I respect, say we don’t have the fire power to sustain a armed struggle, but many nations have overcome great odds in firepower and numbers. African people in America Inc. should realy start re-building our institution for us and be willing to die for it….even more important kill for it!

    I am sorry to come across so strong but I get tired of the shuffling knee-grow act by these entertainers and others who sell out our legacy for a head rub, while they bend over and grab their ankles.

    We don’t even need to reinvent the wheel, just studt Garvey and Elijah and follow how they built their instituions, only we build it with the intentions of ancient Africa……to dominate the world!

  36. Ron Mathias Says:

    I applaud you sankofa. My son 11th grade son was just telling me last night about after the Reconstruction Period. He basically was telling me that We need to take on tht same mentality as those people did in that era. I was shocked that he learned about that in the Georgia public education system. Maybe there is chance for success as a collective people in the near future.

  37. Mizzo –

    The cover is bullshit, 100% and I can’t believe someone – ANYONE – didn’t put a stop to it. This is Tiger’s chance at a do-over, but like everyone here has already addressed, it ain’t going to happen. I don’t know why, I can’t say why, but I just know it ain’t coming…

    I like that Tim Finchem has spoken up about it already and more people need to. I think this is far worse than Tilghman’s comments on air. Not that I don’t think her comment was horribly, horribly wrong – because it was and still is – but sometimes even decent people make horrible mistakes. Howard Cosell was very close with The GOAT, spent years fighting on the side of Black Athletes and even he fucked up with his comments about Alvin Garrett. Not right, but it does happen. This cover is totally different.

    This was thought out and no matter what spin they want to put on it, their main objective is to sell a ton of issues through this controversy and that is more bullshit than any part of this to date.

  38. Michelle,
    Obviously i’m not black or an Uncle Tom. That’s why I asked the question. And I can’t help noticing that you didn’t answer it.

  39. Michelle if I may, mark, Tiger doesn’t want to be “black”, he wants to be a cabalasian, even though his ass would be 911 in your neighbourhood. African people know who is trying to climb the fence to get to the other side, most Anglo-saxons do too.

    If you want to apologise for him get to it, we won’t. All we ask is that if your ass is going to be lynched don’t go tomming into the night. Because what ever Tiger has accomplished, he is still a nigger in some Anglo- Saxon eyes, he is just a scandal or a domestic altercation away from a thug and “see Martha-we just can’t trust – them”

  40. Sankofa,

    Your right on brotha.


    If you don’t know then I don’t have all day to tell you why. Ask someone else.

  41. I agree with Sankofa 100% and it’s time we abandoned the intergrationalist model that has guided black politcal thought for the last 100 years. Tiger Woo is not black to me and never has been, he reminds me of the character “Jane” in Imitation of life who wishes he could be white or thai. Black Folks got played again like in Rhoden’s book 40 million dollar slaves Earl Woods used the African- American community to brag about his brat and abandoned it the minute he won the Masters. It would be more productive for African- Americans to be like Rube Foster and develop our own things yes even professional leagues.

    If we did what the Japanesse , Chinese, and South Koreans did and develop our neighborhoods, buisness, we would make progress instead of this model of ‘race neutrality’ which failed before as Rhoden wrote in 40 million dollar slaves. By doing what people like Cruse, Malcolm and others advised us to do we could lick many of our social problems in a generation or less, or we can continue this self- destructive game of making “CALABASIANS” like “Woo” or Toms like Micheal Jordan whose main contribution is to say or do nothing except “Be Like Mike”.

  42. Spencer what was so shocking about my posts on your site?

  43. LOLOL Tiger Woo will get his “black moment when he hits his “white wife” and he ends up in the paper he will be nothing but a patheic “Negro” like O.J. begging white folks for their love and respect again.

  44. Eric Daniels,

    Tiger doesn’t want to be asian either. I wonder if he was just a little dissappointed when his daughter was born looking asian and black instead of blonde and blue like his nanny wife. I’d bet money he was.

  45. That’s disappointed. You guys know I can’t type, we have been down this road before.

  46. Mizzo –

    I think the ferocity of your responses may have been shocking to some. I tossed a response to your last comment up not too long ago and I think what I have said there is important:

    I think we – the white population – have far less of a history and connection to the word lynch (huge understatement, I know) and therefore we do not fully understand the volatile reaction when it is used and that is not fair.

    That being said, I think Kelly Tighlman effing up and using the word is less offensive than Golfweek using their current cover. Tilghman’s words were unrehearsed, the cover was planned and thought out…

  47. How does death at the hands of Whites go unnoticed?

    That’s an excuse that I will never ascribe to.

    Come with something less superficial. I just don’t understand this switch that some Whites have when it comes to pushing MAJOR issues under the rug.

    What is that? How can you seriously state lynchings conjures images of something else but black folk.

    Read Ralph Ellison’s A Party Down at the Square. That’s what I was referencing when I told you and other Whites to pick up a book and educate yourselves.

    And to think, they call us lazy…

  48. Mizzo –

    The word just doesn’t have the venomous sting to it for whites that it does for blacks is what I am saying. It probably should. I can’t change that it doesn’t though. I know it conjures up the exact images you linked to me and that it is a horrible word in my books, just like this cover is a disgusting image to me.

