Steroid/HGH Scandal Rocks Entertainment World Update*

Named in report, along with Timbaland, Wyclef Jean, Tyler Perry and 50 Cent

This story was originally published 1/13 in the Times Union and reported by Brendan Lyons. This is an update from the same report we initially posted last night.

This is distressing. If you haven’t already heard, the entertainment industry is being rocked by a steroids/HGH scandal out of Albany New York.

According to this report:

Mary J. Blige, 37
The Bronx native’s first album — “What’s the 411?” — debuted in 1992. Since then Blige has produced seven multiplatinum albums and won six Grammy Awards. In December Blige won nine Billboard Music Awards for her album “The Breakthrough.” Between August 2005 and January 2007 Blige allegedly received multiple shipments from an Orlando pharmacy of Jentropin, a human growth hormone, and Oxandrolone, an anabolic steroid, in orders sent to her at the Beverly Hills Hotel, MGM Grand in Las Vegas, and Clay Gym in New York City.
At least one of the orders was mailed under the name “Marlo Stanfield,” which is the character name of a drug kingpin on the Baltimore-based HBO crime drama “The Wire.”

Blige’s representative did not respond to a request for comment.

Marlo Stanfield? See this is where the story gets sketchy. It goes off the hook for 50…

Curtis James Jackson III, 50 Cent, 32
Jackson started dealing drugs at the age of 12 in Queens but an arrest on weapons and drug charges and a sentence in a shock incarceration program led him to abandon the street life and gravitate to a career in rap music. The stage name 50 Cent, Curtis has said, underscores his effort to “change” his life.

Jackson is alleged to have received shipments of steroids at his mansion in Farmington, Conn. in July 2006 an order was mailed to his residence under the name “Michael Jordan” and also at a residence on Oakmont Drive in Los Angeles. Steroids in his name also were mailed to the office of a Long Island chiropractor.

Jackson’s representative did not respond to a request for comment.

Dude used Mike’s name? Man…WTF! 50 went from J. J. Evans to Jack Johnson mos def, but could he really be that stupid to actually use Michael Jordan’s name? I don’t know about that.

Timothy Z. Mosley, Timbaland, 35
Mosley was born in Norfolk, Va., and began his musical career in the mid-1990s emerging as a top rap artist. Mosley has become a major record producer and two years ago founded his own label, Mosley’s Musical Group. The label’s debut, Nelly Furtado’s “Promiscuous” featuring Timbaland, reached the top of the song charts.

Mosley allegedly received shipments of human growth hormone and anabolic steroids between October 2005 and September 2006 at his Miami residence and at the office of a Long Island chiropractor.

Mosley could not be reached for comment.

Wyclef Jean, 35
Co-founder of The Fugees. The Haitian-born rapper and Grammy Award-winning musician is a producer and self-described social activist.

Jean splits time between New York City and Haiti, where he has spearheaded humanitarian efforts with stars such as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Prescriptions in Jean’s name for human growth hormone and Oxandrolone, an anabolic steroid, were shipped to the office of a Long Island chiropractor in August 2005.

Jean’s publicist declined to comment.

Tyler Perry, 38
An award-winning playwright, actor, director and producer. In 2005 Perry wrote, produced and starred in the box office hit, “Diary of a Mad Black Woman.” Last fall, his television comedy series “House of Payne” debuted on TBS.

Perry’s biography on his Web site touts his rags-to-riches story from being homeless on the streets of New Orleans to now owning a mansion outside Atlanta.

Prescriptions for anabolic steroids and growth hormone were shipped in Perry’s name to his business and studio headquarters on Krog Street in Atlanta in 2005 and 2006. Perry could not be reached for comment.

Now this is one of the craziest stories I’ve ever read. The names included here strike mad curiosity, but why would Mary J use steroids? What’s the benefit? With the exception of Stallone, who has no connection to this report, why are all these entertainers Black?

Sylvester Stallone, 61
Stallone paid a nearly $3,000 fine in Australia in May 2007 to settle criminal drug possession charges after 46 vials of human growth hormone and several vials of testosterone were discovered in his belongings during a customs inspection. Stallone, the chiseled star of the highly successful Rocky and Rambo movies, was in Sydney for a promotional tour. According to the Australian Associated Press, Stallone said he takes human growth hormone regularly because of damaged tendons and thin bones. Stallone has no known connection to the Albany steroids investigation.

Sources: News wire services, Web site biographies, shipping records, confidential sources.

Sly did this for his career. Rocky and Rambo were bigger than life characters created in the comic book superhero mold, so we all knew why he would use PEDs. Man I could care less. To each his own. We’re not here to judge. This story is obviously developing, so we’re sure they’ll be more reported in the next couple of days.

