Friday Fire 2: The Mitchell Report: What Does It All Mean?


Roid Rage or frustrated concern?


Here’s a list of names:

Paul LoDuca, Eric Gagne, Jason Giambi, Jeremy Giambi, Ken Caminiti, Jose Canseco, Kevin Brown, Matt Herges, Mo Vaughn, Benito Santiago, Marvin Bernard, Barry Bond,s Bobby Estella, Gary Sheffield, Randy Velarde, Lenny Dykstra, David Segui, Larry Bigbie, Brian Roberts, Jack Cust, Tim Laker, Mark Carreon, Todd Hundley, Hal Morris, Rondell White, Matt France, Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, Jason Grimsley, Gregg Zaun, David Justice, F.P. Santangelo, Glenallen Hill, Denny Neagle,Ron Villone, Ryan Franklin, Chris Donnells, Todd Williams, Phil Hiatt, Kevin Young, Mike Lansing, Cody McKay, Kent Merker, Adam Piatt, Mike Stanton, Jason Christianson, Stephen Randolph, Jerry Hairston Jr., Brendan Donnely, Adam Riggs, Bart Miadich, Fernando Vina, Kevin Brown, Mike Bell, Gary Bennett Jr., Jim Parque, Chad Allen, Jeff Williams, Howie Clark, Rick Ankiel, David Bell, Jay Gibbons, Troy Glaus, Jose Guillen, Jason Grimsley, Darren Holmes, Gary Matthews Jr., Xavier Logan, John Rocker, Scott Schoenweis, Ismael Valdes, Matt Williams, Steve Woodard.

There is a rumored list, but I’m not printing that.

What does this do to the sport of baseball? Will it force MSM to properly scrutinize Roger Clemens similar to what the Congressional Hearings did to Mark McGwire? Was Big Mac properly scrutinized? Will it modify popular opinion of Barry Bonds? Does this get Barry off the hook? People are saying that Barry gets all the scrutiny because he’s been in court? Wasn’t he being slammed when was in Pittsburgh? If cats are not denying the allegations are they to be presumed guilty? Jose Canseco was barred from the Mitchell Report press conference yesterday and has some very unflattering things to say about Alex Rodriquez. Let the man speak his piece. Do you think ARod juiced?

Does this change my personal opinion of Roger Clemens? No. He’s still one of the best. Do I want his records vacated? No.

This ain’t about Roger though is it?

Does any of this matter to progressive folk like us?


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  1. To answer your last question–yes, I think it does. Tho I must confess, I’m not sure why. I might just be saying so as self-justification. I’ll have to think about this.

  2. Marcy please come back when your thoughts become clearer.

  3. GrandNubian Says:


    I’m interested in seeing that “rumored” list. Would you email it to me?

    Also, I’m with you 100%. This doesn’t change my stance or opinion on any of the players mentioned. Barry Bonds is still the best player i’ve ever seen. Clemens is still the best pitcher i’ve seen. None of their accomplishments should be tarnished.

    Yesterday on the “2Live Stews”, Beau Bock said it best. He said that in sports, an athlete is predicated on being the biggest, fastest, strongest in order to be better then his competition. So using steroids was a means of accomplishing this because if the players weren’t doing it, they would be replaced with someone who WAS doing it. We should all just identify this time as the “steroid” era and move on.

    Also, i’m trying to understand the outrage when in this country, cheating is acceptable in the first place. Isn’t there a popular saying that says “if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying hard enough?”


  4. Well even I will admit that Bonds was treated unfairly, even if he did lie to a grand jury.

    By the way, is DWil still sticking to his claim that Bonds never did steroids. Ha.

    Also, what’s a “progressive” – is that the new word for liberal.

  5. Funny how you come out of the wood work all Punxsutawney like Friedman 😉

  6. progressive = liberal

    I want to see proof of Bond’s doing PEDs intentionally. So far we have a great deal of sources that say he never knowingly took steroids.

  7. I like how Friedman admitted Bonds was treated unfairly and then took a shot at him. Based on an indictment for a charge that’s going to be really difficult to prove.

    It’s hilarious.

  8. Well lil Bill O’reilly Friedman is back.

    Yesterday just proved that the good ole boys in the media will defend the great american hope till the bitter end.

  9. GrandNubian Says:

    LOL@origin 🙂

  10. I’m listening right now to President Bush’s response to this on Headline News. Him talking about steroids sullying the game when he owned the Texas Rangers, with Jose Canseco on the team, is either highly amusing or infuriating, depending on your sense of outrage at hypocrisy.

    Roger Clemens’ lawyer is getting a ton of play on air. He won’t get as much scrutiny as Bonds – no one ever will, but that’s not the biggest problem.

    Mitchell gave a slight opening to really take the ownership and Selig to task, and predictably, no one is really doing it, or they’re mollifying blame by saying “everyone was responsible.” Doesn’t Selig have authority to take actions “in the best interest of the game”?