    Here is the thing – and it is a sad comment on some segments of the white population and the state of affairs of the world as a whole – but there are some people out there who know nothing about lynchings. I live on a closed off little island that isn’t too fond of anyone not from here, regardless of skin tone, and I would bet that they have no clue about the violent history the word lynching connotes for the black population.

    As you said on my site, we don’t have the emotional attachment to the word and therefore we don’t understand the violent reaction. It’s similar to how the word rape gets thrown around and no one bats an eye save for the rape victim and those who have been affected by it.

    You’re wrong if you think I – or all whites – think nothing of the word. I think it is deplorable that Tilghman said it and Golfweek is using an image of it and can assure you that there are a lot of other white folks who feel the same way.

  49. Sankofa says “Tiger doesn’t want to be “black”, he wants to be a cabalasian, even though his ass would be 911 in your neighbourhood.”

    I have no idea what this means. Would you mind explaining it?

    Whom would you like me to ask? I’m sorry I obviously inconvienced you. One of the reasons I come to this site is to learn about issues I’m ignorant of. Being told to “ask someone else” is not helpful. Again, I apologize for trying to discover something I am not aware of.

  50. White Amerikkkans choose to be lazy when it comes to Black Folks Mizzo. I just warn them st8 up “I am not that type of Ni**A you step to with stupid racist igorant- assed BS. And I don’t want to hear you don’t know that many black people because everybody has common sense and I think that White Amerikkkans in this anti- P.C. climate choose to be igorant
    led by people like Rush Limbaugh and other.

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  52. Then why are some Whites scared to speak or speak cause they scared when issues like this arise?

    Don’t come with the standard, “I don’t think that was racism” speech. Come down hard on folk like you all ask us to do about our own.

  53. Some white folks are scared to speak or come down hard for the same reason Tiger is afraid to speak… finances. Very few are willing to bite the hand that feeds them.

    That being said, anyone with a soul, a conscious and a decent bone in their body needs to boycott the hell out of Golfweek for running this cover. No one would let them put a burning cross on the cover or any other violent offensive image, so why is this any different?

  54. Spencer I’m getting two different personalities from you. You slam Scoop’s article, but then you agree with other assessments of the same subject. What did Scoop say so foul?

  55. People are going to Webster’s dictionary, talkin about the meaning of “noose” has nothing to do with black folks, in the comments section of Scoop’s article, I thought brotha hit it right on the head

  56. Think of it this way Spencer…Do you realize how many generations of people never existed because of the senseless lynchings of so many Black men?

  57. for whatever reason, Tiger’s done his best to consider himself “un-black” for a very long time. When it comes to being the first at something, which in turn gets him more praise from his peers, he’ll gladly throw out his black card, but when it comes time for him to step up and make a stand, any stand, he’s silent. Can’t even speak for himself like a man, let alone a black man.

    Remember that commercial where he said “some courses won’t let me play because of the color of my skin”? What happened to that fellow? submerged from within, not even longing for the acceptance from his own people. A third OJ, third Michael Jackson, third Oprah (yeah I said it)

    Betcha he’s looking into bleaching his skin. spent from a lifetime trying to become “one of them” when he already was one. Too bad for black folk, right?

  58. Eric Daniels,
    I’m not sure who you’re talking to, but I’d like to say 2 things. 1, putting “kkk” when describing white Americans is just as offensive as certain words some white folks use to describe black people. 2, if you think all whites follow people like Rush Limbaugh, you’re the one who is quite ignorant.

    As Spencer said earlier, many whites do not use that kind of language or imagery. We are angry when people use terms like Tilghman did. We don’t support using a noose the way they did. Please refrain from making such general judgements.

  59. Hey Mark then speak the hell up then! Why would you want the ignorance of others representing you?

  60. Well Mark, when whites don’t silence whites like Limbaugh, Savage, Buchanon and others and then tell us to tell Jesse, Al, and Louis to “SHUT THE FUCK UP” or we are making racism worse. I am just doing the same thing whites to do us everyday by your media, politics of “your leaders”.

    Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Gloria Steinem, Sean Hannity, Tom Brady, Roger Clemons, Pat Robertson are “white leaders” aren’t they?

  61. “African people in America Inc. should realy start re-building our institution for us and be willing to die for it….even more important kill for it!”

    Wow. This is simply amazing. Is Sankofa – the MOST racist person to ever post on this site – suggesting an all-out race war? Ha. That is some funny shit.

    Sankofa if you want to build your empire, please, migrate somewhere else.

  62. Eric Daniels, Rush has more integrity, intelligence, and patriotism in one finger than the combined wholes of those two dancing clowns, Jesse & Al. Please, do not put them even in the same area code.

  63. rush has more what? Mr. Pill-poppin, Donovan’s only praised because he’s black, head of the KKK? That Rush? Just making sure

  64. Stay the pace people. Friedman is here to derail us yet again. Please don’t let him get you up and arms. Friedman post on the subject please. I’m not going to address you if you don’t so don’t ask.

