Divisional Playoff 1/13/08: Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants

Best believe I’m coming for that ring

The Cowboys haven’t won a playoff game since 1996 because of plays like this:

Today, Tony Romo gets to move on after such a dubious play by leading his team to the NFC Championship against the awaiting Packers.

Does he have it? Is he ready for the big time?

Tony Terrell will give it to you if you choke. Trust me on that.

Terrell Owens returns and will have a big impact on the result. He’s one of the most competitive athletes to ever live you’ll see just how much he wants it today. If he gets off early, he will have a monster day.

Marion Barber starts for Julius Jones because the brotha has proven he deserves to start with his punishing running and boundless energy.

Terry Glenn makes his first appearance of the season and I surmise it’ll take him at least a half to get his bearings.

Patrick Crayton will be a force and Jason Witten will be a big part of the offense from the tight end spot.

On defense Greg Ellis will be tested on the left side by Brandon Jacobs. Jacobs is a big back and will also hit the outside if given the opportunity. DeMarcus Ware will put pressure on the backfield all day long and will have at least a sack and a couple tackles for losses. Roy Williams will supply the speed smacks–if he can stay away from the horse collar that is. Anyone who has the ball better know where 31 is on every play.

If the Giants are to be successful, Eli Manning will have to get the ball in the hands of possession receiver Amani Toomer to set up deep balls to Plaxico Burress.

Dude hasn’t proven to have the heart to get the job done, but he’s definitely going to get his shot today. This is a huge game in the development of Eli Manning.

Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora will be in Tony Romo’s mug seemingly on every play; so we’ll see who has the cojones to stick in the pocket and make the proper throws.

Will Wade Phillips keep his team loose or will Tom Coughlin keep his team too tight?

Many people are predicting the Giants in an upset. Not here.

Cowboys 33, Giants 22


33 Responses to “Divisional Playoff 1/13/08: Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants”

  1. Ron Mathias Says:

    I wonder if TO is gonna call Romo a choker, like he called McNabb?

  2. Ron Mathias Says:

    Mizzo, you got this one wrong baby? Twice. I doubt he goes off on Romo.

  3. I don’t know. Dude wants a ring bad. It’s another lost season for him. Dallas…all that hype…

  4. Romo put himself in the line of fire with all the crap about his girl…then follows it up by throwing the INT to Terry Glenn, who hasn’t played all year, in double coverage since he left the line of scrimmage, AND taking a 14 yard loss when he should’ve thrown it away, AND taking an intentional grounding penalty when it was totally unnecessary…

    While T.O. wanted to get to this Super Bowl so badly, workin his body to the bone and he gets no credit for being a total gamer when it counts, all they focus on is what he says…

    Can’t believe I’m about to say this but Skip Bayless was right about Romo

  5. Too much too soon.

    Brady Favre Super Bowl?

    They’ll title it America’s game.

  6. Ron Mathias Says:

    We will see. What about that pass down the sideline he dropped? Moss makes that catch 99.9% of the time. He also dropped on the other side of the field. You know the old saying, “don’t throw rocks living in a glass house”. I am not saying he not NICE tho. But admit your own mistakes first.

  7. Ron Mathias Says:

    You got that one right my brotha

  8. Ron Mathias Says:

    I told you ! TO is crying on ESPN for his QB

  9. Ron Mathias Says:

    He wasn’t Crying when McNabb played his heart out. Why is he shedding tears, Crying on Espn,because he feels sorry for Romo?

  10. Wow. I’m transcribing this Chuck D interview, so I can’t watch it.

  11. Ron Mathias Says:

    Finish up and then check it out

  12. It’s a monster interview so i’ll be typing all night.

  13. Oh dear God…….a Farve vs Brady matchup in the SuperBowl induces vomiting at the mere thought. I can already see the Oprah-esqe segments with the obligatory lamenting music as the folklore of Farve is told, over and over and over again.

