Divisional Playoffs: 1/12/08 New England Patriots vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

New England Patriots vs. Jacksonville Jaguars 8:30 pm NBC

The New England Patriots’ true run at immortality begins tomorrow. Nevermind that Bill Belichick’s bunch went 16-0 in the regular season, if the Pats are not picking confetti off of their sweat-soaked faces on February 3rd it was all for naught. They will join the ranks of the 1991 UNLV Runnin’ Rebels, who steamrolled the NCAAs to a perfect regular season only to lose to Duke in the nightcap of the Final Four (And I haven’t gotten over it yet.).

The one thing that may hurt the Pats early could be rust, if Jack Del Rio is smart he will pound the ball relentlessly while taking and occasional shot down field. Ball control is essential here because as evidenced in last week’s win over the Steelers the Jaguars cannot hold a lead mixing it up. If you keep Brady, Moss and Co. off the field you better your chances.

Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor are as good a combination that we’ve seen in a long time. They remind me of Ernest Byner and Kevin Mack of the Cleveland Browns, they have power and speed and Jones has that special teams element working in his favor. Quarterback David Garrard despite his fourth down heroics last week must play error-free football and keep his troops focused for a full 60 minutes.

Brady and Co. will go for the jugular early, there is no reason to get into a potential slug fest with a team as physical as Jacksonville. The Jags in turn have to be careful not to go for the knockout early because if they miss it will be over before halftime (and don’t expect Belichick to put his foot on the brake).

I see a close game either way this goes – I would love for the Pats to go down but at the same time I want to see history. But it is my duty to give you guys a final score so here we go.

The Jags have to run the ball 45-50 times EFFECTIVELY to beat this team with no miscues on defense. If the Jags can keep it simple and mistake free, the Patriots’ luck in close games will run out.

Jags 27 – Pats 24


13 Responses to “Divisional Playoffs: 1/12/08 New England Patriots vs. Jacksonville Jaguars”

  1. TBR Good work kicking these out bruh. Way to have the cojones and pick the upset.

  2. TBR,

    Now this game I like. I would love to see the Jags win. Jack is a young exciting coach and I’m tired of the Pats winning all the time. GO JAGS!

  3. thebrotherreport Says:

    They just have to play smart disciplined football. Use what got them there and don’t try anything different.

  4. Finally, someone else who feels my UNLV pain. I’m still not over it myself. Not trying to jack the thread either, but I guess you can tell, it’s a demon I still can’t seem to exorcise. Anytime the UNLV topic is mentioned, I get all batty!! My Bad.

  5. This is a fairytale.

    Belichick v Del Rio? Brady v Garrard? Pats at home? The Jags have no chance here, none. Belichick is going to take away the run and force Garrard into beating them, who will in turn throw two INTs which will lead to NE points.

    Big Ben and that average PIT offense moved the ball with ease against this JAX defense last week, what do you think the greatest offense of all-time is going to do?

    Pats 38, Jags 21.

  6. Thanks a bunch Mizzo. First time in my life I agree with Friedman. Anyway, if Mizzo’s picking somebody, it’s usually curtains for them:)

  7. Damn Mark you’re mean 😉 It’s not even my post. I do agree with TBR though.

  8. The Blacksonville Jaguars?

  9. The fix is in Mizzo…………yeah I said it. Only the packers or colts will beat the pats.

    So either the pats lose to the colts next week…..or the packers beat the cowboys at home next week and beat the pats in the superbowl.

  10. Man that would be disgusting. I hope you’re not right bruh, I hope you’re not right.

    Sounds old school doesn’t it T?

  11. I like the Pats to blow these dudes out. I still think the Colts will beat the Pats with Addai having another big game — and with Harrison catching balls that young Gonzalez could not. It’ll be tough without Freeney, but TD will have a wrinkle.

  12. I am picking the winner of the Seahawks – Packers game as the Super Bowl NFC representative and the Winner of the Chargers Colts game as the AFC rep. The Jags will win but keep an eye on TOP and defense, if the Jas control the ball for 36-40 minutes they will win. And you are right Mizzo, the Pats have to either blow them out quickly by halftime because their run of luck winning late will fail them tonite.

  13. Origin, w/ his delusional conspiracy theories about “fixes.”

    When the Pats win by 17 what will be the excuse then?

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