So Andy, You Wanna (Re)Load A Winner?


For the second time in three years the Philadelphia Eagles season has ended sooner than I would have liked. As is custom – I’ll offer my solution to bring Andy Reid’s ball club back to the NFL elite.

Keep Donovan McNabb

Reid and Joe Banner have both stated that McNabb will be back next season. Just be advised that I’ve seen stranger things happen – but I believe unless someone blows them away with a deal (which I seriously doubt) Number 5 will be under center next fall. What I don’t understand is the impatience of the Philadelphia fans. Can they really say with a straight face that there are 5 quarterbacks in the NFL that they would rather have than McNabb and one just happens to be a rookie (Kevin Kolb)? Alright the consensus are Manning, Brady, and Palmer (who I’m still not sold on). Considering the season he had I’ll give you Tony Romo after that who is there? Not Rivers, not Cutler, Not even Big Ben and I’ll take him over Romo. Derek Anderson and David Garrard had nice breakthrough seasons but…no, not yet. McNabb at 31, still has some game left.

Get a playmaker at wide receiver

For each of those top three QBs that I named there is a wideout that complements him. McNabb had that luxury for one season and we saw what kind of player it made McNabb. If the front office wants to get back to that level in the immediate future it’s time for them to exhibit the same boldness that got them Jevon Kearse and Terrell Owens in 2004. With a thin market for receivers this year I would say offering the Cincinnati Bengals a second or third round pick for Chad Johnson. Johnson’s disruptions occur on the field against opposing defenses and he wants a change of scenery. Why not here?

Scour the earth for a return specialist

When you place a receiver at punt returner with no prior experience, along with bringing back a return man who was a strand away from a career- ending injury your special teams is going to suffer. The opening day debacle in Green Bay was a microcosm of the Eagles special team woes. Greg Lewis and J.R. Reed are not the answer, and given the value of Brian Westbrook, I’m not too eager to march him back there on fourth downs. The solution here is to dip into the college pool. If the Eagles’ scout team is worth their salt they’ll find a return man with breakaway speed and cutback ability – not a North-South return guy that can only get me to the 25. I ‘m not looking for Devin Hester just give me someone that will move me to the edge of my seat once a game.

Re-Sign L.J. Smith

Brent Celek filled in nicely while Smith struggled with injuries during the season – but he’s not L.J. Smith, not to say that he is the be all that ends all, but he is great for this offense and the Birds cannot afford to lose him. Smith gives McNabb another weapon, adds another the dimension to the offense and is a match-up problem for defenses.

Increase the depth in the secondary

I’m not sure what to make of the Eagles’ cornerbacks this season. On one hand they shut down two of the NFL’s great receivers in Terrell Owens and Randy Moss on the road, then in the next they lose the inability to make tackles in a late season loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Lito Sheppard and Sheldon Brown are quite a tandem when healthy – but when one goes down the other suffers and it shows. And both seem to struggle with taller receivers (see: Plaxico Burress vs. Eagles). Neither is a shutdown corner, but both make the most of their opportunities. The need here – an aggressive corner with size that can push either man for his starting job. Randall Gay and Marcus Trufant are free agents that will draw plenty of attention on the market. It wouldn’t hurt for the Birds to take a look. Brian Dawkins will be 35 this season and has shown signs of it, but by the same token has shown the ability to still make plays. I wouldn’t cut Dawkins but I would keep his heir apparent close by Ken Hamlin and Mike Doss are my free agent candidates.

Find a good, young defensive end

The weak spot on a surprisingly good young defensive line was the end spot opposite Trent Cole. Darren Howard and Jevon Kearse were major disappointments over the course of their contracts. Kearse will not be back – however the jury is still out on Howard’s return. One interesting player out there is Ravens’ defensive end Terrell Suggs, he reminds me of Cole and he would allow defensive coordinator Jimmy Johnson to go to a 3-4 on occasion. If you want a more traditional end, the Bengals Justin Smith is out there.

