Don’t Believe the Hype

Tiger Woods
The second time Tiger has been spoken about along racial lines 

“Some are fortunate, some are less fortunate…some get it, some get acquitted.” – RAM Squad, North Philly circa ’95. I’m really disappointed with the media, but don’t pity me, that’s why I went to Temple University and majored in Broadcast Television and Mass Media. At an early age, I realized that things were different in how so called minorities are portrayed on TV. Since that was the case, I wanted to make a difference, and with Spike Lee, and Robert Moore (Ahmad Rashad) as the people I looked up to, I went full force into journalism and here we are today in 2008.

Yes it’s a new year but as I wrote for a story yesterday, the more things change the more they stay the same. The title of this track is from the greatest album in all of hip-hop music and to quote Harry Allen, don’t believe the hype, because the Golf Channel is full of smoke to put it nicely. So Kelly Tilghman on Friday, January 4, made a comment saying that the young players challenging Tiger Woods should “lynch him in a back alley”.

Hmmm, I wonder what exactly she meant by that statement. I mean, I was taught to be comfortable in front of a camera so that, I come across as warm and natural, but this is a little too close for comfort.

Remember when Howard Cosell said on Monday Night Football no less, “look at that little monkey go”? (It was also stated that Cosell often referred to people as monkeys so it was okay to an extent) That didn’t work too well, but Cosell pushed himself over the edge, because that certainly wasn’t in the script.

Kelly Tilghman was suspended for 2 weeks, so her 15-year contract with the Golf Channel is still in tact. The only thing I would like to know is, what would have happened if her insensitive comments were anti-semitic? Would it have gotten pushed to the back page, or would it have been national news, with Kelly Tilghman getting fired? We will never know.

I know that Tiger and Kelly are friends and that she didn’t mean any harm, as her words were strictly fun and games, but it just doesn’t sit well with me. Once upon a time lynching was commonplace and no one made a fuss. In fact people looked forward to it, as lynching was a spectator sport. Tiger Woods wasn’t lynched, but for someone to suggest that he should be, reminds me that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Peace, AG. 


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  1. Quit the crying, like Howard Cossell using the wrong words that is all she did. She didn’t even use a slur, so quit the melodramactics about it. She has been punished and that is the end of it.

  2. north philadelphia Says:

    Peace black man. Don’t Believe the Hype. Go listen to the song, it will bring you understanding.

  3. I will never listen to Public Enemy. I don’t need the words of those guys to bolster my beliefs.

    The fact is that too much is being made of a slip of the tongue. Its clear her intent was to praise Tiger Woods and nothing more.

  4. north philadelphia Says:

    Peace be unto you black man.

  5. I don’t know about that D-mac. The word lynch takes on a very specific connotation when refering to someone black, especially a black man. I don’t really think it was all that funny. Trying to pass it off as we are friends doesn’t really work for me either. Do I think she needs to be fired? Not neccesarily. But I will give you this scenario:

    Tiger Weinstein is eating up the PGA tour winning tourney after tourney. What do you think other players on the tour could do to stop this guy or slow him down:

    response: Somebody should take him an an alley and dump him in a gas chamber. HA! HA!

    That shit ain’t so funny!

  6. Nice job!

    Unfortunately, some days DavidMac just doesn’t get it.

  7. Your analogy doesn’t fit because your phrase is extreme. What she said is no different than saying beat, clubbed, rough up, and etc. You try to trhow a Holocaust reference in there and that doesn’t fly.

    She picked the wrong word, sadly the PC and race baiters, such as Al sharpton and JJ, will use this to keep pumping the world up to feel that “things haven’t changed” and the rest of the crap they say to keep their speaking fees up.

  8. “slip of the tongue”??……well I guess it would be, if the word lynch is a part of her vernacular. Yeah, that’s it…she uses the word all the time, that’s why it slipped in all inappropriately like that.

  9. thebrotherreport Says:

    Just when I thought DMac was trying to turn the corner.

    Bottom line is when referring to other groups of people – race and gender alike, there are certain words that you just don’t use.

  10. TheLastPoet Says:


    I pity you the same way I pity Michael Jackson. You know how he made all those changes to his physical appearance, because he thought it would gain him wider acceptance among whites? Well you’ve done the same, the only difference is that your changes weren’t physical, but rather psychological.

    But just like Jacko, none of the changes you have undergone will earn you the respect from your white master which you seem to crave. Still, you come here day after day, the same foul shit spewing forth from your mouth (or your keyboard, as it were), hoping, nay praying, for somebody like Friedman to come along and give you a Scooby snack for all your hard work.

    You are the saddest excuse for a Black man I’ve encountered in a long long time. But I’m not surprised, after all, our history in this country has shown that there have always been turncoat Negroes like you in sync with the “white man’s burden.”

    You’re lost, and I pity you.

  11. north philadelphia Says:

    David Mac you must have been raised in a very controlled environment, such as a bubble. Clearly you must know that somethings such not be said, especially in the media.

    Like Miranda said, Kelly didn’t slip, it was very natural. Second nature is the correct term, I believe.

  12. thebrotherreport Says:

    TLP – It saddens me that we have Blacks in 2008 that still think that way.

  13. Just heard that ole girl was suspended for 2 weeks. Folks in the media are crying that its Al Sharptons fault that she got suspended.

  14. There are just some things that should not be said, no matter what your feelings, period. Atl least not in the public eye. When things are a “slip of the tongue” you are doing nothing more than letting people know how you really feel. They’re SO MANY other says she could have passed off that backwards compliment towards Tiger, but she chose the most ridiculous, offensive way possible. She deserves her vacation…I mean suspension.

    I don’t think people will ever learn, but as I said…just some things can no longer be said. You can’t make racial jokes, no matter how funny YOU may think they are. You can’t make ignorant comments about homosexuals, again…no matter how funny YOU may think they are. Society has put up a line and said ok…this is it, no crossing THIS line. When you do…you get punished…some harder than others…..just the facts…

  15. TheLastPoet Says:

    It saddens me, too, TBR.

    Mac is nothing more than a gatekeeper. No, that title is too generous. Let’s call him a placeholder. Yeah, that’s better. He’s the last line of defense between his master and all the other “undesirables” against whom he’s been charged with the task of holding the line.

    And he performs his task with the kind of excitement and glee once reserved for the very same lynch carnivals of lore to which the golf chick “so casually” referred…

    He is pathetic. What good is diversity – what good is a Black man who thinks just like a racist, bigoted white man?