    Oh wait. The best interest of the game, in 1994, with the strike on, was to get butts in the seats again. See no, speak no, and hear no evil about PEDs. I won’t say the report was a total waste of money, but I certainly expected more than mostly rehashed press reports (which, outside of McNamee and Radomski), is what it was.

  11. Hey S2N – are you claiming knowledge that Bush was aware of Canseco’s steroid use? If not, what the hell is your point? Your BDS is acting up, take your meds.

  12. Watching today it’s funny all the excuses that are being made to discredit the Mitchell Report. It’s funny how the two individuals who are giving Mitchell information, the ones trying to lessen their jail time, are bad mouthed. HOWEVER, it’s fine for Vick to be put in jail by the same process, get those involved tosnitch on him. However when you have trainers snitching on Roger C., they are made out to be the villians.

    Also, everyone talks about Bonds lying to the grand jury. Why was he the only one who spoke to the jury to begin with? I honestly feel that if all these other players were in the same situation 99% would have lied, PERIOD!!! However they were not given that opportunity, only Bonds. And that is a major problem to me.

    Another point — How on earth can the Mitchell report do harm to baseball? How? I just don’t get it. Players flat out cheating…and the fact that they are getting caught does HARM to the game?!?!?! Blows my mind….

  13. Clements was throwing heat in college when he looked like he weighed about 185 soaking wet. Seems like juice, if he actually got juiced, did nothing more than make his head look like a pumpkin.

    To me, the individual players named isn’t the story. That Clemens will never get dogged like Bonds is a story, yet not as important as the fact that Bonds’ march towards 756 is what sparked the Mitchell Report. If Bonds had retired short of the record, I don’t think the scrutiny would be so close. If Canseco’s problems and his book didn’t force MLB’s hand, nothing would . . . except . .

  14. GrandNubian Says:

    Didn’t Bonds admit to unknowingly using PEDs? If so, what did he supposedly lie about?

  15. PS… topic I know — but Vick’s co defendant recieved two months of jail time…TWO MONTHS…WTF?!?!?!?!?

    And I wonder how much jail time Vick would have recieved had he not wrote that 5 page letter (made me think of the old Aaliyah song lol) to that “hang em high” Judge Hudson?


    sorry to get off topic but I’m pissed…


    I don’t know if y’all saw this letter from Vick, but damn, it’s sad.

  17. Alenl that letter has me heated! This is why Black athletes need to speak with Black journalists who have their best interests in mind. Enough is enough. I don’t understand these cats who shuck and jive for a media that consumes them daily.

  18. Mizzo what about that letter has you so riled up? Shuck and jive – huh? Vick wrote a letter to the judge. Big deal.

  19. The man should not be in jail. A fine would have sufficed.

    Yeah it’s a bunch of brothas out here that shuck and jive. Trust.

  20. Vick should be in jail, he broke the law. Period. Others are in jail for dog fighting and Vick won’t be the last one. I’m glad he is manning up and taking responsibility. He probably should have done this before the sentencing.

  21. If you can’t do the time . . .

    Please, everyone, stop the pity-party for Vick. It’s sickening. He knew full well what he was doing – he many not have known the exact consequences, but that’s his own ignorance – and continued to do it. He also lied about it. Time and again.

    Maybe he’ll come out a changed person.

  22. Oh, Friedman, you say it as if I should be ashamed. Bush inspires fits of Tourette’s.

    Every owner and GM should have been held to account for the era — managing partners, etc. Reading part of the Mitchell Report takes Peter Magowan and Brian Sabean to task — would that the former senator have only done the same with regard to the Commissioner’s office and all the other owners, so we could see just how much they knew and when they knew it.

    Mitchell’s report is incomplete; until management and executives have to sit down and answer questions about what they knew and why nothing was done, baseball’s stuck in the same morass.

  23. so… ummm…

    Who says that black journalists have all the answers for black athletes? Half of them rip the athletes as much as, if not worse than, the white “devil” media does. Who says that any journalist has anyone’s best interests in mind other than their news channel or themselves?

  24. Um, SN2 – Mitchell had no subpoena power. He couldn’t get *anyone* to testify if they didn’t want to. You sure you’re paying attention?

    Still waiting for a reply to your Bush comment. More slander and innuendo coming from a typical moonbat – shocker.

  25. What channel is Roger Clemens not being scrutinized on? I’d like to change it to the non-steroids scandal sports station…

  26. Hey Boney! I do!

  27. And Boney go ahead with that Clemens is being scrutinized bs. When syringes are thrown on the field and asterisk talk abounds..then we can talk.

    Please dude do not compare the scrutiny of Barry Bonds to the one day bs Clemens is getting.

  28. Mizzo, you and I both know that noone but family knows what’s best for you, no matter how much we don’t admit it. You can’t expect anyone in this country to have your back man…

    I’m not asking about what sports channel to get away from CLEMENS, I’m asking so that I can actually watch a highlight and not have to hear about meaningless stats like “Barry Bonds hit 23 homeruns off of the pitchers mentioned in the report”!!!