Tighten up the O-Line

49 sacks on a rebuilt knee isn’t something Donovan McNabb was looking forward to this season. Twelve of which came on an embarrassing Monday Night loss to the N.Y. Giants. I credit McNabb for finishing the season on his feet, but he can’t endure the number of sacks that he did in consecutive seasons. The guards struggled mightily with the rush up the middle, I don’t think you need to go out and get a starter. The solution here is to insert third year guard Max Jean-Gilles is a 350+ lb. wall that will keep the middle rush at bay. Todd Herremans would back up Jean-Gilles. I would look to draft or sign someone to spell Jon Runyan and ultimately replace him. Winston Justice will bounce back and assert himself as a nice backup to William Thomas. Sean Andrews is the class of his position but he gets nicked up more than I would like to see.

Find a fullback and a better backup for Brian Westbrook

The achilles heel of the Eagles offense this season was the inability to convert on third and short. Some were obvious run situations that pass plays were called on, which tells me that there was no confidence in the short run game. Yes B. West was back there but that’s a dead giveaway – what’s needed here is a big back that can move the pile a’la Ledell Betts or T.J. Duckett. Correll Bukchalter has been a good soldier and his comeback from two knee surgeries is remarkable but the Birds need a larger back to complement Westbrook and can take 10-12 carries a game. Candidates here include Derrick Ward, Chris Brown, Musa Smith and Duckett. The time has come for the Eagles’ to get a fullback that can actually block someone, a luxury they have not had since Kevin Turner. Current fullback Thomas Tapeh is gone and it may be time to take a look at drafting a fullback. I would like to see them take a shot at West Virginia fullback Owen Schmitt.

Change the philosophy of the offense

Given the weapons that Reid has he has been way too complacent with the philosophy of this team. They have to get back to being an attacking offense. The Eagles lost 6 games by 8 points of less, this is a team that isn’t too far off track, it shouldn’t take much for them to get back into swing of things.

Optimism for 2008?

Of course there is the salary cap and other restrictions that may prohibit some of theses moves, but if they can resign Smith, get a defensive end, and upgrade the return game they should easily improve on this season’s 8-8 record.


47 Responses to “So Andy, You Wanna (Re)Load A Winner?”

  1. I don’t think any of the offensive stuff helps until Reid and Mornihweg start calling the game plan properly with McNabb in there. He’s on a recovering knee and so often they would call games as if he wasn’t, as if he could do it all. A real wideout would help, but they’ve got to keep the commitment to balance McNabb and Westbrook.

  2. Good article.

    The thing is Manning, Brady, Plamer (overated butt), ELI (check Palmer), Big Ben, Romo, Hasselbeck and Rivers. Have something that Mcnabb doesn’t breat WRs and some players have a great running game and Great WRs.

    Yet Mcnabb has Brown and Kevin Curtis………….this is a joke. I couldn’t win with those fools on Madden.

    One last thing have you noticed that Philly hasn’t ran the ball well since Turner was there. That fool Andy cut him. He was a great blocking fullback.

    Please Mcnabb ask for a trade.

    I will always say the downfall of the eagles was when Andy drafted OG Andrews when Steven Jackson was on the board.

    With that move LIL Mike Martz Jr. Reid sealed Mcnabbs fate.

    Andy needs to be out of a job like his big brother Mike Martz.

  3. True Signal. Do you realize that the eagles have passed over 60% of the time once TO came to the team. Its like Andy fell in love with the pass.

    Andy isn’t a NFL coach maybe a CFL/arena league coach. Since you can pass 70 and 80% of the time.

  4. ANdy Reid is an offense co-ordinator not a head coach. Its pathetic to me how no one is calling him out for his terrible coaching job this season. Oh well. Hopefully McNabb goes to the Vikings, who are ready to win now.

  5. thebrotherreport Says:

    Reid’s play calling has been questioned for years even during the Super Bowl season. It was never more evident than in the NFC Championship game that they lost to Carolina when they had Duce Staley, Dorsey Levens and Correll Buckhalter.

