Lisa Leslie’s Back, Candace Parker is the Truth and Kristi Toliver is the Most Underrated

Hey America. I’ve been sick but now I’m back in the saddle. And since I’m back, I want to give a shout to women’s hoops. First off, Lisa Leslie is coming back to the Los Angeles Sparks in May.


The last time she played – before taking a season off for maternity – she was the 2006 WNBA MVP. Though Michael Cooper returned to coach the Sparks in 2007, Chamique Holdsclaw, the University of Tennessee’s last “future greatest player ever,” retired and the season was lost. Now, with Leslie back, Tennessee’s latest “future greatest player ever,” Parker, could be the number one pick on the 2008 draft. And guess who has the top pick? Cooper and the Sparks.


Parker is coming off a Championship season in which she was the College Player of the Year and NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Player. She’s led Tennessee to an 8-0 record this season and the Lady Vols have topped both polls all season.

Andrew Shurtleff — Associated Press

Another player with a Championship ring is Maryland’s Kristi Toliver. And while Parker is lauded for being able to play every position… well, Toliver is often overlooked when the best players in the land are spoken of. Nonetheless, Toliver is averaging 17.5 points, nearly 8 assists, more than 3 rebounds and 1.5 steals in 14 games. And the Terrapins are a booming 13-1 and ranked fourth in the Nation. Toliver is the quarterback of the team and keeps the team cool under pressure. In a recent game against UCLA at Pauley Pavilion, Toliver hit six 3-pointers and scored 22 points, and No. 3 Maryland overcame a 16-point second-half deficit to beat UCLA 79-75.

Tennessee and Maryland can’t meet in the regular season but could meet late in the NCAA Tournament. And while Toliver won’t guard Parker, who plays Center and Power Forward, Parker might guard Toliver on a possession or two. But even if they don’t face off at all, it will be some treat to see each of them lead their respective teams on the road to another Championship.

And don’t think that the idea of sending a message to Maryland through a like opponent who the Terrapins barely escaped is lost on Tennessee and Parker. I’m sure they will try to dismantle the Bruins on December 19th to further solidify their standing as the top team in the Nation.


31 Responses to “Lisa Leslie’s Back, Candace Parker is the Truth and Kristi Toliver is the Most Underrated”

  1. Thanks for this AC.

    Candace Parker=Kobe Bryant

  2. Who gives a d#mn about women “sports”. They play like high school boys.

  3. stop hatin dmac

  4. TheLastPoet Says:


    Even if what you said was true – that women play like “high school boys” – it doesn’t follow that no one should “give a damn.”

    Please think before posting – you do not ALWAYS have to be the contrarian!

    Comments like that just make you sound stupid.

  5. I’m not hatin, its just I don’t know why people pitty women sports this way. the WNBA couldn’t support itself if they weren’t stealing money from the men teams they were linked to.

    There is no fun watching women play basketball.

  6. It’s your opinion DMac. I happen to like to watch players like the ones AC outlined above.

    Have some patience man!

  7. I think those player only succeede in college, because you have the college rivalry behind it, you have tradition. I have no problem with women in the college area, except for their killing of men’s sports, but when you talk professional, its a joke.

    Lets be serious, if Lisa Leslie can comeback and pick up where she left off, what does that say about the league she is in.

  8. I am sorry, but I can’t think of anything non-sexual to say about either woman. My sexism is showing.

  9. You have to start somewhere. There are ballers in the WNBA that deserve some shine.

  10. See Dmac? I would rather you say something similar to Rashad 😉

  11. there are softballers that deserve some shine, but you have to let go of those dreams when reality hits, there is no market for what they are selling. There will never be a market, because the women are not attractive, for the most part, to heterosexual men. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the women in the WNBA mostly look like stone cold, lesbians, save for a few, and none of them look beautiful, in the classic sense.

  12. wellslion1 Says:

    I disagree my friend. I had the opportunity a couple of years ago to be a practice player with the Minnesota Lynx and some of them were beautiful in the classic sense. Attractiveness and physical ability are two different animals however. These are ball players. My question would be are you a fan of the flash and style that is the NBA and increasingly the NCAA, or the fundamental beauty found in the women’s game. To me basketball is the sweet science. I mean they run plays!!!!!! They screen, they cut, they crash the weekside for rebounds, it’s amazing! Come on man, give them a chance, after all most of the guys in the NBA aren’t that good looking either, lol.

  13. LOL. Typical female basketball supporter speak. Fundamentals.

    The NBA has plenty of fundamentals, and last time I checked the last Championship banner was hoisted by a team whose main player is called what…The Big Fundamental. Cut the crap. NCAA Men’s and the NBA have players who are fundamentally great and some who are so athletic they don’t have to conform. They provide high energy hyper competitive competition and people WANT and PAY to see them play.

