Friday Fire: Would You Take the Atlanta Falcons Job If You Were Mike Singletary?


You have the chance to make an impact in a hotbed of Black sports fans going through it right now with the absence of Mike Vick. Arthur Blank would be a fool to not bring you in for an interview.The interim hire of Emmitt Thomas then wouldn’t seem like such a token move to shut fans up.

Do you pull the trigger or wait for another job to open? If you turn this job down, will you get another chance? Can you handle the pressure of expecting to win now?

So many things to ponder if you are Mike Singletary.

Great job last week with the Whitlock question. Absolutely enjoyed the discourse.

As an aside, is it in the best interests of White America to hire Black coaches? Would love to hear from White readers who speak candidly. As talented as Dungy is, it took ten years of being a hot prospect before he was given a chance. 

Why wasn’t Ron English given more than a token interview at Michigan? 

Be real here people. Speak your mind thoroughly. No easing back and laying in the cut. Don’t hold back.


37 Responses to “Friday Fire: Would You Take the Atlanta Falcons Job If You Were Mike Singletary?”

  1. If I was Mike I would take the job. I honestly think he doesn’t have anything to lose. If the Falcons still belly up under his direction, no one would be surprised, because currently they are a bad team. He runs the risk of not getting a second chance at a coaching job, but in this NFL, not many minority coaches do. (It still pisses me off to hear that Lovie and M. Lewis are on the hot seat when they have consistently done better than a lot of white coaches. And I’m glad people have left Romeo C. alone as well.)

    But, I think he can have a strong chance affecting these players in a positive way. I would love for him to come in, show those who are lost the way, and then say look: You need more STRONG minorities in places of power to give these players a role model. Hell is owners want to keep making money then they would be forced to recognize the reality.

    I would love for Singaltary to take the position…

  2. It’s not a great job. If you want to win big in this league, you usually need to have a franchise QB in place. If he takes the gig, does that mean they go after a rookie like Woodson or Brohm? By the time that QB is really ready to play, the hot seat will be the fire seat. He could do well there, but his division is stacked with QBs like Brees, Garcia and Delhomme. These aren’t light weight guys. With all that said, Singletary could do a spectacular job – but Jim Mora already did the work of building a respectable defense. The Falcons woes are on the other side of the ball. Mike S. would have to bring someone along to fix that. I don’t see the value for Blanck in doing that.

    As for Marvin Lewis, he’s lucky he still has a job. He does a tremendous job taking the Bungles from 2-14 to 8-8, but that’s mostly been it. 5 years and they’ve had one season over .500. His defenses have been riddled by injuries or rule violations. Cincy’s D is notorious for not being able to stop the run. He has the type of weapons on offense that folks in Atlanta would burn the city for. Either he gets his defense to play and stay healthy or the Bengals look in a different direction. They’re not getting any better or any worse – just older.

  3. Go for it….

    Playing in the NFC South will make for a decent turnaround, plus you have and owner willing to spend and a fan base you can really endear towards you.

    plus you have a couple of extra picks from Houston.

    I dont see any reason why not.

  4. I don’t know if you all peeped this, but on FirstTake the other day (after Petrino too the Razorback job) Rob Parker and Skip Bayless were asked about the lack of Black coaches on the collegiate level. Of course Bayless mentioned how a Rooney rule would attack the problem while Parker was heated the question even exists.

    How do we fix this and is white America going to ever be down with hiring Black coaches even though it’s not in their best interests?

  5. GrandNubian Says:

    If i was Singletary, i’d think long and hard before accepting this job (if it is offered to him). There’s just too much that needs to be corrected on this team and it will take a few years to get it correct. The offensive line is a joke and has been for the last 7 plus years. Michael Vick was able to conceal a lot of the O-Line’s woes. Now that he is no longer here, the cat is out of the bag. But this is something that ATLiens like myself & Miranda have been screaming for years.

    Of course there’s the issue at QB. I’m not sure if drafting a QB is the answer, especially if you want to win right now. A possible option is to either make a run for a FA (Derek Anderson, Brady Quinn, McNaab, etc.) However, if a QB is drafted, he would have to play pretty much right away.

    There is also an issue at the RB position. Dunn is nearing retirement and Norwood is not an every down back. So, do you draft McFadden or try to get lucky in the latter rounds for another Jamal Anderson or Terrell Davis? (Tyshard Choice, perhaps?)

    There is also an issue at the WR position. Sure, Roddy White has blossomed but other than he, no one else has been consistent, including TE Alge Crumpler. Joe Horn is pretty much on his last leg and Michael Jenkins is officially a “bust”.

    The defense is solid and has played much better than they did last year. John Abraham has been solid and Michael Boley should make the Pro-Bowl. Keith Brooking is on the down-side of his career, is still overrated but is the best option at MLB (even though he is playing out of position).

    D-Hall may or may not be here for 2008. He has one year left on his contract and if he does finishes it here, he will not be around in 2009. I think that he will eventually end up in Dallas because that’s where his son lives.