As an aside–I’m speaking for Philly here–we need to tear Rocky’s statue down because we haven’t won jack since it was erected.


56 Responses to “Steroid/HGH Scandal Rocks Entertainment World Update*”

  1. This is so bizarre its not even funny. **IF** in fact the allegations are true, it says a lot about our society. America has become so…..out of control with competition and “being the best” that its causing people to lose their minds to please “us”. I’d never thought I’d see the day when singers were on steroids. Whatever happened to doing it on fried chicken and collard greens like Aretha Franklin???

    It’s not Mary J’s fault, its not 50 Cents fault, its everyones fault.

    It reminds me of a Dave Chappelle joke. (I’m paraphrasing) He mentioned how weird we think Michael Jackson is, and how we make fun of what he did to his face. It’s torn apart, and freakish looking… but in some twisted logic.. he did that to his face for US.

    Somewhere along the line Michael thought it would be a good idea to do that because we would like him more than we did before.

    The same thing can be said about these entertainers… *if* the allegations are true..

  2. what would be the “major” advantage to these musicians and whomever else doing it? Does it make Mary write better, sing better? And if it does, who cares? Are we that obsessed with what everyone else does as far as these things are concerned we can’t go without intruding them?

    Maybe I’m naive, uneducated, ignorant but why is this info relevant to the public? Who is hurting from this?

    If I am wrong, I will gladly retract everything I’m saying, because this is a gut reaction

  3. I wanted to get it out there and document our opinions here. I’m with you. Why is this relevant? Sly Stallone never juiced? So what if he did.

    This is bs!

  4. I’m with you guys. Well, what do you know? In a world of entertainment where true musicianship has been replaced by producer-driven drivel, those whose livelyhood depend on this sort of popularity use substances that will make them more attractive! Wow, how ridiculous is it that that’s even news. This witch hunt is getting curioser and curioser.

    That being said, I absolutely love MJB, she can’t really sing a lick, but her rhythmic sense and willingness to lay her soul bare is stunning. The line of truly great black women singers goes

    Bessie Smith to Billie/Sarah/Ella to Dinah to Diane to Nancy to Aretha to MJB. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

  5. Mizzo, that wasn’t to you. Kudos for embracing this, as we are supposed to create discourse over the topics that consume the public’s time, but why was this brought to the public eye?

    Arrest Arnold and Sly and call it a day…why the hell should what Tyler Perry is (allegedly) taking matter to me or our children?

  6. I think this latest is (a) a sign that America Inc.’s war on drugs is a scorched earth tactic with out end, and (b) from my experience, whenever Anglo-Saxons have been predominently in the lime light for some wrong doing-Clemens, Petit etc, the system always seek out African criminal activities to feel better about themselves.

    But then the last two years has been a concentrated attack on African entertainers. Watch the Pentagon, watch the White House, this is a run up to some form of police state tactic to finalize some neferous end.

    If you follow the trend just in the sports/entertainment field, most won’t see the pattern, but most should feel that the shit stinks to the proverbal high heaven.

  7. I don’t know anymore. You get so inundated, why do I care what people do? Even on growth hormones or ‘roids, you don’t look good by just taking them. I’ve only known a few that have juiced in any form, but that was just part of the process. The other part was working out like a f’ing mad man, and feeding the muscles.

    If they really cared about cleaning up, they’d go bust every person at one of those fitness/body building competitions. Or those people in the fitness mags.

    It has been brought up before (by Mizzo, I believe), but shouldn’t they really start looking at the possible benefits of these things now? I already have a bad knee, and I’m sure I’ll develop other ailments by the time I hit my 50’s and 60’s. It’d be nice if instead of making everything illegal, they actually tried to figure out long term benefits, so quality of life would improve when we get older. I don’t want to be hobbling around when I’m old if I don’t have to.

  8. While I agree with your points gmp, taking credit would be disingenuous. Dwil has done extensive reporting in this regard.

  9. Knew I read it somewhere here.

  10. Brotha Sankofa I couldn’t agree more.
    Remember how america works remember who has always been the face of drug addiction in america???

    People of color.

    Also Stallion did get busted with PEDs for his new Rambo film. But you probably didn’t hear about it……..

    The government is a joke……….worried about entertainers and athletes using Peds and HGH while our kids are drinking milk from cows with PEDs in their system. You know the same Peds that are fed to farm animals to fatten them up.

    You know that meat we buy from Walmart………or the hamburgers we eat at Mcdonalds. But the thugs in the government and the FDA don’t say Jake.

  11. My fault Mizzo didn’t mean to post the Stallion link. I was busy reading the article and doing some work. I must have missed the part where you mentioned stallion.

