Terrell Owens: “It’s Really Unfair” Somewhere Donovan McNabb and Jeff Garcia Are Rejoicing (Or Not)

There’s no doubt in my mind Sleepy Brown Terrell Owens is being sincere here defending “his quarterback” Tony Romo. That’s not the point. How will the media respond and why couldn’t he have done this for Donovan when he was flying with the Eagles (preferred of course) or blazing stars in San Francisco for Garcia?



Oh and another thing…

Replace Sleepy Brown here with Terrell.

Check the shade switch pimpin’.

How you doin’ Tammi Hotstep? Holla Black.


67 Responses to “Terrell Owens: “It’s Really Unfair” Somewhere Donovan McNabb and Jeff Garcia Are Rejoicing (Or Not)”

  1. I was thinking Joe more than Sleepy Brown..But yeah TO gets no sympathy from me, especially when he ended every interview this past week with get your popcorn ready.

  2. I want to thank all my fans for their cards and letters while I was away…

    And as a Cowboys fan in revolt against the signing of TO, I am overjoyed that we went down in flames yesterday. Until TO is off our roster, I hope we stink royally. Signing a guy who once took a figurative shit in our living room is inexcusable. I would rather lose without him than win with him. And his crocodile tears yesterday were no more sincere than Hillary Clinton’s. Screw TO. I hope his high-ankle sprain spreads to his nuts….

  3. thebrotherreport Says:

    I’m kinda mixed on this, while I found it all kinda funny since I’m not a Cowboys fan. A part of me still wishes he was in Philly crying over a playoff loss.

  4. Will B. –

    ‘Signing a guy who once took a figurative shit in our living room is inexcusable.’

    I asked my boy about that, since he’s a Cowboys fan. How can you root for the fool that did that? But he just wants to see wins.

    I don’t think the tear were fake, and I don’t fault athletes for getting all emotional after a game. I defended LT last year, I defend TO now. I hate to be a hypocrite. I respect any of those guys that can get up after a loss and answer questions on their performance, it can’t be easy.

  5. I support TO. Losing sometimes a part of life and it hurts. This is not the first time TO has shed tears after a football game. As a Niners fan He will always have a special place in my heart. Let’s not forget TO was the first to console Tony when he dropped the ball during last years playoff loss. He has a heart and if you know his life story, you would know of all the difficulty he’s had to deal with since birth. Those of us who have a heart understand that and don’t pile on the negativity. Unlike Will B who is obviously a perfect person who has never annoyed or hurt anyone. DOUBT IT! TO keep your head up continue to support your boy and ignore the judgemental haters. As for DNab isn’t he asking for a good receiver right now? DAH!

  6. Rashad that goes for you to.

  7. HAHA……Sleepy brown. I thought TO looked like Isac Hayes.

  8. thebrotherreport Says:

    One side if his beard looked fuller than the other.

  9. gyangstah Says:

    Funny how we jump on a guy for not being a team guy and once he does what we demand of him, (as in NOT being a cancer in the dressing room) we still jump on him. Hmmm.

    Let’s see what happens if/when Brett Favre loses and he sheds a tear.

  10. He cried after Steve Young saved his ass and changed his legacy. Had he dropped that final pass in the endzone against the Packers, his legacy would not amount to much. Superlative regular season numbers…mediocre post-season performances punctuated by big drops and an exceptional Super Bowl – after which he slammed a QB who threw for 357 yards.

    This from the same cat who made to duck EVERY Pittsburgh and Baltimore Raven defender when he ran over the middle. Owens is no dummy and he knows that some MLBs hit harder than others. His many moments spent looking for a safe place to land in front of Farrior, Foote, Ray Lewis and Adalius Thomas did cause him a moment of pause when questioning McNabb’s heart.

    At some point, your inner child needs to shut the fuck up and give way to the man inside. Until that happens, Romo-whipped WR’s should be neither seen nor heard. Whaaaaa! Whaaaaa!

  11. Why are we talking about TO?
    Isn’t the important news LeBron doing 100 and getting a speeding ticket? I mean, that is hot shit right there, ESPN even devoted time to it, it is that life alteringly important.

