Merry Christmas Steve Nash, But Can Kobe Bryant Have His Jock Back Now?

(AP Photo/Gus Ruelas)
Yeah Grant, he got you

Andrew Bynum (11-13 shooting for a career high 28) and Kobe Bryant (38 pts., 8 dimes) went off on the Suns this Christmas day as the Lakers beat Phoenix 122-115.

Nash had a nice game with 24 and 14 but damn, do the Suns ever play D?

Grant, you know you are my man, but Richard Dumas Trevor Ariza banged it on you bruh. I guess you know how Nash felt last year.

*Sent the dunk 12/26 via email.  Good lookin’ B.

At least you were nice enough to be a little more judicious with your hands. ‘Sup with that Steve ?

Bynum is fast becoming a star. Do not sleep on the Lakers as this kid continues to grow into his limitless potential.

Posted this video in the second part of Jemele’s first interview.

Doug stop hatin’. Nash got dunked on, so deal with it.

Happy Holidays!


28 Responses to “Merry Christmas Steve Nash, But Can Kobe Bryant Have His Jock Back Now?”

  1. “And Kobe….With emphasis!”

    God I love that clip!

    That loud thumping sound you just heard was the door slamming on the Championship window of the Phoenix Suns!

  2. When Walton said the Lakers were the second best team in the west, I thought he was smoking that good good. Now I’m thinking….is he right? If they stay healthy, BIG IF, it could get ugly. Real ugly.

  3. Loyola Marymount–with a fridge on it’s back–must be stopped 😉

  4. Nash my man 20 grand but next time he needs to keep his hands to himself

  5. As much as I hate to admit it the Lakers are the truth. Kobe is leading those guys in the right direction.

  6. kisswriters Says:

    I’m happy for Kobe. Man, with the beating he took for like seven years, hopefully he gets some get-back at those who so enjoyed blasting him in the media. Haterssss!!!!!!!!!!!! You, too, Scoop.

  7. Let me ask everyone here.

    Bynum after year 2 and yesterday’s game or Dwight after year 2? I’m a Magic fan and I genuinely don’t know.

  8. Dwight Howard. No question. He’s getting MVP votes this year.

  9. Diallo
    In terms of versatility, size and athleticism, the Lakers along with the Spurs and Mavs look to be the elite in the West. Yeah, if we stay ugly it could get ugly because when it gets REAL ugly, we’ve got Kobe.

    Mizzo, I imagine you’re refering to the Suns as LMU? if so, don’t worry, their toast. You got to meet Kobe? Cool. I’m not one for meeting athletes or celebrities, although if I could go back in time, I’d like to meet Shakespeare, Charles Houston, Clifford Brown and Billie Holiday. But that being said, I’d like to meet Kobe just to tell him that he has his fans who love him and to keep his head despite the racist, spiteful hate that comes his way.

    I’m with you. Kobe is right now the age whene Jorday won his first title. Let’s see what Kobe can do. I’m expecting great things.

    Yes they are absolutely for real. Sorry to hurt your feelings:-)

    I’d go with Bynum because I think his extra length gives him a little more upside and he’s such a classic back to the basket center. His length and soft hands really makes it easy for an offense to run inside out.

  10. I was covering the Sixers/Lakers. They were honoring Dr. J and Clint Richardson from their ’83 championship squad. All the particulars present gave me some great quotes that’ll be posted on SLAM soon. I’ll let you know.

    Phyllis Hyman, John Henrik Clarke, Buck O’Neil, Hannibal, Paul Robeson Donny Hathaway and Nat Turner would be mine–to name a few.

  11. You met Buck didn’t you?

  12. Good to see the lakers whip the paper champ nash and the sunflower seeds. And if the suns don’t make it to the finals watch the media black Amare and not nash. Yet isn’t nash a 2 time MVP?

    Never ceases to amaze me how nash is on the most talented team in the NBA and this fool still can’t get to the finals.

    Also why are the commentators always talking about Amare defense is holding back the suns. I just watched last week the mavs point guard harris light nash up all night. Yet Amare was the one that got blamed when harris blew past paper champ nash and scored.