    He does make me laugh, though.

  16. To me, the word lynch, is extreme when refering to someone black. I think slip is the wrong word. Slips are accidental. I was trying to say this word but I prononced it the wrong way. That’s a slip. Calling someone the wrong name as I often do when yelling at my kids, that’s a slip. Lynch didn’t slip out. It rolled off her tongue quite comfortable like. Again, I’m not saying she should be fired, but the way it came out doesn’t sit well with me. Too comfortable saying that about a black man.

  17. thebrotherreport Says:

    I used to think that when the old blood died off that people would be more understanding in terms of race relations. What I forgot to take into account was the fact that these people pro-created and instilled the same ills in their seeds who are too sick and weak to think and see outside of what they were taught

  18. When I say slip, I mean that in the sense of she said something before thinking it all the way through. I’m sure after she said it the bells went off in her mind that the good ole PC police were going to come down hard on her.

    What she said in no way, shape, or form signals that she is a racist, has repressed hatred for blacks, or anything. She just used the wrong word, its no worse than saying you got raped, in video gaming vernacular.

    I feel sorry for her, that the hate filled blacks, and the politically motivated and power hungery race baiters are going to make her a symbol for hatred and racism in this country.

    Its a sad day for America.

  19. thebrotherreport Says:

    And if you used that term “raped” on a video gaming show they would be calling for your head. Like I said some terms you just DON’T use. She had to know what was going to happen if she used that word in correlation to a person of color in this country. If she’s that dumb not to realize that then she’s in the worng field.

  20. Like I said its a word that is probably used a lot by her, in a slang sort of way, like “faker than the holocasut”, but she let it slip in the professional arena.

    She has been punished and that should be the end of it, but its not, you race baiters are goign to bring it up like it is evidence that all white people secretly hate blacks and such garbage.

  21. thebrotherreport Says:

    If she was that smart she should be able to separate her slang from what she does as a “professional.”

    Are you wrapped in Stars n Bars eating apple pie with Sweet Home Alabama playing in the background as you type this?

  22. Like I said she slipped and she was punished, what is hard to understand. She slipped up verbally, the same way Cossell did, the same why Zoeller did, its no big deal.

  23. thebrotherreport Says:

    Wow. I’m done man.

  24. Davidmac, have you lost what little bit of sense God gave you??
    “faker than the holocaust”………….????? WTH?? That’s slang?? What “sort of way” is that slang??

    Bling…that’s slang
    Ride….that’s slang
    Dawg….that’s slang

    Lynch and “faker than the holocaust”….well you know what? Maybe to you it IS slang. I forget…there is slang between friends and relatives.

  25. Hello Davidmac earth calling davidmac………….are you there.

    A slip of the mouth……whatever. So Fuzzy slipped at the mouth too.

    Man I thought Armstrong Williams and Jesse lee paterson were bad.

    Yes Davidmac you are a gate keeper.

  26. It’s like TBR stated, some words just don’t fly. You wouldn’t say some female Volleyball team just got raped in their competition. Actually, I think it is supposed to be poor form to use ‘rape’ in any conversation, I’m not exactly one to always observe proper forms and taste. But even I know some things just don’t go.

    oh and Cev-
    ‘You can’t make racial jokes, no matter how funny YOU may think they are.’

    That is a whole other issue, and a whole other can of worms. A lot of comedians make livings off of ethnic jokes, and playing stereotypes.

  27. DMac, WTF don’t bring the same bs here you wrote on Dwil’s post on the subject. I guess you didn’t take a hard look at the picture he posted. Google lynchings, come back and tell me what you get.

    Say that shit in the hood and see what happens.

    AG you beat me to a post. I got hot after reading this bs.

    Don’t understand that chick. She seems conflicted just like our boy DMac.

  28. thebrotherreport Says:

    She’s conflicted because she’s white. He’s Black so there is no conflict and no excuse just a lost soul.

  29. Mizzo…..never read Michelle Malkin unless you are on your way to the boxing ring or about to take a long run.

  30. TBR, Poet, AG

    Dave Chapelle had a character in one of his skits, the blind black white supremist, us folks at TSF by now should know where he got his inspiration from.

    AG, the Khazars would not have sat back and allowed “Tiger Weinstein” to be “burned” like that. Something as simple as this “slip” indicates how much farther we need to go to be accepted as 100% human, and with the help of the blind black white supremist, it will still be a journey of great tribulation.

  31. @gmp

    My point about using “raped” in compettion, is that hey if you play video games a great deal in a competitive environment you use that without thinking. If you did go on tv and it slipped, all games would understand, but women rights people would eat that up, regardless of your intent. Does that mean the person who lets that slip, does not care about rape and is a potential rapist, no, but it is bad form and that person should be punished. The same way with this lady. I don’t know why lynch came out but it did, I doubt see was saying it in a derrogatory manner because the jist of her comment was a compliment to Tiger, but it was in bad form and she was punished. I think that should be the end of it, trying to make this something else is ridiculous, because its doing nothing more than making a mountain out of a mole hill.

    As for the “faker than the holocaust” line, its common to see that on the net, no big deal, but again it would be bad form to say it on tv, doesn’t mean you hate jews, but bad form.

  32. I was referring to Michelle Malkin bruh not Kelly Tilghman.

  33. @mizzo

    I would advise you to continue reading Michelle Malkin, she is very informative. She might help you see the light.

  34. Anyone who uses that term hates Jews DMac. That’s like saying faker than the Middle Passage.

    Ya use that and you got an ass whuppin’ coming with Nat Turner fists.

  35. thebrotherreport Says:

    Sankofa – It took you 30 posts to get on here, Man what took you so long? I was trying to hold down the fort. I’m glad I had my other reinforcements.

  36. Dude your true colors are beginning to show. Took you long enough.

  37. TheLastPoet Says:


    One does not have to be a member of the “good ol PC police;” nor does one have to be “hate filled,” or “power hungry,” or “politically motivated,” or a “race baiter;” nor does one have to believe that “all white people secretly hate black people” to understand, completely, that it is YOU who, in “every way shape and form,” continually fill the comment sections with the same self-loathing ignorant bullshit, day after day; which “signals” that YOU, in fact, are the “racist,” having “a repressed hatred for blacks” hat is so evident and so deep that I’m sure you do not have any mirrors hanging in your house. How could you stand to look at yourslf, hating the skin you’re in the way you do?

