19-0: The New England Patriots Quest For Perfection

I’m goin’ with Nia, Theresa Randle or Alicia Keys

What’s your definition of perfection? Does it personally imply or conjure a sight, sound or taste?

How about a remarkable movie production of your favorite book or having the perfect steak during the easiness of a chill summer night on a newly stained deck with choice companionship?

Does a night of jazzy piano keys while sitting across from crystal candlelit eyes signifying the start of a torrid love affair fit the bill?

Sorry my people if this piece at first appears offbeat or sidetracked, but thoughts of the movie Love Jones puts me right there. Perfection in the combination of a love initial, the chillest jazz and Nia Long take me home now please sensuality.

As the Patriots shoot for 19-0, rest assured the above images are the furthest from any of the most cultured New England Patriot mind. Say what you will about Bill Belichick, but he has kept this team spiritually, mentally and physically grounded from the rigors of training camp, video gate, league wide hate–fans, media, coaches and players–to the doorstep of potentially becoming the best professional regular season team of all time. This is something sports fans of this generation have never seen professionally and should be celebrated instead of enviously hated. This society inexplicably has grown to abhor consistent winners. What is that? Personally, it’s not the message I want to pass to my children.

Grab it and squeeze!

Laid back? Maybe, but too good to not make it happen

Don’t doubt the magnitude of this once in a lifetime feat. Truly, if going undefeated wasn’t that important, the NFL–in an unprecedented move–wouldn’t be airing Saturday night’s Pats/Giants game on three networks (CBS, NBC, NFLN).

There is also the chance of records being broken tonight by Randy Moss and Tom Brady. Although Jerry Rice in ’87 caught 22 touchdown passes in an absurd twelve games, Randy Moss dramatically should eclipse the record tonight in front of a world audience. Wouldn’t it be grand if that record breaker also sets a new touchdown pass mark by Tom Brady? Brady is one away from tying Peyton Manning’s 2004 mark and now is balanced on Dan Marino’s previously longstanding 1984 number of 48. The Pats also will definitely break the record for total points scored in a season tonight and shatter the Randy Moss, Cris Carter and Randall Cunningham led ’98 Vikings standard of 556. There’s no coincidence Randy Moss is approaching history again, but this time he wants the confetti shine–which is the career equivalent of straight cash homey.

Randy looks Gary Anderson shook

The reason why this is going to happen is because of Randy’s 1998 rookie dream shattering loss to the Dirty Birds of Atlanta in the NFC Championship Game. The Vikes were 15-1 and all but assured a spot in a Super Bowl for the ages against the John Elway and Terrell Davis led Denver Broncos until Gary Anderson missed a 38 yard chip shot even though he’d gone almost two years without a miss. In sports, that moment proves crazy things do happen. Randy has lived with the misery of such a spirit breaking loss for almost ten years and unquestionably will not be denied again. Rarely do athletes get another shot like this and it’s truly a testament of the 2nd greatest receiver ever.

The greatest clutch field goal kicker of all time is no longer a member of the Pats and laces ’em up for their most hated rival the Indianapolis Colts, but RMoss isn’t worried. He’ll make sure it’s not even close tonight or later on in New Orleans. The fans know it. The other teams know it, but nobody will stop it–not with Freeney done.

Maybe in the regular season, but not now.

The Pats want this bad. Ain’t nobody sittin’ tonight until the ultimate seasonal goal is accomplished. They’ll pass early in the red zone to get the records out of the way and cruise to another 20 point victory 38-18.

It’s time to start shining the diamond.


176 Responses to “19-0: The New England Patriots Quest For Perfection”

  1. The Pats may or may not beat the Giants, they will not make the super bowl. They have home field advantage which is terrible for them, because playoff time is in the winter. What happens when you add the cold, high winds, and wetness to a team which offense relies solely on the passing game and whose defense is suspect? You get an early playoff departure.

    Nice work Pats going 16 – 0, to not win the playoffs.

  2. Dude the Pats have a distinct psychological advantage over most teams–compounded with Randy Moss’ past team failures.

    Ain’t no stoppin them.

  3. I’m going with DM on this one. I don’t think the Pats will win the Sb this year.

  4. We’ll see brotha. Who beats them?

  5. If San Deigo’s defense can play lights out for one game, they have a shot. I mean people forget how close it was last year. I think San Deigo can definantly get them, as well as Jacksonville. If Indy lays down and the Titans get in, the Titans with Haynesworth back can also cause big problems.

  6. UNless the Pats rest their players, they will go undefeated. The Pats will also win the Super Bowl unless they have a major injury. They have everything it takes to be successful. Balance, a great coach, hungry vets,(Jr and Randy) and they have been there before. At the end of the season we will all be saying THEY ARE WHAT WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!