  65. As for Rhoden, the entire premise of his book is absurd: he is just a race-baiting pseudo-intellectual who wished to cause a stir (hey look! this player making $40 mil./yr is a “slave” because his boss is white!) and apparently it worked.

    Head of the KKK? Ooookay. Hey, how is Sharpton’s drug money laundering doing these days? Still profitable?

  66. Refer to my last comment TSF.

  67. My apologies.

    Mizzo: both the comments by the announcer and the cover of the magazine are condemnable. It’s obvious to anyone with a pulse.

  68. Say that then.

  69. Eric, “Well Mark, when whites don’t silence whites like Limbaugh, Savage, Buchanon and others and then tell us to tell Jesse, Al, and Louis to “SHUT THE FUCK UP” or we are making racism worse. I am just doing the same thing whites to do us everyday by your media, politics of “your leaders”.
    Bro Eric, keep spittin it baby, 100% agreement.

    That noose on the cover of that magazine, is america giving us the finger. They have a white woman talking about lynching a black man, and laughing about it. If you check the accounts, a majority of black men were lynched because of an allegations made by a white woman. Now to rub salt in the wounds they send out the house nigga to tell everyone, it’s not that bad, and the dehumanizing shit we’re seeing is nothing to be concerned about.

    This country has never cared about black people, never ever, ever! They have lynched our men, raped our women, incarcerated our children and these white mothafuka act like they are innocent of all charges. Fuck ’em.

    I’ll be happy to leave this mothafuka. Because I built this shit, I want my repartition, and send my royalty checks to P.O. Afrika….Send me tiger’s share, he has forfeited his rights.

  70. “I’ll be happy to leave this mothafuka. Because I built this shit, I want my repartition”

    Oh, please, tell us all – what did YOU build?

    And if you want to leave, by all means, get the f-ck out! There are about 10 million Mexicans aching to take your spot here this very second.

  71. Fried, your concern is that the check don’t bounce. Biiiiatcheeee!

  72. Tiger Woo should stop playing the ‘race card ‘ himself, in his commericals and everything else. I would rather him say I am culturally Asian and not into African- American or people. Then Woo can live his “Calabasian” life and we can finally get a black golfer who is not only proud to be black but embraces his hertiage.

    Imotep why feed the ” white bastard troll” all he/she wants is attention. And I don’t break federal drug laws like some closeted Homosexual pill- popping dittohead who claimed a boil inside his asscrack (more than likely from getting banged there by some other white consersative) who ducked Vietnam while my Uncle and many of my older friends went and fought for their country.

    I quess being a closet homsexual is a “White Republican Thang” I won’t understand it.

  73. Everyone we don’t mind disagreement, but please refrain from calling anyone posting on TSF out of their name. It’s really important to us. Thanks.

  74. “we can finally get a black golfer who is not only proud to be black but embraces his hertiage.”

    Except that Tiger Woods is not black, he’s half-black, half-Asian. Funny how you want him to fully abandon his Asian heritage and you see no problem with that at all. Hmmm. Is that because you hate Asians?

    Imho, if you want to peace out, I’ll send you the $20 it would take you to set up shop in Mexico and be gone from this BusHitler dictatorship know as AmeriKKKa Inc. You game?

  75. Mizzo, how much longer can you contnue to step in escrement brother? You have the patience of job, ’cause i think right after the last purge, we need some more doodoo eliminator.

    Mark, you say you are not a uncle tom nor anglo-saxon, then pray tell what ethnic group do you belong to? Your answer will fine tune my response.

  76. I hear you brothaman, but from my position if someone makes a comment that’s irrelevant to the conversation, just ignore it. Soon as my tech people are ready the site will take on a different feel.

  77. Freidman —

    Let me ask…have you read the Rhoden book. Because your idea of the premise is off base…..even though to a certain extent it is true.

  78. Could you explain why you think his assertions are true regarding Rhoden?

  79. HarveyDent Says:

    I’m going to play the cynic here and say who really expected Tiger to step up in this instance? I have no problem with him taking a pass on what are deemed controversial issues because to each his own but don’t be ‘Black’ when it suits your purposes because despite what the MSM trumpets we as Black people in America are not dumb to the game.

    Tiger gets no respect from me because people who don’t take a consistent stand for what is right deserve no respect no matter how well they can bounce a golf ball on a club. I always joke that Tiger’s cablinasian ethnicity would do him no good speeding through GA or AL with blonde wife when the cops stopped him because you know what you call a cablinasian in a green Masters jacket? A nigger.


  80. Cevidence Says:

    Mizzo —

    What I meant as being true is the fact that even though a player may be making $40M a year, they can be considered a type of slave.

  81. I thought so. Just wanted you to clear that up for the fam. Thanks.

  82. I wanted to go back to my post about Mike.

    First, Mike is shady for not ever standing up publicly for black folks. That needs to be said, and I’m cool with people disliking him for not doing so.

    My point was that the comment most often attributed to him came from a reporter with a penchant for making shit up who set out to write the most negative book he could about Jordan.

