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Throwback Thursday: Doug Williams, Soul Survivor

Posted in on January 31, 2008 by thebrotherreport

The position of quarterback has been a microcosm of the Black struggle in America – a door supposedly “open to all” – except for us of a darker hue who continuously knock, kick and scream until an answer comes.

For eighty years, the Black man has fought tooth and nail to be in a position to lead a professional football franchise to glory. Many came before Doug Williams some may have even been better skilled. But looking back on the life of Douglas Lee Williams -none were better prepared.

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Five Questions To Take Advantage of a Black Sense of Urgency

Posted in on January 29, 2008 by thebrotherreport


I sent out five questions to folks (writers, bloggers an athlete or two) of all races–including The Starting Five collective–and I received 21 responses. To those who didn’t get an email I apologize, but please comment. Many respectfully declined and others simply ignored my request. I have to say maybe some didn’t receive my email or were too busy. The questions were worded to elicit candid thoughts of whom I consider conscious peers. I thank those from the bottom of my heart who chose to participate. My mind constantly wonders why this and why that, so this is a way of expressing my true concern of how we can all can move forward in a productive sense while also respecting the experience of our collective past.

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Chris Webber and Don Nelson Reunion? Tiger Dominates Buick; Roger Clemens Goes Damage Control; LeBron James Sends Kobe and the Lakers On A Slide

Posted in on January 28, 2008 by thebrotherreport

Calm yourself Michelle. Be EZ.

Coming out of Michigan in ’93 it seemed Chris was headed for the same success he’d had in college. The second sophomore drafted first overall (Magic), was in a position early to contend for a championship with the passionate Warriors. Remember how Spreewell was dunking on everyone?

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Ron Artest Bangin’ In Salt Lake: “No Layups!”

Posted in on January 28, 2008 by thebrotherreport

Hat Tip to Hardwood Paroxysm

This is what every team needs–a cat that won’t take any smack down low.

Ron Artest is my dude. Utah past, present and future is the wrong place for Ron Ron to bang like we do summer time in the hood talking trash on every possession–mouth all dry. They just ain’t havin’ it. Even Bennett Salvatore knew the whole scene was foul. His crew had no control.

Sixers trade for him pleaaaaaaaase. Ron would give me the best quotes.

Remember when Chuck used to do this?

Barack Obama Wins South Carolina 2 to 1 Over Hillary Clinton

Posted in on January 27, 2008 by thebrotherreport

We’re in uncharted waters politically. Blacks are getting out to vote and Whites are making a statement never before seen in the South.

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NBA On TNT Notes 1/24/08: All Star Game Starters Announced

Posted in on January 25, 2008 by thebrotherreport

 Nate Dogg takes center stage at The Commission

TNT NBA Tip-off presented by AutoTrader


Magic Johnson on what playing in the NBA All-Star Game meant to him: “One of the greatest honors besides winning the (NBA) Championship, is playing at the NBA All-Star Weekend. You get to see great players and you get to play with those great players. It was great when I got to see Charles (Barkley) and Dr. J (Julius Erving) and Michael (Jordan) and Larry (Bird). Playing against them was the most exciting basketball (game) I ever played.”

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Friday Fire 2: Is Kobe Bryant the NBA Midseason MVP?

Posted in on January 25, 2008 by thebrotherreport

Top Four?

In our Eastern Conference Preview, I predicted Kevin Garnett would be MVP. No flip flopping here, so I have to stick with my choice even though Kobe most likely has a stranglehold on the award. There are many deserving candidates and this season is shaping up as one of the most competitive in recent memory.

Who ya got?