Wild Card Weekend 1/06/08: San Diego Chargers vs. Tennessee Titans

Not this time

Game 2: San Diego Chargers vs. Tennessee Titans 4:30 pm CBS

Bad blood from the regular season that carries over into the playoffs always makes for good theater. Today, the Tennessee Titans and the San Diego Chargers begin a new chapter in their saga.

Vince Young is a game-time decision with a sore quad muscle but chances are he will go today. To avoid the pressure on the edges from the Chargers, Young will have to rely heavily on backs Chris Brown and Lendale White – this will also keep the Chargers off the field and the ball out of LaDainian Tomlinson’s hands. The Titans were ranked 5th in time of possession, so this isn’t something they aren’t used to. Ball control is something that Vince Young seems comfortable with and is a big reason why he is 18-11 as a starter to start his career.

The worst thing that can happen to the Titans today is to fall behind early into the game this would force Young to abandon the run and become a finesse offense. Young has found a comfort zone with speedster Justin Gage and Roydell Williams, who came on strong at the end of the season. Williams was injured this week in practice and is out for today’s game. The one constant for Young has been tight end Bo Scaife, who averaged about 10 yards a catch before going out with a lacerated liver.

Priority one for the Titans is to contain Tomlinson. Up front, Albert Haynesworth has been a rock in the middle and has planty of help on the outside from end Kyle Vanden Bosch. David Thornton and Stephen Tulloch man the weak and middle linebacker positions, but the strength has been and will continue to be the strong side where Keith Bulluck has been a mainstay for 8 seasons. His matchup with Chargers tight end Antonio Gates is one worth watching. The secondary will have to find a way to keep receivers Chris Chambers and Vincent Jackson in check.

It would seem that Phillip Rivers might have the easiest job this weekend, just hand off to the game’s best back and not turn the ball over. Rivers can be rattled if the Titans can get a push up the middle and knock Rivers around he can be easily frustrated. When Rivers is in a jam he can dump off to Tomlinson or Gates and have great success. If he wants to go downfield he has a burner in Jackson and a big Gates-like target in Chambers. Expect to see Michael Turner and Darren Sproles get carries as well.

Shawne Merriman was a marked man for the shot that he gave Young in their last meeting. I will be curious to see how this plays out over the course of the game. Luis Castillo and Igor Olshansky bookend Jamal Williams in the Chargers 3-4. They will dare Young to beat them with his arm and legs. From there it’s in the hands of the secondary that is opportunistic and will look to return any pick for a touchdown. League interception leader Antonio romartie is the catalyst for this unit.

Vince Young just doesn’t have enough threats other than himself to make this a game. Chargers in a rout.

Chargers 31 – Titans 10


17 Responses to “Wild Card Weekend 1/06/08: San Diego Chargers vs. Tennessee Titans”

  1. The Titans are a very resilient bunch and Fisher will have them ready to play today.

    That was some nice pressure they got on Rivers to force the sack. They will need to sustain that if they are going to be successful today on defense.

  2. thebrotherreport Says:

    Vinve Young probably just got knocked out of the game.

  3. thebrotherreport Says:

    Vince Young, I’m typing in the dark

  4. The Chargers look flat out there. Not surprised, considering Norv Turner is their head coach.

  5. Time for the Titan offense to step up. Rivers has found a rhythm and despite Tomlinson being held in check, the Chargers are moving the ball down the field.

  6. Like TBR stated, the Titans didn’t have enough warm bodies today on offense. If they want to become an elite team, they have to give Vince a number one receiver. The jury is still out on Bo Scaife as a possession tight end. They have nothing to hang their head over. The Titans are a couple of pieces away from seriously contending.

  7. The Titans have had problems scoring in the red zone all season, and today was yet another example of their inability to cash in deep into opponents’ territory.

    They are a well-coached, physical bunch and with a couple of tweaks, they should continue to get better.

  8. the Browns would’ve given a better effort out there today, plain and simple. it would’ve been a more exciting game with more points being scored.

  9. More points would have been scored, but I don’t think it would have been closer. LaDainian would’ve eaten the Browns. Derek Anderson would’ve thrown at least 2 picks, I am almost positive of that.

    Why all the Tennessee talk? Give my boys props for finally winning. No love man.

    Titans stopped the run, dared Rivers to beat them. Rivers did it, and managed to not look like a complete bitch in the pocket for once.

    Titans are what the Titans always have been under Fisher. Well coached, physical, and they do a good job of covering their weaknesses. They’ll be better next year, but that division is still tough to win.

    Chargers eliminated their two biggest player deficiencies from last year, the lack of a deep threat, and secondary help. Chambers gives them a deep threat, and Rivers has clicked with him, hence the drop in Gates production this year. Cromartie has given the Chargers a top tier CB presence, and Hart is much better in coverage than Kiel was, much much better.

    Their coach just sucks. Otherwise this team is theoretically better (on paper) than last years team.

  10. By the way, to rub salt in the wounds for you Philly fans, I doubt any of you pay attention to SD much, I think I’m the only one. But at the beginning of the season Jackson was was sucking as the Chargers #1 wideout, they got Chambers… Jackson slides back to #2 and plays a lot better.

    You know, I think Philly might want to try that some day…. you know, get a #1. Seems to cause a nice ripple effect down the WR depth chart. I like McNabb, but I have to laugh at you poor Philly fans.

  11. Damn, that was a low blow by GMP.

  12. I can’t wait to see gmp next week once his boys get blasted by the Colts.

  13. the Chargers have always given the Colts a run for their money. Colts do not match up well with the 3-4. Ask PITT, and NE… then review the tape.

  14. Chargers have played the Colts well over the last 4 years, winning 2 of 3 and barely losing one.

    I’m a fan, and I think they’ll win. But I hold no particular ill will towards the Colts, I’ve gotten over my dislike of Manning (we got Leaf… damn that hurt me for years).

    Like any fan of a team that loses in the playoffs, if they lose I’ll be appropriately distraught, but the Colts don’t scare me as the Chargers have matched up well against them for years.

    But I did want to throw that little Eagles dig in there… I feel bad for you guys, but I do have to laugh.

  15. […] thebrotherreport wrote a fantastic post today on “Wild Card Weekend 1/06/08: San Diego Chargers vs. Tennessee Titans”Here’s ONLY a quick extractTennessee Titans 4:30 pm CBS. Bad blood from the regular season that carries over into the playoffs always makes for good theater. Today, the Tennessee Titans and the San Diego Chargers begin a new chapter in their saga. (more…) […]

  16. Wyclef Jean – Sweetest Girl

    Wyclef Jean – Sweetest Girl

  17. It’s going to be a great game But i’m pulling for my team SAN DIEGO CHARGERS….. CHARGERS BABY

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