2007 Through My Eyes.


This one’s for you QMG (Quentin Mekhi Glover) Love Daddy

The year of 2007 made me laugh, it made me cry and it made me angry. But most of all it made me look at myself and understand that before I can tackle the issues of others – my house better be in order.

In my own unique way here’s a look back on a year that none of us will soon forget. Enjoy and feel free to add on with one of your own.

The Jena 6 rally was the Civil Rights demonstration of our day Even though the President had nothing to say.

“Nappy Headed Hoes” – That’s what Don Imus was sayin’. I guess if you like to throw slurs ABC Radio is payin’.

Steroids in Baseball? For that we have Selig to thank. He turned an America against Bonds who showed overdue love to Hank.

The death of Sean Taylor was justified by some. Without the realization of how far the young man had truly come.

Ohio State in another title game, another loss you can bet. I hope karma kicks them in the ass again for what they did to Maurice Clarett.

When it comes to Wimbledon – just give the title to Venus Williams wrapped in a ribbon. With 6 Grand Slam titles she passes the great Althea Gibson.

Bought my first home this year, man what a joy. The only event greater was the birth of my little boy.

They booed him on draft day, and after the Super Bowl thrill. If Donovan McNabb has his way – the Eagles will have some big shoes to fill.

It’s been two years and the rebuilding of New Orleans still isn’t done. What happened to all the promises – where the hell are the funds?

The 76’ers traded A.I. for draft picks they hope will get them a ring. But the best move came a year too late – When Ed Snyder shoulda fired Billy King.

Some called them cheaters, others world-beaters . But I wonder if the ’07 Patriots could beat the ’84 Niners or ’78 Steelers

Mom got married this year, 15 years after dad passed. It was easier than I thought for me to give her away – after all I hope her happiness lasts.

In his Hall of Fame speech, Michael Irvin called his help by name. Once again a Dallas Cowboy moved me to tears – this time it had nothing to do with the game.

“We are the team to beat.” Echoed in the N.Y. Mets locker room. But it would take a September rally from MVP J-Roll and the Phillies to seal their rival’s doom.

The Mitchell Report named names, now that’s scary. Petite and Clemens were caught but they’re still looking for a way to hang Barry.

My little man tried tennis this summer, at four that’s all he can stand. Man I’m glad he likes to play because he has a wicked forehand.

2007 Got off to a sad start losing two lives that seemed unfulfilled. Denver Bronco Damien Nash collapsed and died more than a month after teammate Darrent Williams was killed.

The Reid Boys druggin’ and dope dealin’. Pa-Man makin’ it rain to the ceilin’ . Michael Vick gets 23 months without a hug. Even O.J. thinks he’s a thug.

In 2008 we get Bush out of office and to that I raise my cup. But I better pour some out for our soldiers because the bodies keep piling up.

And for Michelle, I didn’t forget about hockey the Flyers are back and things are looking up. But no parade for Philly this year as my Red Wings will win the the Stanley Cup.

I just want to thank you guys for reading, critiquing and my commenting on my work. I’ve learned something from each of you this year and that’s what this all about us making one another better people. To my colleagues and to you our readers. Happy New Year to you and you families.


9 Responses to “2007 Through My Eyes.”

  1. Good work ya hard rhyma! Look at lil Glover. Cute kid man 🙂

    Mad props for getting down with the TSF team. Happy New Year to you and yours as well, now lets go-get-that-impossible-dream!


    Yo, Kyle traded to Utah for Giricek and a conditional 1st round draft pick. I’m gonna miss that dude in the locker room. He gave it too you real.

    Good luck Kyle. Hope you make out better than Matt Harpering.

  2. thebrotherreport Says:

    Thanks man, he’s my Ace.

    Happy New Year to you and yours as well.

    I heard about the trade, I’m kinda shocked, I’ma miss K-Squared. From what I hear they’re not done.

    I hope the GM isn’t giving up on this season, they seen to be finding themselves. It’s one thing to trade for cap space this early in the season but if this is the part of a bigger move I’m curious to see where this is headed.

  3. TBR,

    Nice poem. Your son is so cute.

    Happy New Year to TSF family! Hopefully good things will find us all in 2008!

  4. thebrotherreport Says:

    Thank you.

  5. Here’s to 2008….its just gotta be better.

  6. Miranda are your eyes crossed and fists closed…gritting your teeth as you say this?

    I hope you are right. Reading Dwil’s piece and remembering all the bs it’s hard to be optimistic.

  7. Well Mizzo……….all I can do is hope and pray. I’m at a “tired” phase now. Just completely tired.

    Funny, I was thinking about the bias in sports media when a friend emailed me this … his question to me was how virtually the same comments got DeAngelo Hall bashed to high heaven this past season and his coach up and bolted in the middle of the night in week 13, but why is the reporting here so sympathetic towards the player…..

    Is he now a cancer in the lockerroom? Just wondering……remember, it doesn’t matter if the comments are justified or if he was just answering honestly….that’s really not the point now is it?

  8. Yeah I read that this morning. You know the routine..they want Chad Johnson and Marvin Lewis outta there so who better to speak up than Mr. Golden Boy himself?

  9. Yep…..you’re right.

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