We Talkin’ Bout Practice! Allen Iverson’s Classic Rant And Boondocks Clips

From SLAM:

Another former Philadelphia star went off on their former team the other night. Allen Iverson sored 38, on 14-25 shooting, to pace Denver’s 104-96 win….

Man, scratch that! I just wanted an excuse to post this:

Damn I miss my dude here. I’m still in shock. Can’t wait for March 19th.


Does this make sense or what?

Trying to get the creator on the site. Wish me luck.


60 Responses to “We Talkin’ Bout Practice! Allen Iverson’s Classic Rant And Boondocks Clips”

  1. The media never tells the entire story. Someone close to Iverson had just passed away and he was already upset before all the back stabbing by Larry Brown.

    There are 2 sides to every story.

  2. Any questions why this fool doesn’t have a ring?

  3. thebrotherreport Says:

    The funniest part of the entire press conference is when he rips Phil Jasner, Hall of Fame Basketball Journalist asking him if he ever picked up a ball. By far the rant I ever saw.

    A close second is my man John Chaney going after John Calipari after UMass beat Temple and Cal was still crying about the refs.

    “I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you!” “The next time I see you I’m gonna kick your ass!”


  4. How the hell can I make my teammates better by practice?! LOL

    AG Scoop and I discuss that in our interview. My bad for not including that in the post.

    TBR yeah that was some funny ish. I miss Chaney.

  5. Cevidence Says:

    Why is AI a “fool” Friedman?

    He is my FAVORITE player. Hands down. And in this situation he was right. He drug the 76ers to the finals BY HIMSELF way before LeBron ever did it. But the perception of those two men in the media is 100% different. If he would have been given any type of quality help in a timely manner while in Philly he would have had at least one ring already.

    Now in Denver this is going to be his greatest shot. AI, Melo, K-Mart and Camby should be able to handly any team in the league. Carter is turning into a solid PG. Atkins, Eduardo and Klieza are BEASTS off the bench. All they need is to play SOLID defense. Outscoring everyone wont always work but if you can string together some stops, then they will have something.

    Seriously, I want AI to win a ring before he retires more than anyone. Jason Kidd second. I think he’s the biggest example of how one person can be misinterpreted (sp) by those around him. Yeah he’s had his issues, but in reality don’t we all have similar problems?

    How often to you hear about domestic disturbances? I know I grew up seeing it during my childhood. And we’ve seen how easy it is for athletes to have issues when they try to go out.

    After he retires I really think the NBA should look at keeping AI around in some manner. I think he would be the greatest asset to reaching out to younger players and mentoring them on what needs to be done coming into the league. In my opinion I think he’s a strong role model…

  6. GrandNubian Says:

    Sorry for this ‘jack-move’, but has anyone heard about the following?:


  7. Lil O’reilly friedman what is the reason that fool AI doesn’t have a ring??

    Is it the same reason that fool Nash doesn’t have a ring??

    Is it the same reason that fool Dirk doesn’t have a ring???

  8. Yeah grandnubian I heard about it on dwils site. Just bigots being bigots. I wonder did she have on her white sheet when she mad the comment???

    She makes Fuzzy comments seem like they came from Gandi.

  9. Cevidence Says:

    I wish I could have seen her face right after she said it…what the hell was she thinking?!?!

  10. Cevidence Says:

    You tryin to get Aaron McGruder on your site?!?!?!

    That’s my boy!!!! His show has gone off a little towards the wrong direction, but the original Boondocks comic strip was exactly right and on point. I would like to see the interview.

  11. Yeah I’m trying. Don’t know if it will go down, but I’m persistent.

    There’s no excuse for her choice of words. What is with the pandering standard of “reaching out to Tiger’s representatives”?

  12. Sorry Brotherreport.

    THIS is the greatest rant of all time……http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wmgghlEagA

  13. thebrotherreport Says:

    KevDog – I can’t pull it up now, I’m at work but I’m gonna take a wild guess. Is it Oklahoma State’s football coach, Jim Mora’s Playoffs? Rant. Or Dennis Green’s view on the Bears?

  14. Nah man, Bunk dressing down Omar.

  15. thebrotherreport Says:

    Just saw it, I was thinkin sports only. But that there was the signature moment of that series and one of the best I’ve seen on T.V.