    You, placeholder, are “faker” than Pamela Anderson’s titties. Your daddy “slipped” when he made you – and now we’re all being “punished.”

    Listen, do not pass “Go,” do not collect $200. Go straight to white folks’ heaven, sambo, you’ve earned it.

  38. Mizzo,

    One of the commenters said “lynch is just a word” and another used the word “niggardly” in reference to Al Sharpton…here’s my thing: It shouldn’t have taken Al to speak up, what about Tiger?

    He was too busy trying to assuage his white brethren and british nanny wife…he would never feel offended by a statement like that. Maybe he doesn’t know the history of the word “lynch”, maybe it doesn’t matter to him

  39. DavidMac-

    I’ve used ‘raped’ in conversations. I’m not generally the most pc individual alive. I’ve used it in regards to sporting competitions, or playing video games, whatever. But I’ve never uttered that word at work.
    I don’t know of any situation where I’ve had the the opportunity to use the word ‘lynch’, it is one of those words that has specific connotations in this country, and you really have to try to work it in to any conversation. It really isn’t a ‘slip’ word. A slip word is when you say ‘I fucked… er messed up’.

    See, ‘fuck’ is a slip word.

  40. TBR

    I try not to give shuffling DMC and his dopplehanger Freidman my energies after the last conversation awhile back. But I tell you brother, I can’t go softly into the night, El Haj Malik Al Shabazz, was and is my template.

    At this point shuffling has become a cartoon character, you know like mr. Magoo or the Chapelle character.

  41. @mizzo

    With regards to the faker than the holocaust line its a joke, only the overly sensitive get incensed by it. Also about getting beat for saying Faker than the middle passage, lets get real most guys who would talk with their fists will not even know what is being refered to.

    @TLP and sanofka

    You all are the biggest racist on this site, stop demanding the world to change when you can’t stop the hate in your own heart.

    As for lynch, it is just a word, it has what power you grant to it.

    Verb 1. lynch – kill without legal sanction

    If you want to try to make the world terrible, then stop saying Kobe killed that team, or slaughtered that them, or murdered them, if you all are really that sensitive.

  42. and its not just a word, “lynch” that was calculated, it was a measured statement…slipping of the tongue does not result in that kind of phrase, its obviously something she uses on a regular basis and I could care less what Tiger thinks of their “friendship”, because enemies lie closer than any “friend” could…

  43. @youngvito

    when did you become able to read the heart and minds of people?

  44. I’ll disregard your comment about fists. Just don’t ever cross me 😉

    Did you search lynchings on google DMac?

  45. You know what? Don’t join ya boy Darius. I have no problems kicking your ass outta here.

  46. thebrotherreport Says:

    Young Vito – Even when Zoeller made the comment about the chicken and collard greens at The Masters dinner, this guy laughed it off like it was a joke. What did Tiger’s dad think about that? I wonder.

  47. Yeah Tiger’s about to get traded by the rest of us. Most have already done so. This reminds me of Serena Williams squashing when she essentially was called a nigger court side.

    People call this bs class. If you scream on it, it will cease–at least publicly. Tiger needs to stand up for himself and get true to the game.

  48. TheLastPoet Says:

    See, there you go again, placeholder.

    I haven’t said anything that can be construed as “racist” in this regard. But YOU have, my dear Mantan, you HAVE.

    I “demand” nothing of the world because the world doesn’t owe me a thing; and whatever I have in my heart you certainly are not privy to. Regardless, this isn’t about me, so what’s in my HEART hasn’t anything to do with the way YOU constantly violate the PUBLIC sphere with your reckless foolishness.

    You know nothing about which you try to speak. You ARE nothing, NOBOBY, until you put a little knowledge and edification behind your big mouth.

  49. @mizzo

    Why should I google lynchings. A google search will not show me anything I haven’t seen or heard from my grand parents.

    What you guys try to drag up are things you haven’t even lived. Half of you don’t even live in the south where those actions were prominant.

  50. Dude my name is as close to Emmit Till as they come. Get it?

  51. GMP

    Pearls at swines feet, man, pearls at swines feet.

    Youngvito, please remember that Tiger does not see himself as “black”, but he gets a pass from us because we are desperate for some kind of acceptable hero.

    As MLK said injustice to one is injustice to all, so we get up all angrey when they bring back strong ancestor memories of death and pain. And we get up when any form of oppression is attempted because today tiger tomarrow young vito or sankofa or …..

    The day will come when we fet up it is not to protest, but to call a CEO and say fire that so-n-so, thta’s when we truly can carry economic and social power.

  52. Like I said before. Keep inciting a Black rage if you want to, but you are not going to do it here if your dumb ass ain’t equipped to understand why the knife hurts when it’s twisted.

    Be peace.

  53. So this is what it all comes down to, the great liberal open discussion is ceased because someone confronts you and doesn’t tow the line. How pathetic.

  54. Ah, but a discussion is an exchange of ideas.

    If no ideas are exchanged, it is not a discussion. It is two sides trying to make a point at the others expense, a competition. You are trying to win a competition, not have a discussion.

  55. TheLastPoet Says:


    You are not “confronting” anything – hot damn, is THAT what you think you’re doing?

    No, you’re bojangling, son. You’re showing dem pearly whites.

    You’re the “line” that nees to be “towed.” Then perhaps some measure of racial progress can truly be made in this country.

    By Jove, I’ve found my muse and I’m changing your name again. I christen thee…

    the “Jolly Nigger Bank.”

    Yes, that’s what you are. Lil Mac is hapy as long as massa put a penny in his pocket.

  56. Wow……..and I thought the most idiotic thing I could have read today was Jason Fatlock spewing that Atlanta isn’t conducive to a team atmosphere because of hip-hop (oh and that only Pete Carroll can work here because he’s used to being in Snoop and Suge Knight’s territory – I kid you not).

    But……..leave it to Davidmac to actually make a contest out of it. I don’t know…its a close race y’all.

  57. So all of us versus DavidMac. Either he does this on purpose to laugh at us behind his computer screen, or he just doesn’t understand a struggle far greater than any of us multiplied together.

    I really believe deep down, that DavidMac is just playing around and really doesn’t mean some of the off the wall things. Or he isn’t really a black man? Not trying to come at you DavidMac, but you must have some understanding to what the rest of us are talking about?

    See and I didn’t even call you names.

