Michigan Will Win In Carr’s Last Charge

Jake Long, Chad Henne and Mike Hart came back to win it all

Ah…this is what I’m talking about. All those other pre January 1st bowls are over with and it’s time to see what’s really going on.

Yeah, Andre Woodson shredded Bobby Bowden’s depleted defense yesterday and locked up being the number one quarterback picked…

My bad, do I sound like his agent? Miami you are now on the clock…

So, the three above returned to Ann Arbor with full intentions of winning it all only to have their hopes (and mine) dashed the first game of the season against eventual FCS champion Appalachian State 32-34.

Next Dennis Dixon and the strike at will Oregon offense came into town and like a big brother, smacked Michigan in the face 39-7 and fans openly questioned if the game had passed Lloyd Carr by.

The pulse of Michigan, Mike Hart–Michigan’s all time leading rusher–then guarantees a win against Notre Dame. He had a look in his eyes I’ll never forget and subsequently had to deal with clowns like this:

Michigan 38, Notre Dame 0.

Henne’s banged up, Hart’s banged up but Michigan reels off 8 straight wins before the injuries kick them in the ass against Wisconsin in a 37-21 loss. Monster Jake Long hasn’t had a penalty called on him all year and has allowed only one sack. Somebody is going to get a HOF caliber lineman in the upcoming draft.

Michigan, emotionally up for hated rival Ohio State, couldn’t muster anything offensively–Hart’s ankle again flares up–in losing to the Buckeyes 14-3.

Carr then retires after a successful 13 year career–to be replaced in 2008 by WVA’s Rich Rodriguez.

All the losses in bowl games and big games are behind the Wolverines as Lloyd Carr takes the field for the last time. Look for Chad Henne to throw the deep ball to Manningham all day successfully. Heisman trophy winner Tim Tebow will not run over the Wolverines front four, but Mike Hart will run for an inspired 150 and 3 tds as Michigan wins 35-31.

Everybody is healthy today Gator fans.

Thanks for the memories Lloyd.


26 Responses to “Michigan Will Win In Carr’s Last Charge”

  1. I hate Lloyd and some of the stupid plays he is allowing make me happy to see him gone, but I’m glad to see Hart, Henne, Manningham, Long, and Arrington here to play

  2. Mike Hart lost the game for us.

  3. Relax there’s a whole quarter to play and Florida hasn’t done anything to stop the passing game.

  4. Watching the MI game. Didn’t like that call on the draw play. Carr play to win!

  5. Looks like Tebow is playing really nervous.

  6. Go Big Blue!!!!!!!!!

  7. Now take you Heisman and go the hell home!

  8. Trent Morgan is players of the game.

  9. GrandNubian Says:

    Good call mizz……

  10. DavidMac,

    Remember SAFETY FIRST!


  11. Was Lloyd actually smiling at the end of the game? Retirement does change people.

  12. GN nothing but fan optimism bruh. Didn’t think Arrington would have the game he did. Also couldn’t believe Mike had 2 fumbles. He went almost a thousand touches without one which is amazing.

    I’d smile too D if my record going out is 122-40 with a National Championship and a Charles Woodson Heisman Trophy.

  13. good win by MI today. Maybe the 2 weeks of having Rich around helped them with the spread? Nah, that’s the cop out… this team wasn’t going to be embarrassed again by a spread offense team.

    It’s a shame Ron English is leaving too… it’ll be nice to see him roaming the sidelines of a prominent NCAA team someday… he just looks like he has a vicious streak in him and any defensive player would love.

    Happy new year everyone!

  14. Happy New Year to you as well Boney. English is headed to Louisville to dc. He will make a fine coach someday. I thought he should get a shot at Michigan, but oh well.

  15. Hawaii is who we thought they were……..

  16. Yep. Wasn’t Brennan invited to New York for the Heisman?

  17. HarveyDent Says:

    Hunker down, you hairy dawgs

    Don’t know if Hawai’i was just that much outclassed by UGA or if UGA is that good but it darn sure makes me wish there was a real playoffs to find out for certain because the Dawgs look like they could beat LSU and OSU in two games on the same night.

  18. I truly think the blocking schemes Hawaii employs and the size and strength of their roster is not conducive to handling Dawg pressure 😉

    Colt was a beaten man. Like Miranda said above….Hawaii is who…

  19. @HarveryDent

    I don’t think Georgia would beat any of the mid-to-upper tier SEC or Big10 teams the way they beat Hawaii. Hawaii just showed everyone that the WAC is a garbage conference, and that the only reason Colt Brennan was being praised is because he was a tall white boy, instead of a short asian, ie Tommy Chang.

  20. David Mac often surprises me.

  21. And then often doesn’t.

  22. Colt Brennan in the run and shoot system = 1999 Kurt Warner with Mike Martz

    Colt Brennan in the NFL = Ty Detmer

  23. Colt Brennan in the NFL = Tommy Chang in the NFL = not in the NFL

  24. Hawaii will be happy and content playing a bowl game on Xmas Eve in December…..there will be no cries of “disrespect” anymore.

  25. Yeap Davidmac Colt Brennan is Tommy Chang………or david klinger!!!

  26. Yes Oklahoma……….Pat White and the fellas really DO run that fast…it wasn’t a bad dream.

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