    Who the F cares about how many homeruns Bonds has hit off of pitchers on the report? It’s OBVIOUS that not all of baseball was covered in the report, this is like a tip of the iceberg…

    I’m not comparing coverage of Bonds to Clemens, and am not complaining.. I just want to watch a LA Lakers highlight, or a Detroit Pistons’ highlight without knowing that Chauncey Billups may or may not have known 17 guys on the Mitchell list. get it?

    It’s been 24 hours also man… not to sound like Friedman or DavidMac here, but exactly what do you want? Oooh, let’s talk about how Bonds and Clemens both cheated, but give them equal time as if any of our opinions truly matter outside of who we talk to on a day to day basis man. Clemens is on the homepage at right now, he was on it yesterday when I looked, Pettitte was on there when I looked, and he was on ESPN too… There were no black ballplayers on the cute picture on this morning, it was Clemens Pettitte and Tejada with Mitchell, Selig and Fehr. Where were the “finally” comments then? I was done with the hype of steroids with Bonds, and I’m more than done with it now…

    I’ve got to say though, I am happy that after 18 months of wringing your hands hoping for some high profile whiteys to come out on the list that you got your wish. It’ll give everyone on here something to argue with Friedman, DavidMac and I about…

  29. Mizzo,
    What is the compelling reason that the letters were released to the press in the first place??

    Judge Hudson said what this was all about when he cut MV off in mid-sentence and said “you should be apologizing to the millions of kids that idolize you”…….and there you have it…that’s all this was about.

  30. I’d like one of our resident white apologists to answer that question Miranda.

  31. Friedman – moonbat, whatever. I do not care what label you gave me. He was an owner during the steroid era; someone should at the very least ask him what he knew, if anything, if he’s going to open his mouth about steroids. Period. He may not know a thing. That doesn’t mean someone shouldn’t ask him the question.

    Yes, Mitchell had no subpoena power, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t have asked every owner and every GM and invited them to talk. This report read like the only people he asked to respond or talk to him were players.

    (As if being on the liberal side of the political spectrum is a sin. Please. )

  32. Boney,

    Please! All I hear are excuses and how Roger’s trainer may be lying. You will never see the truth. Black men can go out and be circus clowns for white men because at this point that’s how I view black athletes. The coverage has been horrible from MV, ST,BB,TO and who ever else take your pick. Black athletes at this point should be fed up but I don’t see it so at this point they have no one but themselves to blame for how they have been treated by the media and America with all the damn polls. Like I’ve said on TSF before white America watched a defenseless black man be beaten on tape by the police . Watched them get aquitted and said nothing but they want MV buried under the jail and BB hung. Blacks are so unimportant that the saddest days in baseball was not when Jackie Robinson walked up to bat and was harrassed and called all kinds of niggers but it’s when Barry Bond’s was indicted. I just worked a double and I’m so sickened by the country I live in that it reminds me of the time when black service men would return home from war and than be lynched in their uniform. We are not equal here and will never be! FU Boney!

  33. Michelle, watch that pressure.

    You’re arguing with Boney, who pretends to have moderate views on issue of race, but lets his frustration and reals show true with his comments about whitey and his initial comment about Clemens.

    Y’all not convincing Boney that way black athletes are portrayed in the media is a big deal. Ever. He refuses to believe that has any impact on black people as a whole. Why? Well because in his world, none of those things would impact him.

    It’s fine, I understand where he is coming from. If I was white, I would probably think the same way.

    The only problem I have is with his repeated attempts to chastise us when we move away from what he deems respectable discourse and delve into racial politics. I have a problem with that, cause I know he doesn’t do the same thing on majority white websites that traffic in the same bullshit. That’s what galls me.

    See, Boney claims he doesn’t care about these larger issues, he’s just watching for the sports. But then he comes to this website which is dedicated to the larger issues. It’s a strange, strange thing to understand.

  34. I honestly don’t believe that Vick belongs in jail…not over dogfighting and interstate gambling.

    When people get in trouble for ILLEGAL hunting or hunting in violated areas, jail time is not their punishment. And gambling…man please, let’s get real. This wasn’t an country wide plan to fix games or something like that. Yeah they were gambling, but I don’t even think that is a jail time offense, not with some ish people are doing to each other. Let’s fill up those cells with real convicts.

    Hit him over the head for his money, some other type of punishment, but jail time for those crimes. Not to mention a first time offense and he plead guilty; so what it took him to change his plea, but he still plead.

    It’s just interesting to me man….and odd at that…

  35. Allen,

    I’m really upset. Do the other black athletes not see this? Why hasn’t anyone taken a stand? I was born at the wrong time because this gereration of black folks are fools, money hungry and lack self pride. The old school guys like Ali, and Jim Brown would never stand for this BS. Damn, have your brothers back. These guys are getting raked over the coals by America not just the MSM and no one says a word. A gerneration full of house negros.

