Friday Fire: How Do You Want Your Sports Reporting? Mistaken or Blurrrrred?

The future of sports reporting?

More and more athletes are using their individual voices to connect with fans. The negative effect of money only cultured reporting has created an athlete backlash. Seemingly, pros are growing weary of journalists having control over their athletic legacies and are doing something about it. Gilbert Arenas has one of the best blogs around because of his cool wit and unapologetic sense of straight up realness. His words will not be spoken or written out of context because he alone–at least through his blog–controls what we will and will not know.

I love it.

What’s next? Is it time to “blow up the spot”?

The Ron Artest interview has exploded across the web thanks to TrueHoop, FreeDarko SacTown Royalty and other good folk. We thank you all for reading and linking it. It shows readers do want the truth instead of the same hate pandering filler just to cultivate a forever weakening American dollar. Why isn’t anyone willing to tell the real stories besides small blogs like this and others similar? Is mass sports media forever corrupt? Are they only interested in production which ultimately becomes the fan’s expense? Besides Gilbert and others, will athletes stand up to cynical reporting by doing their own thing?

Is it in their best interest?

Do they care?

Do you care?


19 Responses to “Friday Fire: How Do You Want Your Sports Reporting? Mistaken or Blurrrrred?”

  1. I’m with it 100%

    There is not any college in the world that can give you an education to understand a background you have never experienced. That’s why it pains me so much to hear some reporters give there take on why certain players act the way they do, as if they understand what that person may have been through.

    Then you have the Barry v. Roger mess that’s going on right now, and people still stand BLIND to the bias that runs through the media vessels. If I was an athlete I’d be right with Gilbert.

    My best friend and I were talking about creating a national organization to represent athletes. Something along the lines of the NABJ. Because now, with the 24 hour media machine, there needs to be a group of individuals that can stand in the gap for athletes against said reporting. Often times we hear of comments from agents/lawyers, but let’s be real, those people have their own money on the mind and not the well being of that athlete. I’ve thought long and hard about such an organization, and once I can get something concrete…I’m making moves…

  2. HarveyDent Says:

    Congrats on the Artest interview, guys.

    MSM is trump tight with Big Business now because of the relaxation of rules prohibiting cross-ownership of media in various markets. Time-Warner used to own the Atlanta Braves which owned and still owns Sports Illustrated which is still considered the sports coverage bible. Disney owns ESPN and formerly the Angels MLB team. Back in the day like the mid-80’s those instances were considered conflicts of interest and oversight agencies in and out of government would have prohibited it. Nowadays with government functions being privatized to prop up the aforementioned tanking American dollar everything is up for the highest bidder with no thoght given to the long-term damage such practices will wreak. Naomi Klein has a book about the rise of what’s called ‘disaster capitalism’ where the vultures swoop in to pick the bones dry of natural disaster sites but the same premise can be used with the Gilded Age economy we’re living in today which comes back to the MSM.

    As the mouthpieces for fascistic propaganda, the media masters will paint conscious athletes, performers, and regular people as malcontents by distorting their words to diffuse whatever influence they can wield to create independent though outside of the approved mainstream. So that’s why Agent 0 is considered a ‘strange’ guy who’s nothing more than a joke to be easily dismissed as a kook while Ron Artest is the NBA’s stereotypical ‘bad nigger’ who would be hanging around inner city sports arenas ready to rob you if he wasn’t playing ball to entertain and be booed by the ill-informed masses who want their bread and circuses with no complexity.

    Sports media is always looking for the next Michael Jordan but as much as I loved to see him play I hope I never see another one like MJ23 again. I want to see another Vivian Stringer, Toni Smith, Adam Morrison, Marcellus Wiley, Bill Walton, Carlos Delgado, Steve Nash, and other athletes like them who are awake and unafraid to take a stand and speak their own words unfilitered to the ones out here listening. I also want to see more writers and sites like TSF, Zirin, Counterpunch, Black Agenda Report that will speak the truth to power by refusing to follow the script given by the power brokers hiding in plain sight pulling the strings.

    All Power to the People!!!

  3. I’m all for athlete blogging, the notion that fans and stars can cut out the middleman and directly communicate has been a long time coming.

    I’m a little weary of Gilbert Arenas blogging from the NBA’s official website though. What happens when the day comes where Gilbert wants to say something that ‘big brother’ doesn’t necessarily agree with? What if he gets into it with David Stern? What if he wants to say something that the NBA doesn’t necessarily agree with? He’s on the company’s server space.

  4. If I can humbly speak for the fellas, thanks HD.

    S, Hopefully I’ll have an answer to that real soon 😉

  5. Its not enough…

    I dig Athlete blogging.