  16. Cevidence, Denver is not going to win a ring. Not with that group of talent they have…So long as Melo and AI are together, that team is not going to win a ring. It’s the same reason I believe that the Celtics would be better off without Paul Pierce, but with him I think they can be beat. AI has the attitude that he has to get his shots, he doesn’t make others around him better. Their skills top out at what they possess and AI does not put his teammates in a position to win.. Same with Melo… Melo has the “I’ll get mine” mentality (meaning 25-30 points a night) but a guy with his size doesn’t want to get his hands dirty on the glass by rebounding or by playing defense. It doesn’t mean AI and Melo aren’t great, it’s just that they only make themselves great, they don’t help others rise up from mediocrity. LeBron will end up that way too if he stays in CLE…

    Nash doesn’t have a title because his team doesn’t play defense.
    Dirk doesn’t have a title because of some refs, and then last year they lost to a team that shot more 3s than 2s and hit at a 40 percent clip. It won’t happen again that way…

  17. LOL! This sound bite is classic.

  18. As for winning titles. It takes a great TEAM, COACH AND SOMETIMES LUCK. Many good to great players in every sport will retire without ever raising that trophy.

  19. Cevidence Says:

    Boney DONT CRUSH MY HOPES!!!!!

    I do see what you mean though. Classic point is when the Nuggets were beat by Portland a few weeks back. Melo is damn near triple teamed but didnt pass the ball and ended up getting blocked. Stuff like that needs to stop. But that wont stop me from cheering until I’m blue in the face!!!!!

  20. GrandNubian just saw your link to the “lynch” comment about Tiger Woods…24hrs after seeing the Great Debaters. Scrolled down to the comments and immediately saw some knee-grow commenting that, she apologizes so she shouldn’t be hated on (my words).

    I’m glad that an apology is all that is needed. So I therefore to be consistent…I believe that Friedman is a trifling, phallus sucking, racist necromancer, who should be given a Columbian neck tie.

    Oh! I am so sorry, I have to apologies, and I feel really bad about what I said. My acid indigestion was acting up and I was (n’t) my self.

  21. Sankofa


  22. Sankofa,

    I was just checking out you site. Some good reading. I’m getting ready for work but I will be visiting again tomorrow.

  23. Sankofa, you scary motherf-cker.

    Looks like Obama might not pull this one out in NH tonite. Perhaps his glittering generalities are wearing thin.

  24. I’m glad Obama got his ass whopped. Hopefully this shakes up faith in Obama and gets Hilary in.

  25. Cevidence Says:

    I wouldnt say Obama “got his ass whopped” DMac. He lost by a closer margin than Hilary did when she lost to him. Early reports point towards older individuals voting for Clinton and I’m not too surprised with that. Still though…..let’s see where this goes.

  26. CNN is saying Obama sill has a chance to win — lot of votes left to come in. Don’t count out that smiling, well-spoken empty suit just yet!

  27. Cevidence Says:

    lol Fried…you crack me up man….

  28. Hey mizzo, why Aaron McGruder, don’t we already have enough of his type, sanofka, michelle, and miranda, on here already?

  29. McGruder might hate this country even more than Dave Zirin. And we all know how much TSF loves them some Dave Zirin …

  30. Hey! Mizzo

    After McGruder maybe you can have Steve Cokely, Conscious Rasta and some Dr. leanard Jefferies on. Then shuffling DMc will leave in a huff and not come back.

    Sheeet! if only he would!

  31. What? Davidmac just grouped me in with Aaron McGruder, Sankofa and Michelle………………..wow….I am TOTALLY honored. That is truly a compliment. Thank you!

  32. Damn, covering a game I missed a lot.

    Friedman as long as folks say stupid shit on national television–and think it’s funny…


  33. Sankofa shoot me an email or give me a call tomorrow.

  34. No one loves hoops like AI I don’t think. Man I could watch that clip all DAY though. Really. I understand what he is saying……and it’s gotten worse with the incursions increasingly into athletes’ privacy and the analysis of even the smallest elements of their preferences or interests. Really, that bit is great.

