Jack Lambert Was a Monster!

A friend of mine for almost thirty years, Brian Atkins, sent me this video. I was a Steeler fan growing up and always knew Pittsburgh would be alright on D no matter who the Steelers played–well except for those damn San Diego Chargers.

Temple 3 can appreciate this video mos def.

Still to this day most real sports fans can name at least 6 players from the Steel Curtain Defense. O.J. gets slammed and dude from the Los Angeles Rams didn’t want any parts of the ball. He knew he was getting a speed smack!


8 Responses to “Jack Lambert Was a Monster!”

  1. Damn, it’s like Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The Pittsburgh Steelers along with the Yankees and Sixers of the same era are the reason why I love sports.

  3. GrandNubian Says:

    I would have to agree mizzo.

  4. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

    Now all we need is video of Joe Greene punking Dick Butkus.

  5. Man, they let a lot of stuff go back in the day. Lot of taunting and hits to the head that don’t fly now.

    I’m not old enough to have seen these teams. But I did learn something there, don’t f’ with this man’s teamates, he will be there in your ass.

  6. Before migrating to Jets, I was a steelers fan as a kid where everyone seemed to pick the Steelers or Cowboys….

    Lambert, Mean Joe, LC, Jack Ham,Mel Bount, and Donnie Shell are the first 6 that come to my mind…

  7. The six I would name as well. That was crazy back in the day about the Steelers and Cowboys. Good point.

  8. gee do i feel old, jack lambert and randy white of the cowboys are
    my fav. all time players, both teams were great.

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