  36. Michelle, don’t put the old school on too much of a pedestal.

    For every Jim Brown, there was an OJ and a Lynn Swann.

    Black people have never been this monolithic group who spoke out against injustice. That’s a myth. There have always been athletes who spoke out and athletes who didn’t.

    Times have changed, people’s priorities have changed to a certain degree, but this is still America. This country has had many of the same values since it was created.

  37. Allen,

    It basically comes down to your character. Plain and simple. Times have nothing to do with it. Either you dsance and shuffle or you have self pride and you don’t.

  38. Wasn’t Jim Brown a woman beating dead beat dad. You praise him, yet put down Lynn Swann down who has been a model citizen and is running for public office.

    That is why you people are backwards. You lift up garbage and put down class.

  39. DaveMac,

    I’m speaking about his civil rights work. I don’t know much else about him. If Jim Brown did the things you say then of course I don’t approve of that. I never mentioned Lynn Swann.

  40. I was talking to Allen.

  41. DavidMac,

    Sorry, my bad.

  42. Lynn Swann is a Republican is he not? That, by definition, makes his suspect.

  43. Arguing with Boney is a waste of time and brain cells.

  44. @Kevdog

    Saying crap like that makes you a nigger

  45. Allen,
    Don’t hold your breath waiting for Boney to respond…’ve put him on blast before, he just runs away.

    I sent an email to William Rhoden a few weeks ago in response to one of his commentaries, and part of his response to me was “the struggle continues”…I won’t get into the whole thing…but it was basically about your frustrations. At this point, I don’t even need athletes to speak up on the greater political, economic and social injustices in this country…hell, just freaking stand up for yourselves

  46. I’d rather be called that than a Republican.

  47. “political, economic and social injustices in this country”

    More empty, meaningless liberal babble. Move to Iran/Cuba if you want to see true injustice.

  48. Miranda,

    I know. I’m just getting to the point I can’t stand this. Are they mice or men? Mike’s sitting in a cell and none of his fellow athletes came to his defense regarding his treatment by MSA and the media. WTF? Say something geez!

    I guess everyone is just concerned about their money. Souls have been sold to the devil.

  49. Kevdog, Republicans run this country – they make it the greatest, most powerful, and most successful in the entire world.

    Liberals do everything in their power to tear it down. See: New York Times, ACLU, DailyKos, CAIR, etc.

  50. @Kevdog
    I know, that is what is sad.

    What is there for them to do? Mike dug the hole for himself, and the atmosphere is so tainted that if anyone did come out and say how bogus the actual law is, they would be labeled a animal hater and have their name dragged in the mud. There is no benefit to doing it.

  51. Friendman,

    Leave TSF and go to a Nazi website. We don’t want to hear your crap here.

  52. Michelle, Mike Vick plead guilty to felonious charges. Funny how all the Vick apologists love to gloss over the basic facts.

    Mike’s sitting in a cell, and so are many other people who have committed the same crime. He is not the first and will certainly not be the last.

    Why do I get the feeling you were never taught the lesson of “personal responsibility”? Probably because the term is foreign to all liberals.

  53. DavidMac,

    I have put myself in harms ways to defend what was right. If black people didn’t do that you and I would still be slaves.

  54. @michelle
    How is anything he said anywhere close to Nazi or KKK oriented. You all need to stop trying to push dissenting voices off the site. If you have so little support for your beliefs that you find it frightening for someone to challenge them, you need to reexamine your belief.

  55. Michelle, why is it when liberals have their feet held to the fire about “social issues” that their knee-jerk response is automatically: racist, Nazi, etc? Is this your idea of silencing criticism?

    Also, I have been posting here much longer than you.

  56. @michelle

    What is right about standing up for him? If they wanted to stand up against the ridiculous animal laws that is one thing, to say Mike should be free is bogus. He broke the law and now he will do the time.

  57. Friedman,

    Did you not see the post about the white cops calling a black man a monkey and beating him on tape? Was that not a crime? He was a human and they are paid by my tax dollars to protect and serve not break the law. Were they punished? Hell no an all white jury let them go like many all white jury’s haven done in the past too many times to count.

    Why am I wasting my time talking to you

  58. DaveMac,

    I didn’t say he should be free. I said they did not defend him against the media and MSA over reaction..

  59. Michelle, I did not see the post (sounds very similar to Rodney King), but I’ll answer your question anyway:

    “Was that not a crime?”

    Well, taking your “version” of the story, it certainly sounds as if it was a crime, and that they should have been punished. Again, just going off your telling of what happened.

    You see: right is right and wrong is wrong no matter who is involved, whether the person be white, black, rich, poor, etc. There should be one standard. That is one of the main differences between conservatives and liberals; you want all kinds of different standards for different people (see: Mike Vick).

