NFL Regular Season Ends: Cleveland Browns Or Tenessee Titans?

We’re in baby!

Last week 12-4

Season: 70-51

Although Vince Young hasn’t had a great season statistically, he has to once again show and prove how much a winner he truly is. Think of games on national TV, games against the Texans and games against NFL elite for points of reference. Do not listen to the pundits. Check his record as a starter and look no further. The Titans will make the playoffs. The Colts have nothing to play for and besides Marvin Harrison getting some burn, you’ll see a lot of young kids play. Obviously this will be the pervading theme across the league as teams look to evaluate young talent and adjust their respective salary cap numbers for 2008. In the NFC it’s simple. Washington gets in based on Dallas resting starters.

Saturday, December 29, 2007
Final 1 2 3 4 Score
New England « 3 13 7 15 38
NY Giants 7 14 7 7 35
Pats make history and go 16-0
Sunday, December 30, 2007
1:00 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Seattle W-L: 10-5 27
Atlanta W-L: 3-12 13
Season of misery for ATL ends
1:00 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
New Orleans W-L: 7-8 25
Chicago W-L: 6-9 32
Chicago finishes strong
1:00 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
San Francisco W-L: 5-10 16
Cleveland W-L: 9-6 24
Cleveland do their job
1:00 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Detroit W-L: 7-8 33
Green Bay W-L: 12-3 35
Martz last stand
1:00 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Jacksonville W-L: 11-4 23
Houston W-L: 7-8 15
Jacksonville saddles up
1:00 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Cincinnati W-L: 6-9 33
Miami W-L: 1-14 3
Dolfans: Don’t get crazy
1:00 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Buffalo W-L: 7-8 27
Philadelphia W-L: 7-8 37
Keep McNabb Philly
1:00 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Carolina W-L: 6-9 17
Tampa Bay W-L: 9-6 23
Carolina disappoints again
4:15 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
St. Louis W-L: 3-12 44
Arizona W-L: 7-8 45
Points will be scored
4:15 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Pittsburgh W-L: 10-5 21
Baltimore W-L: 4-11 14
Charlie Batch is a winner
4:15 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Minnesota W-L: 8-7 33
Denver W-L: 6-9 30
All Day ends with a BANG
4:15 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Kansas City W-L: 4-11 14
NY Jets W-L: 3-12 13
What happened to these teams?
4:15 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
San Diego W-L: 10-5 28
Oakland W-L: 4-11 10
JaMarcus Russell era begins
4:15 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Dallas W-L: 13-2 21
Washington W-L: 8-7 26
Dallas rests starters
8:15 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Tennessee W-L: 9-6 31
Indianapolis W-L: 13-2 28
Tenessee wins at gun

126 Responses to “NFL Regular Season Ends: Cleveland Browns Or Tenessee Titans?”

  1. You just don’t understand mizzo. Vince Young will never be great because he lacks the fundamentals that great QBs have, and the great skill players in the NFL such as, Merrill Hodge and Ron Jaworski know this, look at their careers.

  2. Look at his record compared to Jaworski’s at the same point and Merrill Hodge never had a season where he rushed for 800 yards.

    So who is a better quarterback? Young or Cutler?

  3. I was being facetious. 🙂

    I don’t know though, I like Cutler and Young. I think looking at the system they are both in Cutler is doing better, Chow will not let Young throw at all though.

  4. Oh my bad. I gotta go with Young. He’s a proven winner.

  5. Two things with this…

    1. I bet you Vince Young is regretting his words in response to McNabb now. I hate the way Young gets critiqued sometimes. He gets it BAD. He’s a second year QB and people expect him to be carrying his team to the Super Bowl all ready. How did Manning do early in his career? Brady? Favre? etc…. Its astounding to me. The same goes for the hate Reggie Bush gets. Its sickening.

    2. Young does not have any strong weapons. And i say strong becauce right now, Lendale White is his best weapon. Now I’ve always liked White as a pro running back and he is coming around, but Vince’s recievers SUCK!!! I’ve never seen so many dropped balls liked that. It’s like they should be investigated for points shaving or something.

    But yeah…give Vince some time and players mainly. I hope the Titans do a better job in this year’s draft.

  6. C

    Re: #1 Vince may understand what McNabb is getting at now but it’ll probably come later in his career after the kool-aid turns bitter in his throat just like it did for McNabb and McNair. It’s going to come but as long as the young man keeps his wits about himself and not let it wear on him he’ll be fine. He does need to pay heed to #5’s words and understand that it doesn’t come down to necessarily fans being virulent racists but just knowing that as of this day Black QB’s don’t have the margin for error their paler counterparts do. Like McNabb said it is what it is and the just have to play the hand that’s dealt.

    Much as I normally dislike any other team in the NFC East that doesn’t wear silver and green I will pull a little bit for Washington because I like the way they’ve come together since the Sean Taylor tragedy.

    Dallas needs to worry because they didn’t look sharp today while Favre and the Pack are playing with house money so they’re nothing but loosey goosey going into the playoffs and with Favre being there before he can calm his team down. Dallas is still the logical pick to win the NFC but don’t be surprised if the Pack gets them.

    To echo your comment, Miz, Philly keep McNabb because he’s the only thing between you and mediocrity for the next ten years.

  7. How is that a bum ass QB like Rex Grossman leads a team that wins in spite of him, and a bum ass QB like Vince Young is such a winner with the same credentials?

  8. Vince Young is a leader–period. His team knows he will make 3 or 4 big plays to keep his team close and put them in position to win.

    Listen when they speak of him. There’s no doubt in their mind and that’s special. He will prove he should have been the unanimous number one pick–maybe this postseason, you never know.

    Another thing, watch out for the Redskins. I’ll repeat: watch out for the redskins. Sean Taylor Sean Springs emotion is difficult to overcome if teams don’t stay disciplined. Dallas could have buried this team, and that might come back to haunt the Cowboys.