    But its not enough.

    The Fourth Estate cannot die.

  6. thebrotherreport Says:

    Looking back on this Artest piece and the effect that it’s had I realize that I’m a part of something special and I can only be humbled by that. Mike you’ve known me for close to 2 years now and my only focus has been to reach the masses (our people) and spread the truth. If others want to join our cause that’s fine but I’m for my people first. I’m glad that you thought enough of my work to bring me on board.

  7. Damn right brotha. Like I’ve been saying…

    Lets Get It!

  8. The MSM pimps bad stories because that is what people buy. They don’t care about truth they care about the dollar and spreading a left-wing message (I know most of yall disagree on this one). That means if it comes down to it and they have a story about A.I. saving a lady from a car wreck and some athelete peeing outside a night club, they are going to go with the peeing, because that is going to help their bottom line.

    The fourth estate is a figment of the imagination. The media , mainstream, NEVER kept the government honest. It was always the little guy trying to make it big, starting from John Peter Zenger or Benjamin harris.

    So I would advise everyone don’t expect the big companies to do anything, you guys just keep doing what you are doing, because you all, the bloggers, make up the news in today’s world, whether its breaking the Rathergate garbage, breaking news on government spending, or bringing a true light on sports and athletes without having to worry about if anyone is going to compensate you because you didn’t go negative.

  9. I can’t believe more athletes don’t have their own personal blogs right now….its almost odd given the climate the past few years. I would think more agents and publicists would really be pushing this for their more “controversial” clients….or even moreso, the lesser known athletes.

  10. GrandNubian Says:

    I think the trend of athletes having personal blogs will become more & more prominent. I think the players will see this as an opportunity to combat all the negativity and controversy surrounding them. There has to be balance in reporting and this could aid sites like TSF, SOMM, SML, COSELLOUT, etc.

    I’m down!

  11. I think you have a great deal of athletes who are scared to put their opinions out because they feel they will get backlash, or that the MSM will use their sources to find out who they are talking about in a post, and such things.

    I definantly would recommend them having blogs, they just need an agent to filter them or ,better word choice, advise them how to word things.

  12. Miranda,

    Most athletes dont blog because, well, This shit is a lot of work and if you dont have anything you feel MUST be heard, its easier to just not do it.

    The guys out here blogging do it because they WANT to be heard.

    Lot of these cats are perfectly content with the way things are.

    Until its THEM.

    then they are MISUNDERSTOOD.

    and dont know why.

  13. DavidMac brings up a good point. Most athletes wouldn’t dare to say how they really feel because in the long run it would hurt their pockets.

    Imagine if Lebron stood up for something and put his foot down. I’m sure that he wouldn’t have as many endorsements as he does right now. That’s one thing that hurts from so many athletes not staying in college for 4 years. You do SO MUCH growing while in that atmosphere that if/when they became pros, they would be able to make an impact on so much more than just the playing field.

    It’s sad but so true, when the all mighty dollar goes up against morals, the dollar wins just about every time…

  14. Good point GN.

  15. Sorry that I’m not more involved today people. Doing some stuff for my sis and getting ready to cover Sixers/Lakers tonight. They are honoring Julius Erving. Everyone please be safe in your travels this weekend.

    Also, if anyone has any specific questions for Chuck D, shoot them to me in an email. I want this to be powerful.

    I agree with all of you. This is definitely something that should be more prominent and as long as the right information is divulged, athlete blogs will help the fan understand them if only but a little bit more.

  16. “We thank you all for reading and linking it. It shows readers do want the truth instead of the same hate pandering filler just to cultivate a forever weakening American dollar.”

    Um, what? How does the American “dollar” come into play here? Your interview was awesome, but please, enough of the leftist, anti-American bashing at every turn.

  17. The American dollar does come into play Friedman.


    Lets say we have two players. Player A and B.

    Both are All Star players. At the top of their game. Guys that can carry teams on their backs.

    Player A never stands up to the media. Never makes a stand on a controversial situation in sports or in other parts of the world. However, you’re BOUND to see player A recieve more endorsement and other type of high paying contracts, time and time again.

    Player B on the other hand, says whats on his mind. Makes statements about situations such as racism in sports, and his comments bring a negative backlash down upon him. Not only will he be made into a bad person and teammate, I guarantee that he will not recieve as many deals and contracts as the person who bends to the media’s will.

    When players are more willing to stand up for themselves and what they believe, it is almost certain that they will face consequences through their pockets.

    You should read 40 Million Dollar Slaves by William Rhoden. It gives good examples of exactly the situation. The “American Dollar” as you put it is a strong influence on how the media represents athletes and how those athletes respond to the media/public.

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