    Origin – I questioned the pick of Andrews as well because Jermaine Mayberry was coming off of a Pro Bowl season I believe and had good year or two left in him.

  6. tbr check your email bruh. give me a shout on the business line.

  7. GrandNubian Says:


    I think #5 will end up in the ‘Chi’. But if he ends up there, who is he gonna throw the ball to? Maybe the Bears could land a free agent WR in the offseason, too.

    I might be mistaken, but isn’t Chad Johnson a free agent?

  8. thebrotherreport Says:

    Johnson isn’t a free agent he just wants out of Cincy

  9. So the question is if he leaves cincy. Palmer doesn’t have a go to WR so if he puts up crappy stats…………is he still a top 5 QB. I mean a top 5 QB should be able to put up goood stats witout a running game or Wrs.

    Now that I think about it didn’t he put up carppy stats this year???

    20 TDs and 20 INTs……………Palmer has that ELI manning disease. You know the disease where you have great offensive weapons but throw INTs all day and have piss poor stats and can’t win for crap.

    Chad isn’t holding the offense back………….Palmer is.

  10. Hold up, what great offense has Eli had.

    Plexico was hurt all season until the last game. Shockey has had to be used more for blocking because of line adjustments. They have no sole running back and have been using the committe approach. Finally, Amani Toomer for 15 games has been the number one weapon.

    Eli Manning has showed me he is one of the top QBs in the league.

  11. thebrotherreport Says:

    I think we’ve seen the best of Carson Palmer. With or without Johnson next season. He’s 23-25 TDS 12-15 INTS. And if the running game doesn’t improve his numbers will continue to dip.

  12. Davidmac says

    “Eli Manning has showed me he is one of the top QBs in the league.”

    After saying that………….You know you done F up right Davidmac…………………You know you done F up.

  13. Cevidence Says:

    Eli Manning is far from one of the top QBs in the league…

    P. Manning
    McNair (just a shell of himself now though)
    Rivers (playing better on a better team)

    Just to name a few…

  14. Eli is better than


    I think he is just a notch below the elite QBs in the game, Manning,Brady, and Palmer. He is up there with Brees, he just hasn’t had the team this year, too many injuries.

  15. thebrotherreport Says:


  16. Cevidence Says:

    McNair’s made it to the big game….Eli has not (now McNair is nothing more of a shell, but his prime)

    Warner is MUCH better. Ring, MVP and if he was in NY I guarantee fans would have been chanting for him to start.

    Garcia just flat out plays better. Look at his stats compared to Eli’s. Flat out better.

    Rivers, they are on par with one another. I used to like him more while at NC State, but now…ehhh…

    Still Eli is far from the top ten…no where near an elite.

  17. There is not one football guy in the league, not one, who would put Eli Manning in the “one of the top” quarterbacks in the NFL.

  18. thebrotherreport Says:

    Archie Manning wouldn’t say Eli is “one of the top” QBs in the League

  19. LOL, tbr.

  20. I would say Eli is one of the top and he’ll show that tonight. Kurt Warner used to be good. Garcia is in no way simply better. Garcia has better stats because he isn’t asked to do much in Tampa, Eli is a much better QB 1 on 1 than Jeff.

  21. thebrotherreport Says:

    Warner is still a good QB. As long as he has good route runners like Fitzgerald and Bouldin he will always be serviceable. That is the one benefit of the AFL for QBs almost forces you to get rid of the ball. Your reads have to be quicker than normal. Warner has always been fortunate to have good route running receivers for the bulk of his career.

  22. If Eli was in Arizona people would be putting him up there with the best, hell look at him last year, he was lighting the league up. This year the injury bug hit the team and they had no premire running back and the whole team struggled. Then the last week of the season he finally gets practice with his 1 WR and they click and move on the Pats nicely.

