Just So Ya Know…

Carter G. Woodson just because

First things first…

Happy 17th Birthday Mizzo Jr. Proud of you son. Keep doing what you do and the dream is yours.

This is part of Reclamation Point

My son Mike Jr. was born on this day
1 pound, 14 ounces
Wow! That’s small
Some of you will say
He’s blessed, I’m here happy to tell it
Everything is A ok

I held him in the palm of my hand
He was so small I thought he would seep through like warm sand
Little baby died on his left
Little baby died on his right
Tears Black Sea flowing, I screamed “Mikey fight!”

Through his little Black eyes
I could see his soul
Wondering of my role
Son your daddy is here and I’m in control
Heat lives stole, two little roommates cold…..

His mother and I owe a lot to the NICU where Mike was born. We brought in the New Year fearful our little rockhead wouldn’t make it. Thank God he pulled through.

He’s definitely coming into his own and I’m damn proud of him.


Got this from hardcore’s blog. Check out the rest of this post…Sammy Stephens is gettin’ it and Jackrabbit?!

Whatchathink? My leg lol

How about this piece of WTFness from Biochemical slang

A beverage of wine, hot water, lemon juice, sugar, and nutmeg?

The spelling bee organizers actually thought this would go over smoothly?

The little cat felt guilty as hell just saying it…but he damn sure spelled it right!

Yo Friedman, don’t get any idearrs.

Don’t make me get Sankofa!


Jacked this from The Message

Could Barack’s name prohibit him from being elected?

I guess so…if the name Hannibal has become synonymous with a cannibal


7 Responses to “Just So Ya Know…”

  1. Negus!

  2. That right there is hands down the funniest thing I’ve seen all day…lol. At least he felt bad for having to say it. Some posters on this board would have tried to give the judges examples.

    “Look there’s a NIGGER right there!!!!” “And right there!!!” “And I know 4 NIGGERS back home!!!!” etc etc etc….

  3. Just added another video about Barack

  4. Mizzo,

    Nice poem. God Bless your son.

  5. Ok, I’m a ding-bat I put in Mizzo’s name instead of mine. Sorry!

  6. What’s worse? Negus or niggardly? lol

  7. thebrotherreport Says:

    Happy 17th Mike Jr. May God Bless You.

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