    Damn you LeBron, you bad, bad, bad man. How dare you speed?

  12. You guys are awful and cold. Kick a man while he is down why don’t you. TO was pissed at DNab because why he was getting paid and wouldn’t stand up for his other teammates. Now the same organization that he was loyal to is trying to trade him. Remember there were other Eagles who sided with TO in that whole mess. There are 2 sides to every story.

    As for Farve in the SB. I have my revolver ready to take myself out once the lovefest begins. LOL!

  13. That’s while he was getting paid and he wouldn’t. Sorry. You guys know what I mean why am I typing this? Hey Mizzo can we have the end of the year TSF superlatives for 2007?

  14. I feel bad for all of the teams who have lost in the playoffs. Better luck next year guys.

  15. What GMP so Lebron getting a speeding Ticket is whats hot in the streets??

    Whats next report how he got a 650 credit score.

    Man oh man………………black folks behaving badly…..next on MSN.

  16. Origin,

    Your always there to crack me up after working a long shift.

  17. You know it man.

    Even my wife, who really doesn’t notice or care about this stuff, was like wtf?
    Speeding? on the news? Really? they got nothing else? There was no playoff games or anything? No basketball? No hockey? College basketball? Nothing was on? They needed to fill time with a speeding ticket? Really must have been a slow day in sports yesterday.

    I didn’t notice it personally, since I about had a heart attack watching the Colts/Chargers game. But apparently there was no other sports on yesterday.

  18. As an Eagles fan I’ve sung “I Can’t Wait” for awhile now. I do miss the brotha in Philly.

  19. What’s up with Bob Johnson slamming Obama? Talk about black on black crime. I mean he can support any canidate he wants but isn’t this the same guy who sold BET to white people? Now we have to put up with horrible shows like Hell Date and that horrible game show where contestants win 250 dollars? Why did he go after him like that? That was totally uncalled for.

  20. Hilary is shook! She thought it was a wrap because of the Black vote she thought she had secured. Pulling out all the stops.

    Excellent points about Johnson.

  21. Bill Clinton did drugs to so what’s his point? I really don’t care about that stupid stuff.

  22. Mizzo,
    Can we get TSF awards for 2007? I want Sportsman blogger of the year. LOL!

  23. How many times are you gonna say it? lol

    Nice idea. I’m on it.

  24. Mizzo,

    Sorry I’m a little hyper. I just worked a 14hr shift.

  25. thebrotherreport Says:


  26. Nah it’s Ok. Thanks for the idea. We’ll have a special category for you.

  27. The same cat that was mad at McNabb over money actually wanted to replace him with management’s favorite shill – Brett Favre. So when Javon Walker’s time to discuss money came up, you know where Favre was. If TO didn’t like Philly’s money, he could have taken his ass to Baltimore. He and his agent used a risky strategy and TRUSTED management…stoopid shit. Only a true bitch involves the next man in his business to make it alright. Neither he nor Rosenhaus did the right shit. Make it about DMac if ya wanna, but it ain’t really about that.

    Bottom line is that your boy is a work in progress who lacks any semblance of coherence. I guess he’s determined he’ll ride or die with Romo ’cause when puh comes to shove in negotiations with JJ about more loot, TR will have TO’s back – and vice versa.

    As for kicking when he’s down, I can’t feel too bad. He wrote the book on that.

  28. Where the hell is that damn Diallo? Come get ya whuppin bruh!

  29. Michelle before you use that revolver on yourself…please take me first. I’m absolutely depressed at the possibility of the undoubtedly “Rudy/Gen Patton” type bios of Brett Farve over a two week period if the Packers win the NFC. I can’t believe I’m forced to root for the Giants. Lord help me, but Eli better have the game of his life.

  30. Ron Mathias Says:

    Temple3, my sentiments exactly. You got it right my man. That interview after the game just proved he is a soft ass punk deep inside.

  31. GrandNubian Says:

    @Miranda & Michelle…..

    Michelle, i hope that you have enough bullets in that ‘gat’ for me……

    Like Miranda, i’m forced to root for the Giants.