    Perfection, Hmm? Chris Webber, Denzel, and Idris Elba!

  7. Mmmn…Nia…oh yeah, the Patriots. They’re good. Mmmn…Nia…

  8. Des,

    Your crazy! Stop dreaming.Lol!

  9. Who can beat the Pats in the AFC? Off the top of my head: Indy, SD, and J’ville….the first two teams are completely different from when the Pats played them and J’ville has that physical and mental toughness this year…either way the playoffs should be good

  10. What balance does the Patriots have. They are pass, pass, pass, and then for good measure more passing.

    Any team with a good secondary and a pressure line can cause them problems, and that is on a dome turf field. How much more of a problem do you think they will have at home in the elements? They only scored 20 on the NY Jets. 28 on the Dolphins? Since it has gotten cold their offense is turning average.

    The Pats are like Jessica Alba to me. Cute but they have the herp.

  11. DaveMac,

    I meant on offense and defense. They may pass, pass, pass but they beat that ass, ass, ass. It works for them. Until another team beats them. How can you say they won’t win the Super Bowl? If Indy doesn’t beat them, then no other team will. Great teams find a way to win.

  12. Michelle

    Speaking of Idris. Are you a fan of “The Wire?” Season 5 starts next week. I think it’s far and away the greatest dramatic TV series of all time and on par with the greatest dramatic art of all time as well.

  13. SImple, michelle, history is on my side. No team wins super bowls by simply passing, passing, and passing some more. Plus they have an old undersized defense, that can be exploited by a pounding run game that all the teams I mentioned have. All those teams except San Deigo, also have very good pass coverage and pass rushing.

    Regular season is one thing, the playoffs are another. You run in the playoffs and have fewer possessions, usually. Plus again, the weather can not be overstated, they are in foxborough in January. That aint passing weather.

  14. KevDog,

    OH YEAH! I can’t wait. I loved his character Stringer Bell. The character showed just how smart some of these gangsters are. If these guys made better choices, they could own and operate their own business. I just hope the show doesn’t end like the Sopranos. We have to talk when the new season starts.


    This New England team has changed history and they will continue to do so.

  15. DavidMac,

    IMO, the only team that really got physical with the Pats this season was the Ravens, at least for three quarters. No offensive or defensive line came as close to outplaying both of their lines. We all know the end result of that game, but my point is that a team that will get their grind on (Jacksonville), and makes few mistakes will always be a threat to do what some would consider a miracle.

  16. Any team can win any given day. Period. Look at the Pittsburgh Steelers and St. Louis Rams of 2001-2002.

    The Pats treat their games as if it’s their last and they only focus on what’s ahead of them in the “here & now.”

    They may not go 16-0 and they may not make it or even win the Super Bowl. We won’t know until after the fact… but I’ll still route for the Pats because I’m a New Englander!

  17. Michelle,

    A black woman is one of God’s greatest creations. For real πŸ™‚

  18. Michelle

    How has New England changed history? They aren’t any better than the Bills of the 90s with Jim Kelly, except they have no Thurman Thomas now and no Bruce Smith. That K-Gun crap doesn’t cut it in the playoffs, especially with a weak run defense.

    I agree regular season people have played timid against them, even the Steelers, and have been burned, but the Raven’s put it on them and they got the refs interferance to pull out a win. The Colts also played them hard as hell and that is when Anthony Gonzal…. was playing like crap, now they have him, harrison, and wayne healthy and in the mix. Their offense can now pick apart the Pats.

    I think the best chance of upset would be for the Titans though. They play playoff football. Run down your throat all game, and with HAyneworth back you are getting pressure on the QB.

  19. @ctrenta

    Screw you and the rest of you Pats fans. I hope you all choke like the Mavs.


  20. Des,

    The Jags are tooooo young. Better luck next year. Whoever said SD PLEASE!

  21. DavidMac,

    We will see in just a few weeks.

  22. Des,

    Why thank you. So are the brothers.

  23. DavidMac,

    LOL! Do you have to be so mean?

  24. I’m sure you guys have heard the term “blowing your load” a time or two, no?

    I’m with DavidMac on this argument. It’s too easy to simply sit back and look at the overall success of this Patriots team, you have to look deeper. The Patriots haven’t had to “press” too much this season meaning that they haven’t been behind too often and who knows how “cool calm and collected” Tom Brady really is? We know that he’s a fiery quarterback, but when he’s got Igor Olshanksy or Lights Out putting hits on him all game after a season where he was barely touched, it’s going to get to him.