  35. David Mac you still here? You know no one likes you right?

  36. wow! I’d never seen that – just made my day. So Al, tell us what you really think. Love him to pieces – Lil Al – Big Heart.

  37. The best part of the practice rant is when he’s quiet for about 5 seconds, then busts out with a “How the hell can I make my teammates better by practicing”

  38. I don’t know if you all caught this article, its from a Conservative online magazine called reason.

    As much as you all hate conservatives it talks about Sean Taylor and the NFL/NBA anti-gun bias.


  39. Damn, did Boney just say Iverson doesn’t make his teammates better?

    Better ask Anthony Carter and Steve Blake about that. Last time I checked, they had career years with Iverson. Eric Snow and Aaron Mckie as well.

    It’s weird how people repeat the same trite comments over and over again.

  40. Iverson couldn’t give Igoudala and jumpshot and he couldn’t give Dalembert consistent effort.

    What’s funny is that Dirk and Joe Johnson have both gotten better after leaving Steve Nash. Amare and Marion were good before they met Steve Nash.

    Yet Steve Nash makes players better? Really, maybe players just get better.

  41. Nash made Barbosa respected and got Raja Bell some exposure, but you are right on the whole.

  42. TheLastPoet Says:

    “Nash made Barbosa respected and got Raja Bell some exposure…”

    [See Poet laughing @ Mac, as usual.]

    C’mon, I expect better rom a yuppie conservative like you, Mac. Not only is this sentence poorly constructed, but seriously, what the fuck are you talking about?

    Nash “made Barbosa respected?” Nash is Don Corleone now? “…and got Raja Bell some exposure…” Did he take Raj to a strip club? What the fuck?

    I dig your ebonics, though, you yuppie freak!

  43. @TLP

    whats the matter with you today ? 🙂 Baby momma drama, “The Man” getting on you about your past due bills, or is the last welfare check running low?

  44. Allen, this is the first time I’ve commented about AI so ummm.. it’s not the same comments over and over.

    I don’t need to ask Steve Blake or Aaron McKie or any other fringe NBA player how they feel about AI. The important players are the ones that could be a superstar on any team in the league but tell their GMs or Team Presidents that AI wouldn’t fit in on the team. When you have a guy who isn’t satisfied until he jacks up his 25th shot of the night, it doesn’t help the team in many ways.

    So please tell me again how he plays through injuries or how he’s the toughest little guy on the court and blah blah blah… the above press conference is the exact reason why he won’t win a title. It’s not about the clothes or the tattoos or that rap music or whatever. It’s about the overall attitude that this man carries around with him on a day to day basis. If everyone else has to practice why is he so above it?

    Thank god Matt Geiger failed a physical in 02 or 03 whenever Detroit was rumored to get AI.

  45. Dirk didn’t and won’t win a championship until he takes the time to learn how to play defense. Learn how to post up and learn how to actually create his shot.

    Nash didn’t and won’t win a championship until he becomes a leader on the defensive end like he is on the offensive end. Just like he learned how to play offense he needs to learn how to play defense.

    As unselfish a player dirk and nash are on teh offensive end they are selfish on the defensive end. How many times does their man beat them and end up getting one of their teamates in foul trouble because they aren’t willing to play defense.

    I have seen these happen over the years with these 2.

    Dirk also has a crappy attitude. This is the same man who called out Dampier in the 2004 playoffs for not being able to guard Amare.
    So what happens when Dampier gets in foul trouble? Dirk stands up like a real team leader and the next big 7 footer on the team and tells Avery that he will guard Amare??? No………….he doesn’t say a word. Avery sends 6’7″ guard Finley in to guard 6’9″ 650 pound Amare the whole series when Damp was in foul trouble.

    Right then I knew dirk was selfish, a quiter, a punk and a sh%$ talking coward.

  46. Unlike Nash and Dirk who have the most talented teams in the league and been that way for 3 years. A.I. has taken chicken sh%$ teams and players to the finals and playoffs.

    I would take A.I. all day everyday over those two.

  47. Boney

    I called your comments trite and hackneyed because they are regularly repeated by idiotic basketball fans the world over who have not taken the time to investigate what they are talking about.

    They are like the Willie Lynch letter or the myth that we only use 10 percent of our brains, stupid comments that people repeat because they sound true and can make you look smart.