    HD Philly would make the dumbest move ever if they jettison DNabb out of town. They couldn’t wait to boo him Sunday after one interception. It’s crazy here.

  9. I like Vince Young’s game…. but Mario Williams had 13 and a half sacks. That dude was a monster this year.

  10. But what does Mario Williams have to do with Vince Young ?
    Vince Young is a game changer, if only Chow would take the shackles off of him. Its a damn shame when you look at the play calling when he is in the game, all he has are run plays and 5 yard passes. They throw in Kerry Collins and he gets 10+ yard passing routes and the play-action passes. It is ridiculous to me how Chow still has his job. He isn’t developing Vince Young at all.

  11. no. because Mizzo said Vince Young would prove he should have been the unquestioned No.1 pick. And I said Vince is fighting for that title with Mario Williams.

    Now re: Chow. look I think that Vince’s throwing motion scares the crap out of Norm Chow. And they have a different approach. They might want to run a different offense for Vince than they do for Kerry. Simple.

  12. 13 and a half sacks and out of the playoffs or game changing quarterback in your HOMETOWN?

    It’s no question. There excuse was because they had David Carr–even paid the cat 8 mill.

    This is what I wrote in 2005.

  13. Mario Williams is getting the sacks because people had to adjust to DeMeco Ryans. If I remember last year they ignored DeMeco thinking Mario Williams would be the threat and he killed them, they are just picking their poison. Mario still isn’t a game changer in my opinion. he is a great talent though and one day, probably in the next 2 years, he and DeMeco will both be game changers.

    Vince is different, he is the offensive captain, meaning those guys in the locker room see in him a team leader, someone when they are on the field who they look to. He has done nothing but lead the team to victory and now they are in the playoffs because of him. I think the proof you need of Vince being a game changer is in the record. Look at Tennesse before they started him, they were out of sorts, when he came in the game they started winning and became contenders again. If you had Vince Young in Houston right now, with Andre Davis and Andre Johnson and a better NFL OC you have Vince Young lighting it up.

    Back on Norm Chow though, it is ridiculous that he has the reigns so tight on Vince Young. He really should not have a job. Maybe they need Jim Mora Jr. to come in and consult them, you know tell them how to run the offense when they have a QB with some much talent as Vince.

  14. thebrotherreport Says:

    Not to get off of the subject but JaMarcus Russell threw a touchdown pass to Joey Porter yesterday that was a flat out missle. He may have the strongest arm in the league. But I look at him and I keep thinking Daunte Culpepper.

  15. I think JaMarcus already has a leg up on Dante seeing that he actually played against real defenses in college.

  16. David Benson Says:

    I totally agree with DavidMac’s comments. Chow may be a good coordinator but he suffers from what most white coaches suffer from, inherent bias attitudes toward black players, especially black quaterbacks. Vince was 14 for 18 in attempts last night before the injury and people were talking as if he was stinking up the joint. Take Mark Chalifoux for example. This is what he had to say about Vince, blogging the game for CNN: With the fumbles they’ve had today, it will be interesting to see how the Titans running game will bounce back. Young has been OK, but if the Titans are going to win this, it is going to be with the ground game…

    Or because Collins steps in and dominates the game through the air. Didn’t account for that…

    And dominated he did. Collins was 10 for 13, 106 yards. How was he any better than Vince Young?

  17. Did anyone hear John Madden quickly counter Andrea Kraemer’s misplaced comments about Young pouting after going out with the quad? Kudos to Madden.

    Good point DB, he was 14-18–moving the team on every drive. This is that ish DNabb spoke of. There’s this wall brothas have to deal with that is so juvenile.

    Stop hatin. Bush isn’t in the playoffs. Leinart isn’t in the playoffs and neither is Mario or Cutler.

    All year pundits were trying to push the man to the bench. I guess he had the last laugh huh?

    Give the man his respect and stop making excuses why the Titans are in the playoffs despite him.

    I could talk about this all day, but I’ll shut up now.

  18. GrandNubian Says:


    What did Madden say? I missed it.

  19. He basically said his injury had nothing to do with pouting. Andrea was on some other ish last night. She kept jabbing Fisher with post game questions about Young’s availability for the playoffs even after he answered her question and knowing damn well Vince was going to play. What the hell is up with this quarterback controversy bs? It’s like these people wouldn’t have anything to write without delineating some sick form of entertainment

  20. I was going to comment on Madden setting the record straight mizzo. If there is one thing I like about Madden its that he really doesn’t fall for the media hype and is a straight shooter. He nipped that pouting bs in the bud real quick.

    I’m sick of this crap with Collins, he is a good QB, a solid backup, but when he was the start I believe the Titans went 2-6. He had his shot, with Vince they win and make the playoffs, time for the press to get off that man’s jock.

  21. DavidMac speak truth about DeMeco Ryans….
    —from an old blogger who saw Demeco as the truth back at ‘Bama!!

    By the way, Kramer was quoting Chow.

    At the beginning of the season, Merrill Hoge (I believe) did a feature on Vince Young. The essence of the feature was that he dramatically improved his ability to read defenses and was making some very good throws against zone coverages. He thought VY would have a big year. ESPN’s NFL Matchup.

  22. Why were those words chosen in that particular spot?

  23. GrandNubian Says:

    I agree with DavidMac regarding DeMeco Ryans. But I don’t think we should slight Mario Williams and his abilities. A lot of people don’t realize that he was playing hurt all of last year.

    But i respectfullu disagree w/ DMac’s opinion that MW will be a game changer in 2 years. I think he will ‘tear up’ the NFL next year because the game is slowing down for him and he’s adding technique to his pass rushing. In short, things are starting to ‘click’ for him.