    The middle of that Pats defense is average, at best. Wilfork is a solid NT but those middle LBs don’t bust the holes up like a Ray Lewis or a Bart Scott can. The Pats secondary is strong on whatever side Harrison lines up on, but the other side is weak. Asante Samuel is at his best when he can gamble, but not when he has to play man to man and worry if Sanders has his back deep.

    This team can be beaten, just like any other team in the NFL. I think the Jags could run them off the field, and I think the Chargers could definitely pull out a win as well. The Colts will choke in NE if they’re forced to play in the cold, as all dome teams do.

  25. Boney,

    You pick the choking chargers over Indy? NUFFFF SAID!

  26. Colts didnt choke when they came back from a half-time defecit of 23-7 and whopped that ass, did they Pats fans. πŸ™‚

  27. The Colts are the Super Bowl champs. They are the only team that deserves respect in this argument.

  28. Michelle,

    David Garrard is young. Fred Taylor is not. The X-factor for them is their receivers. If Dennis Northcutt, Reggie Williams, Marcedes Lewis, and Ernest Willford step up, a deep playoff run is a possiblity. And I didn’t even mention Maurice Jones-Drew.

  29. Des,

    Garrard young, Northcutt not that good, Williams young, Lewis young, Wilford young, and Fred Taylor may be hungry from all the beat downs the Jags took at the hands of Steve McNair’s Titans. Sorry, not enough.

  30. David Garrard is in his second trip to the playoffs and has been in the NFL for 6 years, he isn’t young by any stretch of the imagination. He has the ability to scramble and has a great running combo of Taylor and Jones-Drew. Des is right you their only concern is their WR core.

    San Deigo has the best running back in the game, they also have the best TE in the game. HAving Chambers on the outside is also a benefit, their only problem is Philip Rivers and his erratic play. My guess is if they play the Pats they are going to run, run, and run until Rodney moves up, and they they are going to go over the top on him.

    Titans are the same as Jacksonville, except they have an even more mobile QB would could pull a Vick on them.

  31. DavidMac,

    As far as playoff experience goes, yes Garrad is young and so are most of the Jags. Again, SD PLEASE!

  32. SD please don’t whoop us like you did last year until Troy Brown saved the day? πŸ™‚

    Tom Brady is not cool under pressure, he will make very dumb decisions especially with pressure up the middle.

  33. DavidMac,

    Are you kidding me? Tom Brady has won 3 Super Bowls. Dude, he’s a stud WTF are you talking about?

  34. So what. Adam Vinatteri and the defense is what helped them those years, not Brady. Now that I think about it, none of his Super Bowl performances were exceptional, and when he did screw up the D or a WR bailed him out.

  35. I think those comments are more appropriate when talking about Brett Farve and Big Ben.

  36. They can apply for all 3 of them. Big Ben didn’t throw a single touchdown pass in the super bowl, and the Packers won because of Desmond Howard’s kickoff return and Reggie White. So how does that help Tom Brady?

  37. Brady played NE style and was effective. The first Super Bowl he had to drive down the field and get into field goal range. He was cool and made it happen.

  38. Trent Dilfer did the same thing a year before didn’t he?

  39. DavidMac,

    If you want to compare Dilfer to Brady, I’ll begin laughing right now. Can you hear me? I’M now rolling on the floor.

  40. Thats great, but in the superbowl Brady hasn’t been winning games, he’s just been not losing them, just like Trent Dilfer.

  41. DavidMac,

    I’m still laughing!

  42. I’ll be laughing come second week of the playoffs. πŸ˜‰

  43. DavidMac,

    Betcha won’t!

  44. Michelle, DavidMac is way out in left field or should I say he has hit his head on too many goal posts in his day.

    Tom Brady has won three super bowls and is in the same class as Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw and al the great quarterbacks that have won numerous SB’s. He is a class act on and off the field.

    This team will go down in history as one of the best teams ever. If they don’t blow it in the playoffs like last year. They are a lot better than last year’s team as we all can see.

    Just look at this defenses stand in the Red Zone lately. They may not have a great running game but they sure don’t need it do they.

    Maroney is running better and time will won’t it.

    GO PATS!!!

  45. Jay McGillicuddy,

    I agree with you 100%. Stick around these parts long enough and you will see that DavidMac is a little crazy.

  46. @Jay

    Class act off the field? Dropping your baby mama to go after some Brazillian model ass is the epitome of class then?

    Tom Brady has won 3 Super Bowls, correct, by 3 points in each one. Those Super Bowl teams were anchored by their great DEFENSE and Vinattari’s leg. Adam V is gone. The D is depleted and OLD. There offense is 95% pass and they have homefield advantage in the playoffs. Those are terrible factors for the Pats going into the playoffs.