  48. Origin, you must want the golf ladies noose bruh 😉 Stay out them alleys brothaman!

  49. Name a player that said they wouldn’t play with Iverson?

    Paul Pierce, a selfish player in your estimation, was creaming his pants to play with Iverson whent he Sixers talked about trading him?

    Kevin Garnett had a fit when the TWolves didn’t get Iverson

    After playing with Iverson in Athens, Duncan had nothing but praise for how Iverson handled himself.

    You made a bullshit statement that I called you on. And then you used that bullshit statement and this angry press conference to say that they are the reason Iverson has never won a ring.

    And I called your bullshit. The reason Iverson has never won is because his team’s havent’ been good enough. Period. Name a team he’s played on that was better overall than the team that actually won the championship and then we’ll talk. Before he came to Denver, he’d never even played on a team that had the talent level to be a champion.

    And he still carried a Philly team that started George Lynch, Tyrone Hill and Eric Snow to the effing Finals. A team that Matt Geiger and a rookie Raja Bell played a key role on.

    Man your comments are garbage. And I didn’t say anything about injuries or toughness or anything else.

    I pointed to several players who had career years playing alongside Allen Iverson. That easily rebuts your point that he doesn’t make players better.

  50. Yo this seems like it is really about to turn into a “AI is what is wrong with the NBA” argument and I have my issues with that.

    First off – AI is a two guard. Don’t forget that. When he’s asked to play point guard of course his numbers are going to seem low when compared to people like Stockton and Nash. He was expected to carry the team and score while at the same time make everyone around him better. Last I heard there were very few people who did that sucessfully. And even when they did they had more talent around them than AI had. Until now.

    Second — How is it that he is expected to change his game so quickly? Again he DRUG the 76ers to the Finals by himself and still gets hated on. Didn’t LeBron just do the same thing the same exact way?!

    Third — I honestly believe Denver has a chance to be a force in the west. Why? Because of that talent. It pisses me off when people try to use sublminal messaging in saying why they won’t win anything. The real issue is that they play a lack of defense. As we saw with Phoenix the other night. Usually scoring 117 points in a game means you win but not when you let your opponents score 123. THAT’S THE REAL PROBLEM, NOT AI!!!! One Mr. Karl gets them together and tells them to play some D, we will all see a powerful squad on that court.

    Yes AI has had his issues, but seriously, they’re VERY few players in this league who rank above him. Honestly the only one I would take is Kobe. AI is my favorite player and if I needed someone to win a game, you better believe he is one of my top picks.

  51. Denver will never win until they get Luke Walton on the squad. Thats a fact.

  52. damn DavidMac, I hope you’re being sarcastic…

    You won’t see Gregg Popovich ringing the doorbell of a player like AI because he’s the anti-Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. He’s the anti-Bruce Bowen or the Robert Horry… guys that have put themselves aside for the betterment of the team. I enjoy AI’s play, I never said I don’t like him as a basketball player so don’t take what I said out of context.

    Of course Paul Pierce wants AI last year… his team was probably in the middle of an 18 game losing streak where AI probably would’ve helped them not lose 18 straight, but maybe go, oh I dunno, 6-12? You forget that this same Boston team went out and traded for 2 of the NBA’s best stars both on and off the court this off-season. Guys that have always put the team first, but have fallen short because of a lack of talent.

    KG is same. Why should Minnesota try and quick fix or put a band aid on a boo boo when AI would’ve only stunted the growth of potential stud Randy Foye and a re-habbing Rashard McCants.

    AI is a great talent to have on your team, if you want to fill up a stat sheet. His contract situation last season allowed him to only be traded to a few teams (just like Kobe, and Garnett)… I think Denver has the most talent, on paper, in the Western Conference. With Camby, Nene and Kenyon down low, Melo and Kleiza at the 3, and AI at the 1/2 it shouldn’t matter who the 5th guy on the floor is but… in AI’s case, and in every other team he’s been on’s case, it does. There’s a reason why Larry Brown used to be the most sought after coach in basketball. He lead a team of AI and not much else to the Finals (even though it was a very weak Eastern Conference) and he lead a Detroit team full of guys that other teams had casted off and claimed as “busts” to the Finals as well. A lot of Philly’s success has to go to Larry Brown, because they haven’t sniffed success since he left.