    So, if Mike denies much of what was in the book and points out that he donated to Dents campaign, then I think that needs to be mentioned. Not that it excuses him from not participating in the campaigne the same way he did for Bill Bradley, but I just don’t like hanging folks based on false information.

    It’s kind of like the discussion we had about the Willie Lynch letter in the Great Debaters. By putting that in the movie they passed along a huge myth that doesn’t need to be embraced in order to understand the way the white power structure in this country works.

  83. blackmystory Says:

    Allen are you saying that the Willie Lynch letter is a myth? My friend the Conscious Rasta believes so, and he broke it down systematicaly how and why it was/is a myth, through the language, specific his-storical facts and certain references. I ascribe to it being a myth and I was some what taken back by its inclusion in the movie, but hey! propoganda right?

    It still doesn’t negate in the larger picture, that these acts are documented and followed as a way of creating the servile creature we have today called the knee-grow and it’s bastard child the nigger.

    Just saying!

  84. This is probably a stupid question but….

    First off, I’m with you that what Tilghman said and how she said it is a disgrace; as is the length of time it took for her & her network to apologize, as is the non-response from Tiger & the PGA.

    That said, I’m having trouble seeing the issue with the cover image. (The caption maybe, but not the image.)

    Is it just that we don’t trust their motives? That it must be $$$, it couldn’t possibly wanting to make people actually think about the situation? I think using an image to shock (what I assume is the magazine’s core audience of) dumb rich white people into thinking would be a good thing.

    That the PGA responded to the magazine cover and not the TV comment says to me that what they’re really pissed about is not letting the story die in the MSM, not offensiveness.

  85. David, if you read the piece, it really had nothing substantive to do with the corresponding cover. The cover was actually the cover story. That the art actually was approved is the problem I have.

  86. Eric,
    You named several extremely conservative leaders and Gloria Steinem – not sure where you made that connection. As far as telling them to “shut the fuck up” what do you think liberals do every day? You think we like what those fools say? Why do you think the Democrats won’t even debate on Fox News? Stop this insane lumping all whites together – you get so mad when whites do it to blacks.

    If you took the time to read my post, I was responding to Michelle’s comment word for word. You didn’t even quote me correctly.

  87. Mark I took the time, you said “Obviously i’m not black or an Uncle Tom. That’s why I asked the question”.

    Okay so you are not “black” or an uncle tom, which makes you not… “black”? Therefore what ethnic group do you belong to?

    If you don’t want to answer that, cool, you may want to read my post at 5:30 A.M.

  88. I read both the cover story and the mag’s editorial. They didn’t take a stand on which side was right — whether the reaction was overblown, underblown or blownjustright. But they didn’t ignore the situation and reactions either.

    To me that cover says this is an important thing we should spend time thinking about. Tilghman said something shocking & offensive. The cover gives a visual of the shockingness & offensiveness of her words.

    I’m tempted to compare this to what I’ve read on Spencer’s blog. If I’m reading it right, he asked you why Tilghman’s comments were such a big deal; your response was shocking images. A picture = 1000 words.

    Granted you didn’t put those images on newstands. But isn’t the idea the same: to shock ignorance into thinking?

    What should they have put on the cover instead?

    Would anyone in the MSM still be talking about this if they had put something tamer on the cover?

    If the cover art decision/approval really was a commercial move — it was pretty stupid. Who are they going to win over? How many more copies are they gonna sell? How many more subscribers are they gonna get?

    That’s at least part of the reason I think at least somebody over there actually had good intentions — a shocking way to make people who wouldn’t have pay attention; a way to say this is a lot more important than your backswing or this weekend’s tourney.

  89. David we are not talking about the history of lynchings outside of sites like this. Everyone is talking about the firing. Show me one piece that speaks candidly and with substance about our nation’s past and how we look to the future with sensitivity.

    It’s something we speak of here every day. So….

    You don’t run a noose on a publication whose readership is 99.99999 White without an appropriate story. I’m sorry, but that shit ain’t cool. That story had to be hot for this guy to have a chance and it failed miserably.

    Run Tiger with a rhetorical question attached or something. Dude got what he deserved.

  90. Mizzo, I’ll reveal my adolescent ignorance for everyone to see… As a white kid growing up going to a private school in Arlington VA (for free, because my Dad ran a printing press and did all of the school’s brochures and folders to cover my tuition), I always thought the word “lynch” meant what is commonly referred to now as “jumping someone”. When someone told you to “lynch” someone, you got ’em down on the ground with a group of 3 or 4 and just beat the living hell out of them.

    After my parents seperated and I began going to public school, I learned other meanings to words like “lynch”. In public school I was a part of the most diverse school system in Virginia, and I quickly learned what to say and what not to say (for the sake of being “PC” or simply to not get in a fight you don’t want to be in)…

    When I listen to that woman say “lynch him in a back alley” I take away from it the original meaning of the term “lynch” that I learned early on. That’s not me being supportive of another white person, it’s me simply giving someone the benefit of the doubt. Do I honestly care? Nah, not really because I don’t watch golf and it doesn’t bother me and it appears not to bother anyone that I have asked about it. I understand where you, Allen, Miranda, Michelle, etc are all coming from because it’s a sensitive subject/word to discuss or use considering the history of the country. As I’ve said before, I think it’s time to build for the future rather than continue to bring up the past but I got lambasted for it.