  58. I’m not having that bs here. Have a nice life DMac. Now you can go spit that dumb ish on with the neo cons.

    GMP brings up a point about the discussion. We need to post some rules of discussion here.

  59. Nicole 10/20 Says:

    Tiger does not want to be associated with the common black person. He wants to show his non-black friends and fans that he is not like “those” blacks who complain about racism. He is ABOVE all of that remember is Cablasian. I’m not so sure that his father would be all that disappointed in his reaction. Maybe his father comes from the David Mac blind black racist house nigga side of things… I don’t know I’m not familiar with him.

    Michelle Malkin wrote an entire book about how it was good and prudent to place Japanese Americans in internment camps during WWII and she is Japanese I believe.

    Usually when I see a comment from David Mac I skip over it and chalk it off to him being a contrarian and a shit starter, but I really believe that something is wrong with him. I do believe in having a healthy debate, but something is not right. Are you guys sure that he is black???? I remember reading an article about Broyard Bliss (sp) he was a black man who was ashamed of his color that he crossed over and became a famous critic at the New York Times. Ironically, his family said that he was very racist against his own race. I’m wondering about DavidMac. He needs to come out of the closet,, is he really black??

    The president of Iran is a holocaust denier and that is one of the main reasons Iran has strained relations with the U.S. its not just because of his desires to obtain a nuclear weapon. So I don ‘t know how “faker than the Holocaust could be considered slang” They are trying to use that Imus argument .

  60. TheLastPoet Says:


    Ok, I’ll say this and then I’ll stop.

    I’ve questioned Mac’s intentions, as well as his purported Blackness before (as have others, like Erik Daniels). And I’ve also stated many times that he may be “laughing at us,” but ain’t nobody laughing harder than me, because that’s a bumbleclot country bama sho good nigga right thur – and i find his punk ass funny.

    But mostly, I’m just tired of the same ol bullshit from him every single day. You’re right, AG, he does incite a riot. So I’ve decided to call him out.

    Hey, you placeholding gatekeeping Jolly Nigger Bank. Like my ol grand used to say after a hard days work, “I’m sick and fuckin tired…” and I’m ready to take you out. So put up or shut up, you lil lawn jockey.

    And yeah, I’m callin you names until you post something of real substance. Until you do, you deserve no better.

  61. thebrotherreport Says:

    AG – I used to think the same at times until today. If he was really joking he would’ve fessed up when the threat to ban him was laid out.

    Dude is lost on so many levels I can’t understand it.

  62. I’m sorry people, but the hanging of my people has been shucked and jived for far too long. Pardon my anger on the subject.

  63. TheLastPoet Says:


    Iread your latest post after I posted my last…

    I don’t want to get spammed, so I’m done with it, believe me. But I flamed dude today on purpose (and, I’ll admit, I enjoyed it).

    It’s like I told my home boy Modi over at his outstanding blog site, it happens too often here at TSF where idiots like Jolly Nigger Bank say something stupid that just shuts down any legitimate discussion.

    I’m sick of it, so I set out to do something about it. Sorry.

    I’ll cease hostilities…

  64. Any of you seen the great debaters? What was the one stirring point i that movie?

    How did it make you feel? What concurrent images were invoked? Can you , we say that this was in the past? After Jenna, Mike Vik, Barry Bonds, Amadou Diallo… how should we act?

    Blessed are those who struggle…..!

  65. Cevidence Says:

    Hey Mizzo and others…check this out…

    A UW Alumni pledges 100K if Ty Will is fired and another 100K is the AD is fired too….lol…I just had to laugh at this one…

  66. The part when I felt the most pain in The Great Debaters was at the lynching. Here are the professor and his students on their way to debate and expand on education and they had to put up to witnessing the spectator sport of the town lynching. I cried, because as a college grad and journalist, it took me to a place of thanks to the people before me that blazed the trail.

  67. thebrotherreport Says:

    And to think that the struggles of our people don’t move guys like Whitlock, DMac and anyone else who Bojangles for the man is a sin, flat out.

  68. I think Tiger should have had more to say, but his virtual non comment speaks volume.

    I friend shared this link. It’s an interview with Bill Moyers and Dr. James Cones, about the Cross and the Lynching tree. It’s in two parts, lengthy, but worthwile viewing.

  69. TheLastPoet Says:


    There were many stirring moments in The Great Debaters. I won’t aim for the obvious, ie the lynching or the various confrontations with small time white “authorities” (the dead pig, the racist police, etc), as awesome as those scenes were.

    To me, the film was intensely personal. I appeciated the relationship between the elder James Farmer and his son – that was a real father doing real things, and the son gaining, then losing, then regaining respect for his old man. So true to life.

    Then there was the friendship between the three principle debaters, which dramatized the difficulties inherent in Black male-female relationships among our young people. (As an aside, my wife commented during the movie about the eternal innocence of young Jurnee Smollet – sweet lil Eve Baptiste from the Eve’s Bayou flick – and then in the VERY NEXT SCENE, sweet lil Eve had her legs spread to and fro while breakin off a piece for my man Henry! Believe me, it was laugh out loud funny when it happened, but I guess you had to be there!)

    When Henry, while dealing with the pain and absurdity of the Black experience in his own flawed way, stepped out on Jurnee (can’t remember her name in the movie, was it Samantha?), you could feel her pain. And Henry felt the pain, too, when she slapped the shit out him at the next meeting! But then, you felt her quiet joy when he expressed genuine love for her toward the end of the movie and that single tear came strolling down her face.

    Anyway, it as moments like those that did it for me, then again, that’s why I’m the Poet – much too sentimental!

    And I really dug the one and only scene where Denzel Washington and Forest Whitaker shared the screen together. It’s truly amazing to watch two real actors bring the best out of each other. I hadn’t seen anything that riveting since the “argument” between Denzel and Angela Bassett in Malcolm X. It was an example of OUTSTANDING acting, and I could watch that type of thing all day…

  70. I need to say something and my intentions are not to offend anyone in saying so (although I could care less). I need to refrain from some things I post here as well.

    My kids and their peers read this site. The Keith Russell interview was for youth who come here. I find it funny that we want to discuss this bs instead of the message Keith and I are trying to get across in the interview. Many of you might use this forum getting your therapy on after a frustrated work week (I understand), but TSF is way deeper than that.

    Call me soft or whatever, but this is for the kids ultimately. The discussions we create here will hopefully shake the thought process of those who say insensitive bs so we can move the heck on without slave mentality baggage.