  53. Boney please don’t get me started.

    I’ma pull a Miranda and Michelle….1, 2, 3…..

  54. Yo, McNabb is looking for a new team I think


  55. Wait a minute.

    I listed Duncan, Pierce and KG as players who wanted to have AI on their teams to rebut your statement that no player or GM wanted him and your response was to say that with AI none of those team would have been good?

    Seriously, that was your response?

    Are you shitting me?

    How does that address the fact that I listed players who wanted to play with Iverson which directly contradicts your argument.

    If Iverson can’t adapt his game, how do you explain him averaging more than 27 a game, dropping 7 dimes and shooting the highest percentage of his career while having Melo at sixth in the league in scoring and Anthony Carter having a career resurgence. What about Steve Blake last year? And who the fuck heard of Linas Kleiza before he started getting wide open three point looks from Allen Iverson?

    Your argument is not well thought out. If Iverson doesn’t make players better, than how was I able to rattle off roughly eight players who have benefited from playing with him?

    If you want to argue wins and losses, than I would note the Iverson came to a fricking lottery team and within three years they were in the playoffs. How are you going to give Larry Brown all the credit for that, when he took over a Knicks team with far more talent than those Sixers teams and could only manage the worst record in the league?

    Are you freaking kidding me?

    Nah, you have a problem with the way Iverson plays and are using specious arguments to try to denigrate his value as a player.

    Fact is, Iverson has been further in the playoffs than team players like Ray Allen or Kevin Garnett (and I love KG.) Fact is, no other player in the league history has taken a team with less talent to the Finals and managed to win a game off the eventual champs.

    Get your facts straight and stop talking out your ass.

  56. This Boney cat is a legend in his own mind, a knowledgable ignoramus who as was stated earlier, is a typical fan who listen to the anouncers instead of actually watching and educating himself on basketball.

    Let’s take Larry-bitch ass -brown for instance. No one would question his coaching back ground, dispite him being a conniving, vengefull, conceited son of a bitch acting ass, he recognizes A.I’s ability to LEAD as well as play the game. Larry browns problem is he doesn’t WANT to nor LIkes to play, respect or trust young players, because of his inherent bias towards veterans.

    Larry Brown suffers from what a lot of Anglo-Saxon coaches have with all younger players and especially none Anglo-Saxon players. Cultural discontinuity and generational seperation. Plus people like Larry Brown and Lenny Wilkens have seen the game pass them by because of the inability to change with time. Players today are not robots, mindless and willing to follow you “over the hill” especially if you denegrate them or embarrass them in public.

    However on this matter regarding A.I, I think I would trust Larry Browns judgement over yours

  57. boney-how many 165 lb. guys you seen last in the league as long as AI? Did you watch the ’01 playoffs? I gotta confess, as a west coast fan, I hadn’t seen a lot of AI till that series. But watching dude get hit, get back up, never say A WORD, go right back at Shaq in Shaq’s MVP year with no reservations, no hesitation, well, ever since, I’ve realized there is no tougher guy in the game. You ever seen guy complain? And please don’t tell me the reason he hasn’t got a ring is because of the above video. Seirously, that might just be one of my favorite things to watch ever. I remember watching it live and at the time I thought ESPN would be playing it over and over. It took them a couple of days but of course they did. But the reason AI hasn’t won a ring is because HE HASN’T HAD ANY PLAYERS WITH HIM. Stack? Kyle Korver? Derrick Coleman? Big Dog? Samuel Dalembert? All competent ballers but none in and of themselves enough to take the weight of the team off AI.

    I don’t know enough about the Sixers’ financial situation or Billy King, and that ’01 team got to the finals, but it was on D. Raja Bell, Eric Snow, Dikembe, Tyrone Hill. And don’t mention Matt Geiger in the same breath as AI. Dope.

  58. Great points TC, but Bubba Chuck won MVP that year. He was going for the trifecta if the Sixers won the series.

  59. Mizzo…my bad. Shaq was year before.

  60. modem linksys…

    […]We Talkin’ Bout Practice! Allen Iverson’s Classic Rant And Boondocks Clips « The Starting Five[…]…

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