    Tiger Woods is not an “Uncle Tom” for not stepping up to a podium and unleashing a statement from his mouth condemning the words Kelly spoke. He’s not an “Uncle Tom” for not telling the young black child with diamond eyes that what Kelly said is not right. He chose not to get caught up in it, just like he hasn’t gotten caught up in it his entire career. There are more important things to worry about for him it appears than a off the cuff statement by a analyst on a Golf program. I support your guy’s views on Robert Johnson, but to slam Tiger into the “Uncle Tom” category simply because he hasn’t stepped up himself and made a statement is wrong, to me.

  91. thebrotherreport Says:

    But you do agree that somewhere in his career, or life for that matter a line has to be drawn?

  92. If he wants to make a statement, then yes he should draw the line at some point. If it somehow does not bother him and he can live with some people praising his ability to “look past” everything and other calling him a “sell out” or an “Uncle Tom”, then so be it.

    TBR, if it were me I’d draw the line after the publication of the golf magazine and either proclaim that everyone is blowing it out of proportion or I’d say that i’m bothered by the constant discussion of my race. I, personally, would draw the line after seeing the noose on the cover of a magazine.

    Perhaps the general assumption is correct, in maybe that it doesn’t really bother him? Perhaps he feels he’s above the catty nature that the MSM brings to press conferences or locker room interviews.

    I think it does bother him, just like it would bother any black person/athlete that is under the public eye. Had it been someone that he didn’t know? I have no doubt he’d be in a press conference saying something about it, whether on the offensive or on the defensive. This kid went to Stanford, he’s not an idiot (I’m not saying anyone is saying he is, just saying that when he picks a fight to fight, he’ll likely win).

    Ha.. look at me calling him a kid and he’s older than me..

  93. Boney you only say this because Tiger almost exclusively deals with your race.

    When I get the opportunity to interview Tiger Woods–and I will–there’s some questions he has to answer.

  94. Mizzo, I only say it because it’s the kind of person that I am. That’s how I deal with things in my life, I either draw a line and cut things off if I don’t agree or if I can get by without fighting a battle that I don’t feel I necessarily have to fight, I don’t fight it. I don’t care about golf, I don’t care about the success of Tiger Woods, it does not interest me. I said what I said because it’s who I am, not because of who someone else deals with.

    What Kelly said to me is not a fight worth fighting, if she’s his friend/acquiantance. Now if he’s had a history of problems with her, then it is a fight worth fighting. But to him, obviously it’s not that big of a deal… or if it is, it’s not so big that he has to wrap himself up in the gossip that comes after a statement like Kelly’s is made.

  95. I guess going around using your friends in demoralizing references is cool huh?

    That’s foul.

  96. Perhaps this incident, like the Fuzzy Zoeller comments, trigger Tiger to mentally revert back to his 5yr old self…….a scared little nigger tied to a tree.

  97. Sankofa,
    I’m white. I don’t understand why that’s not clear to you. I also don’t know why you keep pushing it – Michelle said it’s obvious I’m not “black or an uncle Tom” and I was confirming her opinion.

  98. I wanted that confirmation Mark, because the the tone of the original question was….

    “Michelle, I understand your anger, but do you really think Tiger doesn’t “want to be black?” And if so, how in the world do you know that?”

    To which I replied “mark, Tiger doesn’t want to be “black”, he wants to be a cabalasian, even though his ass would be 911 in your neighbourhood. African people know who is trying to climb the fence to get to the other side, most Anglo-saxons do too.”

    Then you replied “I have no idea what this means. Would you mind explaining it?”

    and ” Michelle, Whom would you like me to ask? I’m sorry I obviously inconvienced you. One of the reasons I come to this site is to learn about issues I’m ignorant of. Being told to “ask someone else” is not helpful. Again, I apologize for trying to discover something I am not aware of.”

    Okay lesson starts here. When you ask a question, come humble. Don’t be pedantic, sarcastic or duplicitous. This is 2008 in the Roman Calendar, which means you cannot call on ignorance. The world has gotten too small for that.

    911 in you neighbourhood means that a dark skin male would be spotted, tracked and his where abouts radeoed to the local slave catchers -police-, for a quick pick up.

    By implying my sister is being unfair to Eldrick by calling him a Tom, you are saying that she doesn’t know what she is talking about. You see Mark Michelle, I and a few other folks here have seen enough Toms, Uncles, Rochesters and shuffling in our lives we can see them jigging with our eyes closed. My respons to you originally included a clear cut reason why Eldrick does not want to be “black”.

    Finally, while the regulars here can and do defend themselves well, my instinct to protect my sisters is strongest when I feel she, Miranda, Nichole or any other African female is being attacked.

    And to all you all who are dumbfounded regarding the strong reaction by us folks, I have one thing to say….who feels it knows it!

  99. Preach on brothaman!

  100. Nicole 10/20 Says:


    I appreciate your need to defend. It warms my heart. This site can get very heated and sometimes it feels like going to a barbershop. Whenever I go I’m usually very observant and take in the variety of opinions.

