Divisional Playoff 1/13/08: Indianapolis Colts vs. San Diego Chargers

Will Wayne, Harrison and company get separation from the talented Cromartie?

I’m late on this subbing for TBR. My bad. I have no excuses. Since the game just started, I’ll be brief.

There’s been mass speculation whether Tony Dungy will come back next season. Dungy is a family man first, but he has some work left to do. This is where the loss of Dwight Freeney becomes glaring. These playoffs also give Dungy and his staff a sense of urgency. We’ve heard nothing but the Pats, Pats, Tom Brady, Pats.

Don’t sleep on Peyton Manning and the Colts.

Norv Turner has a lot to prove. He seemed a little too happy last week after defeating a depleted Titans squad.

The heat is on Norv. Whatcha gonna do?

This is the easiest pick of the weekend in my opinion. Say what you will about the Pats, but the Colts are the best team in these playoffs because of the success they’ve had executing a true offensive balance.

Peyton Manning has thrown 8 interceptions in his last two games against the Chargers, but is this an aberration?

He’ll have his usual game today with 320 yards passing, 3 touchdowns and a passer rating over 130.

Joseph Addai will run all over the Chargers defense–set up by the play action pass to a bevy of receivers. Dallas Clark will be very instrumental in moving the chains similar to what Wes Welker does for the Pats. Two contrasting body types and styles, but the same result. Dallas is one of the best at his position.

It remains to be seen what affect Marvin Harrison will have being it’s his first game since October 22.

Reggie Wayne will have his hands full with ridiculously athletic and talented Antonio Cromartie.

On defense we’ll see how the Colts deal with LaDanian Tomlinson–who always has something to prove. It doesn’t come across in his reticent demeanor, but trust it’s there.

He’ll have 80 and a couple finger rolls.

The key to the Chargers success today is how Phillip Rivers will respond with his all world tight end, Antonio Gates, being less than 100% with a dislocated toe. Very painful injury.

Lorenzo Neal has been declared inactive even after returning to practice this week from a broken leg–hence the 80 for LT.

Vincent Jackson and Chris Chambers should have decent games but Marlin Jackson and the incomparable Bob Sanders lay in waiting over the middle. Sanders will also be instrumental in just how much success the Chargers have on the ground.

Shawne Merriman and Shaun Phillips will try to put pressure on Manning. They represent two of the best young and versatile linebackers in the league. Today they would rather rush the passer than dropping back into coverage.

Just like last nights Jags/Pats game, the question is whether the Chargers can consistently execute to keep pace with the Colts.

The Chargers will have success moving the ball but mistakes by Rivers will prove their undoing. I know LaDanian wants another shot at the Pats, but it ain’t happening.

Colts 35, Chargers 26


28 Responses to “Divisional Playoff 1/13/08: Indianapolis Colts vs. San Diego Chargers”

  1. GrandNubian Says:

    The Chargers got robbed on that holding call after the INT returned for a touchdown. From what i saw, the Colts player threw the Chargers player to the ground.

    Anyone else get a good look at it?

  2. Yes, your vantage point was definitely accurate.

  3. The hold was before the Colt player threw him down. It was typical Defensive player holding…sometimes called sometimes not.

    Weddle Had him on the outside of the numbers of the shoulder. Gotta teach your guys on d to hold inside the shoulders.

    MY Question is…Does the crowd noise sound funny or is it just me?

  4. You know, I was just thinking the same thing.

    The noise is more personal in a dome. I experienced this when I traveled to Minneapolis to see the Eagles play the Vikes.

    It’s almost surreal.

  5. GrandNubian Says:


    You’re right. In looking at it again, the hold was before Addai slung him to the ground. Tough break for the Bolts cuz they just scored coming out of the half.

  6. GrandNubian Says:

    The Chargers are doing some of the worst tackling i’ve seen this year. It’s like everyone is either scared to make contact or just going for the strip.