  60. @Michelle
    I know and I’m saying why should they. They really don’t owe him anything and unless they were prepared to counter with saying the law is unfair, probably not, why do it. What has Mike Vick done for them, for them to stand out there for him, in a situation that was made entirely because of him.

  61. Friedman,

    Blacks and other people have been mistreated in this country for hundreds of years. We just want equal treatment. Man you are crazy to say something so stupid.

  62. DaveMcac,

    Like I said if others did not stand up for strangers we would still be in chains. I guess that’s the difference between you and me. I care about others even if I don’t know them.

    I might add white people do it all the time.

  63. “We just want equal treatment.”

    Well we seem to be saying the SAME thing – what did I say that was so “stupid”?

    When *anyone* is mistreated there should be an outcry. Mike Vick is not one of those people. You will never see a conservative defend an admitted felon, on the basis that his sentence was “too harsh” or that the media was being “too mean” to him. Give me a f-cking break.

  64. @Michelle
    I think for the most part everyone wants equal treatment, but that is impossible, luckily the law is setup so that if you feel you were wronged in the courts you can appeal the decision.

    Personally, I find that my life isn’t terrible being a black man. I have loads of opportunity and nothing is keeping me back. The only people I see who say the “man” is keeping them back are the lazy.

  65. “you will never see a conservative defend an admitted felon on the basis that his sentence was too harsh”…………for real?? Scooter Libby anyone?

  66. DaveMac,

    WTF are you talking about? I live well to, make six figures. That still doesn’t allow me to drive my nice car to my nice neighborhood and forget
    about others who are struggling. It also doesn’t keep white people from being racist. I want to walk in a store and not be followed around. I don’t care how much money you have in America to a lot of whites, you are still just a nigger.Oprah who is loaded deals with the shit.

  67. Miranda,

    I don’t know why I allow them to work my nerves.

  68. Miranda, please tell me what felony Scooter Libby admitted (plead) guilt to? Thanks.

  69. @Michelle
    If you want to bring yourself down thinking about a bunch of lazy folks who don’t want to work yet want everything given to them more power to you. That doesn’t give you special insight to say people are trying to keep you down, obviously if they were trying to keep you down they failed.

    As for being harassed, living in Alabama not one time have I ever been followed through any store. I have never been pulled over randomly. I have never been harassed by any cops. I guess its how you carry yourself.

    As for you views on America, so what there are going to be racist people who don’t like blacks, they can be black, white, asian, hispanic, etc. So what you allow them to have power over your life, if you want to bitch and moan and put down a race because a few , you are no better person than a racists who puts blacks down because they have a high crime rate.

    You should evaluate yourself and check yourself before you try to go out and blame the whole world for problems you percieve.

  70. @Friedman

    Great point, I don’t think she will answer that one.

  71. DavidMac,

    There is no hope for you. I’m done.
    The way I carry myself? Oprah to huh? Why don’t you just paint yourself white and be happier!

  72. DaveMac,

    I guess slavery never happened.
    The KKK doesn’t exist.
    Blacks were never hung

    You think the whole noose thing is a joke and blacks should just laugh and get over it.
    When blacks have nigger painted on their homes they did it for attention

  73. Michelle

    LOL, I wanted to warn you but you just had to learn for yourself…..

  74. KevDog,

    I know Miranda has told me over and over but I get sucked in.

  75. Nicole 10/20 Says:


    Scooter libby was CONVICTED of perjury and obstruction of justice.

    Are you jewish??? I have noticed alot of Jews have alot annoymosity against blacks. Memo….. that don’t like your jew ass either. You think that you are an insider, but you are not.

  76. Oh….Nicole beat me to it….now I guess Friedman will try and distinguish between admitted and convicted.

  77. TSF Family do you realize that if Africans were not on the lower rung of the caste system, people like Friedman would be treated like the proverbial “the nigger in the woodpile?”

    Do you know why Europeans like Boney, Friedman and DavidMac are proud and eager to bash people on this site, calling them names and insulting their intelligence?

    It e-enforces their latent White Supremacist worldview and because contrarian views to their White Supremacist inability to be fair and humane, makes anxious and nervous and scared.

    America Inc. is like an out of control vehicle going over a cliff and Boney, Friedman and DavidMac believe cussing out the screaming passengers will some how halt the inevitable.

    It’s obvious that them believing in America’s invincibility and the benign rulership of the despots in power is fiddlers music to their ears.

    Let them eat cake and off with their heads they say….but I say a Nat Turner lick, always does the trick.

  78. I don’t have to try to distinguish anything – it’s already in my original post. The one YOU quoted from. God, you people are dense. Do you even read what you write? Honestly.

    And no, I’m not a Jew; I’m just not anti-American, like the lot of you.

    Memo to Michelle: slavery ended a loooong time ago. How long are you going to keep trotting that one out? Please, come up with something newer, at least.

  79. Michelle,
    See… can’t dialogue with folks who smile in the pics. Didn’t you see the Without Sanctuary exhibit?? If you didn’t, trust me, you can’t engage with these types at all.

