Keeping It Smooth On Super Saturday


Some videos to keep it smooth and help you all wind down just in case you are Christmas stressed.

Thanks for taking TSF to the….

One of my all time tracks

This might make you wonder

Primo produced this Guru classic

So much on my mind

Harlem river quiver

She’s from another time

Remember when I used to sing this in your ear Bonita B?

Or this?

This too

Are you sure?

Ya heard?

Remember this?

Maybe J Tizzy was headed here

Memories of dancing with you on an empty dance floor

One of the first records to put me on a path

When I’m sad

Preach brotha preach

Goodness Vivian

Do you miss her as much as I do?

Got me goin’….

Reggie Noble

I damn sure will if I can find you

Something to daydream to

Sing it Amel

Jill will you marry me?

1986 love reminiscent

Don’t forget it

Is that alright?

Skills to a Roy Ayers/Amerie vibe

But I want you to want me too

Just so you know

Donny’s Classic


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