    This is simply not true for the WNBA. No one wants what they are selling. If you would cut off the money the NBA teams had to give them, the league wouldn’t last a full season. They provide boring professional basketball that is on level, athletic wise with high school or low division men’s college basketball.

  14. DavidMac, I agree with you after all what do we need women for, just leave them barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Real men know that the only good and usefull women are for breeding and nursing, and they should do it out of the spotlight.

    Listen old chum, what we conservative upright good fearing men should do is go hunting some bears, drink some coors and scatch our asses and belch the star spangled banner.

    Dude…and it’s dude right? Or is it fella? Come to think about it, we don’t need no damn women in the workplace and driving on the highway…shoot, come to think about it we don’t need no damn women. All us real men need for comfort is each other…aint that right sweet cheeks?

  15. Don’t try to use me to justify your feelings sankofa.

  16. Appropriate that you would do this shout out now, during Black Women’s Basketball History Month.

  17. DavidMac, everybody knows your feelings. We don’t need it. It pollutes the ether and dirties the water. You are an insufferable boar and a louse; you succeed in insulting Europeans Africans, liberals, homosapiens and even Martians.

    I know you were beaten up to and from school and you carry that anger in a scatter gun fashion. Prozac is not strong enough for you.

  18. DavidMac, I bought season tickets to the New York Liberty for their first season and my wife and I went because it was a novelty and hyped up but I admit after a while I almost couldn’t stand it anymore. The missed layups, the shrieking spectators.

    My wife wasn’t really into it either, so after a while we stopped going. Yet, I totally support women’s basketball. Because I realized after a while (duh!) that I am a man, and they are women. They are different from men. They are not men. You understand that, you understand the secret of life (literally).

    If I had a daughter, I would be going. If my wife was into it, I would probably go with her or I would encourage her to take her girlfriend or someone else’s daughter, or my niece, or someone else. Or if I wanted to see or support a particular player, then I would go, just to see what they were all about. Like for instance, I would love to go see Epiphany Prince play! Just to see.

    Also, you seem confused about the value of women, and the value of team sports for women. The point is that you can’t just dismiss a thing based on your own shallow self-centered standards.

    Beyond that, I wish the WNBA would become a free market entity. I think that has something to do with why people don’t get behind it more. For that reason I think high school girls basketball and college women’s basketball are more fun to watch.


  19. Do post a few WNBA articles; I like women’s basketball. Yes, it has a long way to go from what it is right now; but remember, we’re just starting to get to the point where women are receiving great training at a young age. Women’s basketball right now is where men’s basketball was in the 1950’s; it still isn’t quite as polished and athletic as it could be, but give it a shot.

  20. Why waste time on this crap female sport. At least female soccer, hockey, and tennis show skill. Female b-ball is piss poor. The competition is weak and the play is horrible. Why waste time talking about such a poor spectacle on this site.

  21. Dmac there are plenty of other posts for you to read. I think you’ve said enough on the subject. Unless you want to write your own piece on the primitive nature of feminine athleticism (knock yourself out) then move on.

  22. jazzy_bear#24 Says:

    Yo DMac it sound like ta me your sexist yo i garentee some girls are just as good as boy it the same as boys basketball so don’t hate but hell Candace Parker will dunk on you and every thing because she is the God given truth. i had a chance ta meet her and shes hella good

  23. hey dog watsup

  24. yo y0 watsup homie g i was just


  26. i think that davidmac is a punk. he is just mad that candace parker, kristi toliver and the other women are shinning and he is not and he never will. I love basketball and i am a hell of a player. I am only in the 9th grade and i can probaLLY BEAT HIM. I am pretty sure that the men in the NBA respect the women in the WNBA. Chancey Bulliups said that his daughters are going to be in the WNBA now you tell me he has no respect for the organization. Women in the past had to go through a lot to get where they are today and we still have some men like davidmac who are just hatin on us because we are better than them. Well i am signing off and i hope that when my brother is older he won’t be as ignorant as davidmac. Davidmac, if you are mad at my comment well who gives a damn you will see me in about 9years playing for the University Of Maryland just like kristi Toliver who by the wat averages about 17.5 points a game. Have a nice day

  27. david mac suck a dick

  28. i love basketball ok

  29. dmac u are a dumass and it dont mean anything about the league she is in its about the type of player she is…women love basketball just as much a men do and for you to sit here and sayy all of this shows what kid of dum ass person you really are…and of these girls would beat your ass in a game of basketball so if i where u i would learn how to respect them cuz i bet they do more then ypu do in a week in one day so shut up about the WNBA man fa real you dont make any sence you sound stupid and hibak i love basketball to

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    […]Lisa Leslie’s Back, Candace Parker is the Truth and Kristi Toliver is the Most Underrated « The Starting Five[…]…

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