    But i agree that Norm Chow needs to turn VY loose in that offense. If not he doesn’t need to be in Tennessee. Tennessee need a number 1 WR and a solid possession WR. That would make all the difference in the world for VY. DavidMac makes an excellent point: if VY was in Houston throwing to Andre Johnson and Andre Davis, that would be scary.

    I can’t see Jim Mora, Jr. as the answer. He wasn’t the Falcon’s OC and his background is defense. But I heard that Mike Martz is gonna be fired as the Lions OC. If that’s the case, he’d be a better fit that Mora but i’m not sure if Martz would be the answer, especially since he doesn’t like to run the ball. Maybe if Jeff Fisher could ‘trump’ some of his calls in crucial situations then it might work. I have the feeling that’s what Dick Vermeil did when the Rams won it all.

  24. I was joking about Mora, but atleast when he was HC he let Vick do what it took to win.

    Looking at a real OC, its easy Cam Cameron. He is still a great OC. I haven’t forgotten what he did last year, he knows how to develop a gameplan for young QBs.

  25. anthonycarter Says:

    Washington didn’t get in based on Dallas resting starters! Washington got in based on tapping Dallas’ behinds; starters included.

  26. HarveyDent Says:

    I have to laugh sadly at all the things listed by you guys that VY needs to be a true success in the NFL because it’s the same things I’ve been saying about McNabb since he entered the league and Vick to a lesser degree when he started out in ATL. It’s almost like these coaches put these QB’s in untenable situations and expect them to turn chicken ish into chicken salad. It’s to their credit that they do exactly that but lack of talent at the skill positions will only take a team so far and as an Eagles’ fan believe me I do know that. VY is already a great leader and he will become a great talent but Chow and Fisher will do him no favors by not getting him solid speed receivers on the outside. The fault is more with Jeff Fisher than anything else because he has always called conservative offensive games and that’s what turned Air McNair into Ground McNair and that’s going to be the exact same thing that’s in store for VY.

    Happy New Years, Folks

  27. I like VY as much as the next but 9 TD passes in a 16 game season is not going to take a team very far. Tennessee is in the playoffs because of their defense. Keith Bulluck, Kyle Vandenbosch and Al Haynesworth are the truth.. VY is a great field leader, but 9 TD passes usually doesn’t win anything if your defense is simply “average”.

    To the person that said the Lions OC was getting fired and he should come to coach VY, I hope you’re not serious. Not only would Mike Martz stunt VY’s growth, but the man would probably want to run VY out of town himself and that would obviously not sit well with 99% of the commenters here.

    VY needs a tight end, a deep receiving threat and a solid slot receiver. It’s not up to Norm Chow and Jeff Fisher to sign players to come to Tennessee, it’s up to their GM. I don’t know how long ago it was but Tennessee has just come off of numerous season which had them in poor salary cap position. USC’s offense when Chow was at his best utilized a thunder and lightning running attack with a deep threat, a slot receiver (Steve Smith) and a TE (Dominque Byrd). LenDale White is getting the job done (except for his lights-out dance he did last time against the chargers) why change what got you in the playoffs?

    HarveyDent, why throw the ball when you have an all-pro runningback in Eddie George (when Steve McNair was around)? Jeff Fisher is a defensive coach, the offensive play calling during Steve McNair’s superbowl run was made by Mike Heimerdinger. It was an offense just like the Washington Redskins offense. Chow is working with what he has… it’s a ball control/clock eater offense. It’s boring to watch, but VY is doing a good job as a field general leading the team.

    Not every team can have weapons like the Patriots, Lions, Rams, etc… there just aren’t that many great receiving duos in the league. You also have to remember this is the same team that drafted Kevin Dyson over Randy Moss… it seems to me that this organization has a problem recognizing talent rather than a “putting McNair/VY in a bad spot” problem.

  28. anthonycarter Says:

    You speak of “great receiving duos” and leave out the Colts with Harrison and Wayne? I’m confused!

  29. HarveyDent Says:


    McNair would have been better throwing the ball back in his Titans heyday because it would have loosened up the opposing defenses more instead of slamming Eddie George into the line and checking down to Frank Wychek. I blame Fisher for the team’s offensive woes because I’m certain he’s the one who approves the playcalling when it comes from the OC so even though the conservative approach has worked to keep his team competitive over the years what has it won for them yet? This style of offensive thinking is just as likely to keep a team at 6-10 as 10-6.

    As an Eagles fan I know that going overboard with the run or the pass in your offensive mindset is detrimental to your team either way. Just like Reid needs to rein in his aerial game some time, Fisher needs to loosen the reins as well. He’s got a chance for a do-over with VY but I doubt he’ll take it.

  30. @HarveyDent

    I agree with you completely. I would add that Boney you have no point when you talk about Norm Chow limiting the playcalling for Vince. I see that Norm nor Jeff have any problem opening up the play book for Kerry Collins, why is it ok for them to do it for Vince.

    vince may have 9 Tds and 3 rush TDs but he has them in the playoffs his first full season. If they can open the book up for Kerry, then they can open it up for Vince, if they don’t belive he can run their full offense, why even start him.

  31. anthonycarter, I said “etc”… my bad man.

    Harvey, I get what you’re saying. I told you why I thought it was like that.

    DavidMac, I believe I do have a point to what I said. Norm Chow’s offense is exactly what I said it is. The way Jeff Fisher manages a game is the way he’s done for years, and he’s been successful.

    How do you know the Titans opened up the playbook for Collins? Do you actually force yourself to believe that Fisher and Chow would hold back their starting quarterback but let Collins have free reign? Do you also think that if Collins would have had to run against the Colts’ 1st string D that anyone would be talking about how good Collins did? I sure as hell hope not. I’d bet a year’s salary that the offense was run as it was game-planned to happen. If they were leading the game, play safe with short passes 7-9 yards to the sidelines, nothing over the middle, throw it down to the TE if your first read is covered.

