Atlanta Hawks’ Forward Sheldon Williams Carjacked At Gunpoint.


In what has become all too familiar reporting, it pains me to report that another African American athlete has been the victim of a crime.

Atlanta Hawks forward Sheldon Williams was carjacked at gunpoint prior to the Hawks’ game against the Charlotte Bobcats. From the reports that I’ve read it looks as if Williams may have been leaving a barber shop and headed to the arena when the carjacking occurred.

The two suspects, along with Williams’ car was found at a nearby mall.

Thankfully, Williams was unharmed and entered tonight’s game in the first period.

This is the second incident involving and athlete and a gun since the murder of Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor in late November.

Last week Indiana Pacers guard Jamaal Tinsley was shot at after an incident at a club in Indianapolis last weekend.

I’m curious to see how the media handles this latest incident – since they have been quick to associate past incidents with current situations involving Taylor and Tinsley. From what I understand Williams has not been involved in any incidents since entering the league last season.

We’ve discussed this topic ad nausea the past few weeks -I hear the suggestions that our great TSF supporters present but I’m beginning to wonder if there are any answers and is this just the way things are going to be for the duration.


42 Responses to “Atlanta Hawks’ Forward Sheldon Williams Carjacked At Gunpoint.”

  1. I’m guessing the msm will chastise him for going to a barbershop when he can afford to have a personal barber or learn to cut his own hair….and why did he wait to get his hair cut so close to gametime? That was irresponsible, he should have had it cut the day before! Or, why is he getting it cut anyway? Don’t they all wear braids?? You need longer hair for that…he’s trying to be contrary, he’s being an anti-thug thug….and where was this barbershop?? Clearly in “da hood”….Cascade Road….southwest Atlanta…..oh wait…..that’s where Hank Aaron, Shirley Franklin and half the execs at Atlanta Life Ins Company live…..oh well…by Monday it’ll be the same as Bankhead Hwy. This will teach him to go and get his “hair cut”…..probably sold bootleg DVDs in that place anyway.

  2. TBR…

    There is a climate that makes it ok to jack an athlete, and mainstream media is the main perpetrators. Unfortunately only a media wide shout out by concerned “names” in the public can at least draw attention to this.

    To stop it would take mainstream media and the plantation of pro sports to stop demonizing African athletes and in effect humanize them so more people would be concerned. Alas America Inc. doesn’t even humanize the least famous amongst us and as many become more desperate and covetous they will act out the other “American Dream” of taking what you want.

    Unless there is a movement to fix the broken social structure, this is what it will be.

  3. Damn Miranda, you crazy!

  4. thebrotherreport Says:

    Miranda you said exactly what I was thinking when I wrote this.

  5. I wonder when Jemele and mizzo are going to come in and say he should have known better than to go out and get his hair cut, he should have paid a barber to come to his house.

  6. Dude listen…I thought I explained myself at length on the subject.

    I never once condemned Tinsley’s freedom to do whatever he wanted to do. I spoke from my experiences as a bouncer.

    Secondly, you don’t know anything about me and are starting to piss me the hell off witcha Scrooge ass.

    My words were if Tinsley has had previous INCIDENT(S) then he should have kept his Black ass home.

    You are not going to twist my words without context. I respect your opinions but damn dude…chill the hell out once in a while.

  7. On a side note. I Am Legend is the truth. Bad ass movie. Definitely check it out.

  8. It’s really sad when you can’t go out and get a hair cut without being robbed. There are many lost souls in this world.

  9. Sweet Jones Says:

    Come on, Miranda.

    You know that barbershop is just a front for the ATL-cell for Bad Newz Kennels dog fighting operation. I’m sure they were placing bets in the basement and Shelden (street name Shel-Derrty) got ‘what he deserved’, in spite of Shelden’s ‘excuse’ of being there to buy that high quality “American Gangster” bootleg.

    Why, Jason Whitlock already told me that Hip Hop, single Black Mothers, and Sean Taylor are involved too.

  10. This is gut-wrenching, man. First thing occurred to me was thank God he’s OK.

  11. Sweet jones and Miranda,

    You guys are hillarious!

  12. “Hair cut” is street slang for something….(you know….like how snowman really doesn’t mean Frosty? these youth..I tell ya)….but, I don’t know what…I’m not in the streets like I used to be….better go ask one of these kids at Grady High what it is.

    You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone…if he couldn’t understand the context of your statements in the Tinsley posts, then he can catch fire.

  13. Thing I don’t understand, this is an important if very sad story but it’s not listed on the Yahoo! NBA page, at least as of 7:50 PST…it certainly merits a mention.

  14. And Mizzo…don’t treat DavidMac like a serious person-he’s in here on a Sat. evening trying to start stuff. This is not a person who really, seriously, wishes to understand why these things happen and make some sense out of it. Just ignore him; you’re much too good to take such a dolt seriously.