    As for going 16-0 you are right, they will go down in history for it, if they accomplish the feat, but all that will be for nothing if they can’t win the Super Bowl like the Dolphins did, and I don’t think they are offensively well-rounded enough to play in the cold playoff atmosphere.

    Nothing is impressive about the Pats defense, at all. Then you throw Maroney running on the Dolphins like that is a feat, screw that. When playoffs come around you Pats fans will find out your perfect team has many flaws.

  47. The Pats have the No. 1 scoring defense in the NFL. They also happen to have the best QB in the game, the best o-line, the best WR, and the best head coach. They also happen to have home field advantage throughout the playoffs, where they cannot be beaten. San Diego? Already won, 38-14. Pittsburgh? 34-13. Dallas? 48-27, on the road. Indianapolis? 24-20, on the road.

    The Pats will not win a postseason game by less than 10 points, and they’re going to win them all this year.

  48. Not a Pats fan per say, but I love Moss. IMO, I think he is the best receiver ever, would love to see him get a ring. The Pats running game is healthy, basically unused all year. If they get the run going (they have the last 2 weeks) in the playoffs watch out!

    @ Kevdog, could not agree with you more on the “Wire” and they get no love come awards time.

  49. @Friedman

    Looking at NFL.com I don’t see the pats being number 1 at any defense category. The only one they are number one with is total points allowed, they are tied with Tampa bay at 239.

  50. I’ll join the fray.

    Randy Moss, Wes Welker, and Donte Stallworth. These are not cold weather players. Moss’ entire NFL career has been spent in a dome and in Cali. Welker is from Texas and played for the Dolphins. Stallworth is from Cali, played at Tenn, and 4 years in a dome. This can’t be discredited, if the weather is bad in New England. I’m not saying the Pats CAN’T win in bad weather, but the fact that they are pass-heavy may play a significant factor.

  51. Off topic

    I really have to ask is the Wire really good? I tried to watch one episode and i went to sleep. Is this a show you have to catch from the beginning?

    Speaking of show with criminals, any of you like the Shield? I know Forrest Whittaker was cheated out of an Emmy for his role on the show.

  52. Yo D stop hatin! You oughta be ashamed of yourself after the waxing your squad took. πŸ˜‰

    I do want to see that Super Bowl though. I couldn’t imagine all the Brady/Favre slobnobbin that would ensue if it ends up the Pats/Packers.

    Damn that made my stomach hurt.

  53. Right, scoring defense.

  54. That’s alright. Forrest has Will Smith’s Oscar.

  55. DavidMac, never saw the Wired and wanted to watch the Shield but ended up watching something else. The Shieldis suppose dto be excellent.

    Now back to the football talk. LOL
    I thought she dumped Brady because he didn’t want to commit. I knew you were going to bring thagt up after I hit th eenter key. LOL

    You are right if they do go 16-0 and lose the SB this season will be for naught.

    I really don’t see anyone beating the Pats this year.

    Indy has the best chance and with Freeney out I just don’t think they can beat the Pats in Foxborough this year.
    Jacksonville is peaking at the right time and they wil lbe a good test for the first round but they won’t be the Pats either.

  56. The Cowboys lead in the second half. It wasn’t a waxing. But I digress. I actually want the Pats to be undefeated for THE REMATCH in Tempe. I just think if the weather is inclement, they’re not gonna waltz through.

  57. Hey bruh I’m an Eagles fan…a one point Cowboy loss is a waxing.

  58. It would be nice to see Randy get a ring and just as nice to see the records fall. I enjoy history and when I am able to witness it happen, its twice as nice.

    I’m an Eagles fan by the way so I’m looking forward to seeing the New York Football Giants lose royally on such a national stage.

  59. How could I forget…I’m rolling with Halle always have and I always will.

  60. AG, thought I’d switch it up just this once πŸ˜‰ The Alicia Keys pic is monster, but it was just too much to post. Didn’t want the ladies ’round here giving it to me verbally.

  61. thebrotherreport Says:

    Everyone is talking about how this is a pass happy offense – it has been for most of the season. But in recent weeks you have seen the offense has run the ball more. If you’ve watched football for any amount of time you know that you need a run game in the playoffs and Belichick who sat under Parcells with the Giants in the NFC East for 11 seasons so he knows the value of smashmouth football in January.

    The Patriots run the screen better than anyone with the exception of the Eagles and Packers, that’s as good as a run. The Pats O- Line is relatively healthy and ready for the physicality that running the ball entails in the playoffs first of all there isn’t a secondary in the league that can take away the pass against them, they have receivers that can contribute at anytime not to mention Ben Watson and Kevin Faulk. They just find a way to get guys involved and when they’re involved they are effective.

    Once Jacksonville gets a true #1 receiver they will be right there.

