Andrew Bynum Out 8 Weeks; Alonzo Mourning HAS NOT Confirmed His Retirement

When you finally make up your mind, Be Peace Zo. Thanks for being a true warrior.

Andrew Bynum is out 8 weeks to heal from a left kneecap injury suffered last night. The injury does not require surgery. The full injury is a subfluxation of the kneecap and a bone bruise.

Meanwhile, Alonzo Mourning HAS NOT confirmed what most of us already knew. The Heat are calling this report a mistake.  “I’m retired. This is it for me,” Mourning said. “There’s a possibility that I can explore some coaching opportunities if at the particular time I’m in the right frame of mind.”

The 37 year old Mourning, who is a 15 year vet, tore the patella tendon and quadriceps tendon in his right knee December 19th going up for a block under the basket against the Hawks.

I’m working my contacts to find out what’s really going on.


4 Responses to “Andrew Bynum Out 8 Weeks; Alonzo Mourning HAS NOT Confirmed His Retirement”

  1. I was pretty sure, after seeing how Bynum responded to the challenge of creating his own shot from the block over the past 6 games, that we were the best team in the West and only the Spurs would have a chance in a series against us on our way to the finals. Now we’re F’kd. Bynum needed to get to Tim Duncan level by playoff time and he was well on his way. It is unlikely that he’ll get there this season after missing 8 week, I’m devastated.

  2. You? My Cowboys lose yesterday and now I get this news? This is some ole bullshit!

  3. Damn Diallo! When it rains, it monsoons huh?

  4. Man, can’t no umbrella keep me dry from this shit. Hopefully Kwame can hold it down in Drew’s stead……..HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Sorry, they say laughter cures all ills. They were wrong:)

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