    Maybe all this hate is a good thing… people do need to wake up.
    FYI, Huffington Post has a picture of Obama dressed as a pimp and Michelle as a “ho”.

  101. Mizzo

    From your experience in the communication field, don’t you get pissed when many none Africans, not just Anglo -Saxons, often view us as incapable of intelligent or rational thoughts?

    Through out his-story and our story, it is implied that we only can get emotional, as if showing emotions is a bad thing. Still it is often implied that we ONLY get emotional, not intellectual or rational when it comes to issues concerning us dearly. Since our ancestors first hit the ground in bondage, here in America Inc., we’re considered “instinctive” and “reactive”, but never logical. And if one of us ever shows that strange DNA strain we become a …”credit to our race?”

    This shit is so wack our own children believe it. It is also this mindset that clouds dialogue as posters come on up in here, trying to tell us we’re too angrey, or other shit like that.

    This is why can’t hold my tongue, my attitude or my righteous anger, I don’t need any body to like me, but you best respect me or you may end up fearing me. This is coming from 46 years of experiencing, witnessing and fighting Anti-African hatred.

  102. Hey brothaman! This is a voice for you! I feel you so true bruh.

    This is where you can let it all out. I posted three speeches from Martin for the holiday. He’s was an extension of what you speak of and he paid for it with his life.

    For that alone Tiger Woods should speak the hell up!

    We are at a time I feel of new beginning. It is upon us to grab our young folks up and shake them to understanding with the passion of our soul one.

    We no longer can let those who are not with us to beseech beneath us when it’s time to need us.

    I know I’m sick of it. I get on my kids nerves with this shit. They will know what I expect of them every time they see my face or hear my voice.

    I’m tired of the cynicism. I’m tired of negativism. I’m tired of heart and soul silence when it’s time to speak up and help those who need us so so bad.

    Tired of all this selfishness and criticism when people don’t do shit but complain about people holding them back.

    You better git up git out and git somethin 😉

  103. sure youre right!

  104. Nicole says

    “Maybe all this hate is a good thing… people do need to wake up.
    FYI, Huffington Post has a picture of Obama dressed as a pimp and Michelle as a “ho”.”

    SAY WHAT!!!!!!!

    Man this sh%$ got to stop……………..these Good ole Boys and girls have lost their freaking mind.

    As sankofa said it is a war out there. You are either with us or against us. No fench sitting.

  105. Check the video I posted at the end of the piece people.

  106. I can’t believe they’d put that noose on the cover of a national, fairly prominent, at least for golf fans, magazine. As you said, if there was some overt insult to Jews, no doubt she’d be gone. It’s really just disgusting all around.

  107. sankofa says,
    Okay lesson starts here. When you ask a question, come humble. Don’t be pedantic, sarcastic or duplicitous. This is 2008 in the Roman Calendar, which means you cannot call on ignorance. The world has gotten too small for that.

    911 in you neighbourhood means that a dark skin male would be spotted, tracked and his where abouts radeoed to the local slave catchers -police-, for a quick pick up.

    Oh wow, where to start with this? First of all, when I don’t know something, I’m not ashamed to ask. If you thought my asking Michelle what that meant was “pedantic, sarcastic or dupliticious, well, you are simply incorrect. IT wasn’t. Second, it’s pretty arrogant of you to be giving lectures on what folks ought to know. LIke I said, I didn’t know. I was inquiring. She didn’t want to be bothered with answering me. That’s her choice. But I was hardly attacking her. I’m still not.

    As for your second point, don’t you think you might want to find out where I live before making that kind of comment?

  108. Well Mark, if the inquiry IS genuine, then I will apologise for jumping bad. And you are right, I don’t know where you live so it was presumptuous of me to assume your neighbourhood would profile an African.

    None the less the gist of my post stands in my book and I will arrogantly stand on that, and with the recent picture in the Huffington Post about Obama, my position will become even more strident.

  109. Sankofa,
    Apology accepted. I’ve been posting on this site – and Dwil’s – for over a year now. And the reason is because I’m a white liberal history teacher who loves sports, and likes to get a different perspective from the MSM. I am not interested in attacking anybody – except Republicans:) – and so when I ask a question on the site, there’s no hidden agenda. I do like teasing Mizzo about his football predictions – by the way Mizzo, help my Pats by picking the Chargers – but that’s it. As for where I live, it’s a diverse neighborhood of Boston, filled with white, black, Latino and many gay folks. And other than the 5 months of cold and gray weather, I love it!
    What’s the book you’vee written? I’d like to check it out.

  110. Mark I am always cool with real dialogue.

    I have not officially written a book, though my wife has badgered, encouraged and suggested I put all those notes and information in a book form.

    TSF and SOMM are good sites to link to for information, so is COSELLOUT, Temple’s site and others on the side bar. Happy blogging!

  111. Well, the badgering part from the wife sounds awfully familiar…..:) Actually, that’s not fair either. Don’t tell yours or mine I said that. Thanks for the recommendation on Temple’s site. Didn’t know he had one.