    As a guy that has seen Collins play since his Penn State days, had he thrown a pass into the 2 deep zone that Colts use, he would’ve been picked. ESPECIALLY if the Colts played their starters…

    The fact that their starting QB had 9 td passes this season and he’s still starting says volumes about their belief in Vince. He’s a solid quarterback who is only going to get better. The VY thing isn’t about race YET…

    funny how noone disagreed that Tennessee’s front office problems are actual problems and not just like Philly’s…

  32. Didn’t Tennessee make the playoffs with a qb in his first full year? When’s the last time that happened with a team’s first round pick? Marino?

  33. I don’t know if I’d dog Fisher’s coaching style too much. He had some very good teams with the ball control/good defense/clutch QB combo. McNair didn’t put up huge stats, but he was very clutch back in the day. I think Fisher is trying to duplicate that approach with VY, keep it close and trust him to make some clutch plays. It is just Fisher’s style at this point.

    You may not care for it, but I’d rather have him coaching my team then say… Norv.

    And I hope to god Kerry Collins plays on Sunday. That would make me so happy, Chargers will be resting their starters in the second half, just like they have been the last 3 weeks. Go into Indy fresh and not rusty. Perfect.

    Start Kerry, please.

  34. Mizzo-

    C’mon man, it just happened four years ago. Roethlisberger… you dont’ remember the constant love? and comparing him to Marino?

  35. @boney
    I know they opened up the playbook for Collins because I have eyes and I can see. Vince was playing against the same 2nd string as Collins, when he was in the game they would run 2 running plays and no matter the distance, they would either throw a damn screen or run it again. The minute Vince is hurt on the sideline and they bring in Kerry Collins, you have 3 straight passing plays called with routes going at least 10 yards down the field. That is a fact.

    I like Jeff Fisher, I think he is a coach that largely delegates to his co-ordinators, that is why I blame Norm Chow. Its clear to me he isn’t taking advantages of the skills of Vince young, like say Shanahan is for Cutler. You would think with Vince’s ability to run and the power run game of the Titans they would run more roll outs and play actions when he is in but they don’t. Even Profootballtalk points out how they do not call any mid to long range passing plays for Vince, and it is time they correct the problem. He is never going to grow as a QB if his only job is to handoff the damn ball and maybe on a real long 3rd down throw to receivers running 5 yards deep.

  36. Oh that’s right? Wow how could I forget the Big Ben nutsack swing?

    At least he helped win a Super Bowl…ominously with a VY approach of making big plays when needed.

  37. Ew Mizzo, don’t forget #7 in the ATL took the Falcons to the playoffs in his first full season starting…and led the only team to beat the Packers at Lambeau in a playoff game – had he not broken his leg in 03, he probably would have been put in prison then.

  38. HarveyDent Says:


    How you could you forget our hometown team too with #5. He had the Eagles at 11-5 in his first full year as a starter and got a win in his first playoff start against the Bucs

    SMH…do that again and I gotta turn my back on ya…LOL!!

  39. Ok Ok dag! Yeah, I said dag.

    I have no excuse for my black superman memory loss.

    Please don’t hold it against me my people. 😉

  40. OK Miz……………..I thought we were gonna have to put you on probation for those transgressions for a minute!

  41. Kevdog,

    The Wire episode one of the new season is on HBO On Demand. Did you check it out? I watched it this morning. The first episode is really good.

  42. Hell, I wasn’t even counting Rivers last year, since he was in his 3rd year. But he did get the Chargers to 14-2 in his first year as a starter.

  43. Well, LaDainian had a huge hand in that, but at least Rivers didn’t f’ it up too much.

  44. Phillip River was great last year though, unde Turner, it seems like he regressed this year. Its probably nothing but a sophmore slump though. Another QB to take their team to the playoffs is Tony romo.

  45. GrandNubian Says:

    Maybe the ‘Madden curse’ has something to do with VY and his 2nd year struggles. Hmmmmm…….

  46. Well the Tuna told Cam Cameron to catch fire……. the cleaning house for the Dolphins continues……….

  47. San Deigo should pick up Cam quickly, maybe Dallas should hire him since Garret is supposed to be going to Miami.

  48. Damn that’s official Miranda?

  49. GrandNubian Says:

    Interesting. I kinda suspected it however.

    I wonder if the Tuna will try to lure Tony Sparano, who by the way have an interview w/ the Falcons tomorrow, to Miami?

  50. D@MN Cam Cameron got the Art Shell Treatment!!!!

  51. Cam deserves better than that, someone will pick him up, he is too great of a talent to be let go.

  52. Also folks how much longer before andre woodson gets the jamarcus russell, Mcnabb….vince young treatment before the draft.

    Already heard folks saying that he isn’t accurate and makes bad decisions.
    All thats left is for them to question his maturity and work ethic.

    Maybe throw in how he got a speeding ticket at age 18.

  53. I think that happens to all draft prospects origin. They did the same thing to Leinhart. Its just when you are going to throw all this money at rookies you are going to tear them down so that you can low ball them.

  54. DavidMac…………it was no where near the scrutiny that those guys above got.

    He11 last year all you heard were rumors of Jamarcus having a bad work ethic, can’t read defenses, has bad character issues (yet he let hurrican Katrina victims stay in his dorm room).

    Everytime a black QB comes out and is projected to be a top draft pick or the first QB taken. You start to hear the media bring up all this B.S.

  55. The bad work ethic talk came up about Jamarcus because he had weight problems, he was a heavy dude, he has since thinned out. Its the same way people called Leinhart soft and too Hollywood. I never heard anyone get on JaMarcus for character issues though.

    As for the reading defenses I don’t think I’ve ever heard any college QB praised for that.

  56. thebrotherreport Says:

    Just picked up “Third And A Mile, The Trials And Triumphs of The Black Quarterback” By William C. Rhoden. If it’s as good as 40 Million Dollar Slaves I should be done by the weekend.