  62. 2 Things….

    1. The Patriots have made me not want to watch football this season. Its sucks and I thought I would NEVER say that. But I love the fact that normally, anyone can win on ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, but as long as this team stays together…..that goes out the window….

    2. I’ll take Diamond (Lisa Raye) from Player’s Club ANYDAY, with Alicia Keyes a very close second. Man o man….now let me sit back and day dream for a few moments….

  63. Mizzo, I WOULDN’T be upset over the Alicia Keys picture, and I welcome the switch, its a nice touch!

    Reminds me of a song by Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff: A TOUCH OF JAZZ

    Strong, but sweet!

  64. I’m glad you don’t have the Alicia Keys pic, that is affection wasted since she bats for the other team.

    WHy no Laura London though.

  65. Man, Mizzo, Nia Long during the “Love Jones” days was as good as it gets BUT, you can’t hate on consistency, that’s why Halle still does it for me, and Alicia will be IT for the next 10 years, maybe longer…

    Now, the PATS will probably go undefeated, but they remind me of last year’s Ohio State football team. Their squad was so loaded at the skill positions, they had to go against what O$U traditionally stands for. They spreaded the field and ran the table…until the BCS game where Florida waxed them…this Pats team is in no way built like the others, strictly based off talent alone with Moss and Co. but a Jacksonville, a Pittsuburgh, SD and yes, the champion Colts (did anyone forget they have the ring?) are looming and can wax ass in Foxboro on any day of the week.

  66. See, I’m old school. A young Toni Braxton, singing, just to me, is my idea of perfection.

  67. Off topic

    Any of yall hear about Kobe and this hitman talk. I hear they might start investigating him.

  68. Damn how the hell did I forget Lisa Raye?

    AG man you are taking me back. A group of us went to Great Adventure after our prom. There was a Celica parked outside with a touch of jazz nameplate on the trunk. It happened to be the whole crew. Will had us rolling bitchin over his burger. My how things have changed since then. That was ’86.

  69. There are so many KD…

  70. No doubt DMac. I meant to ask Kobe about it recently, but it wasn’t the right time and I don’t want to lose my credential being a dumbass.

  71. DavidMac —

    Until Alica says she is a lesbian, that talk needs to stop. Period. Always some haters. The same way guys start the rumors about Usher, Chris Brown, Neo, etc, women do the same with Alicia Keys. She’s been dating the same guy, I believe he was a producer on her debut album, before she even became “big time.” I forgot his name, but once I find it I’ll be sure to post it. And IF, she was…SHE’S STILL A DYME!!!!!!!

  72. That pic of her I linked to is fiyah!

  73. Kev Dog,

    You got me with the young Toni Braxton reference…no lie, song I’m listening to at work: “Talking in his sleep”

  74. Kev has a way of putting songs in ya head. The man knows his music and it shows.

  75. thebrotherreport Says:

    If Alicia Keys does bat for the other team…I’ll still pitch to her.

  76. Hell yeah TBR and I’m tryin to BEAN her with EVERY pitc!!!!!!

  77. thebrotherreport Says:

    Damn not even a mention of Halle Barry. Ten years ago she woulda been damn near unanimous. She never came across as sexy to me. I need sexy Nia is sexy Theresa Randale is sexy and its all in their eyes. Halle is more cute than sexy. And the fact that she don’t get down with the Brown don’t endear me to her too much anyway

  78. Eric Benet deserves an ass whuppin

  79. thebrotherreport Says:

    Cevidence – You better know it.

    What happened with her and David Justice?

  80. c’mon now Michelle… choking chargers? The Colts can’t play outdoors when the weatherman says it’s going to rain, they’re almost as bad as the Bucs in that respect.

    The addition of Chambers and the continued growth of Vincent Jackson as a weapon, the Chargers much improved over their week 1 loss. Let’s also not forget that they took advantage of Manning in the bad weather in San Diego. Cromartie is one of the best DBs that noone related to him or that lives in Tallahasee has ever heard of. The Chargers could prove a lot of doubters wrong come playoff time….

  81. I got two more for you….drumroll…..

    Vanessa Williams and Stacey Dash…google Stacey’s Playboy shoot!!!!!! Whose gonna top those green eyes?!?!?!

  82. Stacey Dash, damn! I forgot about her, again with that consistency. Halle, is still top cat in my opinion. You gotta have five years-plus to even be in this convo

  83. DMac
    Considering Kobe’s security director turned in the prospective hitman after he was approached, I’d say the odds of this being anything other than an internet rumor designed to tittilate are less than zero.

    Mizzo, Yeah, I do love my music, I remember walking into a patient’s room one night at 3 in the morning and hearing a few notes of a song, then saying out loud, “Louis Armstrong, West End Blues, 1928.” Dude was flabergasted.

