Message To Tony Dungy: It’s Alright To Walk Away

Going out a winner regardless

There was widespread speculation last week that Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy was stepping down at the end of this season. With the Colts shocking Divisional Round loss yesterday to the San Diego Chargers, Dungy remains non-committal to his future in Indy.

The Colts front office is aware of Dungy’s son Eric leaving a local Indianapolis high school and enrolling in a Tampa Bay high school where the Dungy’s have a home.

Tony and his wife Lauren have 6 children, their son James died last December of an apparent suicide. Dungy would go on to lead the Colts to a Super Bowl victory, becoming the first African-American head coach to do so.

My message to Coach Dungy is this; It’s ok to walk away now. You’ve secured your place in the history of this great game and there is nothing left for you to prove.

You’ve faced the darkest hours of your life with a dignity, courage and faith that many of us could not have endured.

Joe Gibbs said last week that his one regret as a coach was that his wife had to be mother and father to their children and that he missed out on events in their lives that he can never get back. Gibbs’ 3 year-old grandson has been diagnosed with Leukemia, the realization that his family needs him now more than ever is something that Gibbs’ can no longer take for granted.

Andy and Tara Reid have lived the nightmare of raising drug-addicted children for years now and seem immune to the situation. Reid says that he will not step down because of this crisis. I concur to a point, I think about my own and what would I do. Without a second thought I have to be there for my son – because at the end of the day, it’s his blood on my hands. Sure one day our children become accountable for themselves, but as loving parents we still feel a sense of that accountability also.

These are just two of many cases that go on in the coaching ranks – professional, collegiate and scholastic.

Coach – You have given us more than we could ever ask. You have proven to be a leader of men on and off the field. When your players speak of you only the highest superlatives are used, in their words you can feel their reverence and love for you.

In your book Quiet Strength you speak about how the book came out not long after winning the Super Bowl and how you didn’t want it that way but somehow you said that “The Lord’s timing was right.”

Coach if you’re having thoughts of walking away from football. That may just be the Lord telling you that the time is right.


10 Responses to “Message To Tony Dungy: It’s Alright To Walk Away”

  1. Leston Green Says:

    This is a great article…Tony Dungy is a great coach…in my day in time he is truly one if not the best coach i ever seen at any level…his character as a man and as a coach on and off the field exemplifies his greatness…I feel like he should let football go now…it has been something that has been eating away at him for some time now…Yes, you right Coach Dungy has given football more than enough…and with that being said, I think he should walk away from the game…

  2. I second Leston TBR. Good work. Dungy is one of the best of all time regardless of sport.

  3. I agree, I hope Dungy takes time to be with his family. He’s done enough. Carried himself like a man his entire career and proved you can be a winner while treating players like adults, not overgrown children.

    I always respected that about him.

  4. Good job! Tony Dungy is a class act and one of the best coaches of his era. It’s a shame that he’s never called that but it’s true.

  5. I was disappointed that the Colts lost yesterday because I was hoping for a Colts vs. Patriots super bowl. However, Tony Dungy still finished the season with a playoff game. And more importantly, he finished the season as a great coach who is highly respected by the entire league. This is a perfect time for him to bow out gracefully.

  6. I live in tampa and I think Dungy will give it one more year, he lost his

    no. 1 reciever
    no. 1. middle linebacker
    no. 1 pass rusher
    no. 1 Left tackle to retirment
    no. 1 nose guard

    and still finished 13-4, I think the Colts can win it next year and then Dungy will retire. I may be wrong, but he knows the Pats season was an abherration and they lost in the Playoffs to a hot Chargers team and were in the game til the end. He has nothing to prove but that loss was a bit of a bitter pill.

  7. I agree with some of the comments in this article. Coach Dungy if you can read this, you have been a great inspiration for many of us here in Indianapolis. You have provided a common ground for us here to believe and inspire upon. Your wisdom and founding beliefs have embedded themselves in a contageous manor here in the city and beyond. You and the Colts have given something to this city that we can look forward to every year, another season next year. We can only hope that we as Colts fans, as well as compasionate fans to you, can look forward to your return next year. You are a man that stands by his beliefs and family, and for this you are a great human being. Again, you have been a great role model for me growing up and I as well as every other loyal Colt fan can only hope that your prayers lead you back for yet another season as “our” head coach. I know I will be behind your decisions whatever you choose. Thanks for the great moments, and “hopefully” we as well as the rest of the NFL can look forward to your return as head coach of the Colts next year.

  8. Chris well said. Thanks.

  9. Skip Bayless is a maggot covered pus-filled sore…..and that’s being generous. This transvestite actually blamed Dungy’s “retirement dilemma” on the Colts loss. I realize the E in ESPN stands for Entertainment, but damn, if they just want a sideshow, get a talking horse.

  10. is anything says its time to go its that silly loss yesterday. it said its time to go home Tony, the magic run is over. Time for he and Colts to start afresh.

    Tony Dungy is my alltime favourite NFL coah in 35 years of watching american football. I was hurt and angry when he was fired by Tampa.

    Yet Dungy scaled the heights with Indiana, establishng a record of high coaching excellence in the process.

    Its time to move on and i would be the most happy individual if I see in the paper tomorrow Dungy has called it a day and gone home to his family.

    It is time for Dungy to give back by giving to his family, to ensure they all are safe and grow to be the best they can be….. as the saying goes

    Thanks for many wonderful wining year Tony Dungy. But it is time to go home to family!

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