  57. Cam getting axed shouldn’t be a shock to anyone that has followed Parcells. Right or wrong, he wasn’t a Parcells kind of guy, and if he kept him for a year and he actually did good… then he’s stuck with him. Think Coangelo/Jauron in Chicago a few years back.

    Plus Cam pissed me off last year when he (or Schottenheimer) decided that giving the NFL MVP the ball more than 6x in the second half of a playoff game was a bad idea. I mean, he was only averaging 7 yds a carry.

    Yes, it has been a year. No, I will not let it go, it hurt me way too much.

  58. You know that was Marty’s call gmp. Don’t get mad at Cam. 😉

    You should want SD to welcome Cam back quickly, before Marty scoops him up when he is hired in ATL.

  59. brotherreport,
    you will finish by tonight…….everytime I tried to put it down, I would find myself within 5 minutes picking it up again. Its really a compilation of a lot of conversations, very easy to read. It took me longer to read 40 Million Dollar Slaves because I needed to absorb all of that history that I didn’t know. I think Rhoden needs to update both books after this past year. Actually, 2007 could be its on book and he would be just the guy to entrust with telling it how it really was.

  60. I think a lot of Vince Young’s struggles this season stem from the lack of talent situated around him at the WR/TE position. Roydell Williams has shown signs of becoming a big play target and Justin Gage has been solid as of late. However, the team lacks a true playmaker at the WR position as well as a TE that can consistently get down the field and make plays. Bo Scaife is ok and being a former teammate of Young is a positive, but what the Titans need is an Antonio Gates/Tony Gonzalez: someone who is going to consistently move the chains and require attention from opposing defenses.

    Young has had a tough season but at the end of the day, he is still one of the 12 remaining qb’s who will be leading their teams in a playoff game this weekend. That is a fact that should not be forgotten.

  61. thebrotherreport Says:

    Thanks for the heads up Miranda, I may forgo Kansas/Va. Tech tonight.

    Vince Young needs one back that can put fear into a defense, their platooning Brown and White isn’t going to work over the long haul. I agree that he needs a better set of receivers around him as well.

    I hate to see L.J. Smith go but Tennessee doesn’t sound like too bad of a place for a young TE.

  62. thebrotherreport Says:

    Parcells is going to hire Maurice Carthon to coach the ‘Phins.

  63. Athletically, Smith is one of the more physically gifted tight ends in the league. His problems stem from a susceptibility to injury and some dropped passes.

    However, Smith is a guy who would be a nice down the field target for Vince and a guy who has proven he is capable of being one of the league’s better tight ends. Celek has emerged for Philly as an up and comer at the TE position for Philly and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Smith leave the Eagles.

    Smith in Tennessee isn’t a bad idea at all.

    As for LenDale White, he did make strides at the end of the season. His weakness is his inability to hit the hole with authority. He is a guy with strength and power but he is slow when hitting the hole.

    Chris Brown provides the offense with a dimension of speed but his inabiilty to stay healthy has hindered him throughout his career as a Titan. Another rb on the roster, Chris Henry, is an intriguing talent with alot of speed but he is still young so the jury is still out on him.

  64. thebrotherreport Says:

    He needs a back like Marion Barber back there

  65. Barber is a beast who is able to gain chunks of yardage on his own as a result of his terminator style of running the football.

    He is also a free agent and with a ton of salary cap room available, the Titans would be foolish not to look at him as a possibility. However, I’d be surprised to see Dallas let him go anywhere.

  66. I like the two back approach and I think you all are giving up on Bo Scaife too quickly, I see hime being a great player.

    I think they need to make a play at Chad Johnson this off-season since he says he doesn’t want to be there anymore.

    Plus they get Pacman back next season.

  67. thebrotherreport Says:

    Scaife is good in the red zone and is a better blocker than Smith but today’s tight ends that are valued are guys that stretch the defense Smith does that. You can play both if need be Smith has lined up at receiver on occasion, Although I wouldn’t chance that too much.

    Nah Dallas isn’t letting Barber go a guy like that you max him out at about 225-250 carries a season, anything more than that and you’re pushing the law of averages that he won’t get hurt.

  68. tennessee will probably have a better chance getting Julius Jones than Barber.

  69. thebrotherreport Says:

    Yeah he’s outta there.

  70. Dallas would be fools to part with Barber. Jones, however, could be on his way out at Dallas.

    Jones would be a good fit in Miami. Brown will be coming off of an ACL injury and Ricky Williams is anything but dependable. Afterall, Parcells is the guy who decided to trade down and select Jones in the 2004 draft while passing up an opportunity to draft Steven Jackson, who has turned out to be a stud of a rb for the Rams.

  71. You Mizzo and nubian you guys live in Philly can you gauge how folks are viewing Mcnabb coming back. I still hope the brotha comes to his senses and asks for a trade.

    As for Vince I been following this brotha since he was a freshman and he is the truth. But as the brotha Nubian said we all know that the titans probably won’t surround him with talent. These black QBs can’t get management to put decent players around them for crap. All the while Carson Palmer has had great playmakers his whole career. Drew Brees has had great RBs on the saints and Chargers.

    ELI has Probowl players at all the skill positions and he puts up doo doo stats.

    Hopefully the raiders will surround Jamarcus with some talent. Al Davis thinks outside the box.

  72. Hey don’t hate on Eli.
    The guy is alright. I think people come down on him too hard, especially considering Plexico has been hurt all year, there is no run game, and Amani Toomer was for the most part his number 1 recieving threat all year.

    Look how well he played, without Shockey by the way, against the Patriots when he finally got a full practice with Plaxico in.

  73. Beyond the surface of things, it’s pretty chill here. They did boo the shit out of him Sunday after his first interception.

    I’m sure they want someone else here.