  80. Sankofa,

    Thank you.

  81. I know Miranda. I’m retreating.

  82. Michelle,
    Did you read the letter that MV’s mom wrote?? CNN has it up.

  83. Mizzo, In answer to your quesiton, what does it all mean? It means nothing. This mitchell report is mainly for public consumption, to give the appearance that the league or the government cares. Truth is, no one GAF.

    There is too much money on the table for there not to be a demand for PEDs. And as long as there is a demand, there will be a supplier, multiple suppliers. Everyone is aware that as we speak, there are chemicals being put together, to enhance athletic performanc, but will be undetectable. So this notion of eradicating the peds is purely bullshit. Can’t be done.

    The steriods / hgh/ped are consistant with the changing times, and BB needs to get with the program, and stop with the grand standing.

  84. Miranda,

    No. I have to check it out. Thanks for the info.

  85. “And no, I’m not a Jew; I’m just not anti-American, like the lot of you”

    One of the tricks by Khazars is to deny their origin. That diverts scrutiny from that particular sect of Anglo Saxons that hate them just as much as they hate us.

    People like Friedman will use us as a buffer and has no qualms about using us as a buffer. We will always be Goyim to them.

    For your money, “the lot of us” are NOT American, for that is a road to perdition. That is a journey for you and DavidMac to travers together.

  86. Sankofa –

    Now you KNOW much, much, much better than to think you’re Goyim to people like Friedman. Don’t you know ‘schwarze’ that you’re nothing of the kind. Go back and re-read the book…perhaps after you’ve re-read the book, you can explain to the rest of us about your curled hair, bloated lips, blood shot eyes and elongated phallus – but only after you’ve reread the book – and you KNOW I’m not talking about the Bible.

    So now that we know what you are to him – what is he to you?

  87. Signal to Noise:

    “Roger Clemens’ lawyer is getting a ton of play on air. He won’t get as much scrutiny as Bonds – no one ever will, but that’s not the biggest problem.”

    Actually, that is the BIGGEST problem. In my analysis of this entire situation I likened Bonds to Saddam Hussein and to urban drug dealers. The American people are always down to demonize some non-white person – and it serves as a prelude to a government restriction of personal liberties – as an introduction to limited privacies or circumspection of rights that people fought and died for.

    I could go into great detail here but I already have there – so I won’t again here. The bottom line is that as long as the big dumb lazy fat sloppy cancerous quasi drunk American public can be induced to believe in the Boogie Man Du Jour, there will always be shit that the government and corporations can take away without moving a muscle – all they really need to do is point.

    Look – over there!! It’s the Boogie Man. It’s Saddam. Forget that he used to be our friend. He’s the Devil now because we say he’s the devil now! Give us $70 BILLION and we will kill the Devil. And the American public with its fat cancerous stupid ass says, “Okay.”

    Look – it’s the devil. He’s taking STAY-ROIDS!! It’s Barry. Forget that the owners told the players it was cool and that CHICKS DIG THE LONG BALL. Give us $20 million and we will make this problem go away. We will introduce the people to ISSUE FATIGUE. Now that they’re good and tired, we’ll change the subject. Merry Christmas. And the American public, with its fat cancerous stupid ass says, “Okay.”

    The citizens of this nation are largely as deaf, dumb and blind as they were three hundred years ago. They are as ready to believe a non-white Boogie Man is out to do them in as they are willing to believe the numbers in their paycheck…And they already passed the Boogie Man Kills Dogs Test this summer.

    I can’t say what the next Boogie Man test will be. Americans have already failed the Iraq Boogie Man test as well. This is called PRIMING the Pump. It should be known as preparing the mark – and there’s never, ever been a bigger mark than the fat, sloppy, cancerous, pill popping American public.

    The only fair and balanced solution to this is to vilify Roger Clemens and Selig and Mitchell and Bush until those bitches can’t do anything but close back into the very loose holes from which they sprang many years ago. Everything else is about reason and morality and decency in an arena where those are mere words.

  88. Boney’s already got a bad case of Barry Fatigue:

    “I’m not comparing coverage of Bonds to Clemens, and am not complaining.. I just want to watch a LA Lakers highlight, or a Detroit Pistons’ highlight without knowing that Chauncey Billups may or may not have known 17 guys on the Mitchell list. get it?”

    He’s tired. Somebody get his ass a phukkin’ pillow.

    (Yeah, I’m on you Boney. So what. You weren’t phukkin’ tired when the topic was Bonds. Get up off your phat ass and run some phukkin’ laps and wake the phukkk up and deal. Don’t duck, don’t dodge – and don’t placate people by talking about BASKETBALL. Just own it.)

  89. Friedman:

    I know Bush is your boy and I know that you’re a stupid ass – but do you think he’s as stoopid as you are. Sure he knew Canseco was on the stuff because Tony LaRussa and many others were on record about Canseco bragging about using back in the day. If you don’t think the owners knew, you’re not Bush Stupid, you’re Shrub Stupid.