    As long as the other side have qualifiers to cling to, they’ll always look down on us.

    Lynching is not a funny word in any context. I clicked every single lynching on google just to look at the faces surrounding the bodies of our past. White folk do not understand why we have this rage, because there isn’t any strength based umoja summoned strictly because of mass DEATH.

    I was not going to post anything on this subject because I personally have mixed thoughts on Tiger. AG it’s cool though. I’m actually glad you posted it. People need to see these discussions.

    I gotta cool off.

  71. Mizzo, and I am happy to have the opportunity to post, as well as read your interview on my good friend Keith Russell.

    Thank you.

  72. Cevidence Says:

    Hey Mizzo..check out CNN…and the Ron Paul Newsletters!!!!

  73. AG

    I sometimes believe I am the only African male to have never seen the Roots series in full. I think I saw the part with O.J and Kunta, the capture and the montage of Haley’s visit to his ancestor’s village.

    The other parts just make my head explode and I want to go hunting (if you know what I mean)

    Yet, when I saw that part in the Great Debaters, it sucked all the good feeling I had up to that point, and reminded me of how fortunate I was to be living in these times. Yet so sad that in these times we take so many death and pain for granted, that we become proud of “arriving” to the point like Al Shabazz said, we are proud to sit on the same toilet as the oppressors.

    Or be proud to be a Republican, Democrat, Middle class, executive, be on Jerry Springer and College Hill.

    Yet the impoverished, the young, the old and the cast out are subject to the same kind of retched stereotypes.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  74. Thanks Cevidence. My head just exploded 😉

  75. I have not read all the comments but as usual the “White Boy” David Mac/Friedman or whatever his name is this week is mouthing is usual racially biased opinions against blacks who don’t agree with his worldview.
    Hey whiteboy, nobody wants to hear what you have to say most people don’t use “lynching” in a conversation whatsoever except racists or people who just don’t get it.

    Like I told you before troll, take your ass to Michelle “banana” Malkin’s site and you can post to your delight about African- American liberals like ourselves who are just deluded by P.C. thought. Where I come from, if someone like you used ‘Eric needs to be lynched for what he said about me a paragraph ago’ you David Mac would be dead pushing up daises in somebody’s cemetary and that would be no threat but a promise.

    Unlike whiteboy’s in the past 30 years in the anti- P.C. enviroment that people like you David Mac live in, my friends who grew up in the hood would take your words as a threat to their lives and would blast a cap in your neo-conservsative head. Whites like you need to stop listening to the Limbaughs, Coulters, Whitlocks,Imus, and Savages because one of these days it won’t be funny when a brotha or sista (or other ethnic group) will take what you say not for being anti- P.C. but what it is a threat on their lives.


  76. No one gives a damn about what you think you know Mizzo. I’m a black man raised in the south. I have had actually family members lynched, not just google pictures. I have heard my own grandparents on both side talk about hiding for their life because something happend in town and they were looking for some blacks to punish. So spare me the, I’m so angry, bullshit that you are spewing.

    You do not know shit about lynching. You do not know shit about racism in the 1970s and back. You know stories from books and movies. Your views are no greater on it than mine. So cut the high and mighty self righteous act.

    Since I am banned this is my last post. I just want to clear the air. I am actually black, I do view politics and life from a conservative frame of mind. I know racism exists but the fact is its not stopping anyone from accomplishing something in life, thats an excuse by the weak and lazy.

    At the end of the day, mizzo, if you want your site to be full of nothing but the nice interviews you conduct, do not post other stories like the one in this column and the other crap you post and if you don’t want commentary remove the comment feature.

    But that you don’t want to not have feedback on your positions, you want everyone to praise every little half-assed article you put on here because you want to feel that your site is important or a starting point to something big. Sorry but it isn’t your site is no bigger than the crap site sanofka has up and running. Your want to embrace people of his ilk and your want to demonize everyone who doesn’t believe blacks are 2nd class citizens in this country will always leave you on the outside looking in.

    BTW. Like I said before, lynch is just a word, and none of your lame ass attempts to try to make it a “symbol of hate still lingering” will change that.


  77. Eric DMac is gone from this site. Let’s move on instead of paying homage to his banned ass.

  78. Please David Mac don’t come back either !!!

  79. I was never a fan of Tiger Woods so let me say this, when the first Black Man who self- identifies as a PROUD BLACK AMERICAN MAN (with none of the Calabasian B.S.) on a golf course I will consider him a viable golfer. Give me Calvin Peete, Jim Thorpe and Charlie Sifford.

    Tiger Woods is a great golfer but a wussy biracial man

  80. ‘I find it funny that we want to discuss this bs instead of the message Keith and I are trying to get across in the interview.’

    Sorry, you drift to where the action is. I read all the other stuff, and I find it interesting usually. But a lot of times there isn’t a lot to say other than, ‘That’s cool, thanks’.

    So here’s a ‘That’s cool, thanks’ for all the other articles that don’t spark 100 comments.

    And your boy is back, don’t let him get to you man.

  81. I confess, I’ve said “I just got raped” while playing a video game.

    I’ve also said something was “gay” to mean it was lame.

    I don’t do that shit at work. And if I do “slip” up, I apologize on the effing spot.

    And I’ve never made a joke about the Holocaust in my life. That shit ain’t funny.

  82. In the Immortal words of Rick James…

    That’s Sankofa bitch!!!! LOL!

    Any way Mizzo I noticed by the numerous new handles coming on, your insignificant “little crap site” is becoming increasingly insignificant.
    I guess you and the 5 of us will just go on agreeing with each other.

  83. I am sad to see DMac go.

    I like DMAc sometimes. I vehmently disliked him other times.

    He just seemed young to me. I had some of his attitudes not that long ago.

    Oh well, I hope y’all let him come back, cause I don’t think he said anything horrible enough to be banned.

    Now Elliot, he deserved to get banned.

  84. Cevidence Says:

    I’m with Allen. I don’t think he said anything too bad to get banned. My thing is that voices like his are needed in debate. We need people who sit so far on the other side, we are forced to search our on stances on issues, and defend those stances. Creates discussion that should stay intelligent…all though sometimes it doesnt…..

  85. perhaps a bit of the old south , after all she is from south carolina , was in ms. tighman`s subconscious mind.

  86. I understand the sentiment to “let” DMac come back.

    If he can agree to the rules I posted then that’s fine but I’m sick and tired of our people apologizing for excrement thrown in our faces.