  74. I don’t know if you can really say they don’t surround black qb’s with talent, or don’t try at least.

    I will, however, concede McNabb, I’ll lead that bandwagon. Eagles have done nothing to help him with recievers other than the TO experiment. They did try one year with Freddie Mitchell, passing over a few other WR’s that turned out good like Chad Johnson and Steve Smith… possibly Reggie Wayne, not sure of the draft order. Anyway, not being a philly fan, I think it is kind of funny.

    The Falcons really tried to get recievers for Vick, I don’t think they meant to be that incompetent with those #1 picks they blew on WR’s.

    The Jags spent a couple #1’s on WR’s as well for Leftwich. I don’t think you can say the teams didn’t try. They were possibly horrible talent evaluators of WRs, but I don’t think that was malicious incompetence, just your normal everyday incompetence.

    Culpepper stepped in an awesome situation with the Vikings.

    Dyson was a #1 (over Moss, pointed out earlier) that the Titans drafted. The Titans put a solid team around McNair, and Mason was a pretty good WR. May not have been top of the line talent, but I don’t think you could really bitch, he was protected by a strong running game, and had one consistent WR and decent TE.

  75. Oh, and until I can unremember Eli standing there looking like a gun was being held to his head as he posed for his picture in the Charger jersey, I’ll continue to hate him.

    I need no other rationale, other than he’s a little bitch that got drafted on the strength of name and not ability. I don’t care how it worked out for the Chargers (quite well, in fact), that’s not the point. He’s a little punk that deserves all the trashing he gets.


    Do not forget he was the one that whined his way there.

  76. GMP made good points. It’s more incompetence than malice. But, the lack of talent still needs to be pointed out.

  77. The Titans did put a solid team around McNair. They tried to upgrade the WR position on numerous occasions but free agent pickups Carl Pickens and Yancey Thigpen never panned out. Fortunately for them, a guy like Mason, who was a 6th round pick and the team’s punt returner, was able to step up and assert himself.

    Dyson over Moss was a decision made mostly because of the off-the-field issues surrounding Moss at the time of the 98 draft. A lot of teams made a mistake by passing on Randy that year, including the Cowboys, who needed an eventual replacement for Michael Irvin.

    I’ve been impressed with Mcnabb’s performance this season, especially in recent weeks. It is a shame that they were unable to hold onto Donte Stallworth last offseason, because this year’s offense really missed his ability to stretch the field. Kevin Curtis was a solid pickup, but he is more of a #2 WR and a possession guy with deceptive speed.

    Leftwich failed in Jacksonville because of his inability to stay on the football field. Garrard is alot more mobile and has avoided the perennial injuries that Leftwich always suffers. While being a pretty good passer, Leftwich takes way too many hits to the legs as a result of his “immobility”. Garrard is having a pretty good year in Jacksonville with virtually the same WR core that Leftwich threw the ball to.

  78. O.K. GMP and Allen maybe it is incompetence instead of malice. But as far as the eagles its malice all day every day. And as far as what the titans did for vince this year it was also malice. Take away a second year QBs top 2 WRs and his top running back. Its like they were asking vince to regress or get hurt.

    Atlanta might have spent 1st round picks on WRs but they never tried to get TO or Moss. They never spent a cent on trying to get some offensive linemen for Vick.

  79. Also Dennis Green has always tried to surround his QBs with talent always. No matter who they were.

    If Duante didn’t have green as his GM/coach he would have had trash on the offensive end.

    Well lets see what old Al does for Jamarcus. Cause Vince and Mcnabb ain’t got a chance in Tennesse or Philly.

    More of the same making chicken salade out of chicken sh$#. Then when the team loses its there fault.

    When vick was in ATL the offensive problems were all his fault. Then when he leaves all I hear in Joey needs some WRs, joey needs a offensive line, joey needs a running game.

  80. Ok GMP…..”until i can unremember Eli standing there…” ROFLMAO…. that was classic….you and me both…until I forget, he was and IS a straight beyotch for that one.

    Isn’t it funny how problematic the O-line got in Atlanta this season?? I thought the problem was Vick running around and the O-lineman not knowing where he was….which is bout the most stupid thing I have ever heard. I never played a down of football and common sense should tell you that if the lineman can’t block what’s in FRONT of him because he’s concerned with what’s BEHIND him, he’s already lost the freaking battle.

  81. Vince Young is the most overrated QB in the league, possibly of all-time. The numbers do NOT lie. Vince Young does not “just win,” he happens to have a Top-5 defense backing him up and one of the best coaches in the game. VY is behind where Vick was two years into his career as a passer . . . and we all know how much that is saying, considering Mike Vick was one of the worst passers this game has ever seen. Well, at least VY does not murder innocent dogs for business and pleasure, so he’s got that going for him I guess.

  82. Miranda that line couldn’t block for Vick because Vick loves to run. He would rather run for a first down then to throw a TD. Same with Cunnigham when he was with the eagles. That offensive line cunningham had was the best that I have ever seen next to the 90s cowboys line.

    Yeah I know cunningham got his leg broke and knee destroyed while standing in the pocket to throw. But that was his fault the linemen were so use to him running. They just let the defensive linemen through untouched.

    You know its always those black QBs fault when they get hurt. You know all that running will get you killed.

    Look at leftwich if he didn’t do all that running he would have never been hurt all the time with the jaguars.

  83. Well I guess I have to feed the troll………..Lil Bill O’reilly Friedman.

    You sure Brady Quin isn’t the most overated QB of all-time?

    How about Ryan Leaf?

    Please America been selling use the great overated white hope for decades. (Nash anyone????)

    I could make a whole list of overated great hopes………in basketball, football and baseball. He11 Tennis too!!!!

    Also lets not leave out boxing!!!

  84. Oh so true Origin……its all that running that makes them injury prone. Pure pocket passers are never hurt….why just look at that stallion Matt Schaub. He stood tall in the pocket……….till he got knocked flat on his azz in that same pocket.