    As for bynum I have been saying for the last 2 years that phil needs to take his old hippie acid doing @ss and have that boy bynum on the block posting up. The kid got post up moves. Plus he is pretty good at shot blocking. However in year 3 I would have taken Howard over him. Howard is a beast now and was one in year 3.

    Also it just amazes me how Kobe no longer gets calls. He gets mugged every play. Yet you can’t breath on nash without getting a call. Boy you can’t tell me that the league doesn’t want kobe to be the face of the NBA.

    Trust me come playoff time the whole media will be on the suns bandwagon. They still feel they got cheated out of see the paper champ in the finals last year.

    He11 let the suns go this year. So the celtics can beat the living crap out of them.

    But I would much rather see the lakers vs celtics.

  13. Lakers v. Cletics!

    Amazing isn’t it. In these days of white media racism run amok, the worst MVP in league history follows the worst 2-time MVP and they’re both white.

  14. Nah Kev. One of my few regrets. He passed while we were setting up an interview through the Negro League Museum

  15. Damn! I’m curious Why Phyllis and Donny?

    BTW, many people have signature songs, songs they’ve sung that, after they’ve done them, no one should even try. Billie had the most I think But Phylliis’s cover of “Betcha by Golly Wow!” Man, I doubt any song has ever been sung better.

  16. Well my mother committed suicide, so I can relate to their collective sadness.

  17. Damn, that’s some kinda blues my man. Thanks for sharing, hope I was not prying too much

  18. Nah she’s inspired my sister and I in so many ways. There hasn’t been a day in 19 years I haven’t thought of her.

    Everyone who is reading this, hold your mom. If that’s not possible, call and tell you how much you love her with your eyes wide shut.

  19. Sounds like somebody out there is a widdle bit grumpy that a white boy is the best point guard in the NBA, and is heralded for it. What’s with all the hostile racism anyway?

  20. Mizz : Are you in the Philly area? I’ve got a sports project that I want to try to move on and would very much need a connection as it’s a trip into family history.

  21. Yeah shoot me an email.

  22. thebrotherreport Says:

    I would love to meet Bob Marley, Jim Brown, Harry Edwards and Chuck D.
    I saw Phyllis Hyman when I was 15 at this restaurant in downtown Philly busting tables for the summer. She one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen, her eyes were amazing, I’ve been a sucker for eyes ever since.

  23. Yeah, Phyllis had some amazing eyes. But man, you’re lucky, most of your list is alive.

  24. Kev Betcha By Golly Wow has been playing in my head the entire day.

    Because of the times, Living All Alone was my favorite track (because of this Bahamian sista who was out of this world), followed Meet Me On the Moon, Old Friend, Living in Confusion and then Betcha By Golly Wow.

    Goodness..those were the nights of fire engine, conch fritters and Campari consumption to a Phyllis Hyman beat.

  25. thebrotherreport Says:

    Meet Me On The Moon – WOW!!!!

  26. “old friend” it almost seemed like a window into her soul, about so many things, then again, so did all of her songs

  27. You know, it’s real sweet bein’ a Laker fan right now who was urging folks to be patient with AB. He is already a low-key bad man. I wish Lamar would be more aggressive with shooting and look for his shot, but Kobe’s just about (if not already) got his un-ignorable big man help. OK, he’s not Shaq in ’99 yet, but AB is 21 and #24 is 29 and we got all kinds of good pieces, not to mention the above-mentioned L.O. who can do it all….I really wish he would be a more aggressive shooter, but that may be a moot point some time soon. Anyway……..yeah, Ariza is bad for that. I’ve posted that on Myspace, Facebook, forwarded it to friends, replayed it, watched it like 18 times on Sportscenter……really…and Kobe’s reaction only enriches its beauty. Thing that got me, they had Sportscenter top plays of the year and they had that dunk at like 6…..they had two-game winning threes for Durant and Ray Ray as 1 and 2. You tellin’ me those two plays were more exciting or impressive than that Ariza dunk? ESPN in full-on kingmaker mode.

  28. lakersfanboy Says:

    I am very impressed with how Ariza plays basketball. He is full of energy, very athletic and full of confidence.

    Lakers fan

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