  14. Which one is Captain America? I’m going with Brady. Just because he’s younger.

  15. Oh man, I wouldn’t watch it. I promise you. I can’t stand the slobfest for Brady and Favre, ignoring the other main components of their respective teams

  16. Yes, Brady is Captain America….Farve is GI Joe…..remember, Origin told us this weeks ago!

  17. I could Live with another Brady ring….Brett pulls this out and there wouldnt be enough Tissue for the MSM

  18. HarveyDent Says:

    It’s about to snow tonight but I could only feel warmer if it was the Eagles who beat the Cowboys today. I’ll say it and be glad about it because I don’t like TO, Jerry Jones, or the whole Cowboy organization. Ain’t nuthin’ but pure, unalloyed hate here for America’s Team.

  19. HarveyDent Says:

    I just watched TO’s press conference on WWL…ROFLMBAO

  20. That dude is pathetic.

  21. haven’t seen the presser…was it oscar worthy or was he being genuinue?

  22. HarveyDent Says:

    He was probably being genuine but it’s still funny as hell…give it fifteen more minutes and it’ll be up on YouTube…hilarious

  23. Nicole 10/20 Says:

    Donovan McNabb has been ridiculed and criticized since he became an Eagle. He went to 3 NFC Championship gaames before eventually went to the Superbowl, but T.O decides to cry over Tony Romo because its not fair to criticize him over his Mexican vacation !!!! This is Tony’s second playoff game eva!!!! Are you kidding me!!! Black people will never be united.

  24. Sad and hopefully not true.

  25. HarveyDent Says:

    Romo may not even be Quincy Carter. I’m surprised he lost his composure like he did during the game. Hate to say it but he went out like a little b—h. His #1 receiver though went out like a big ‘ol b—h though and like I said, I couldn’t be happier.

  26. clickmagnet Says:

    Ok, maybe it’s just me, but being a devout Giants fan, I could care less about Dallas.

    It’s obvious (to me) that the Giants get NO RESPECT from anyone in the league. Even after they beat Dallas, all I saw of the game afterwards was all about how Dallas was “shocked”. Who cares???!??? LOL

    It was good to see them eat “humble pie”. That’s what you get when you don’t rehearse your loser speech. Honestly, I was trying not to laugh when TO was crying about Tony Romo being his “quarterback” oh puhleeeezzz…grow up would you?

    Maybe if they weren’t so arrogant going into the game, they might have won.

    Better luck next year, boys!

  27. Hey… Favre/Brady superbowl, nobody wants to see that. Nobody should like Eli.

    This leaves one logical choice, Chargers everyone. Think, believe, if there’s a god, why would he punish the fans of the other 30 teams with more Favre/Brady? Seriously, it just has to be time for the Chargers, they are the least hate-able team left. I’ll make a little room on the bandwagon for you.

    If there is such thing as Karma, then it has to be San Diego. And trust me, I’m telling myself this. I believe dammit. I also believed January 28, 1995…. that didn’t work out so well, but this time they aren’t severely overmatched.

  28. HAHA………………Mizzo like I said The Great American (Farve) vs the New American Team Patriots.

    The Packers will upset the Patriots in the superbowl andFarve goes out like Elway.

    Farve is the greatest american hero.

    Once Farve beats the pats he will win sportsman of the year (08) also.

  29. Romo might not be Quincy Carter? Riiiight…

    Well, we took one in the ear yesterday. I’ve been eating shit all morning, and there’s nothing I can do about it. A magnificent season is ruined. Terry Glenn is like “I had two surgeries for this shit?” In the end, the ‘Boys didn’t make the plays they should have. A dropped TD, an overthrown TD, an offside that kept a scoring drive alive, and too many penalties.

    In the immortal word of Scorpio from Pimps Up Hoes Down, “Now everything didn’t go quite like we planned this year. But we gonna hold our heads up high, and that’s gonna make us champions right there.” Or not.

    At least my Lakers are rolling.

  30. I hope it’s the Chargers v. Giants in the Super Bowl, and Miranda you are right, the Bradyv. Farve kiss assfest will be in full swing by the White Media and their black synchopants touting their toughness.

  31. geri chair…

    […]Divisional Playoff 1/13/08: Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants « The Starting Five[…]…

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