Show and Prove: Jerold A. Wells Jr. Joins TSF


Allow me to introduce myself, my name is……. Jerold Ashley Wells Jr. Here I’ll go by WellsLion1. I’ll also bring the pain with each and every post. Sports gives me a way to look at the world and I plan on sharing that point of view with you. I’ve been writing for about five years now but I’ve been a conscious of the impact sports has on people for much longer. I see greatness around me and will strive to convey that to you. I can’t promise I’ll always be right but I will be honest and thought provoking. Thanks for having me.

I think the best way to let you as readers into my psyche is to share with you a few of my basic sports beliefs.

Kevin Garnett, Kirby Puckett, and Randy Moss are the triumvirate of Minnesota sports supremacy. I will go to my grave proclaiming their greatness.

Baseball is the America’s game and it’s problem with steroids is an ugly stain the can’t be removed.

Carson Palmer is great, Peyton Manning is great, Tom Brady is great and all are celebrated as such. It’s a travesty that Donovan McNabb may never get his just due.


4 Responses to “Show and Prove: Jerold A. Wells Jr. Joins TSF”

  1. Great to see that you are part of TSF. Welcome!!!

  2. I’ve known Jerold since I wrote for Blackathlete. I can’t wait for you all to see his talent.

    Welcome brothaman!

  3. Welcome!

  4. thebrotherreport Says:


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