Sean Taylor Posthumously Selected To Pro Bowl

Sean Taylor & teammate Chris Samuels, 2006 Pro Bowl

Late Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor became the first player selected to the Pro Bowl posthumously today.

Taylor died November 27th after being shot during a burglary at his home in Florida. At the time of his death, Taylor was the leading vote-getter among fans. He was voted in as the starting free safety for the NFC.

The fans of the NFL stand to be commended, they could’ve easily voted for another player as a replacement for Taylor, but continued to show their respect for his talent and most importantly his memory – when you really think about it, that’s pretty moving.


24 Responses to “Sean Taylor Posthumously Selected To Pro Bowl”

  1. This was very touching. Hopefully his fiancee, parents and other members of his family can attend.

  2. I agree with Miranda. Sean’s selection brought tears to my eyes.

  3. I hope they replay the clip of him blowing that punter up over and over…

  4. who was that punter Cevidence?

    That was the moment where I nodded my head and went “Yup. He’s going to be what people thought Roy Williams would be.”

  5. I can’t remember right at this moment….hell he probably couldnt even tell you his name after it happened…

  6. The punter’s name was Brian Moorman, you can see the hit here:

  7. Do they come out with 10 on D in the pro bowl in honor of him?

    I’d bet they do, I can’t remember how they pick the coach of the pro-bowl, but since it won’t be Belichek (a prick) I’m sure the NFC coach would make the gesture as well.

  8. GrandNubian Says:

    Good to see Sean get selected. Nuff respect.

    I was looking at the AFC/NFC rosters and couldn’t help but noticed that Mario Williams got screwed. Dude is having a break out year w/ 13.0 sacks but didn’t make the AFC roster.

  9. I really wish Mario had been selected, he deserved it.

  10. GrandNubian Says:


    Yeah, he really deserved it. Maybe he’ll get added later as a result of someone backing out due to injury (it happens every year).

    On another note, it looks like the Texans got it right with their 1st pick. I’ve said all along that Reggie Bush was nothing more than ‘hype’ and would not tear up the league like people thought he would.

  11. Mario definitely should have made the Pro Bowl. David Garrard also.

    Mario will be a fine player in the league, but the Texans should’ve drafted Vince Young.

    He’s from Houston and would have locked up the fan base. It might haunt them forever. Since drafting Vince, the Titans have yet to lose to Houston.

  12. GrandNubian Says:


    I totally forgot about David Garrad. Dude has 16TDs against 2 picks.

    I agree that the Texans shouldve drafted VY for all the reasons you mentioned. But i think both sides are pretty happy with their picks.

    Also, i heard that Mario was playing injured last year, which is part of the reason why he had such a low sack total. I think it was Chris Collinsworth who said it during the Thursday night game on NFL network.

  13. thebrotherreport Says:

    Fred Taylor?

  14. thebrotherreport Says:

    I’m glad Brian Westbrook got recognized. Jamal Lewis didn’t get picked either after they said he was going to Cleveland to die, look at the season He and the Browns had, their QB didn’t get picked either.

  15. No qb in the AFC is going to get recognized with Brady, Manning and Big Ben around.

    Yeah it’s crazy Fred Taylor has yet to be picked. What is that?

  16. between Brady, Manning, and Big Ben that’s 5 chips. Yeah it’s pretty hard to take one of those guys off.

  17. thebrotherreport Says:

    Yeah you’re right about the QBs

  18. CDM the large creative Says:

    1. I hope they honor Sean Taylor with 10 men. (R.I.P. #21, the second best 21 in the league in years)

    2. Big Ben over Derek “You played in Oregon, really?” Anderson of the Browns going to Hawaii? Pukesburgh might not even win the AFC North. Travesty.

    Okay, Phil Savage, now pay the man and call ATL or Miami and get us some picks for a man named Brady.

    p.s. I wouldn’t had a problem with David “What’s an interception?” Gerrard goin either. Has anyone seen Mr. Left-out, er um, Leftwich. Wow, I hate to admit it but good call Mr. Del Rio. Good call indeed.

    3. Really glad to see Steady Freddy Taylor have the season he had. They should’ve rewarded him for that.

  19. What a fantastic color harmony for all of them. The power of blue.

  20. Hey CDM. Sean Taylor is the best 21 in the league in years. Ladanian Suck! I want to say goodbye to my nigga Sean Taylor.

  21. rest in peace a soldier #21 forever if not for this
    tragedy he would have made the hof

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  23. This was a sad event when he passed on he was on it still hurts me everyday to think that he was robbed of more than a few items that were in his house he was robbed of his life. He will forever lie in our hearts

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