    Aside from all those problems, he would still have the racist rednecks to deal with. Will Singletary want to deal with all the hate being spat in the ajc, falcons messagebard, and local radio stations (680 The Klan & 790 the KKKlone)? He also have to deal with the likes of local “house knee-grow” Terrance Moore.

    If he is hired it would be a front office ploy to get us black folks back into the stands. To be honest, i am torn. I am torn because if he is hired, i would hope that he would be successful. On the other hand, due to all the years of hatred towards the former QB, i am content with the current situation that the team is in because those hateful fans wanted the QB gone and they got their wish.


  6. He should probably take it, I mean the only other team that wants him is San Fran, and they have no talent. ATL has a core, and if he can unite the locker room, he would be competitive next season.

  7. Grandnubian speaks for me….I feel the EXACT same way, word for word. I am torn because of the situation – I don’t want Singletary simply used as bait for that fanbase that is GONE and saddled with a mess of an organization while dealing with the hatred that would swing his way from day TWO (they’ll pretend on day one). But, as GN says….I’m content with the way things are now…could be described as “happy” even.

  8. You two deserve more though Miranda. It’s wrong what you folks have been through and being a Philly fan, I understand your frustration.

    I think Mike could come in and turn it around.

    Mike take Andre Woodson. Trust me.

  9. Mizzo,
    I just wonder if Singletary would be given a REAL fair chance here. Would he be given the time and control?? Maybe, but you know Atlanta proper is an island in Georgia….its odd that the team with a 52% African-american season ticket holder base…still gets punked by the very conservative leaning sportsmedia here and the lynchmobs outside of 285…that’s just how it is. Its not just about winning never has been.

  10. Oh I totally agree and it’s a shame there exists such a climate.

    You know the optimist in me. I think this might be the job for Mike. I don’t know if he’ll get a better opportunity to show his motivational skills.

    It’s not the talent he possesses with X’s and O’s it’s what he can do for his players. It just seems like a good fit. I may be wrong.

  11. Really, if Blank has any sense, he sent his private jet to pick Singletary up Tuesday night.

  12. Oh he will. He likes his fried chicken.

  13. wellslion1 Says:

    I think Mike Singletary should RUN LIKE HELL. As a Minnesota native and resident ATLien I can tell you guys this is a horrible idea from a couple of vantage points. Consider the careers of Art Shell and Dennis Green. They show you that winning isn’t enough to keep your job, and losing is more than enough for you to lose it. True enough they were trailblazers in many ways and the Marvin Lewis’, Tony Dungy’s, and Romeo Crennell’s prove that the climate is changing……… EXCEPT here in Atlanta, the seat of the old south, with her antiquated ways and ideas. This team is fundamentally flawed. They built the team around Vick and now that he’s gone it’s gonna take a major rebuilding effort. The offense is anemic starting with the line and ending with the skill positions. It’s a classic example of NOBODY who starts for the Falcons offense could start for ANY OTHER TEAM IN THE LEAGUE, let alone any of the playoff teams. The defense is almost decent with a line that’s above average but a linebacking corp that’s listless, and a joke for a secondary. The special teams are also nothing to write home about. They need help across the board and this upcoming draft can be huge…….EXCEPT the Falcons don’t draft well. Since Vick name a draft pick that’s panned out. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. And don’t give me #21, the Prime Time wannabe, he’s all talk and no substance.

    This team needs a guy like Marty Schottenhiemer who has experience building teams from nothing. And nothing is exactly what this team has my friends

  14. GrandNubian Says:


    I’m with you on some points but on other i think you may have overexaggerated a bit too much. Alge Crumpler, up until this season, is one of the top TEs in the game. That was an excellent draft pick by Atlanta. D-Hall was not a bad pick but he’s the best corner they have, and if he shuts his mouth and play the position, he’d be among the best in the league as he once was (2005). The Roddy White pick may work out for them as he is having an excellent season, given all the circumstances at the QB position. But my question is who is going to get him the ball? Michael Boley was a good draft pick. If he doesn’t make the Pro-Bowl this year something is wrong.

    I agree that they don’t draft well, especially in the Rich McKay era, but they have drafted some players after Vick who have made an impact.

  15. GrandNubian Says:


    Marty Schottenhiemer? You can’t be serious, right?

  16. Let’s keep it real….Blank almost doesn’t have a choice but to make it happen with Mike Singletary. Singletary would immediately resonate with the players……and quite frankly Blank needs the support of that 52% that ain’t coming nowhere NEAR the Georgia Dome in 2008 unless Singletary is hired.

  17. GrandNubian Says:



  18. You are right sista Miranda I guess blank will play the role of Lyndon Johnson. And make use black folks happy.

    The thing is does this mean that the good ole dixie folks will jump ship. Like they did the democrat party after lyndon Johnson made his move.

    Looks like if Singletary gets the job, some good ole Falcon fans gonna be Saints fans!!!


  19. The only thing the Falcons need is an offensive line. They have a great defence, they have 2 good QBs, Harrington and Leftwich. They have 2 good RBs, Dunn and Norwood, 2 good WRs, Roddy White and Joe Horn, a great TE in Crumpler. Defense wise, they are alright, they just need another corner, but their defense is built to protect a lead. They had a great pass rush with Abrahams last year.

