Divisional Playoffs: 1/12/2008 Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks

Green Bay vs. Seattle 4:30 pm FOX

Ok, we’re going to shorten up the chalk talk this week and get right down to it.

This is when we find out if the bye week is a curse wrapped in a gift. And if momentum gained last weekend leads to burnout.

In the case of the Green Bay Packers, who have been on a improbable journey – improbable because not even Brett Favre knew what he had in training camp other than Donald Driver at receiver and a respectable defense. Receivers Greg Jennings and rookie James Jones were solid contributors to the success the Pack had this season. Add a defense that played better than most expected and here they are.

However the most unsuspected contribution came from rookie running back Ryan Grant who became a starter in week 8 and has given the Packers a home run threat in the backfield. Grant averaged 5.1 yards per carry and finished the season with 956 yards.

For all intents and purposes the Seattle Seahawks dodged a bullet last week in defeating the Washington Redskins. Momentum had clearly swung the ‘Skins way but they were unale to convert the botched kickoff into any points, couple that with two interception returns for touchdowns and that’s was your game. Matt Hasselbeck was ok, he didn’t do anything to win the game as much as Todd Collins did to lose it.

The ‘Skins were clearly spent emotionally and were at the point where they could do no more. That’s not an indictment to any player on that team. For them to make the playoffs running on fumes emotionally, mentally and physically is beyond commendable.

The potential for snow and temperatures in the mid 20’s is much different from rain and the mercury in the 50’s. This is Lambeau Field weather where Farve as 7-2 as a starter. The Seattle defense will see plenty of Grant and tight end Donald Lee. Favre will be Favre and throw a pick or two, shake it off, get the win and it’s off to Dallas.

Packers 24 – Seahawks 13


11 Responses to “Divisional Playoffs: 1/12/2008 Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks”

  1. Who cares!

    I don’t like either team. Not even a little.

  2. if you didn’t care then why did you respond twinkle toes

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  4. The Brett Favre legend grows a bit more..I would LOVE a New England/Green Bay Super Bowl.

  5. Yo whassup with the babe in the picture giving Driver’s jawn the middle finger?


  6. roscopico Says:

    How can you not LOVE the Packers. And Rashad, Anything but New England will diminish the glory of the pending WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP for the packers. To Be the best you must Beat the best.
    Giants at Lambeau…. Go Pack Go!

  7. ‘Yo whassup with the babe in the picture giving Driver’s jawn the middle finger?’

    Hahaha… gotta love it. Dude could get any chick in Wisconsin right now… unfortunately, it would be a chick from Wisconsin. Poor GB players.

  8. thebrotherreport Says:

    Now. Now. We all now most women from the Midwest are clean, honest women there’s no reason to think she wasn’t adjusting his cup.

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