  87. I think its’ pretty clear that DMAc is an idiot. At least ban him until he gets back on his meds…

  88. apparently ms. tilghman knows two people of color tiger woods and michael wilbon who said on pti that he was a friend of hers.

  89. Let me also make something clear. This site isn’t about me. Comments made to the authors expressing gratitude are chill, but we are more interested in the subsequent discussions. I thank you all for coming here and speaking with candor.

  90. Well Big Chitlin Whitlock on his FOX blog said Pete Caroll can fix and deal with the “bad atomsphere” in Atlanta because Black Althletes can’t behave themselves and get caught up in the Bling, Bling, black, Crunk rap atomsphere of the ATL. Now I don’t live in Atlanta but the Hawks, Braves and Falcons had black professional ballplayers in Atlanta since the late 60’s to the present and had no problems fitting in and being professional but a few knuckleheads fuck up and it’s an epidemic.

    I didn’t know that the reason those teams did not win championships because of Hip- Hop I always thought the Falcons couldn’t win because of shoddy ownership, bad GMs and teams that were awful (the Braves run notwithstanding) the Falcons haven’t had back to back winning seasons ever in their 42 year history now Whitlock is blaming that on T.I. and Outkast.

    Let’s see here I live in Tampa

    Bucs – super bowl – 31 years – 2002
    Lightining – Stanley Cup -14 years – 2004
    Storm 5 Arena Bowls – 1990, 1993, 1995,1996, 2003
    Rowdies – NASL championship

    Atlanta teams

    Braves – World Series – 1995
    Falcons – NFC Champions 1998
    Hawks no titles

    Maybe this is because of bad ownwership, players and bad construction of various franchises but it’s T.I.’s fault gimme a break.

  91. Mizzo, I think people should be free to express their opinions as long as its civil discourse. However, on this and other similar topics, Davidmac isn’t so much expressing an opinion, as he is fighting some internal demon. I don’t have a problem with someone making the argument that Tilghman’s actions were unintentional, she’s paid the price, we shouldnt make more of it, yada, yada, yada…..but read the very first comment. THE VERY FIRST ONE, by Davidmac. That’s not an opinion, that’s anger. That’s anger at you even bringing it up. See, when the anger is at the very discussion itself, then is it really about the topic? No, his anger is at TALKING ABOUT IT AT ALL.

    That’s the new play in the playbook….make us feel guilty for even questioning sh!t. Now, its our OWN fault for being angered over nappy headed hos, or watching black athletes dehumanized and now its an over-reaction to discuss a remark about one of, if not THE most popular athlete in the freaking WORLD, who just happens to have a BLACK daddy, who happens to play one of the whitest sports on earth, golf – the host on the damn GOLF CHANNEL at that time makes a remark suggesting he be lynched, albeit in jest, in response to her co-hosts remarks…nevertheless, she suggests the way to handle his dominance, is to be LYNCHED. On a sports blog, dedicated to dissecting the intertwining of sports and race, you write about it…………and the very first comment, the very first one…is Davidmac telling you to quit your crying. He wasn’t expressing his opinion about your piece, he was mad you wrote it at all. Until he can tell the difference? Ban his azz.

  92. TheLastPoet Says:

    Ban him, don’t ban him. Someone else will always be around to replace his middling perspective.

    My point is this: him coming here day after day after day with his “cut the crap” illogic, drawing every discussion back to the same ol “liberal” this and “race baiter” that serves no purpose, engages no debate, and contributes to no discussion. He turns every issue into a pissing contest between himself and whoever takes his or her at pimp slappin him on any given day.

    As such, he and all his ilk are a disservice to healthy debate about important issues, and so people like me, who DO come here to read and discuss, become annoyed and go elsewhere, hopingto avoidthe ignorant and dumbfounded.

    Hope that’s clear…

  93. TheLastPoet Says:

    Yes, Miranda said it best. Mac doesn’t come here to “discuss” anything, but rather chide the rest of us for having anything to say at all…

  94. Miranda…….


  95. Yes Eric,
    In the Falcons 42 year history of one NFC Championship title in 98, its 27-yr-old Clifford Harris fault. Apparently the reason the Falcons owner and top management look as desperate as Hookers at the Point, is because Ludacris calls Hotlanta home.

  96. Yeah, this is pretty disgraceful. This is what I wrote to the Golf Channel:

    (after some opening comments ensuring the statement got to the right people)

    She should surely be suspended for two weeks. But she should be fired. Regardless of whether Tiger himself downplays the severity of the comments, they are very offensive. Lynching represents one of the worst legacies of America and she should known that. Any time lynching is invoked, it hearkens back to the unwarranted murder of at least 3000 people between 1880 and 1960.

  97. And David Mac, you really do embarass me as a white person. You and boney are disgraceful. Here we are, white people, on a bulletin board largely visited by African-Americans and all you guys do is stir ish up. As if this world doesn’t have enough problems and it’s not rough enough to be a black person in America, here you are antagonizing people when you know better. And if you don’t know better, well, just stfu.

  98. When Fuzzy Zoeller said some racist b.s., Earl Woods basically said, don’t speak on this Tiger I got it. Earl’s gone now, so Tiger is left to his own devices, and he decided that knowing this woman 12 years took precedent over what she said. Honestly, this reminds me of Kellen Winslow’s “fucking soldier” comment. The timing was poor, but it doesn’t mean Kellen’s a bad dude. It just means he said some dumb shit, and someone needs to call him on it. Michael Wilbon is friends with this woman, and I am QUITE sure, he’ll find time to educate her.

  99. CDM the XXXLarge Creative Says:

    Wow. As a rook, I’m a little nervous to chime but feel I must.

    I read 75% of the posts and admit that I thought Kelly Tilghman’s statement was a slip or another case of white folk feeling like they can say whatever they want without reprecussion. Like Moms usta say, “you best watch ya mouth before I have to watch it for you”.

    After reading a lot of what y’all said. I think Rashad nailed it, I don’t think she’s a bad person, but she gotta take the hit for sayin stupid sh*t. period.

    I think Tiger’s silence speaks volumes, but he hasn’t said anything of substance before on race, what makes us think he would now.

    Can someone explain what a “placeholding gatekeeping Jolly Nigger Bank” is? Serious up. I don’t know.

  100. Jemele Hill Says:

    Just wanna throw my two cents out there because this topic hit me like a slow burn. I wasn’t truly annoyed by it until I saw Tiger’s “non-issue” comment.