  12. Doesn’t this remind you of when Huey in the Boondocks was trying to figure out why black movies sucked so bad and he said something like “we’ve witnessed the total destruction of black political leadership, so all we’ve got left is sports and entertainment… and now this. Good to see that America’s racist system continues to find new ways to perpetuate itself.. great. wonderful.

  13. THis is funny….but no one says a thing when an actor goes from flab to fabulous in 3 short months to get ready for a new role? Yeah, Tobey Maguire just cut the carbs and did kickboxing for 90 days…that’s how he went from a scrawny jockey to a buff Spiderman so fast. All the action heros have that uncanny ability….in just a few months, their “determination” and “dedication to the role” wills mad muscle and lost body fat because really, who wants to see a pudgy Ethan Hunt or John McClain?? Yeah…..its just their serious “committment to the craft”….or at least that’s what E! keeps telling us.

  14. Same ole sh.. different day guys. What about our gov. of CA? Just a thought.

  15. This seems like somewhere down the line there going to try to hit them with trafficking steroids. There trying to get to someone else. Who that may be, I don’t know.

  16. Tyler Perry though?

  17. Yeah….Ma Dear is on riods, ok….but anybody with eyes can see that Daniel Day-Lewis has had more body changes than the law should allow with his roles and I know darn well its not just from the Atkins diet.

  18. How would steroids and HGH help Mary J? I’m really curious. Wouldn’t they just make her more manly?

    I’m really confused by this. I can see Timbo and 50 cause they both bulked up like crazy, but I don’t get it with Mary J.

  19. Miranda,


  20. this, as a weightlifter, is a common annoyance.

    For the last time: There are ways, legal non-steroid or HGH ways, to get bigger and more in shape. For instance… If you’re rich like someone is you can literally have a home gym that puts some NFL weight rooms to shame, a personal chef and personal trainer on call, and a room full of supplements that would embarrass a GNC.

    It bothers me when people say that the only way people get in shape is by doing steroids or HGH. i may be naive, and if so that’s cool. I just know I went from a formless fat-ass to a relatively put together guy and I take nothing stronger than multivitamins.

  21. Okori,

    you get results faster with the roids’. In this day of instant gratification, people don’t want to wait for months and change their diet and work out and sweat and sweat. It’s easier to put your body in the steroid microwave and heat it up in 45 seconds than it is to bake it the hard work oven for an hour. Quick, Quick, Quick.

  22. I watched a local news program a year or so ago that had a medical expert on to talk about steroids. they basically wanted someone to talk about steroids and how they harm you. Someone must not have informed him. He got on and basically said that he believes that all athletes who want to use steroids should be allowed to. That steroids can be safe as long as they are monitered by a physician who knows what their doing. He said that it’s the abuse of steroids that cause the problems. They couldn’t scramble fast enough to get to commercial break and end that segment. It was classic.

  23. I really can’t believe Congress is wasting tax payers money with these hearings. The dollar is dropping and people are losing their homes everyday. This is such BS. There are sterorids in football and wrestling but baseball is th focus. Come on. Our gov. is failing us!

  24. I know that. I just expected that people on TSF would know that.

  25. and that reply was directed to V-Man.

  26. Okori,

    How are you? Have you been following the action on the ice?

  27. I’m fine Michelle. and yeah I have a little bit.

    as is my bent I’m more interested in USA Hockey than the NHL stuff. Apparently there’s a feeling that our guys are being coddled.

  28. Sorry to change gears but….The Titans fired Norm Chow and why is Pacman in the news again?

  29. because, apparently, he is alleged to have punched a female district attorney in the face at a nightclub. (Pacman)

    and Norm Chow is rumored to be in the running for the UCLA job.

  30. Leston Green Says:

    I think that this really sad to hear that these artist/producers are using riods…but the fact of te matter is…WHO CARES….i dont know how this would effect there careers…ok they have to look good for their fans…i can understand that, but whats going to happen when they are convicted… their grammys are going to be taken away…i dont think that it should matter….but the person that really surprise me is Tyler Perry now why does he need steriods…who is looking at him…he’s a movie producer, but at the end of the night taking this stuff is wrong…just go to the gym and work out the real way….thats just my opinion

  31. Okori,

    Not much into USA hockey but looks like the Red Wings may be the team to beat this year.

  32. Miranda,

    Our resident informant. Say it isn’t so….Geez!

  33. Leston Green,

    Lol on the Tyler Perry comment.

  34. looks like it Michelle. and i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again: Hasn’t Pacman ever heard of a Blockbuster night? Netflix? 1-Night Madden Tournament?

  35. Okori,

    LOL! At this point I agree.

  36. Not only was Mr. Jones in a strip club….I think its safe to say he’s been to every single one in metro Atlanta…..but the woman he’s alledged to have punched, is a defense attorney….(OK, if you’re like me, my mind immediately veered from Pacman to why was ole girly in Body Tap) – you just can’t make this stuff up.