  23. Cevidence Says:

    One day I think Eli will get over the hump and be a force to recken (sp?) but right now I dont think so. There was a stroy on ESPN a few weeks back about Eli’s W/L record. For the first 8 games of the season throughout his career he was a winning record. But for the second half, games 9-16 he has a losing record. And these are career numbers. You can’t be an elite quaterback if you have a losing record in the second half of the season.

    That’s the same thing that makes me question Tony Romo because this is the second year in a row that his stats plummet during the second part of the season. He’s good, but I still think’s he’s a lil too over hyped.

    Eli isn’t overhyped, hell he gets F-ed on most of the time, but its still brought on by himself. Maybe one day well look back and say he was a prominenet QB, but right now no, because the list is long in who I would take before him.

  24. DavidMac,

    Eli is only better then Rivers on your list. I’m speaking of the guys in their prime.

    Glad to see you back. I missed you around these parts.

  25. Hell….Mrs. Archie Manning wouldn’t even say Eli is one of the better QBs in the league.

  26. Miranda,

    You are too funny!

  27. HarveyDent Says:

    Not much I have to add to this one because it’s what I’ve been trumpeting all season as far as on the offensive side anyway. The Eagles are just one of many to fair to middlin’ teams in the NFC but they do need another stud offensive player to step up next season. I like Westbrook but I’m not in love with his play because in today’s NFL a team needs a premier WR more than a premier running back. Indy won a SB the season after the Edge left and who knows the name of the starting RB for the Patriots? If a team has a lights out defense then go ahead and run the ball but when a team has a franchise QB in his prime then go out and get him the weapons he needs.

  28. What a tough loss for the Steelers.

  29. HarveyDent, are you kidding? Who knows the name of the starting RB for the Patriots? Edge left Indy so that means Dominic Rhodes and Joseph Addai aren’t any good? c’mon now.

    a team’s offense is only as good as the running game. Just ask Detroit, just ask the Rams after Martz got fired… just ask the Cardinals before Edgerrin. If the running game cannot be successful then the quarterback is not going to have time to throw to any receivers, let alone big play receivers.

    Carson Palmer is one of the better QBs in the game right now. Just because he hasn’t won the big game or been to a big game shouldn’t tarnish what he’s accomplished in the short time he’s been in the league. I said it at the beginning of the year as all the Eli bashing was taking place, this is only his 3rd year in the league.

    Back to McNabb. He needs to get out of the west coast offense, plain and simple. He is not a west coast QB, end of story. McNabb is suited for a down the field passing attack rather than a 3 yard out. McNabb would tear it up if he was in Dallas right now. Andy Reid isn’t a horrible coach, and he’s not Mike Martz Jr. Mike Martz is a horrible offensive coordinator. He is 100% of the time pass even though TJ Duckett and Kevin Jones are running over people.

    If the Eagles want weapons, there are a few receivers in Detroit that could be had if the Lions are blown away by the offer!

  30. HarveyDent Says:

    Yes, Boney I am serious. A proficient running back is all that’s needed in the NFL nowadays but true speed is needed at the wideout position. The Eagles have a top 5 RB but third string WO’s starting which is why they’re simply middle of the pack now.

    You need your head examined if you think McNabb is not a WCO QB because it’s the only offense he’s played in for almost ten years and prospered in. If he was incompetent running it believe me he would have been cut long ago. You don’t finesse the kind of record he has after all these years by being just average.

    These labels need to be thrown out because he’s a great QB who would prosper in any offense. You can’t say the same about too many other QB’s in the league because if the Mannings and Brady had been dropped in the situation McNabb inherited in Philly when he was drafted they’d have been on their third teams by now.

    My question to you, Boney, is what has Carson Palmer accomplished in the league except one playoff game that he didn’t finish and throwing his coaches under the bus? What?

  31. I never said he was incompetent in running the WCO, I said it’s not his strength. Look at the year he had TO, throwing deep balls all over the field. McNabb’s abilities are useless in a 3 yard dink and dunk passing attack, that’s all I’m saying. Get him out of the WCO, open him up a little bit.