    Truthfully, the only person I’m mad at in this situation is Tiger. Maybe it’s because I just finished reading $40M Slave a second time, or because I’m tired of Tiger and his Negro-neutral behavior.

    Tiger Woo is a hypocrite. Plain and simple. It’s funny how this is a “nonissue,” but when he was asked whether women should play at Augusta, Tiger had no problems speaking up then. Said women shouldn’t play there because that’s the rules and tradition. Say whaaa? You mean, you’re using the same excuse they told your people on another group, showing you are more than willing to pass down the discrimination that has oppressed your people for years.

    Also, Tiger didn’t seem to mind being known as something other than a Cablinasian when he has golf shoes, polos and windbreakers to peddle for Nike. Remember that commercial where he said, “there are some golf clubs I can’t play at because of my skin color.”


    I’m not saying Tiger should have called for the woman’s firing, but he should have at least acknowledged this as a teaching point. He didn’t do that, and it sorely disappointed me. This is one of those incidents that ranks right up there with Jordan’s, “Republicans buy shoes, too.”

    I’ve heard a few non-blacks say that Tiger showed more class being above it, and that he’s a “uniter.” Those are codewords for, makes me feel comfortable. And there is no leader, athlete or person I know that ever changed the world by making them feel comfortable.

  101. Jemele marry me !!!!! I thought it was just me who thought he was the Jordan of the 90’s with his race nuetral -ass. His OLD- AS HELL pappy talking about this idiot changing the world. I looked up to Calvin Peete in the late 70’s when he was winning golf tournaments. Tiger Woo is just an Asian kid in mauve skin he is not culturally black and I don’t even accept him as the first masters winner. Folks wake UP !!! The reason Woo is popular because he doesn’t take a serious stand on anything important. just like Obama he makes whites, biracial, neutered blacks and others feel comfortable in the “colorblind skin”.


  102. Eric, Tiger and Obama is not in the same ball park, not in the same universe. Obama has never set out to redefine himself as anything but black. After college, he purposely set out to work with Black people in Chicago’s improvished neighborhoods, so as to inform them of their rights, represent them against uncaring city officials. He organized the local ministers so as to have a voice when he went to city hall. When has Tiger done anything like that?

    Obama is a legend in Kenya, he embraces his fatherland, and with some of the recent unrest, he’s offered to help in the resolution process. Tiger has no connection to Africa, but he will talk about his connection to Asia.

    I’ve attended an Obama’s rally where the only way to get in was to buy his book from a Black owned book store. Not Barnes&Nobel, but Black owned! Do you think Tiger will ever do that in your lifetime?

    Tiger went out and married some nordic woman who conform to the aryan concept of beauty. We know that Obama see beauty entirely different, Black!

    Eric, Tiger and Obama are light years apart, both in terms of idealogy and racial acceptance.

  103. Imhotep

    Tiger and Barak should never be mentioned int he same breath, that’s true. But I must take exception to your comments about Nordic concept of beauty. There is no need to denegrate her because of the accident of her birth. And we don’t need to only see beauty in black to appreciate beauty in others.

    Fact is, Tiger’s wife IS beautiful, by any measure and to deny it is simply ridiculous. Additionally, contrary to what most would believe, there are actually universal conceptions of beauty that cross racial and c ultural boundaries. There has been much research into the field and it has clerarly shown that we as human beings, almost unversally consider certain physical attributes as beautiful.

  104. “Fact is, Tiger’s wife IS beuatiful, by any measure and to deny it is simply ridiculous.”

    KevDog…that’s some subjective nonsense there, bruh. I don’t believe we even need to really discuss at any length the fact that conceptions of beauty (prior to the emergence of consolidated power by whites and the dissemination of mass media images) varied to much greater degree than they do today…and you and I both know that in another age in Europe, this woman would have been considered pale and sickly.

  105. T3

    What I’m talking about has nothing to do with skin color and has everything to do with certain proportions and ratios of facial and body architecture that are universal amongst human beings and which appear to be hard-wired into us from birth. I don’t think it is subjective or nonsense at all.

  106. BTW, Imhotep referred to the “aryan concept of beauty.” I don’t believe there is much difference there – except that one is mythical and the other is local – masquerading as universal and benefiting from a coattail effect produced by the former.

  107. Aside from my use of the word “pale,” I’m not talking about skin color either. Nonetheless, with respect to the question of skin tone vs. color, when did the idea that pale skin is “beautiful” become universal…we do need to assess the entire package don’t we. Probably the day after the first press release was issued stating that pale skin was to be forever forward referred to as “fair skin.” When do you suppose these hard-wired preferences for narrow-butt women emerged? I suspect there are billions of people who are yet to get the memo.

    I think you may be giving credit where it isn’t necessarily due. Consider that the Aryan and Nordic standards of beauty would probably (in the purest sense) reject this candidate for the altar for no less than that big protruding jaw (associated with Africans), the asymmetrical gap between the nose and lips. There are plenty of folks who are lumped into this Nordic standard merely because of the color of their hair…yet their facial symmetry is not as announced – and there all sorts of “flaws” that keep the airbrush industry alive and well. Have you had a close look at the asymmetrical Jessica Simpson?

    Finally, as a measure of comparison among even the architects of this paradigm, I’d be curious to know how many so-called “white” men would prefer this woman over someone like Sophia Loren or Claudia Cardinale (in their prime of course) – and for what reasons. Could it be a universal preference for BLOND hair? Or a concocted preference for an idealized-type which is genetically unavailable to the majority of the world’s population.

    And is that good hair or bad hair? Is that determined by color, straighness vs. liniferousness, or some other subjective/universal/huh? factor?

    How far do you wanna take this?

  108. Well, I want to take this to the truth, not conjecture on your part writ as truth. From what you’ve written, it is obvious that you’re making assumptions into the nature of the evidence and those assumptions are simply wrong.

    From the research it is clear that amongst men and women, men moreso, that there are certain attributes that are considered beautiful, they have to wdo with faciaal symmetry, ratio in size of lower half of face to lower face, eye size in relation to face, nose size in relation to face size, position of eyes on face in relation to other bony features, hip to waist ratio and others that I don’t remember off hand. In general, in general, worldwide, men and women rate member of the opposite sex of their own race to be more attractive than those of other races to be sure, but they also have a high degree of aggreement with other races on the physical attractiveness of those of other races. When infants are shown photos of adults rated as attractive or non-attractive, across racial boundaries, those with the universal attributes elicite more positive emotional responses and hold their attention significantly longer.