    Damn….it would’ve been nice to have a Jacksonville/Redskins SuperBowl, huh? 🙂

  32. Leston Green Says:

    i dont understand why TO is crying, he’s defending a QB that is the worst he’s ever played for…he could have possibly won a superbowl with the Eagles if he would have kept his mouth quiet…but because he’s of his character as a player he wants everything to go his way…im not taking anything away from the fact that he is the one of the best reciever in the league, but lets face it, he destroys every team he’s played for…and dont be surprised if rumors start spreading about TO demanding more from the team…

  33. Is T.O.’s contract up this year?

  34. Miranda,


  35. I’ll take a whupping…from Pats, Packers, Giants, and Chargers fans. From Eagles fans? Not. Fucking. Likely. If you had won enough games in the regular season to qualify for the playoffs, you may have had a chance to do us some damage. But since you weren’t good enough to make the playoffs, you’re not good enough to clown us. Good luck with Kevin Kolb next year:)

  36. A friend of mine in Dallas says people are losing it……they are in full rage and are just one “its only a game” statement from the wrong person to bring on a full scale riot.

  37. That was mean brotha 😉

  38. Hey man, I bring out the weaponry when I’m backed into a corner:)

  39. 100 mph in a 65 mph zone was broadcast whenever Jose Canseco did it…

    funny how noone mentioned that alcohol was involved just because it happened at what time, 2:30 in the morning? what’s that man doing out so late… on his birthday no less??!!?! (turning off Dave Chappelle white man voice)..

    the humor doesn’t come out as well… but I tried.

  40. LOL Diallo…..I’m a Pats fan, but I’m reserving all my whuppings for my brother inlaw – another Dallas diehard. I wonder what he thinks of Wade Phillips now??!

  41. Boney I remember one time Jose mentioning that he was stopped for speeding as well as Mark all american Mcguire. Yet the cop stopped both of them. Jose got the ticket but Mark got a warning.

    Jose said about this incident that it showed him american racism. That all the fame and money he had he was still treated like a minority.

  42. Yo cowboys fans here in Dallas are crying. Now all of a sudden everybody is all about the mavs.

    I mean are they really surprised. Retread Wade has won how many playoff games before he came here???

    Oh thats right he was 0-3.

  43. And today he is 0-4.

  44. Yeap thats right Miranda…………….0-4.

    Man if I sold prozac here in Dallas. I would make a million dollars by the end of the day.

    Folks on suicide watch here.

  45. Terrel Owens has no pride or balls, what the hell interview was that? Crying like a bitch! I am embarrassed, not for him, but just to see that.

    GMP, congrats man your team came through. If they do the same next week, your gonna have a riot up there in San Diago.

  46. I live in the “D”, not big D so I don’t feel any ill-will toward TO…but what was he supposed to do after the game? Not show remorse? Say, “I got my money, fuck Romo”? Maybe we’re seeing a guy mature before our eyes and we don’t realize it…he does want to win, regardless of the motives, self-serving or not, and he did boo-hoo when he made the catch against Green Bay

  47. What exactly does “crying like a bitch” mean anyway? Just wondering.

  48. Mark, if you don’t know what that means, “It’s really unfair”.

  49. Mark, you didn’t see “Menace to Society”?? No one can see that movie and not forevermore quote Ole Dawg when talking about men crying in public. That is classic. Now Sankofa forgot the “little” that goes right before bitch, so maybe that threw you off! LOL

  50. Boss Hot Sauce Says:

    Here’s the thing. He’s not sincere. He may be emotional. But the only thing that’s changed is that he’s savvy enough to flip the slandering your quarterback script. Just the way he emphasized “my quarterback” smacks of B.S. As though that’s some sacred bond that he dare not impugn.

    We want to be lead to believe that there’s something different about Tony Romo, but if so, what is it? I can’t tell and as far as I’ve heard Owens has never gone on the record to say why he gets along with Romo as opposed to the other two Pro-Bowl QB’s he’s played with.

    Is it Owen’s who’s changed? Perhaps. But, I’m the type who believes that people don’t really change, rather we all have short memories.