    Singletary would be a fool to pass this up, he is blessed with low expectations and has an above average team that people undervalue. He should take it, and hire the best O-line coach available and hire David Shula to run his offense and be his QB coach.

  20. GrandNubian Says:


    It wouldn’t surprise me cuz that will DEFINITELY piss them off. 🙂

  21. Yeap Grandnubian. Then don’t let Mike start leftwich.

    Those fools would swear its the end of ATL as they know it.

  22. Yes, Origin – Falcons fans will no longer become fans if Blank hires a black coach. Do you listen to yourself sometimes? The self-hate (projected at others; but really, it’s self-hate) is staggering.

  23. Oh for the first months or so…they will pretend like they’re cool with Singletary……well…the talking heads and the AJC will…the Falcon blogs and message boards will still have the usual racist stuff about monkeys, apes, thugs, coons…you know..the stuff we’re used to seeing from the last 6 seasons with MV. But just wait for the any slip, any small, tiny, fraction of a mistake….it will be on and popping.

  24. Friedman shut up. Go somewhere and sing dixie!!

  25. you guys are going overboard. Blank is a good guy, stop trying to act like he is a devil who hates whites, thats not the truth. I think he will give Mike S. a fair shot and that is the only thing that matters.

  26. Brilliant retort, Origin – brilliant.

  27. Firstly I will never admit to hyperbole. Crumpler, Boley, Hall, White and I’ll throw in Anderson to help your case, make for 5 players since ’01 when Vick was drafted. 5 PLAYERS that can be considered quality draft picks. This in football where there are what, 7 rounds, and a plethora of undrafted free agents? The Colts and Patriots consistently outdraft teams like the Lions, Raiders, and Falcons and that’s why they are the class of the league. The draft is not a crapshoot. There’s a method to the madness and the dirty birds obiviously don’t have the formula. I like Mike Singletary as a coaching hire just not for this team.
    And yes I was serious about Marty. He’s a proven winner in this league. Forget about the Browns, Chiefs and Redskins for a second and consider what he did in San Diego! I’m sure the city of Atlanta would like the run they had the last few years.

  28. GrandNubian Says:


    “Since Vick name a draft pick that’s panned out. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.”

    You asked for 1 and I gave you four. What’s the problem?

    Also, in case you overlooked it, i did agree that the Birds don’t draft well, especially in the Rich McKay era.

    “And yes I was serious about Marty. He’s a proven winner in this league. Forget about the Browns, Chiefs and Redskins for a second and consider what he did in San Diego!”

    I have no problem considering what he did in San Diego but you can’t forget what he did with the Browns, Chiefs & Skins. Also, look at his record in the playoffs. Not very attractive.

    Marty would be one of the last people to come in and have success with this team.

  29. GrandNubian Says:

    For those interested, below is a link to the phone conversation between Bobby Petrino and Arthur Blank:

    [audio src="" /]

  30. GN,
    Are you listening to the Stews?? They got a new one!! LOL

  31. Origin,
    Some people you just have to ignore. You can’t engage with someone who has the mentality of Roy Bryant and JW Milam.

  32. Miranda, do you have any other “arguments” than “racism” ones? Is your brain capable of functioning outside that line of thought?

  33. I’m actually kind of waiting for the argument about how Jack Del Rio and Jacksonville somehow wronged Leftwich yet Garrard will end up with MVP votes while Leftwich stews in his overhypedness while on the bench on yet another underachieving team, to come back up again… it was a fire that burned bright in early September and now that Garrard has shut up critics of Del Rio, nobody is saying anything

    Outside of Norwood, the Falcons really have no serious offensive weapons. He was an excellent draft pick, and Boley was another excellent pick. Hall has been a loudmouth since his days roaming the sidelines at VTech, and he has never really lived up to the hype.

  34. For you Friedman? No….its the only argument applicable where you are concerned.

  35. Boney, you’re right.

    Garrad has played better than Leftwich.

    But once again, you’re calling for the people of this website to own up to their mistakes in a way I know you don’t do on ESPN or the Big Lead. What gives?

    But you’re right, that was the best move for the team apparently. I still like Leftwich as a QB though.

  36. I still believe Leftwich was wrong by Jacksonville, but Gerrard allows them to still have great passing, but with mobility so they don’t have to concentrate on fixing their offensive line, to pass protect. If you give Leftwich time he will tear up defenses. I think if ATL gets a line then you will have to worry about Leftwich.

    I think it is sort of funny how Leftwich is pretty much like a Drew Bledsoe except more accurate and not a drunk, yet he is dissed, while Bledsoe was praised.

  37. Bledsoe got criticized later in his career.

    But you’re right in that comparision, or in comparing Leftwich to any other immobile quarterback in the league.

    The biggest problem with Leftwich is that he is immobile and black, and that he has that long delivery.

    But, it’s not liek any of the wideouts in Jacksonville are tearing things up. Last time I checked they were winning with defense and running the rock. Garrad has played efficent, but it’s not like he’s turning the bums at wideout into stars. With his lack of mobility, Leftwich was much more dependent on his wideouts. Plus, he was injury prone in his legs.

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