  85. Origin………has anyone seen Matt Leinert lately?? Where is he?

  86. thebrotherreport Says:

    He’s catching up on his missed parental visits.

  87. Show me one person who has said that Quinn/Leaf were ever good NFL — that’s NFL — quarterbacks. Leaf was proven to be overrated coming out of college, much like, oh, Akilli Smith and many other overrated “black hopes” (Andre Ware anyone?). Quinn has yet to start an NFL game, so, um, you have no point. VY has started a season and a half – and, DESPITE the numbers that show he is probably about the 25th best QB in the league right now, people CONTINUE to say that he’s good. And yet, it’s plain to anyone that he is NOT. Now that is the definition of overrated. You’re welcome.

    “has anyone seen Matt Leinert lately?? Where is he?”

    He got hurt, when, Week 5? I take it you don’t follow the league too closely. Really, novices should not comment on the NFL.

  88. Oh Friedman……still slow as a slug I see.

  89. That’s what I thought, Miranda.

    I forgot to add, I have never seen anyone say, “Matt Leinart just wins.”

    If VY were white, he’d be a 3rd stringer. There, I said it.

  90. Well…doesn’t Leinert have to actually be upright and playing in a game to win?? Right now all Matt Leinert does…is sit.

  91. Right, and I don’t hear anyone saying Leinart is the second coming. They say that in the games he’s played, he’s been pretty terrible, and the other games, he’s been hurt. Which is exactly the case.

    With VY, he HAS had a chance to prove what he can do, and what he’s shown that he’s a terrible – not mediocre, but terrible – NFL QB. And yet, people say “all he does is win” which of course shows their basic misunderstanding of the game of football, namely that (although very, very helpful) an NFL team can be successful without even average QB play.

    The Titans win in spite of Vince Young. End of story.

  92. Friedman shut the hell up. Vince Young beat big bad USC (with two Heismans in the backfield) by himself and a talented Braylon Edwards led Michigan squad the year before that (2 consecutive Rose Bowls).

    No one was screaming this Tim Tebow like bs when he was racking up 200/200 games were they now?

    It was all about the Wunderlic.

    Dude is Young, Gifted and Black and America can’t stand it.

    Leinart has the receivers and hasn’t done shit with them. That offense should be prolific with Boldin, Edge and Fitzgerald.

    Where’s this writing piece you’ve promised? You name 2 black quarterbacks who didn’t pan out?

    I’ll raise you 50 white ones.

    If the Titans win this weekend I want that piece, because I’m picking them.

  93. Dammit…somebody go and snatch that #7 jersey off VT’s QB right now.

  94. Heh. Yes, VY was an absolutely amazing COLLEGE player. No doubt. But so was Danny Wuerfful.

    In 2008, in the NFL, the league he currently plays in, Vince Young is a below-average QB. This is not debatable. Quote me the numbers, Mizzo – you’re probably too embarrassed to even look them up, because they are an abomination.

    America can’t stand it? Then why the hell does every dumbass WHITE sportswriter say that VY is the second coming and that all he does is “win”? Why is his jersey the No. 8th best selling one in the ENTIRE league? Riiiight, white America hates him, keep telling yourself that. Laugable.

    And are we really comparing white & black QBs? Okay. Montana, Elway, Favre, Manning, Brady, Unitas, Aikman, Bradshaw . . .

    Honestly I give TEN a 50/50 chance this weekend. I’d take Fisher over Norv in ANY game. And if Kerry Collins start, I’d say it’s 55/45 in favor of TEN.

  95. Friedman,

    Are you forgetting that VY is in his second year? Aikman was terrible in his early years. Let the kid have some growing pains. VY has been injured this year. Also, Aikman had one of the best teams in NFL history. I don’t think his career would have been good had he been on a mediocore to bad team.

  96. Friedman,

    I’m speaking of Aikman’s offensive line, running back and wide receivers Oh, I can’t forget Moose.

  97. Michelle, I agree w you 100%. VY is in his 2nd year. So can we PLEASE stop with all the “all he does is win” BS, when he is such a terrible QB? I am not denying the possibility that VY could become a very good QB – it’s a very distinct possibility. So could Leinart. But RIGHT NOW, he is terrible. Three years from now? Maybe a different story. But the past two seasons . . . I mean, Cutler is light years ahead of him right now.

  98. There are leaders of men and then there are underachievers. Kerry Collins is a classic underachiever and shouldn’t be in the discussion to start this week.

    If he does it ain’t nothing but JOB SECURITY for yo ass.

    Vince was 14-18 before injury Sunday night and the commentators had the temerity to say he was stinking up the joint.

    Vince Young is a leader period. That’s a fact!

    Don’t compare Vince Young and Danny. Ask Tommie Frazier how good Danny was. What was that score 66-6 or some shit?

    Oh yeah if this is based on stats, where does Moon fit into YOUR discussion?

  99. Friedman,

    He was rookie of the year. He had game winning drives. How is that winning in spite of him? This year has been rough but he’s been injured. I’m not just going to ignore that fact in this argument. Injuries change a player’s ability to perform.

  100. What will Jay Cutler be doing this Sunday? The same thing all of us on this site will be doing…watching a playoff game.

  101. As Cutler plays golf with his “Super Bowl winning coach” (cough Terell Davis, cough) Vince guides a playoff team. They just missed the playoffs last year.

  102. Friedman,

    Also Elway finally won when he got a running back. Bradshaw, PLease…It’s a miracle that Stallworth and Swann can still walk after all of the high bad passes he threw. They made him look good.

    Joe Montanna he’s the best of all time. He won at ND. Game winning drive to win the title. In the pros with San Fran and still played at a high level old and injured with KC

  103. “Leader of men” belongs right up there with “just wins” in terms of meaningless, empty statements. Rex Grossmann, leader of men. Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it? Well Rex has actually played in the Super Bowl, so let’s not compare VY to him just yet.