    Let me ask you this HarveyDent, how many years ago was Palmer the #1 overall pick in the league? 5? He’s started 4 years, but in the 5 years he’s been in the league this team that has virtually no defense has been the #2 seed in the AFC playoffs (before he got hurt) because of who? In the 4 years he’s started this crappy Bengals team has gone from laughingstock to playoff contenders in the blink of an eye. To have the #1 overall pick in the league, you have to win between 1 and 4 games in a season the year before. To take a team with between 1 and 4 wins in a season to 11-5 in your 2nd year of starting is a statement. That team is full of malcontents, with their rap sheets longer than their NFL stat sheets.

    He didn’t finish the playoff game that you use against him because of a potentially career ending knee injury (as reported: dislocated kneecap, torn ACL and MCL). If you really want to get down and dirty and piss and moan about how Palmer doesn’t get the same grief as McNabb, let’s look at stats:

    McNabb has 1 year of over 60 percent completion.
    Carson has 3.
    McNabb has 1 year of over 30 TDs, but his next highest is 25 and down from there.
    Carson has 3 years of 26 or more, including a 32 which trumps McNabb’s high of 31.
    McNabb is 31, Carson is 28.

    Big deal, he threw 20 picks this year. He still threw 26 TDs which would be McNabb’s 2nd best TD throwing season.

    McNabb inherited what Philly had and has proven that he can win no matter what talent is around him. I’ve asked this question time and time again, with no answer… if it ain’t really broke, why fix it? Could Carson succeed in Philly? maybe, maybe not… would Donovan have better numbers in Cincy? likely yes, but they wouldn’t necessarily trump those of Palmer’s.

    Palmer should throw his coaches under the bus, there is absolutely no discipline in that locker room at all. I don’t blame anyone for being pissed that the media focuses on the negative parts of the locker room when all that happens on the team is police reports are filed.

  32. I can’t disagree with Boney.
    I think McNabb in the WCO is a waste of his talents as well. He has a good deep arm, and he has the ability to buy time in the pocket. I think Boney has a point on that.

    McNabb is in dire need of a real #1 though, we all saw how good he was with TO before that all went to sh…

    I also don’t know why to lift one, it seems we must slam another. Palmer had some good years in that offense, and had a rough year last year coming back from knee surgery. McNabb is the same, with his knee surgery year being this year. I’d like Palmer on the Chargers, same with McNabb, I think they’re both better than Rivers.

    I also think Rivers is better than Eli, and how many excuses can you give Eli? He has an excellent running game, and has his whole career. He doesn’t have LaDainian, but Tiki/Jacobs last year was not a huge dropoff from from LaDainian, and this year I believe the Giants were the #1 rushing team… or up there at least. Plus he has Shockey, while not Gates, isn’t bad. McCardell/Parker/Jackson… or Toomer/Plax? I don’t know what drugs you’d have to be on to prefer the Chargers recievers up until the point they got Chambers. Getting a true #1 though has made all their other recievers better….(I’m not gonna laugh at you again, Philly fans).

    Charger O-line has dropped off this year, and I really don’t know why, so it isn’t like Rivers has that edge either. But he wins, he seems to do just enough to have a 26-7 career record. So if you think Eli is better, surely it’d show up somehow, somewhere.

    Eli definitely has his apologists, and people always try to overlook what he does have in order to say he’s unfairly maligned.

  33. HarveyDent Says:

    Thank you, Boney, for making my argument for me. McNabb has won without talent and his stats prove it while Carson Palmer has lined up with better talent at the wideout position in Johnson, Houshmanzadeh, and Henry his whole career and put up better stats and not won anything. He gets no pass from me because of his injury history or the so-called lack of discipline in his locker room because every team has to deal with that, some more than others. He needs to learn to be a real leader of his team and keep things in house becaue despite the grief McNabb has caught over his career in Philly he’s never thrown a teammate or coach under the bus in the media. Don’t bring up TO because even through all of that he, McNabb, never took shots at the Player like he did on him.