  37. OK….this was the attorney for Body Tap…this just gets more and more comical. I swear Pacman, maybe you should get hooked on something else, instead of the gentleman’s ballet.

  38. it’s official. Pacman needs a hobby.

    Maybe he should become a pro wrestler. might serve as a good conduit for his aggressions.

  39. This Pacman stuff is crazy.

    Yo brotha Mizzo…………..did you hear mad skillz 07 wrap up??

  40. You know, when I was younger, I had one friend that kept me straight. My common sense friend…

    Pacman really needs a boy with some common sense around him. The guy that says ‘Yo man, I don’t think going to the strip club is such a good idea if you’re that lit.’ or ‘Noooooooooooooo, you dumbass don’t hit that chick, jesus are you stupid?’

  41. Miranda and Okori,

    You guys are right. Pacman, now he just doesn’t get it.


  42. I thought it was hot, better than ‘o6. He dissed a lot of brothas….and sistas.

    Dude could be TPain couldn’t he? Sup with that?

  43. Yeah he sounded just like T-pain. Yeah and on the 06 it was more dissing then anything.

    The 2007 version is much better.

  44. lord knows he’s got free time. figure out something better to do.

  45. Me Brothas and Sistas I am not surprised at all that entertainers used steroids because in today’s “model-like” entertainment industry, the stars have to look like they walked out of a fitness magazine and look the part of the rock star even if they don’t have the songs. When we were kids in the 70’s and 80’s you had to the look and songs to be successful, but Milli Vanilli changed all that when they went 15 times platinum and lip- sycnched their way to the top of the charts and they looked good doing it.

    Even though they were embrassed and had to give back those grammys and it ruined their careers and led to one sucide (Rob Fabus) it made Arista nearly 200 million dollars in record sales and many millions more in merchandise. So the buisness model changed, no more overweight male and female singers like…..

    Luther Ingram
    Luther Vandross
    Ann Wilson

    Or older acts who could sustain a career but young good -looking faces, did you see Mary in 1993 and in 2007? she looks like she went to a gym and got buffed just like Dre, Timbaland, and all the other stars in music today. That’s why Britney looked fat in her MTV performance because now show buisness resembles “Bodybuilding” and you are now supposed to look the part instead of being like Hendrix, Stones, and Prince and be cool naturally just look like you walked out of a gym.

  46. Mr. Daniels:

    read my first comment on this. I’m not repeating myself again.

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  48. Okori did you post this or did Mizzo ? if you did and it was’nt Mizzo I won’t post on this topic anymore because it’s my opinion on the topic of modern musicians, actors,getting buffed for videos and movies. And the use of HGH or steroids to keep up is a legit question in today’s enviroment. I read it on ESPN and the Ap so it’s not surprising and the “I’m not repeating myself is boring.

  49. Okori Says:

    January 15, 2008 at 10:21 pm
    this, as a weightlifter, is a common annoyance.

    For the last time: There are ways, legal non-steroid or HGH ways, to get bigger and more in shape. For instance… If you’re rich like someone is you can literally have a home gym that puts some NFL weight rooms to shame, a personal chef and personal trainer on call, and a room full of supplements that would embarrass a GNC.

    It bothers me when people say that the only way people get in shape is by doing steroids or HGH. i may be naive, and if so that’s cool. I just know I went from a formless fat-ass to a relatively put together guy and I take nothing stronger than multivitamins.

  50. Okori, many body builders use steroids.

    This is a fact.

    Many non-bodybuilders use steroids to get bigger faster cause they don’t want to put in the work

    If someone transforms their body overnight, it would seem like a legitimate assumption that they had some outside assistance.

    Even with personal chefs and trainers.

  51. Allen, many body builders and non body builders do it the natural way. I trained and have trained and there are ways you can look tight and cut or buffed with out enhancement. I think that’s what Okori is saying.

    Not to deny that there is abuse – as stupid as it is- but Eric Daniels also has a point about the motive for these people willing to “look””good. This is a refelcetion of the society on a whole and is one of the reasons why image is everything. The industry can always get guinea pigs top experiment on.

  52. Wow guys! Pictures anyone? LOL!

  53. HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is the most common hormone in the pituitary gland, which is at the center of the human brain.

  54. sorry Michelle. I don’t keep pictures.

    And as usual Sankofa collects my mishmashed points and herds them into exactly what i meant.

  55. steroizi anabolizanti…

    […]Steroid/HGH Scandal Rocks Entertainment World Update* « The Starting Five[…]…

  56. Lowongan

    Steroid/HGH Scandal Rocks Entertainment World Update* | The Starting Five

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