  112. Something about all this Tiger bashing seems hypocritical.

    Back in the summer and into the fall, there were myriad complaints posted on this site suggesting that the media were twisting Michael Vick’s life into something it was not. The argument was that the media took one segment of Vick’s life — his criminal activity — and attempted to portray Vick as some underworld dog-fighting don, as a guy who had no redeeming aspects to his life. The threads on this site seemed to suggest that the media were taking yet another opportunity to slay a black man’s reputation over one (lengthy, sustained, and criminal) indiscretion. Nothing, posters here suggested, was being said about Vick’s positive qualities. There were even allusions made to pro-Vick comments from Vick’s former poetry professor at Va. Tech (Nikki Giovanni, I assume). The allusions were along the lines of “See, no one is reporting the good things people are saying about Vick.”

    Yet now, several of those same posters on this site vilify Tiger Woods because he chose to stand up for rather than rail against a friend who said something unbelievably and indefensibly stupid. I wonder if similar reaction would be forthcoming here if Tiger had had the same reaction to a friend who had been black and said something equally outrageous in the opposite direction. Maybe it is unfair that I wonder that, because hypotheticals aren’t really relevant. But I digress….

    What I really wanted to say was put yourself in Tiger’s shoes. Some on here seem to want to laugh at of scoff at Tiger’s chosen racial identity, the “cabalasian” label. My wife is from Thailand, northern Thailand, which is where we reside now. Inher area, the Thais hate Tiger Woods, as do many Thais from the eastern third of Thailand. It is only the Thai in the south who admire him. Thailand is a fractured place where ethnic identity can be a matter of life and death, or at the very least wealth and poverty. Half of Tiger’s bloodline comes from a country where he is hated by two-thirds of the country because his mother is a southern Thai. The other half of his bloodline comes from a country where he is (sort of) hated by those who do not share his skin color. And now, apparently, he is hated by many who DO share his skin color. Tiger Woods was not dealt an easy hand when it came to racial identity. No matter which label he chooses, in whichever country he can ethnically call home, he loses on some front. And, for God’s sake, he is married to a woman who is white and Scandinavian, maybe the whitest people on the planet. Can anyone blame him for ducking for cover when it comes to race? Maybe your fight is not his fight, and that’s his right to make that call. But his fight is certainly not yours, either, and none of us knows what he must go through during the quiet hours when he looksa t his mother, father, wife, and daughter and asks “Just who the hell, and what the hell, am I?”

    Now, I’m no Tiger defender. He has just as good a chance at being a jerk (in private) as any human on the planet, and I certainly do not know him personally. But as a man who was once married to a black woman, and as the father of a bi-racial daughter, and as a witness to that daughter’s struggles against her mother’s family’s only-partial acceptance, I can kind of feel for Tiger. Can anyone just give the guy a break?

  113. Will B

    Tiger is a person of color. He may not like that but it’s true. When he landed on the golf scene and jokes were made about serving fried chicken and greens he said nothing. Lynching is not a joke. Mentioning it a as a joke should rise to the level of insighting a riot when any person of color hears such a thing. Do you think a jewish person would find it funny if she said they should burn Tiger in an oven? People of color are tired of the mockery and the crap. My ancestors built this country without getting paid. They suffered terrorism unlike anyting close to what we see today. The hangings, rapes, murders of all kind. Homes burned and men beaten to death in front of their children. All while white women and children watched in approval. These are Tigers people to. If he calls this woman a friend then maybe he needs new ones.

  114. Will I would say Michelle’s words pretty much sum it all up when it comes to TSF’s vantage point of Tiger Woods.

  115. I’m not defending Tiger’s silence. I’m just saying no one knows what it’s like to be him, and with his hodge-podge racial makeup, it’s understandable that he might have terrific conflicts about just who his people really are. Personally, I wish he had made a stronger statement about the lynching remark. But at the same time, for people on this site to call him some of the worst names imaginable (for a black man) seems a little like not putting yourself in his shoes.

  116. Will B,

    Question for you. Would Tiger, given his appearance have possibly been lynched if he lived 100 yrs ago? HELL YEAH! Nuff said. Please move on to another topic. He is more a person of color then anything else. Hell all black people in the U.S. have some white in us. Damn!

  117. Didn’t want to create a new post for this:

    Tiger calls Tilghman’s remark unfortunate and the backlash media driven.

    Don’t read the comments, you’ll only get heated and end up reaching for dem Miranda/Michelle bp meds.

  118. LOL…those comments don’t even surprise me one bit Mizzo.

    I’m sure Tiger doesn’t make any statement outside of his golf game without a team of PR people approving of it first. I’m curious…his naiveness about the “media driven” backlash aside, I just wonder if anyone in the meeting (cuz you know there was one) even suggested that the “its over, she meant nothing” route, might not be the best way to go. I mean, I know Tiger’s schtick is to be so colorless that he’s clear -well, until golf needs to promote diversity in the sport, then he gets the temporary tan – but didn’t even ONE person in the meeting say “ummm excuse me…..maybe there’s another way to address this.” Nobody?