  15. spaceghost Says:

    Shelden Williams will only be portrayed as an innocent victim. You guys forget that he went to Duke and stayed 4 years. That alone will get him a pass from the media. BTW, did you realize that Duke was Chris Webber’s second choice for college. How different would the perception of him be if he had gone to Duke?

  16. Spaceghost that’s the first I’ve heard of that. I was told Chris was headed to North Carolina but Dean was apprehensive Chris wasn’t going to stay four years.

    I could be wrong.

  17. Jemele Hill Says:

    DMac continues with strawman, half-thought-out arguments/attacks. I never said Tinsley deserved to be killed, shot at, or anything else. But as Mizzo said, dude had a lot of beef in that town, and for him to put himself at risk the way he did, is inexcusable. And call me a fogey or whatever, but I consider going to a club at 3:40 a.m., posse’d up, parking lot pimping, with your brother packing (legally or not), careless.

    Lumping Tinsley in with Shelden Williams is apples and oranges.

    As for I Am Legend, gotta disagree with you on that one, Mizzo. This was Castaway with creatures. The ending was very anticlimatic.

  18. I’m with Jemele on I Am Legend….

    Does it count if I fell asleep in the theater…all these late night shifts caught up with me REAL fast….lol

  19. Omega Man as a brotha is more like it 😉

  20. HarveyDent Says:

    Glad S. Williams is OK but things are gettin’ bleak out in dem streets

  21. The thug was asking for it. He probably had some fancy car. Should just drive a kia.

    He was probably in the barber shop buying tweed.

  22. Yeah Mizzo thats all I am Legend is omega man with a brotha.

    Probably won’t see it. They say the ending is happy go lucky in order for hollywood to make a sequal.

    You know hollywood messes up everything. The thing is the book, the movie last man on earth and omega man both had a sad ending.

    How can the title be I am legend if the ending doesn’t even fit the title.

    The ending is the reason he is a legend.

  23. TheLastPoet Says:

    Not apples and oranges, Ms Hill.

    The point is that pro athletes, ostensibly, cannot leave the house without drawing the envy of the masses (and sportswriters…). Time of day or night is irrelevant. “Posse’d up” and “parking lot pimping” is irrelevant (why the sensational language? To say that he was out with friends and had just pulled into the parking lot is not “controversial” enough?). Carrying a weapon – oops, I mean “packing” (I know, I know, we gotta make these ghetto niggers sound as low down as possible! I’m trying!) is protected by the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution, a document which applies to niggers/thugs as much as it applies to anyone else, or so I’m told. And, oh wait, it’s actually gotten to the point that pro athletes do not even have to leave the house in order to be victimized, maybe even murdered.

    Apples and oranges?

    It doesn’t matter which fruit you prefer, the point, again, is that these cats are catching hell whether its late night or early afternoon, whether they’re asleep or awake, in the house or at the club, getting their hair cut or “making it rain,” etc etc. They’re not catching hell because they’re making “bad decisions.” Stop blaming the victim! Shid, nobody’s perfect, but Tinsley did more right than he did wrong in his latest incident, and Shelden, Sean, Antione, Eddy and the young bro from the Broncos didn’t do anything wrong.

    Rather, they’re catching hell in the streets because they’re wealthy, semi-famous, and very vulnerable, and they (we) are living in a society where there is great disparity between the wealthy few and er’body else. The fact that most of us sheep seem ok with that disparity obviously doesn’t sit too well with the poor desperados who are willing to take life and limb into their own hands…

    Furthermore, these young black athletes are cathing hell in the press from the likes of you, Ms Hill, as well as your mainstream cronies, because they’re Black. There can be no other reason because the standards you apply to these young bros you have not applied to anyone else.

    Please get it together, you ol fogey!

  24. @TheLastPoet

    Well said.

  25. I just don’t understand how people can get two totally different messages from the same words. It amazes me everyday….

  26. Could you elaborate bruh?

  27. Yeah I can…

    The Last Poet is coming at Jemele as if she is attacking these players for what has happened to him. First off, he must be talking about J. Tinsley, because that is the ONLY player where I have seen that her writing can be twisted into the way he did.

    He may not know, but her comments are correct. Tinsley could have been a little more careful than he was. Even for people that are not rich, if you know there is a side of town where individuals do not like you, and are willing to attack you, you don’t go there. Let alone at 3:40am. If I will be considered a “media attacker” then so be it. But from my own personal experiences, I know better than to do something like that. ESPECIALLY driving three high priced cars, and with a bunch of friends, drawing so much more attention to myself.

    Then he tries to twist her “apples and oranges” comment. Are you serious? She was saying the situations between Williams and Tinsley are completely different, period. I personally haven’t seen anyone blaming Williams for anything, because he didn’t do anything questionable. Again, I still feel that Tinsley could have been a little smarter in the situation to begin with.

