Night at the Starbury

It’s good for the soul to sometimes sit back and laugh at ourselves…

(Thanks to thebiglead.)


7 Responses to “Night at the Starbury”


    That is one of the funniest things I have ever seen!

  2. I’m in stiches!

  3. Whoa! I needed that. Thanks brothaman!

  4. Okay, that shit was funny… but painful too… only Alex Reed would understand…

  5. That was definitely funny, but thebiglead is still a racist prick! F that dude, I called that dude out on his site so many times.

    Go on there and read all the racist crap that gets posted, guarantee it will wipe the smile off your face. I understand the bloggers stick together, but I’m just visiting.

    Lately I feel like I’m in the world of gangsta rap I gotta dis so many suckas.

  6. Johhny G, are you by any chance referring to his “why would anyone go to Miami?” post after Sean Taylors death? That WAS some B.S.

  7. No,

    I actually read some stuff on there after the Vick case started, pretty bad all around. I can only imagine the stuff he wrote on Sean, glad I didn’t have to see it though. Dude is like the ESPN of bloggers, worthless slimeballs love him and his worthless bunk!!!

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