Friday Fire 3: Should Alonzo Mourning and Warren Sapp Be Inducted Into Their Respective Hall of Fames?

One more question raised by CinQue:

Warren Sapp called it a career after 12 seasons. He was a Defensive Player of the Year in 1999, a member of the 90’s All Decade Team and played in 7 Pro Bowls. Rushing the passer, he was tenacious and was in your ear hole telling you about it. Here he’s giving it to former Green Bay head coach Mike Sherman as a member of the Tampa Bay Bucs in 2002. Look at Sherman’s face.
Sherman wishing he didn’t say a word

After a stellar 16 year career Zo recently went down with a career threatening knee injury. He played in 7 All Star games, was a two time Defensive Player of the year, is an Olympic gold medalist and also the Miami Heat all time leading scorer. In his prime he was one of the fiercest competitors in sports. He and Patrick Ewing had some battles didn’t they? Crazy they both went to GTown.

Always a winner

Both of these outstanding athletes won a championship and are the classic representation of their respective universities–Miami and Georgetown.

Mentally and physically they also were two of the strongest their sports have every seen.

Do they both deserve induction to the Hall of Fame? If not, who has the stronger case?


9 Responses to “Friday Fire 3: Should Alonzo Mourning and Warren Sapp Be Inducted Into Their Respective Hall of Fames?”

  1. thebrotherreport Says:

    LMAO! Sapp was tellin Sherman to “put a jersey on!” But I would put him in he was a personality on and off the field and gave some of the best quotes. I had love for Sapp because I think he tried to pick up the mantle that Jerome Brown left that’s why he wears #99.

    How come no one talks about how good Cortez Kennedy was. Maybe because he played in Seattle?

  2. Sapp yes, Zo no.

    I don’t think Zo was ever dominant enough, while Sapp was the premier defensive tackle in the league for several seasons.

    Plus, I like Sapp better. Zo was a little shady with how he handled that New Jersey situation.

  3. I hear you Allen, but like my pop says: “The squeaky wheel gets the oil.”

  4. Sherman wants NONE. I don’t think he realized how big Sapp was, up close and personal.

  5. GrandNubian Says:

    Sorry for the ‘jackin’ but Marion Jones got 6 months:

  6. Thanks Grandnubian.

  7. CDM the XXXLarge Creative Says:

    Yup, Big Warren’s in. I think you could make a case that Sapp redefined the defensive tackle position the same way LT redefined linebacker. OCs had to game plan around him and he started with a bad team and kept consistent. Even after going to Oak town.

    Zo never made a major impact to me even tho he had a solid career.

  8. Sapp definitely yes, Zo?, who the hell knows, Adrian Dantley isn’t in and Drazen Petrovic is. I say no, but by the slimmest of hairs. Now a question for you. Is Robert Horry a HOF’er?

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