    STN is absolutely right about Bush’s knowledge – but I’ve stated my disagreement about meaningful differences for the broader society. You should read his site more.

  90. By the way TSF reglahs:

    you know that when I post to friedman, it’s not to start a conversation. i’ll probably ignore his insipid response…it’s just to make sure that when some stranger comes along, they believe this smug, ignant, arigant phuk ackshully caught wrekc…never that.

    he does need to be checked – he just does not merit an interaction.

  91. Money. That’s all any of this is about. Americans have been duped into believing more money means a better life, only to realize that all that garbage you buy with money, it gets old over time, and you have to replace it with more garbage. That’s why I left America.

    Clemens is a fraud. Bonds is a fraud. Not a single ounce of courage between them, and by “them” I mean every named player on that Mitchell list. They had no trouble pumping the needles into their arms, but not a single one of them has the guts to tell the truth. I truly, TRULY hope that every player at any level of any sport who ever doped to get any kind of advantage drops dead tomorrow. If I could wish something worse on them, I would.

    Sports are games. Games are what we enjoy watching our children play. Games are how we measure our God-given abilities + our work ethic against those of the other guy. Drugs are not part of a work ethic. Needles have nothing to do with ability or drive. To those who think PEDs are just part of “changing times,” I ask where the line gets drawn. What’s next after synthetic drugs? Synthetic body parts? Kickers with spring-loaded hip joints? Pitchers with bionic rotator cuffs? Wide receivers with surgically implanted “Spidey” hairs?

    What the fuck ever happed to two humans or two teams of humans just putting their natural talents on the line and seeing which came out on top?

    Is there an ounce of goddamned integrity left anywhere?

  92. Nicole 10/20 Says:


    Thank you for elaborating. I wanted to say more, but thought otherwise. Your statement about “buffering” is on point. Look who runs the MSM, Hollywood, Wallstreet and the record industry. That’s why you can’t even say “Jew” let alone nappy headed ho.

  93. temple man, home run after home run, brother laying down like it should be.

    Will B…how about you just drop dead yourself

    Thanks Niclore 10/20

  94. Jemele Hill Says:

    One learns a lot reading such a littany of posts…but, uh, can we stick to steroids and the Mitchell report?

    You know, it’s not often that we get a straight-up comparison like Clemens and Bonds, and I’m thankful for this example. I already see a disparity in how both are being treated by the media and by law enforcement.

    My thing is, just be consistent. I’ve been consistently critical of Barry Bonds. I’ve been beating the Roger Clemens is a cheater bandwagon for 3-4 years, at least. My problem is the arguments against Bonds were emotion-based, not fact-based. Any argument that started with, I don’t like this guy, or he’s mean to the media, should be automatically dismissed. This shouldn’t be about who we like, but what they did and what can be proven.

    All of a sudden Bob Costas, a key Bonds hater, has gotten real rational. He’s using words like IF, ALLEGEDLY, and saying Clemens should be given a chance to respond. Uh, Bob, he was given that already. That’s why Sen. Mitchell came to see about him. So I feel not an ounce of sympathy for Clemens because he already had his day.

    I’ve heard other people in the media say that there is more evidence against Bonds than Clemens. Bull. I’m a journalist, so I believe in the work done by the Chronicle reporters. But that doesn’t change the fact that in addition to federal documents, they also used his Bonds’ mistress as a source. A full book was written about Bonds, but you mean to tell me that if we added up everything that’s been brought against Clemens, we couldn’t have a book? A book is a matter of effort. That doesn’t mean there is more evidence.

    The only difference is Barry had to testify and Roger didn’t. And even that, I take great issue with. Why isn’t Roger being forced to roll over on his supplier like Barry was? Why isn’t Roger being made into a “snitch?”

    I find the President’s comments on steroids appalling and not credible. He owned the Rangers when they had some of the biggest juicers in the sport — Canseco, Palmiero, Juan Gonzalez and Pudge. The meat of his lineup were all ‘roids boy. So, Mr. President, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t comment on steroids, and maybe did something to get us up out of the war on a verb, aka the war on terrorism.

    Canseco said in his book that Bush knew about their PED use and I believe him. So far, Canseco has proven to be the most accurate and credible source on steroids. He hasn’t been wrong about someone yet. He’s coming after A-Rod, so things are sure to get interesting.

  95. Jemele’s on it…

    The double standards are sickening.

    It’s funny how everyone is attacking the two trainers who spoke with Mitchell. Bad mouthing them because they are fighting to avoid jail time. However that very tactic is enough to punish Bonds or M. Vick. Someone with questionable character/background can be used to punish them, but when its Roger its another story. I’d like to see someone explain that to me.