    I personally don’t believe you can lump what happened to Tinsley into the same group as Sean, Eddy, Antoine, Williams and the Broncos player (damn I always forget his first name!!!!) Those men did nothing at all to draw attention to themselves. I feel that Tinsley did. Now that DOESNT mean he deserved what happened that night. Hell nah not at all. But come on man, common sense.

    I could keep going but I wont….it just blows my mind the way people try to twist and bend someone’s words then attack them with it. Hilarious….

  28. PS….

    There was no way the I am Legend film was going to end like the book…no way at all…lol…..I didnt make it through the whole film but I saw that much coming lol!!!!

  29. See I watched it with my kids and I loved it. It did conjure memories of how Omega Man ended, but I was cool with that.

    His dog was the truth.

  30. Nah, Last Poet was right about Jemele’s language. She’s a writer, she was making her comment interesting and colorful, but she did so in a way to cast a negative light on Tinsley’s activity. That was obvious.

    DMac’s attack on Jemele and Mizzo was uncalled for.

    Last Poet’s response was the truth and cats need to realize that it can and does happen anywhere for these athletes. So where things happened needs to be a very, very small part of any discussion.

    And finally, on the subject of wealth disparities.

  31. Great post, Last Poet.

  32. Instead of blubbering about phantom media
    condemnations of Sheldon Williams, how about focusing
    your often unrighteous energy for a change on the violent
    thugs that perpetrated the crime? Hey, you might even
    get some jollies from the novelty of that approach.

  33. “Keyshawn” you know exactly what this site is about. The condemnation of the perpetrators is rather obvious.

  34. TheLastPoet Says:


    Why don’t you act like a man and address me directly? What’s this third person shit? I’m right here.

    Oh, but before you do, please read MY words for what they are. MY point runs contrary to Ms Hill’s in that where she sees apples and oranges, I see the same strange fruit. If you don’t get it, then just say that. But don’t tell me I’ve misread something. I can read, potna. Can you?

  35. This is going to be seen by some as inflammatory, but let’s ask this question:

    Why aren’t there white athletes being attacked and jacked?

    One thinks of the old Chris Rock joke….”why should I be scared of the media? the media ain’t robbing and killing young black athletes.”

    Sure, you can do a nice little sociological/historical analysis and eventually, you can point the finger at white institutional racism, but let’s be real, whitey ain’t causing young black men to kill other young black men for their chains or their stacks.

    There are whites who are poor as well, but they aren’t shooting at Mike Miller or Jason Williams. So let’s ask ourselves, why are black athletes seemingly 100X more likely than whites to be attack by one of their own (or 10000X more likely to killed by a young black man)?

    I am not a full subscriber to the Whitlock blame hip-hop theory, but aren’t we sticking our heads in the sand to think there isn’t some connection between the glorification of violence in hip-hop and the violent, outlaw culture that seems to be celebrated on the streets?

    I would never censor one’s art, even if I think it hardly deserves to be called art, so if you think I’m calling for a hip-hop ban, you’re wrong. I am however asking the question of how we can implicate whitey in this one? Why aren’t black men valuing black life? If it’s not hip-hop, is it too many Scarface viewings? I understand the institutional forces that created the situation, but explaining how slavery, jim crow, and current institutional racism caused the poverty and desparation that drives young black men to kill others for their chain offers no link to a solution; unless you think reparations are the answer (and no doubt they could be, but I got a better chance at a Beyonce, Rihanna, Ciara threesome than any black person in America has at getting reparations)

    Also, one other question for the post about Sheldon Williams getting a pass for going to school for 4 years and graduating Duke, how is that racist? Am I misreading your intent?

    Duke is one of the top academic institutions in this country, and you can’t be successful there for 4 years if you’re an A-hole and a poor student. So yeah, Sheldon has earned his pass. Pardon me, but some brother who faked through one year of some half-assed college and keeps it real with his boys, he doesn’t get the pass so easily.

    Just like the white boys at Duke get way more respect than the white boys at WVU or LSU (where a corpse could get in). Implying that sheldon is some how an acceptable knee-grow because of his Duke degree smacks of the anti-intellectualism that is hurting our community.

  36. That entire post was a bunch of nothingness.

    I’m getting tired of explaining myself when someone like you “curious” comes along.

    I’ll keep this short.

    No one blamed whitey.

  37. big mike Says:

    when you are rich and famous people know you have money. it is a risk you take to get carjacked. maybe he should car a lawfully concealed firearm now. but the harsh truth is people get car jacked all day everyday who is gonna cry over them. this is why i would never want to be famous.

  38. You be doing your thing on the coourt dawg.

  39. But just keep your head up and fight through everything

  40. You are in atlanta and dat happen people get jacked every day even rappers and that is why you have body gurads to protect and i’m glad dat he was ok

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