    Just a little treat folks

    Let there be no mistake, Clifford Brown is far and away the greatest Jazz trumpet player of all time. But Pops-Louis Armstrong-before he became a pop musician, was the single most important figure in American music history. Period.

  84. Vanessa Williams

    The Sweetest days…..indeed.

  85. Not to be pedantic, but since I’m on a roll, just a little primer on Jazz. I think Wynton has made himself into a truly great musician, but he’s an even better teacher. Check this.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Unv_w7mfnME&feature=related

  86. David, I’ve heard nothin about Kobe and a hitman, whats goin on? Anybody wanna fill me in?

  87. whoa, MTO be having some ridiculous stuff up there so I don’t know how true it is, but I’ll be interested in the coverage of this

  88. It’ll get all the coverage it deserves.

  89. Boston 4, Seattle 2.

  90. I went on a double date with nia once – I wished Theresa Randle was there instead. I’d have had to knock her date OUT!!


  91. anthonycarter Says:

    I’ll be honest Mizzo. I’ll read the piece tomorrow and comment. Let’s just say that Nia Long is definitely one definition of perfection. Meagan Goode is another. ANd Gina Ravera’s not too bad… Just to name a few!

  92. Patriots all the way, 19-0. Alicia Keys all the way. Which one do I want more? Stupid question!

  93. A young Lauren Hill………..man that sista looked and sang like a angel.

  94. thebrotherreport Says:

    What about Angela Bassett. (I got a thang for older women)

  95. my vote: Salma Hayek.

    Desperado was her movie all the way around.

  96. thebrotherreport Says:

    Selma Hayek – YES!!!! (With Marv Albert emphasis)

  97. Where are the white women? Monica Belluci

  98. lol at David Mac —

    Here’s a few I’ll throw out…

    Jessica Biel
    Carmen Elecktra

    But they don’t hold a candle to those mentioned already…sorry

  99. Matter fact….DMac I don’t know if you are a white guy or not…but if you are…do me a favor.

    Please help out some of your white women, please. I have a lot of friends from college, that have weight complexes because white men think or call them fat, or other uncalled for names. It’s sad. SAD. I’ve had to tell a few to come hang out with me and my boys who will gladly tell them how good they look in their current shapes…

    lol..hope that doesnt piss ya off…

  100. ummm…. Jessica Biel…. fine. she’s very very attractive.

  101. Ca

    I don’t know about anyone here but me. I work out extremely hard and am in extremely good shape. I am attracted to women who are likewise. I do not find excess body fat attractive.

  102. See you have to be specific with “excess body fat”

    In my opinion…those who call Serena Williams “fat” our out of their freaking minds….but that’s just my opinion and the first example that comes to mind.

  103. put it this way…. the word I would use to describe Serena Williams would be curvy. But I have always had the concern that her body can, once she’s done with athletic pursuits, become heavier than she might like.

  104. I think Beyonce has that fat girl waiting to come out of here like Aretha.

  105. LOL @ David Mac. Funny thing is my ex used to say the same thing. I agree, that’s why she stays on her game.

  106. DMac Monica Bellucci was sick as Persephone in the Matrix joints. I was wondering if anyone was going to throw out Eva Mendes. Goodness….

  107. I was never into Monica Bellucci. I saw girls flyer than her when I was in Italy.

    I maintain that Salma Hayek…. finest girl I have ever seen.

  108. The list of incredibly beautiful women in the public eye is longer than can be imagined. I’ll just give my current most beautiful broken down by race

    Meagan Goode
    Jessica Alba
    Minka Kelly

  109. Ill second Meagan and Eva…you both have my vote. Alba is just too skinny for me though…I’ve seen her in person and she’s TINY!!!!

  110. Anyone remember that white chick with the big booty from that tv show V.I.P. She was bad.

  111. Natalie Raitano is who you might be thinking of.

    And, at any minute, Miranda and Michelle are gonna come in here and tell us to shut up. πŸ™‚

  112. That’s why we gotta get while the gettin’ is good!

  113. Okori,

    That’s right! Too much testosterone running around these parts. Anyway, beauty comes in all races, shapes and sizes. Here is my list.

    Black-Chris Webber -Looks,talent,brains and personality
    White-Nick Lachey- Fine
    Spanish-Albert Pulhols- very talented and fine
    Asian- May he rest in peace Bruce Lee- super talented and fine

  114. I have to mention Jesse Tuggle. He played for the Falcons back in the day and is super fine. I didn’t want my Niners to damage that face.

    I gotta go to work. Okori, you guys are off the hook.