    In sports, a true leader doesn’t lead through the media but in the locker room. If Palmer is too candy assed to lead his team like a man then maybe he should ask to be traded because that’s more a problem with him than it is with the coaching staff and if he’s just good enough to compile stats then he’ll make the Fantasy League Hall of Fame.

  34. I’m not going to get in an argument about McNabb over Palmer or Palmer over McNabb. They’re both very talented QBs, but to argue that one is so much greater than the other when the other clearly has never had as complete a team, is not a fair comparison.

    McNabb is not a prototypical WCO QB. A WCO QB should throw for over 60 percent completion percentage, otherwise the point of the offense is rendered useless. High percentage, high yac, more completions, etc. McNabb would be a 60+ percent QB in a system like NE, Colts or even Bengals. This is the type of system he needs to be in, otherwise his output is limited.

    Eli is middle of the pack QB. He’s not the best, but he’s definitely not the worst. It’s his 3rd year starting in the league, and his numbers are above average. All the hate has come from Tiki opening up his mouth when really with or without Tiki, this Giants’ team is the same as it’s always been. Tiki quit on the team last year, that’s why the team failed the way it did. The same output came from Manning this year, and the team made the playoffs and actually won a game. It’s funny how that happens…

    Rivers could be a good QB, he just needs to put more mustard on that ball. Drew Brees has a stronger arm than Rivers does…

  35. ‘Drew Brees has a stronger arm than Rivers does…’

    Oh god… I used to go to the Charger forums… man, was that the debate in the Rivers v Brees threads. Brees’ weak arm… there are a lot of us Charger fans feeling stupid right now, because it was assumed Rivers had a stronger arm.

    How could you get weaker than Brees’?

    Btw, I never got into those debates, but that was pretty much the dominant topic for 3 offseasons.

  36. Harvey, BS on your “leader” talk. Palmer has been the only consistent force in that Bengals’ locker room and you know it. A player should call out management if management needs to be called out, if it’s acceptable for McNabb to do it then why can’t Palmer do it? After numerous offseasons filled with DUIs or DWBs, I’m sure Palmer is tired of it. The management of that organization has sucked since day 1.

    I didn’t prove your point for you Harvey. McNabb has done just about as much as Jeff Garcia, AJ Feeley, Ty Detmer and Koy Detmer have in that same system. Put TO in there with Garcia, and look at his stats in San Fran. Funny, Garcia was a pro bowler in San Fran with TO too! So tell me how the playcalling differed and yadda yadda yadda.. There’s nothing special about that system except that it uses a short passing attack.

    Put McNabb in a system that utilizes his strengths (deep ball, 10 yard+ routes, etc) and he’ll be the best QB in the league. I’ve said that all along, and I’ll continue saying it. It’s not a knock on McNabb, it’s a knock on that system. I have a lot of respect for McNabb, but if you show you can win with what you have then why should management change it? That’s what’s going on in Cincy right now…

  37. HarveyDent Says:

    It’s real funny that Garcia hasn’t sniffed a pro bowl since he left SanFran but yet and still McNabb was a pro bowl QB long before TO came to Philly. The popular myth is that TO made McNabb but that was bogus because the Eagles were going to the SB in 2004 with or without TO. He brought a swagger to the receiving corps but that team was going either way as evidenced by the fact TO was injured during the playoff run. And right before those same playoffs when TO was injured McNabb rallied his team like a leader and said that TO’s injury would not stop this team from reaching their goals. That’s called rallying the troops not sniping at your teammates on the way to the lockerroom because you’re getting your hat handed to you by a superior team as your boy Palmer did and will do when things don’t go his way.

    Go cry a little or man up but don’t look for sympathy.