  7. Yo Phillip Rivers is gonna bust a gut.

    Sproles is fast as hell.

  8. GrandNubian Says:

    TD Chargers………


    That Sprowles(sp) kid is fast as hell!!!

  9. Is anyone noticing the whistles when the ball is in the air on kickoffs?

  10. GrandNubian Says:

    Yeah, i’ve been noticing them all day.

  11. GrandNubian Says:

    What kind of “D” are the Chargers playing? lol

    That TD was too easy…..good ‘tight-rope’ down the sidelines.

  12. Eff Ohio State 😉

  13. GrandNubian Says:

    Sand Diego is driving and the Colts’ players look tired.

  14. GrandNubian Says:

    Volek on the sneak!

  15. Hey I Am Beting On The Colts Cause Chargers Have Won Two Games And The Colts Have Only Won Zero In The Plat Offs.

    ( Indianapolis Colts Rock )

  16. GrandNubian Says:

    Chargers pulled the upset????

  17. Wow!

    Is Dungy done?

  18. GrandNubian Says:


    I hope Dungy comes back. I really like him as a coach.

    Dan Dierdorf was pretty disappointed that the Colts lost as evidenced by him riding Mannings sack throughout the entire game.

  19. I guess LaDanian will get another Patriots shot.

  20. Freeney was sorely missed.

  21. Yeah he was. The Colts had no push inside or out.

  22. HarveyDent Says:

    Yeah, right after I big up him last night, Sanders and the Colts go out and lose. Typical.

  23. I’ll say this — The Chargers have been damned good for 2+ months now. I was hating on their personnel a while back, but the addition of Billy Volek was priceless. Michael Turner and Darren Sproles have always been excellent. But the addition of Chris Chambers may be having a double impact: he knows Norv’s offense and he’s a professional. He just might be a contributing factor to the recent emergence of Vincent Jackson (someone found his hands and returned them to him). If Vincent Jackson actually hangs on to the ball, the Chargers could go to another level next season. Rookie WR Craig Davis is going to bust out next year if he can get any touches.

    Should be a great game next week. Give Norm some love for this one. It was a coaching masterpiece to pull out a W without Rivers, LT and Gates on the road.

  24. T3-

    Agree with what you said. Especially Chambers making VJ look good. All you Philly fans should be especially cognizant of what a true #1 does for the other WR’s.

    Now can my boys get a little respect?

    In Indy, against the crowd, against the refs, no LaDainian, no Rivers (for 4th).
    That non trade of Michael Turner in the off season finally paid off. Line came out and played like they did last year for that one game winning drive.

    Man, I was gonna link the Charger song in here for all you guys, but I suck. Anyway, sing with me boys…. SAN DIEGO SUPER CHARGERS!!! You know you want to.

  25. The chargers was just asking for that touchdown to be taken away. The guy from the chargers was holding the guy from the colts by his jersey. I’m glad they did not get that touchdown.

  26. I don’t care, we won. The refs bailed out the Colts on every third down, we won. The refs called nice little holds, whatever, we won. LaDainian goes down in the first quarter, whatever, we won. Rivers goes out, whatever. Still don’t have our all-pro FB playing, whatever. Gates is gimpy, whatever.

    I don’t care, all I know is Colts had no excuses, Chargers had plenty, and for once they didn’t use them.

    Chargers were the better team at home against the Patriots last year. Outplayed them, and somehow lost. I don’t care if the Patriots are better this year. Stuff happens, I’ve seen it, and I seethed for months. I hope every NE fan gets a taste of what I suffered last year. I hope they outplay the Chargers, only to turn around and realize they lost the game.

  27. Has anyone seen the final stats yet… I’m curious how many offensive holds were called against San Diego, and how many against Indy.

  28. warts,brandon marshall…

    […]Divisional Playoff 1/13/08: Indianapolis Colts vs. San Diego Chargers « The Starting Five[…]…

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