    I haven’t reviewed the research myself in a couple of years, but it was clear to me when I did that as humans we do have universal conceptions of beauty that have nothing to do with racial domination and everything to do with evolutionary advantage.

  109. I don’t watch tv besides the games I write.

    Kev, what would you say about the preeminence of Caucasian women on TV?

    Does this affect our children?

    Let me make this clear and say this has nothing to do with preference, but consistent imagery influences absolutely.

  110. KevDog:

    C’mon – stop playin’.

    You and I both know that the signature elements of the Aryan/Nordic model of beauty (the actual issue raised by Imhotep) is not symmetry. After all, every people around the planet (as you’ve correctly indicated) value symmetry. The issue, within the A/N paradigm goes far beyond “symmetry” to the subjective deification of specific features: blond hair, straight hair, thin lips, aquiline noses, eye color, etc. And in our specific national context, that is extended to value body types where women have narrow hips, small butts, and large breasts. Broadly, then, we are hardly talking about the symmetry of Wood’s wife’s face. I can’t speak for Imhotep, but I believe he was talking about the whole package.

    Her “whole package” is not universally beautiful – never has been – never will be. It is a local standard that has benefited from the coattail effect of an extended social control system. The general symmetry of her face is really beside the point because…

    Symmetrical Africans with their broad symmetrical noses and thick symmetrical lips and liniferous symmetrical hair tend NOT to be deemed to be as attractive as asymmetrical Aryan/Nordic types – and further – that they are deemed to be less attractive than symmetrical Ayran/Nordic types. (We know that broad noses and thick lips are but one African type. There are several others.) What is the implication here?

    It should be patently obvious that this is not about symmetry. It’s about the broader question the standards of beauty held by various peoples operating outside of a context of domination. There are tens of thousands of aspiring symmetrical models of color who have a next to zero chance of blowing up precisely because of the remaining factors within the A/N paradigm.

    We’re not debating the science. I am, I believe, in line with Imhotep’s contention that the broader standard of beauty question prevails over and above notions of symmetry because of the treatment non-Aryan/Nordic-esque peoples are accorded within our now-shared universal context.

  111. “From what you’ve written, it is obvious that you’re making assumptions into the nature of the evidence and those assumptions are simply wrong.”

    Which assumptions did I make that merited clarification or retraction? Holla back. I’ll clean it up if need be.

  112. @T3, “The issue, within the A/N paradigm goes far beyond “symmetry” to the subjective deification of specific features: blond hair, straight hair, thin lips, aquiline noses, eye color, etc.” Bro, I could not have said it any better.

    @Kev, The symmetry you speak of exist in all groups, but beauty is rarely recognized in all group, unless it’s accompanied by the physical featurs of the european.

    The point I was making regarding Obama and Tiger, is that given a choice between a black woman with symmetry and a white woman with symmetry, Tiger will chose the white woman, without any consideration for the sister. That’s how I view tiger.

  113. Mizzo

    Absolutely I believe the neglect of alternative beauties is negligent, racist and destructive. White folks control whate we ultimately see and in a world where “Desperate Housewives” has recieved several emmy’s and “The Wire” has none, it isn’t surprising.

    T3, first of, let me say that my tone maye have been a bit strident and it might have come across as combative. I apologize for that. I hold you and your opinion, even when we disagree, in the highest regard. ‘Hotep, the same goes for you.

    I’ve read what you’ve both written and I think we’ve been arguing different sides of the same coin. I’ll try to make myself more clear this time.

    If the issue is that Ms. Woods ISN’T beautiful by any measure, I’ll just have to disagree. The human attraction to the physical attributes she brings to the table are, IMO, undeniable. It goes beyond symmetry to the specifics I’ve raised earlier. I don’t think it should threaten any of us, or our sensibilities to note that for men, a Hip/Waist ratio of .7 is considered the most attractive, no matter how big the hips, nor for women, height somewhat above the average for the population, no matter the average height is most desirable. As a short man myself, I wish it weren’t the case, but that’s not reality, never has been, even any media ever existed.

    That being said, I don’t disagree at all with the notion that media controls to a large degree which conception is held in the most regard. The science proves that people tend to be most attracted to people within their own ethnic group and it isn’t a stretch at all to reconginze that since white folks , by an large, control the images we see that they skew the reality.

  114. ‘Hotep’

    “The point I was making regarding Obama and Tiger, is that given a choice between a black woman with symmetry and a white woman with symmetry, Tiger will chose the white woman, without any consideration for the sister. That’s how I view tiger.”

    That might be the case, it might not be. Tiger is an interesting case because he’s a black man in an almost completely white world. Despite his father, or maybe because of his mother, I’m not even sure he knows, I mean, really knows, he’s black. So yeah, given the dating history we’ve seen from him, and other facts we know about him, you’re probably right. But then, Tiger has never been known, not even one iota, for understanding how he would be looked if he weren’t the greatest golfer of all time.

  115. KevDog:

    It’s all good – and always will be between us…these are just online formulations between brothers on a nuance. We are wholly agreed on this matter. Thanks for the clarification — and I don’t mind strident from you because I know you’re head and heart are in the right place.

    Besides, it’s not as if I said Kobe was a scrub…then you’d really be PISSED!!!

  116. I hope y’all are watching this instant classic between the Colts and Chargers. I’m rooting for Indy, but I believe they’re getting a great deal of home cooking from the men in stripes. Great game.

  117. Yeah it is.

    Has anyone ever seen this many injuries in a playoff game?

  118. […] all the controversy swirling around Tiger Woods the last couple of weeks he still was able to run through Torrey Pines […]

  119. wardrobemalfunctions Says:

    Cosell never said look at that little monkey go.

    To set the record straight, Howard Cosell DID NOT say “Look at that little monkey run” when he was referring to Redskins wide receiver Alvin Garrett. Cosell made this remark 11 years earlier in 1972 in reference to a play by Kansas City Chiefs Mike Adamle. It was 1983 on Monday Night Football when Cosell made his comment about Alvin Garrett which was “That little monkey gets loose doesn’t he.”

    I am still looking for a sound byte or video clip of Howard Cosell saying “Look at that little monkey run.” I hear that it might be contained in a Preseason 1972 K.C. Chiefs @ Giants 07/29/72 “Hall of Fame” Game. Can anyone locate the actual clip?

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