  38. Rallying the troops… leading your team… this and that and this and that and yadda yadda yadda… Is it real funny that Garcia hasn’t made a Pro Bowl since he left San Fran? Who really cares? How do you know the Eagles were going to the superbowl in 04? Unless you somehow channeled nostradamus, you didn’t see the Eagles in the superbowl in 04 before TO got there. It’s also funny to see that Jeff Garcia has maintained a 60+ percent completion percentage in the same offense that McNabb has, throughout his career (except the 6 game stint in Detroit where it was only 59 percent). All of this “leading” that your man McNabb did before TO was a 50.5 passer rating in these NFC championship games where he “lead” the team to a loss. We should call those years “BT” – Before Terrell. All the success (2004) should be referred to as “AT” or After Terrell. McNabb is a great QB, but for you to slam Palmer as basically a “nothing” is absurd.

    as my boy Palmer? I’ve said before, Palmer is not my boy. I’m not even a Bengals’ fan. Why is Palmer my boy? because he’s white? You can say it, I won’t get offended. Palmer should get accolades, he’s thrown over 100 TD passes in a 4 year span. Peyton got the same accolades, even though he didn’t win anything until last season.

    Palmer has been in the league half the time of McNabb, and in 3 of the 4 years he’s started he’s put up numbers better than any of McNabb’s 3 best seasons. He’s not a better QB than McNabb, and he may have some better weapons but you leave out the portion of the convo where the Bengals have never had the success of the Eagles, and likely never will. Unlike the Eagles who sometimes look like they don’t have a GM, the Bengals don’t have a GM. Marvin Lewis was once one of the greatest defensive coaches in the game but now his team has one of the worst defenses in the league. That’s not something that the Eagles can say….

  39. Boney,

    I’m a Niners fan and wanted to Boot kick Garcia out of San Fran myself. He was also terrible with the Lions and Browns.

  40. HarveyDent Says:


    I guess Palmer is your boy because he is white because I never brought him up in the conversation until you threw him out there. I still ask you what has he done in his time in the league? Nothing more than throw some pretty passes and compile some stats. If that’s all he’s good for then the Bengals could have kept Kitna and traded Palmer for draft picks. Put him in a good situation and he may make some noise in the playoffs one day but keep your gripes in house and try to make some changes behind the scene instead of weeping like a broad. Kinda like the way you do when you, to turn a phrase, play the race card.

  41. HarveyDent Says:


    Don’t be so quick to dismiss Garcia because the Niners haven’t had a topflight QB since the Yorks told him to kick rocks. He has his limits but after seeing what he did up close in Philly last season there are a whole lotta QB’s that play the game worse than him.

  42. HarveyDent,

    That was me not Miranda Harvey. Garcia is an average QB. As a Niners fan I witnessed some horrible performances at the end. I’m not stressing over the rebuilding process. Joe Montana gave me enough happy memories to last a lifetime.

  43. HarveyDent Says:

    My apologies Michelle

  44. HarveyDent Says:

    My apologies Michelle…I was typing in the dark

  45. Good discussion with BOney and Harvey. I would assume Harvey believed Palmer was you boy because you kept defending him so vehemently.

    But, did you really compare McNabb to Detmer, Feeley and Garcia. That was insulting.

    Eff completion percentage, McNabb carried that offense year in and year out, and won games. They got to the NFC Championship game on the strength of his play on offense and the team’s defense. In fact, I would argue that McNabb’s career has some interesting similarities to Brady’s.

    Both won with dominant defenses and limited offensive talent. Brady won more, mainly becaue I believe he had a better coaching staff.

    That’s all I wanted to add.

  46. Carson Palmer Fantasy League Hall of Fame.

    HAHA good one harveydent.

    Funny how Palmer got a free pass from the media when he threw the coaching staff under the bus.

  47. HarveyDent Says:

    Also is funny how the braying has started in the MSM against McNabb because he stated the obvious in his blog that the Eagles need to get him a quality wideout. He states what every one outside the organization says and he’s the malcontent but Palmer calls for coaches to be fired and he’s just saying what needed to be said.

    Uh-huh…yeah, right. McNabb said during his press conference after the RealSports interview whether he says anything or not he catches grief. Might as well go out speaking your mind says I.

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