  115. Before I go. How could you guys leave out Sanaa Lathan, Scarlett Johansson and Lucy Lui? All natural beauties.

    Miranda and Nichole, where u at?

  116. That’s Albert Pujols. Sorry Albert.

    I’m leaving now I promise.

  117. Saana Latham and Scarlett are exceptional in every way. I’m not that into Lucy though

  118. Yeah, I second you Kev on Sanaa, Scarlett and also Lucy. What do the brothas think about Nicole Ari Parker?

  119. I think Scarlett Johansson looks like trailer park trash. Lucy Liu is nice. I don’t like Sanaa.

    I forgot about that chick Kelly Hu from scorpion king, I got some pics of her, she is fire.

  120. GrandNubian Says:

    Pats are down 28-16 in the 3rd. Can the Giants hold on and shock the world?

  121. David…. *needle scratch* Did you just say you think Scarlett Johansson looks like trailer park trash? To quote John McEnroe…. You cannot be serious.

    And GrandNubian. Apparently they can.

  122. GrandNubian Says:

    28-23 Giants late in the 3rd. It’s not over yet. I think the Giants’ defense will get tired unless the offense can put together a couple more long drives. But on the flip side, NE’s defense looks old & tired.

    Will we see another heroic comeback by Brady & Moss or will Eli Manning continue to play the best game of his career?

  123. Looks like you’ll see another heroic comeback by Bafy & Moss

  124. I meant Brady…….cant believe they got the 2 point conversion too.

  125. This is why like serious fans should respect the Patriots, the Spurs, and to a lesser extent the Red Wings. When there’s an opening they take full advantage of it. And they beat you any way they need to.

  126. The Patriots squeked one by the trash of the NFC, there is no way in hell they could beat Jacksonville playing the way they did tonight. They need to thank God Madison went out.

    They’ll still be out of the playoffs early.

  127. Winners win games losers lose

  128. Mizzo
    Nicole Ari Parker-copletely under-rated and overlooked.

    You’re out of your mind, as if that fact needed any more proof

  129. D-mac let me ask you a question, and for this it’s a hypothetical.

    5 minutes left. tied at 17. Who do you have more confidence in. Tom Brady (3 super bowl rings and the master of the two-minute drill.) or David Garrard (One good season.)

  130. DavidMac,

    Looks like NE made it happen 16-0. WOW!

  131. Okori,
    I have more confidence in the Pats receiving corp.

  132. Brady= top 5 QB of all time
    Moss= top 2 WR of all time

  133. Although Miranda your argument is blunted by the idea that he won 3 Super Bowls with not necessarily the best receivers out there. Tom knows how to get it done. And I’m a Falcons fan. I want not to admit this, but I have no choice.

  134. @Okori

    I’ll say it now like I said it before, Vinanterri won those super bowls not Tom.

    2 min drill and have to pick a QB, I”m going with Garrard. Mobility if the play breaks down and the same range and accuracy, even better accuracy on the run.

  135. thebrotherreport Says:

    Here’s one. Super Bowl your down 20-14 with 2 minutes left and one timeout.
    If you could pick any offense in NFL History for the game winning drive, which do you chose.

  136. thebrotherreport Says:

    Forgive my spelling

  137. @TBR

    Jim Kelly’s Buffalo Bills. I take them any day of the week.

  138. D-Mac: Did Vinateiri kick 95-yard field goals? Tom is an excellent set-up guy. πŸ™‚

    and TBR: the 89 Niners. They could run the ball, pass it, and they had multiple guys who were experts at clock management.

  139. If the Colts are 100% healthy I’m taking them. Great QB, 4 strong recievers in Wayne, Harrison, Clark and Gonzalez, and a strong runner in Addai. Plus a coach who can call the plays and a clutch kicker if needed.

  140. @Cevidence

    Great call, I forgot that the Colts have the greatest clutch kicker of all time.

    I don’t count QBs who get into FG range as clutch. Clutch is when you have to make the throw to win the game. In my eyes, I understand where you are coming from though. Elway and Montana are clutch.

  141. thebrotherreport Says:

    I like the ’99 Rams – But they score so fast they may leave too much time on the clock. The ’04 Eagles weren’t bad either.

  142. yeah. the two-minute offense requires you have an offense that can munch up the clock. and Mike Martz hated doing that.

  143. Just saw “I am Legend.” A thriller.

    How could I have ever forgotten about Salli Richardson?

  144. Sorry to get off topic, but why do you guys think the media ignores the fact that Tony Romo’s father is Mexican?

  145. because…. it might not be a particularly important thing. Personally I don’t even know what you want them to say.

  146. I’m with Okori, why does it matter that his dad is Mexican. Hispanics and blacks have been superstars in the league for a long time.

