Hmmm…I Wonder Who Ice Cube Is Talking To?

There’s a lot of people that need to hear this. Explicit language, but hey it’s Cube.

Whitlock, you are now on the clock.


23 Responses to “Hmmm…I Wonder Who Ice Cube Is Talking To?”

  1. Nicole 10/20 Says:


  2. Ain’t sh!t left to say after that……..

  3. thebrotherreport Says:

    Still as real as he’s ever been.

  4. GrandNubian Says:

    Damn……this is the Cube i’m used to hearing. Where the f*** has he been?


  5. I think Ice is a little pissed!

  6. I’ve missed that Cube. Damn ” Are We There Yet? ”

    Miz, may this be the year the cold war begins to thaw. You feel me?

  7. Yes I do brothaman. I hope so. It’s that time.

  8. It is, my friend. i love you both, you know that. The two of you together have the ability to rock worlds. Fire and Ice, Starsky and Hutch, Jordan and Pippen and all that. DO THE DAMN THING!!!

  9. Oh it’s done and we will rock worldz 😉

    Thanks. Love you too bruh.

  10. Awww damn, 2 of Amerikka’s Most Wanted back in effect!!!

  11. opps, my bad 🙂

  12. Nah it’s cool. I would rather the MSM have a coronary when the time comes.

  13. Sweet Jones Says:

    “You tha ones that we learned it from,
    I heard n@#$a back in 1971”

    OOOOOWWW-WEEEEEEE!!! Now I gotta pull out ‘Death Certificate’ just to keep the vibe going.

    Props to Cube for bring back that ‘Fudge’ look.

  14. I can’t get YouTube at work, what does he say?

  15. He basically says to anyone blaming a rap for anything needs to shut the eff up for problems existed in this country waaaay before hip hop.

  16. Cube’s lyrical prowess isn’t the same, but the message is still dope. I always thought Cube handled his business.

  17. I likes! Played it at work, ’cause I want them all to here that!

  18. Cube staright kicking the real. Man thats always been my boy. Cube sound like death certificate or Lethal Injection on that joint.

    He was saying recently that he wanted his new music to be more political.
    Looks like he has accomplished it.

    The sad part is that this won’t be shown on Viacom’s B$%#hes (MTV and BET)

  19. BeeInnReal Says:

    We don’t suppose to be using the N word no more Cube.

  20. BeeInnReal…………….gangsta rap made cube do it.

  21. Cevidence Says:

    All I’m going to say is that in the next 6 months, Cube is gonna end up in jail for SOMETHING watch…lol…

  22. lol don’t say that bruh!!

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