    It’s not based on just stats. It’s a mixture, stats & winning. Trent Dilfer has a SB ring. His numbers are terrible. That tells me he’s not a great QB. As for Moon: he didn’t win all that much, but he’s still a great – yes, GREAT – QB. If VY has half the career Moon had he should count his blessings.

    As for Cutler watching the playoffs from home . . . well, apparently QB is the ONLY position on a football team to you guys. I mean, Carson Palmer, Donovan McNabb and Drew Brees are watching from home, so naturally, that must mean that VY, Garrard, Todd Collins, Eli, Garcia and Rivers are all better than them!

    I mean come on guys, I don’t mind teaching you a thing or two now and then, but this is just getting absurd.

  104. For all his nice stats…Jay Cutler will have the same game stats as me on Sunday.

  105. Denver had the 28th ranked scoring defense this past year; Tennessee, 8th.

    In other news, neither Jay Cutler or Vince Young played a snap on defense this past season.

    Correlation to team success? Come on, Miranda, take the next step …

  106. See this is what I’m talking about. Donovan McNabb doesn’t belong lumped in those names.

    I ain’t havin’ it. Not on this site. Dude you are about to catch a gong.

    Oh are you the teacher in Cube’s video?

    Jus’ askin’.

  107. Wait . . . you’re saying McNabb isn’t as good as Palmer or Brees? Lumped in – huh?

  108. No he’s career shown to be better. None of the cats you’ve mentioned accomplished anything close to McNabb.

  109. Mizzo,
    you gotta give friedman a pass tonight….Obama won the Iowa caucus….let him spout his nonsense here so he doesn’t have a stroke.

  110. Frienman,

    I’m not just using winning as a bar that separates the good from the bad qb’s. Some great qb’s never won a title due to their lack of supporting cast. Cunningham, Tarkenton, Manning, Moon to name a few. Then there are QB’s that won a title because of their supporting cast Farve, Dilfer, Roethlisberger,Plunkett ( Because Jaws choked and played terrible)

  111. True, so far – but Palmer will pass him when he’s done, no doubt.

    The point is: you’re saying Cutler isn’t as good as VY because he’s not in the playoffs this year. Well neither is McNabb. By your logic, therefore, VY > McNabb. Which is absurd.

  112. Miranda,

    Good for him. I can go to work with a smile.


    I’m not saying that Farve is not a great qb. I’m just saying his teammates deserve most of the credit for his title win.

  113. Heh. Actually, Miranda, I’ve posted on this very site that Obama is the best of all the Dem candidates (which isn’t saying much, naturally). I mean, he’s an empty suit spouting the typical lib nonsense of a “better future/hope” and he has no experience and cannot lead and has no real plan, of course, but when you’re a Dem, that’s often the best you can do. I only want HRC to win because she would get absolutely trounced in a general election. She is a full-fledged Socialist and she is hated even more than BusHitler.

    Michelle, again, I don’t disagree with you.

  114. You know what’s crazy and I’m posting this as a Friday Fire question, but why are Republicans stumping for Obama? Please answer in the thread I’m posting right now.

  115. Friedman are you the alter ego of David Mac? WTF. Carson Palmer, regardless of what the media says, can’t and won’t be able to hold McNabb’s jock.

  116. Mizzo,

    Beacuse they know America will never elect a black man. They think America would rather suffer 4 more years of bs first.

  117. Co-sign on Michelle’s answer.

    Oh and Mizzo…..still waiting on the MSM to bash Carson for being a poor leader and cancer for those whiny, selfish remarks.

  118. Never happen.

  119. “why are Republicans stumping for Obama? Please answer in the thread I’m posting right now.”

    We’re not stumping for him. Personally, I just think, if we HAD to have a Dem win, I’d prefer Obama. That’s as President, Michelle, not just the Dem nominee. If Obama does take the Dem nominee, he certainly has a chance to win the whole thing.

    No, Republicans really want Hillary. She is the most divisive politician imaginable, and conservatives (with good reason) are repulsed by her.

  120. Want Hillary as the Dem nominee, that is; not as President, obviously.

  121. @Friedman

    You don’t know what the hell you are talking about if you say stats tell you everything about play on the field.

    The stats don’t tell you how a 2 yar run on 4th and inches is bigger that a 10 yard pass on 3 and 20.

    So first that level of thinking is wrong.

    Second the main thing that matters in any sport is Wins and Losses. Tennessee started to win when Vince Young became the starter, they were lossing when he was not.

    Last, Jeff Fisher said it the best before their last game and I’m paraphrasing, “we played every game but one with Vince as the starter, and now we are only one game from getting in the playoffs”

  122. I really don’t understand all this Cutler love.
    Maybe I only watch him 2-4 times a year, and watch him lose to my team every single time.

    Chargers haven’t swept Broncos in back to back years in forever, yet they did the last two years, the Cutler years. I like this Cutler kid, he is faaaaaaaaaaaaaantastic. Let the Cutler era continue.

  123. Cutler can make all the throws, they just happend to have lost a good portion of their defense last year.

    I’m sure you’ll be cursing Cutler in a couple of years. when he is leading them from come behind victories.

  124. “The stats don’t tell you how a 2 yar run on 4th and inches is bigger that a 10 yard pass on 3 and 20.”

    It appears someone has been looking at the wrong stats. Because right here – where they measure that sort of thing, and a WHOLE lot more – it says that VY was the 26th best QB this past season:

    “Second the main thing that matters in any sport is Wins and Losses.”

    Correct. The problem is where all that “credit” is going. Why no mention of TEN’s defense, which ranks #1 in the league – yes, #1 – don’t you think they had anything to do with TEN’s success?

    And I never said it was “all” about the stats — I said it was a mixture of the two. Trent Diler has a ring. He also had one of the greatest defenses of all-time playing behind him. Rex Grossmann went to the SB last year, same thing.

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