  147. Well I don’t know about Hispanics as NFL “superstars”

  148. Michelle,
    if you haven’t seen The Great Debaters, please do so……the guy that plays Henry is some of the best eye-candy I’ve seen in quite some time. Oh yeah…the movie was really good too!

  149. Let me watch out for the excess estrogen and testosterone on the board and just give the Patriots a standing ovation for reaching regular season perfection. No love for the Patriots organization at all but as a fan of sports who respects history I have to tip my hat to them.

    Oh yeah, my perfection is Beyonce, Angelina Jolie (luvs dem lips), and Angela Bassett (gawd I love that woman).

  150. Miranda,

    Thanks. My work schedule has been crazy over the holiday but I’ll be checking the movie out in the next couple of days.

  151. Okori and DavidMac,

    My point is Mexicans get slammed on the regular in this country. Here is a guy who’s grandparents came to this country in search of a better life. They are proud to be Mexican and Tony is probably the most famous Mexican in America. He’s someone Mexican American boys and girls can be proud of. Problem is, most of them don’t even know he is Mexican.

  152. Michelle

    Does Tony Romo know he’s Mexican?

  153. and maybe Tony Romo has shielded his parents from the media. Could be that too. Or maybe…. no one even knew until you brought it up.

  154. Mexicans dont get slammed in the US that is straight BS. Mexicans get more accomodations for them than natural born citizens. I mean hell, you can’t even call an illegal mexican illegal anymore, they are undocumented workers and crap like that.

    Fact is mexicans and hispanics have always had positions of opportunity in this country, from Desi to Cameron Diaz to Tony Romo. It doesn’t matter if he is called out to be mexican.

    I think it is a testament to how well the country is doing, at least for mexicans and hispanics, that they are just recognized for their skills, instead of for their race. I’m sure McNair and McNabb would rather be called, just like Romo, great QBs, instead of great BLACK QBs.

  155. Kevdog,

    Yes, Tony knows he is Mexican.

    Your slamming Mexicans in your comment.

    I’m sure Mexicans would be proud to know Romo’s heritage.
    Shielded from the press? Are you kidding me? Not in this country. If the media wants you they will find you.

  156. DavidMac,

    I think Dezi is Cuban. Don’t lump all Spanish speaking people together.

  157. DavidMac,

    Why is mentioning a persons race calling them out? It’s who they are.

  158. Also he plays in Texas for crying out loud.

  159. Michelle

    The I find it ironic that the casual fan doesn’t know. I had no clue for instance. I wonder if he’s Mexican like Tiger is black, youknowwhatimean?

  160. Kevdog,

    LOL! You may be correct. If so that’s a shame. Remember the Alamo?

  161. perhaps Michelle the media doesn’t want Romo’s parents then.

  162. Okori,

    Sounds like a good story to me. I wonder why not. HMMMM?

  163. I said hispanic and mexican Michelle, thats why I threw in Cameron Diaz too.

    Like I said before Mexicans being in high places in this country isn’t big news, especially in the NFL. You have Jeff Garcia (mexican) and Anthony Munoz who have previously had success, not to mention Tom Flores.

    The main point I’m getting at is why you feel the need to always try to play up a racial point in a situation where there is no problem. You try to bring up Romo being mexican like the average person can’t tell that from his last name.

  164. DM

    You can’t be serious. Oh wait……Ok, you are.

    You say Mexicans don’t get slammed in the US? Honestly, there is no point in continuing with you beyond that.

    REMEMBER with whom you argue.

  165. Mexicans don’t get slammed, tell me how, mexican americans are boosted up just like white americans and that is a great thing. Mexican illegals are also highly reported as well, for the negative, rightfully so, and for the perceived postives they have.

  166. Michelle,
    I saw something about Romo’s heritage on a spanish speaking channel late last year….obviously since I don’t speak the language I didn’t have a clue…but they were showing pics of him growing up and his family and high school…so I assume it was a biography of some sort. I wish it had been in english subtitles.

  167. Miranda two words

    “Rosetta Stone.”

    I’m doing the Spanish program now, it’s fantastic.

  168. Kevdog,

    Thanks for reminding me.


    I didn’t know Jeff Garcia was also Mexican.

  169. Kevdog,
    LOL!! OKKKK!!

    I thought Jeff Garcia was of Cuban descent?

  170. Jeff Garcia is second generation Mexican, not Cuban.

  171. Eva Longoria is also Mexican.

  172. Happy New Year to all. Gotta go to work. Talk to you guys in 2008!

  173. montco alicia,en voyant tΓ© une 2 mes prefΓ©rΓ©. j’insper que sa beigne big kiss a a toi. merci rapeur 2 bz/COngo.

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