Happy New Year 2008!!


Happy New Year! For those brave enough to venture out into the skreets, hope you found your way home safe and sound.

Thank you for putting TSF on the map in 2007. Let’s go all the way live in 2008 in everything we do in every single moment of every single day!

Lets Get It!

Thank again!

The Starting Five


46 Responses to “Happy New Year 2008!!”

  1. Happy New Year!!!

  2. HHHHAAPPY & MArryyyy NEW YEAR 2010
    THank U .mnainian@yahoo.com

  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR (Really unique creative )- Ajay Bhardwaj (Graphic Designer) INDIA Mob: 91- 9582025855


  5. wish you same to you

  6. Happy new yearrrr new christmass ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. happy new yers 2 1 every 1 in world

  8. merry christmas n happy new year 2010 wsih all the best n peacefull
    hope that we will get better n more success…….GBU

  9. Get ready for 2010.

  10. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!.
    may your dreams come true………………

  11. GANESH PATIL Says:

    HAPPY NEW Get ready for 2010.

  12. rayha nining Says:

    Happy new year 2010……
    many thing could happen and many thing could be change, but we live in one earth… we could not move to venus or neptunus, so keep our earth… here we should sleep and awake till the time to in to our graves.

  13. rayha nining Says:

    be honest…..
    let us think about this earth.. old or too old.. plants are growing up without any kind of celebration.. may the 2010 become the greatest thing to us… all of us…

    wk0313333@gmail.com / +6285285300490

  14. hi dinesh kanojiya how r u happy nwe yar

  15. shakti sharan roy Says:


  16. shakti sharan roy Says:


  17. hannouna migone Says:

    bonne annรจ

  18. hanouna migone Says:

    happy new year

  19. HAPPY NEW YEAR………..

  20. hepppppppy merru new eyaaar

  21. :P:P:P:P:P:P:P heppppppy mery newyearrr

  22. :* :* ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Seethajlu@gmail Says:

    Happy new year 2010:)

  24. happy new year 2010

  25. hello happy new year

  26. hellloooooooo bye bye 2009 nd welcome 2010 .And wish all of here happy new year 2010.

  27. happy new year 2010 of all of my frnds.

  28. have a wonderful new ywea . make worthfull resolusions

  29. jensen flame Says:

    hopin you peeps lives are as fulilled as my inbox an remember all de
    m tings ait tru till u believe

  30. jensen flame Says:

    cmon peeps bring up

  31. I wish freedom for people around the world in 2010.HAPPY NEW YEAR

  32. ali paknahad Says:

    I wish freedom for people around the world in 2010.HAPPY NEW YEAR

  33. hhhhhappy new yr(2010 d special yr) n freedom 2 all in d world.

  34. hhhhhappy new yr(2010 d special yr) n freedom 2 all in d world.i wish every 1 God blessings n prosperity thrgh out d yr 2010 in jesus name.

  35. Happy new year. We now in 2011 ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. oma siwakoti Says:


  37. This New Year’s Eve was marked with a blue moon, which occurs every 19 years. I’m glad I was able to experience this occurance to mark the new decade.

  38. prince adeniji Says:

    greetings to the world, especially nigerians, happy new year.

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    […]Happy New Year 2008!! « The Starting Five[…]…

  40. […] New Year Celebrations in New York from “The Starting Five“ […]

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