    If anything’s different between this stop and San Fran and Philly, it’s that that young Romo defers to The Player. Maybe that’s the kind of relationship that brings a man to tears.

  51. Miranda that’s one of my favorite movies. Larenz came right and exact. I still wonder what kind of affect Pac would have had.

  52. Mizzo, got another one for you. Picture Pac listening to Coltrane, portraying Darius Lovehall, messing around with Nina Mosley (Nia Long) in “Love Jones”

  53. “Is that alright?” Pac would have ripped that role–especially the spoken word scene. I have to give it to Larenz, he was nice in Love Jones.

  54. Mizzo…..Pac? Who’s that?? you mean Bishop?? LOL….It took me a few years before I could remember that was only a character. The same thing happened with Larenz and his Ole Dawg role…up till that point, didnt he have the clean-cut roles and just on TV? Menace to Society was his first film role and goodness….that was just oscar-worthy.

  55. Yes it was. I could watch that movie on a 24 hour loop ala A Christmas Story.

    No you didn’t bring up Bishop. That’s when I was in LOVE with Cindy Herron.

  56. Boss Hot Sauce, you are right, peoples basic personality never change, it’s just that certin circumstances create a particular reaction.

    Terrel Owns is tired, he need to take his tired ass home, or go up in the booth with that coon me-shawn and go buck and shuffle for the minstral show that is sports T.V

  57. Were they really sympathy tears for his “quarterback” or were they sympathy tears for TO cuz his window is closing faster than LeBron’s Mercedes. The end of his career could be a “real” hi-ankle sprain away. How many ankles does this guy have anyway. I know I’m hating but the win against the Cowboys this year was my Super Bowl and the tears were icing on the cake.

  58. Thanks Sankofa-

    I have a rant that wants to come out, but I’m holding it back. Barely.
    By the time Sunday rolls around I’m going to be a mess.

  59. I tend to agree with brave1. While I do think his tears were genuine, Terrell’s past makes all this suspect. He also knows this is most likely his last chance to endear himself with an organization as well as his fan base. Damn I wish I could get that brotha on the TSF mic.

  60. That’d actually be interesting.

    I couldn’t stand TO. I’m not a Philly fan, but I’ve always liked McNabb, and throwing him under the bus pissed me off. Especially after McNabb did all those cheesy interviews declaring them BFF’s.

    But then, after a while, no matter what the dude says or did, it is on TV. TO is on a bike… what does that mean? TO says he doesn’t always stay awake in the film room…. TO farted….

    Enough. I almost (almost, but not quite) have a little sympathy for the man. I also try not be judgmental, as I don’t know how I’d react in the same situation. I don’t think I’d cry like a bitch, but TO has been know to be a bit sensitive over the years.

    Come to think of it, you know, for a guy as sensitive as he is…. hmm, maybe it was the pot calling the kettle black when he went after Garcia?

  61. Couldn’t agree more GMP.

  62. BeeInnReal Says:

    Can’t a BLACK MAN

  63. BeeInnReal Says:

    Can’t a black man show some real emotion without folks callin him a bitch?

  64. Are you serious? It’s not like Romo was catching mad wreck from the media over time. Didn’t they just lose?

    I don’t mind the emotion, it just was grossly misplaced. Terrell is one of the best skill position football players of all time, but damn dude.

  65. I don’t watch football much. But how come the Eagles just waive Terrell Owens? Especially after he lead the Eagles into the Superbowl. Couldn’t they get something for him? How come they couldn’t tade him? I know he was being an ass and everything but so was Ron Artest in the NBA. And at least the Pacers got Peja for him. Why does the NFL just waive? Sorry, I don’t watch the NFL much.

  66. Scottawesome Says:

    T.O. dominates the field. I don’t know why the press gotta come down on him all the time. I ran across a new video he did with Three 6 Mafia. T.O. is real chill – just talking bout rap and football and girls. you gotta see the video – DJ Paul and Juicy J are hilarious: http://tinyurl.com/6qt4ra

  67. […] to show and prove his Black Mustard mettle. We ain’t had his type of swagger since way before Sleepy Brown was crying for Tito to get him some […]

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