NFL Week 16: Can The New England Patriots 60 Minute Men Run Maroney To Get Past Jets In Bad Weather?

Like father, like son

Week 15: 10-6
Season: 46-43

Yo D! Ya squad is catching mad wreck today. DMac ain’t going out like that.

Horrible weather conditions slow offenses as defensive ends decide game in New England.

There are no moral victories in pro sports Mangini.

Are Philly fans going to get some venomous T.O. revenge in the Big D?

Thursday, December 13, 2007
Final 1 2 3 4 Score
Denver 0 6 7 0 13
Houston « 7 3 7 14 31
Took a L here
Saturday, December 15, 2007
Final 1 2 3 4 Score
Cincinnati 0 10 0 3 13
San Francisco « 0 14 6 0 20
I would have picked Cincy
Sunday, December 16, 2007
1:00 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Seattle W-L: 9-4 26
Carolina W-L: 5-8 27
Seattle just seems suspect
1:00 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Buffalo W-L: 7-6 17
Cleveland W-L: 8-5 32
Browns make Dec push
1:00 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Tennessee W-L: 7-6 13
Kansas City W-L: 4-9 17
Arrowhead is a beast
1:00 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Baltimore W-L: 4-9 17
Miami W-L: 0-13 10
Not here
1:00 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
NY Jets W-L: 3-10 5
New England W-L: 13-0 13
Weather a factor
1:00 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Arizona W-L: 6-7 32
New Orleans W-L: 6-7 35
Loser is done
1:00 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Jacksonville W-L: 9-4 35
Pittsburgh W-L: 9-4 37
Don’t count out Pitt
1:00 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Green Bay W-L: 11-2 28
St. Louis W-L: 3-10 30
S.O.Y throws 4…picks
1:00 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Atlanta W-L: 3-10 10
Tampa Bay W-L: 8-5 21
ATL? Yeah right!
4:05 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Indianapolis W-L: 11-2 10
Oakland W-L: 4-9 40
Indy explosion
4:15 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Philadelphia W-L: 5-8 28
Dallas W-L: 12-1 27
DNabb’s last big win for PHI
4:15 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Detroit W-L: 6-7 17
San Diego W-L: 8-5 35
LT finger rolls 4
8:15 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Washington W-L: 6-7 13
NY Giants W-L: 9-4 3
Joe Gibbs steps up
Monday, December 17, 2007
8:30 PM ET 1 2 3 4 Score
Chicago W-L: 5-8 17
Minnesota W-L: 7-6 21
All Day bests Any Time

24 Responses to “NFL Week 16: Can The New England Patriots 60 Minute Men Run Maroney To Get Past Jets In Bad Weather?”

  1. From your lips to God’s ears on that Phi-Dal game, Miz. I’ll believe it when it happens but I’ll have my Eagle green on when I’m doing my OT a work today.

  2. As an Eagles fan, you know how this rivalry is. I think the weather will also be a factor in this game. We should expect a huge dose of Witten and Barber.

  3. On the Eagles end, hopefully we can expect a huge dose of inspired offensive playcalling and a spirited defensive effort.

    Who the hell knew there was an NFL game last night? Miz, you guys need to do a column about the NFL Network and it’s battles with the cable companies. Heck, I need to write the article because I deal with it firsthand every day working for a cable company that will remain nameless for now.

  4. That’s my bad. Usually I’m up on it. Focused yesterday on the kids and I Am Legend. The movie was sick. Go see it people.

  5. The Dolphins won!

  6. Just put up something Miranda. Wayne Huizenga was actually crying

  7. HD my bad. I thought this game was in Philly. While covering the Sixers the other night, I overheard a writer say the game was here in the press conference. That’s what I get.

  8. C’mon Eagles!

  9. BDawk interception! See Ya! Sup D?

  10. Yes Donovan! Big throw baby! Uh, why am I talking to myself?

  11. Westbrook is a soldier. The win is bigger than the td.

  12. Mizzo…..why do I have the feeling that you have a little Romo voodoo doll deep in a drawer somewhere………

  13. Of all the fucking teams to lose to. Now I gotta eat Mizzo’s shit for a week. I will NEVER eat another Philly cheesesteak. Fuck Philadelphia cream cheese. I feel like my dog just got hit by a green car with a shitty looking bird as a hood ornament. But I’m not bitter or anything…

  14. I was watching the game on DVR, which tells you how much respect I had for Philly. We’ve looked awful since the 1st half of Green Bay. I think we put too much into that game. Time for Wade to crack the whip.

  15. Miranda how’d you know?

    Yo D?

    E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!

  16. HarveyDent Says:

    Miz, what I posted earlier about that Eagles-Cowboys game…umm, nevermind

    Diallo, repeat after me:






    Let us have this one, D, it’s been a rough season

  17. Yo D…We don’t make the rules bruh. We don’t make the rules.

  18. Yeah yeah yeah. Live it up Iggles fans. Live it up….

  19. GrandNubian Says:

    Did anyone notice how Troy Aikman was talking ‘down’ in regards to McNaab? It’s like every word that came out of his mouth had something to do with ‘running QB’ and how ‘you have to stay in the pocket’, etc.

    Correct me if i’m wrong, but McNaab hasn’t been a ‘running QB’ for quite some time, right?

    Also, they kept bringing up his career completion percentage (saying it was under 60%), and how he has never been an accurate QB. But later on they admitted that outside of T.O., McNaab has NEVER had a number 1 WR.

    And can we please hear something else about Tony Romo besides the fact that he’s screwing Jessica Simpson? Who gives a rat’s ass? It’s bad enough we had to listen to the Tony Parker/Eva Longoriat crap during the NBA last season.

  20. You Eagles fans are crazy. Guess what? My Niners won TOOOOOOOOOOO


  21. I think they turned off Norv’s headset…. the Chargers are winning!

  22. 18 for 52?? And that can’t be all Eli……somebody needs to putting their little personal items in a box right now with a big security dude standing over their shoulder.

  23. Oh……Jacobs had 130 rushing yards?………(look of confusion)……so why did Eli put the ball up 52 times in the air??

  24. Miranda you have a way of writing things that sparks vision.

    Yeah it was crazy for Eli to be passing so much in the rain and wind. Didn’t understand that. When Amani Toomer is dropping wide open passes, somethings going on.

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