Miami Gets First Win; Rich Rodriguez New Michigan Coach

Cleo to the rescue

Greg Camarillo scored on a 64 yard pass from Cleo Lemon after Matt Stover missed a 44 yard field goal in OT to beat the Ravens 22-16. Camarillo caught a short pass near mid-field and took it to the house–giving Miami its first win. Wayne Huizenga was overcome with emotion after the Dolphins broke a franchise record 16 game losing streak.

The ’72 undefeated Dolphin squad ironically were celebrated at halftime. Stover had been 5 for 5 on OT field goals in his outstanding career. The Dolphins seemed a lot more energized than in recent weeks and rallied from a 10 point third quarter deficit to be in position for the win . The Ravens forced OT on a 18 yard Stover field goal with 8 seconds left after 2006 Heisman trophy winner Troy Smith (subbing for Kyle Boler) led the Ravens offense down the field. Smith looked comfortable and if not for Stover’s huge miss, would have been the hero. Ray Lewis, who leads the Ravens in tackles, left in the third quarter with a broken hand.

Lemon was 23-39 for 315 yards and the game winning touch down pass to Camarillo in the win.

You feel better Cool Breeze?


Most drastic move in Big House history?


Will Rodriguez change an offense that has been very predictable?

Detroit Free Press

Michigan has a new football coach.

West Virginia’s Rich Rodriguez, who met with U-M president Mary Sue Coleman and athletic director Bill Martin on Friday in Toledo, has accepted the Michigan coaching job, replacing retiring coach Lloyd Carr.

Associate athletic director Bruce Madej confirmed to a Free Press report this afternoon that Rodriguez would be the Wolverines’ 17th football coach.

U-M has scheduled a news conference for 9 a.m. Monday on campus.

Rodriguez had a 10-minute meeting with his team early this afternoon, told the 11th-ranked Mountaineers that he was leaving for Michigan and went back to his office, according to West Virginia media reports.

His players had little comment but looked downtrodden.

Also, the country’s top quarterbacking prospect told this afternoon that Rodriguez had called with similar news.

“I just spoke to Coach Rodriguez about 10 minutes ago and he told me he is going to Michigan,” the QB, Terrelle Pryor, told “He said they made him an offer he can’t refuse.”

Pryor, from Jeannette, Pa., told the recruiting site that he wanted to add Michigan to his list of finalists. West Virginia had been on the list.

Rodriguez’s decision came after nearly two days of pondering Friday’s discussion and, according to the Charleston Gazette, two meetings with West Virginia athletic director Ed Pastilong on Saturday.

Although Rodriguez did not comment about the U-M job at his previously scheduled Saturday morning news conference, instead talking about his team’s impeding Fiesta Bowl date against Oklahoma, his lack of a denial kept hope alive for many Wolverines fans. Combined with his decision to cancel an afternoon practice, a move seemed possible.

Rodriguez made nearly $1.8 million this season, according to a recent USA Today survey of college coaches.

A 44-year-old coach who has won at least 10 games in each of the past three seasons, including two BCS bowl trips, seemed to fit many of Martin’s criteria.

He recruits the Midwest well, he is young enough that he could be a long-term fixture at U-M and brings the dynamic spread offense that has thrived everywhere he has been as a coordinator (Tulane and Clemson) and a head coach (Glenville State and, since 2001, West Virginia.)

His 60-26 record at West Virginia is sterling, although procuring him appeared costly with a $4 million buyout added in a contract amendment signed in August 2007.

Carr is still expected to coach Michigan in the Jan. 1 Capital One Bowl against ninth-ranked Florida.

Martin attended the Michigan basketball game Saturday but refused comment on anything related to the search, which began officially when Carr announced his retirement on Nov. 19.

Rodriguez’s acceptance would brings to an end the long and winding process to replace Carr.

Michigan had reached deep discussions with Rutgers coach Greg Schiano before he pulled out of the race on Dec. 7. There were extensive discussions between LSU coach Les Miles’ representatives and U-M. Miles officially spoke to Coleman and Martin on Dec. 7, although released a statement saying it was just in an advisory capacity.

Like Schiano, Rodriguez was in his second major job flirtation in 12 months, having spurned Alabama last December.

Rodriguez also has a tenuous tie to Ann Arbor in his former West Virginia coach Don Nehlen, who was one of Bo Schemebchler’s assistants before leaving to build the Mountaineers’ program.

There have been 16 Division I-A coaching changes since the regular season ended and Michigan was one of three – UCLA and SMU – that had not been filled.


10 Responses to “Miami Gets First Win; Rich Rodriguez New Michigan Coach”

  1. souldecirce Says:

    They trotted out the ’72 Dolphins–no disrespect–to remind fans that it IS possible for them to have an exemplary season.

    My dad, who has lived in Miami for twenty-plus years, has not ever been a Dolfan (Williams and Bell Bucs getting his full attention). Yet, I was on the phone with him when this game went into overtime. He, like Huizenga, got verklempt.

  2. Verklempt – my new big azz word for the day! Thanks!

    Bets being taken all over the ATL that Petrino bolts to WVU by Tue…LMAO!

  3. Miranda,

    I bet you he wish he had waited a few days….WVU is a MUCH better job than Wal-Mart U.

    Good luck on Rodriguez getting that spread installed with the plodders they have a Michigan right now.

    Mallette is a good QB though.

  4. LoL Hey I wouldn’t be shocked if he does Miranda.

    Michigan is known for its receivers so we’ll see what Rich can do. I’m not sold on Mallett. He has a cannon, but no mobility.

  5. HarveyDent Says:

    Congrats to the Dolphins especially Cleo Lemon. The team needed this win just to show they could do it but I’m glad Lemon got some shine with the win and the stats he put up today.

    Props also to Troy Smith, David Garrard, and Vince Young today because these new BLACK qb’s are piloting their teams very well. Garrard is playing like a beast lately and hopefully the Boller experiment in BMore is over and the braintrust turns the starting job over to Smith for the rest of the season.

  6. Charger castoffs connect for the Dolphin win, giving the former Charger O coordinator the win.

    Lemon to Camarillo… sure they hooked up a bunch on the practice squad.

  7. Cleo Lemon should have been the starter the whole season. I think they should declare him starter for next year and start working on a o-line.

  8. Miami got their first win or Baltimore gave away another game? I’d go with the latter!! Peace!

  9. Yo peace for adding me to your roll.. I got you too (pause)

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