  119. Miranda,

    in that meeting with Tiger and his people, how many of those people were black? I’d say none

  120. what I mean is, Tiger has no checks and balances. He’s essentially a machine, with no sense of context or pride…I find it surpising that even if Tiger can’t speak up for his people because for fear of losing endorsements, or not knowing what or how to say what he feels about how it relates to US, then why couldn’t he speak up for self? As a man…I’d bet if he had a black wife, she would’ve told him to speak up for himself, instead of having his handlers, who have their own best interests in mind, tell him to “brush it off”

  121. Youngvito,
    Oh, I’m sure there were none…but like the best defense attorneys, the best PR people KNOW how to spin from all angles. That’s what they’re suppose to do.

  122. Its just not in him…its just not. You can keep asking yourself why something didn’t just boil over in Tiger until you lose sleep…but all you will do is lose sleep..its not there, he is detached from that part of his soul.

  123. Will like I said to Boney. With Tiger’s “makeup” why wouldn’t he employ a myriad of races?

  124. ok i’ve been really sick recently. hacking cough, temperature, aches, and general miserableness.

    so what i am about to ask is because i might have been delirious. Did Tiger Woods really say that the backlash over a commentator saying that golf’s young players should lynch him in an alley, which was followed up by a golf magazine putting a noose on their cover, was created by the media? Not the fact that it immediately seemed to be exactly the kind of racist thing woven in deep with the history of golf?

    I don’t fault Tiger for who he married. I fault Tiger for the way he carries himself.

  125. Like TBR said in his piece, you can not forget who you are.

  126. and Mizzo… we are in winter. this friday fire might have to be best winter comfort food.

  127. Man we are tropical people. This definitely ain’t Lambeau Field. Get better bruh soon bruh.

  128. Mizzo, maybe he was never told who he was…maybe Earl Woods never instilled a certain sense of self in relation to black pride other than the fact that no one that looked like him dominated golf…maybe its nothing more than a mask Tiger puts on, so he can be special on the course, but he takes it off in everyday life…who’s his black influence now? If he ever had one

  129. I was born in the Chi, live in NY, and went to school at UM. I know from cold.

    and i’m feeling better. Thursday and Friday was rough though. I thought I had been shot with a blowdart.

  130. He never said shit when he was hailed as the first Black golfer to win the Masters did he–or any other major for that matter.

  131. Man that shit was racist! You’re racist!

  132. huh? what happened?

  133. I was thinking the same thing youngvito… can’t forget what you never knew.

  134. I do remember Tiger thanking Lee Elder when he won that first Masters…I remember because I didn’t have a clue who Lee Elder was myself.

  135. Hi Miranda!

    you gonna watch the debate tonight?

  136. Hey Okori,
    Watching it now!

  137. is Barack wearing a Spiderman tie?

  138. LOL…..maybe his daughters picked it out and he couldn’t say no…LOL…the fashionista in me would have gone with a solid red power tie.

  139. maybe…. a green tie.

    and I think Mr. Obama might be taking a standing eight-count here.

  140. Edwards just stole the round.

  141. Yep.

  142. I get the impression that John Edwards has decided to try and crack open this debate whenever he can.

  143. 27 questions on race and poverty, nary a one on terrorism? Shocking.

  144. charles barkley, michael wilbon, tiger woods all claim friendship with kelly tilghman.

  145. […] all the controversy swirling around Tiger Woods the last couple of weeks he still was able to run through Torrey Pines like Fuzzy Zoeller chasing […]

  146. […] be careful how we assess blame. It’s just a word to some, but conjures despicable images of death to […]

  147. […] what is the difference between the Vogue and Golfweek noose cover? I think the Vogue cover is worse because of the multitude of racist implications […]

  148. Ya must hate your life, worrying about this stuff.

  149. […] I said in the comments…this is the perfected visual of the Vogue and GolfWeek […]

  150. kevin caines Says:

    Every single one of you dumb a*s racist still don’t get it #1 Tiger Woods is not black Borok Obama is not black get over it you whining fu*ks Tiger’s mommy is from tie-land that makes him Asian Borok’s mommy is from Germany you know that is in Europe PLEASE give up the bull shit they are only half black the bad part thank god the good part of these men is the part that makes them great. That is a fact that your politically correct preprogrammed ass can not Deni for the black people that means it is a fact that all your neck shaking head spinning black crap cant change no matter how how hard you try WAKE UP!!!!

  151. Uh….learn how to spell cat and then come back 🙂

  152. You know….it’s all of the above that continually reminds me that the most racist group of people on this planet, are blacks.

    Thanks for the reaffirmation!

  153. Smitty so the cover means or how some Whites trivialize what is an obvious reaction means nothing? GTFOH!

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  155. Why is it that a large percent of black people have to have this it’s us against them attitude. Hopefully that attitude is something you drill into your kids.

  156. correction to my last post. hopefully not, i repeat not something you drill into your kids. enough already!

  157. […] piece was my initial writing published and much has changed since July 20th, 2005. We’ve had our issues with Eldrick and now that he’s truly going through something (impending divorce, separation […]

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  160. breakdown cover comparison…

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