  96. Ms. Hill, the evidence against Roger is clearly more damning than that against Bonds.

    When are you gonna write the page 2 column wherein you call out white sports people for their racism and lack of a concept of Justice in this matter? It should hit hard on them for their racial bias in the matter.

  97. It appears Temple3 is a terrorist sympathizer; possibly an enabler. Watch out T3, BushHitler is watching every word you type!

  98. “I’d appreciate it if you didn’t comment on steroids, and maybe did something to get us up out of the war on a verb, aka the war on terrorism.”

    Wow, you are as ignorant as Dave Zirin, and that’s saying a lot. To a leftist, there is no war going on – Bush just make it up – poof! – out of thin air. It’s amazing what this man can do to all you lefties; BDS is a legitimate disease and you all should talk to a doctor about it.

  99. Sankfora/Nicole – blame it all on the Joooooooooooos!!! They’re keeping you down!!! Power to the people!!!

    The amount of antisemitism on here is amazing, and I’m surprised that a) Mizzo allows it, and b) Jemele Hill, a “writer” at ESPN, would associate herself with such nonsense. Jemele, do your bosses over at ESPN know you’re associating yourself with these people? Maybe LeAnne Schriber would like to know …

  100. The amount of antisemetism (sp) here amounts to nothing in comparison to the amount of racism that goes on the ESPN message boards…

  101. However you like to rationalize it, Cevidence.

  102. Lol….

    I’m not trying to “rationalize” anything. I’m just stating facts.

    I for one don’t really care enough about a general population of people to blindly hate them as some do. But the facts still remain. Yeah people are saying uncalled for things about Jewish folks here…but man…some of the comments that you see on ESPN’s page makes me wonder how on Earth that company lets that slide.

  103. Friedman you can take your Thomas Nast (not the man the cartoon he created) ass outta here if you don’t like this blog.

    Who the hell are you associating with by coming here?

    Another thing and I have to say this people, but racist words of any kind will not be tolerated by anyone. I say that because the discussions here need to happen. If any of us speak like the people we condemn, where is the progress?

    This blog is about the discussion which leads to change–period.

    Say what you want here, but ya words can be yo ass.

  104. I’m sure that ESPN has nasty comments too; I don’t read them, there always seem to be like 2,000 for each article. But that’s not the issue.

    Mizzo runs this blog. There are a small amount of commenters to the point where he can delete/ban any comment he chooses; but he does not. And Jemele Hill, a columnist at ESPN, has no problem associating herself with such people. Strange.

    Same thing for Dave Zirin – does he still write for SI or have they figured out already their readers are not Socialists? – though that doesn’t surprise me much. This is the same guy, after all, who called Military Appreciating Nights “vile.”

  105. Mizzo I appreciate the discussion you are trying to generate, but I’m astounded by some of the comments you let fly. Sankofa being example No. 1.

    I’m “associating” myself by largely not agreeing with what is being written here; but I do it in a mostly PG-rated way.

  106. Thanks Mizzo….now back to our regularly scheduled programming….

  107. Sankofa is one of the most wise people I’ve ever come across. I don’t agree with everyone 100% here but I damn sure understand the frustration or TSF would not be in existence.

    What we do here is deal with the ACTION and not the reaction.

  108. If I had the resources, believe I would be writing Game of Shadows 2 — The Rocket RIGHT NOW!!!!! Whoever does that is going to get PAID!!!!

  109. Anti-Semitism? What does that mean Friedman? What is a Semite? What does it mean to be a Jew? When you come up in here with your Anti-nigger hating self, I step forward looking neither left nor right.

    The main strain of this blog is sport first and sport in the context of America Inc. and his-story of White Supremacy and the Cast system. Don’t insult people unless you are prepared to get same. Calling for me to get banned won’t make me lose sleep, because my credibility is not based on skulking around and trying to instigate hate.

    Be a man and not a punk come over to my blog and we can dialogue. I’ll tell you things you wish your enablers had warned you about.

    So cut the drama and let’s talk rationally about the Mitchell Report and the hypocrisy in baseball. The hypocrisy of a symbol of leadership in America Inc. who was not only involved in the whole steroid scandal as a owner, but one who is a documented coke head, alcoholic, dunce, a military deserter, and intellectually deficient as a statesman.

    Let’s talk about how everybody is overlooking the owners and commissioners involvement in this issue while seeking to deny certain players entry in to the Hall of Fame.

    Let’s talk about how you view Barry Bonds trial and persecution compared to Roger Clemmons and the number of talking heads who are defending him—-right now.

    What is a leftist and how do you recognize one and can one offer a view point that is sensible?

    These are but some question you should answer…..if you are so much smarter than I.

    Click on the link son, come on over to my house.

  110. Man I feel another his-story lesson coming on over at blackmystory. Friedman has given me “Juice”, no pun intended, to do some verbalizing.

  111. Jemele, The public forgiveness of clements has already began, and as usual its initiated by the media. There are reporters questioning the veracity of the clubhouse attentand. There are reporters now talking about evidence. Of course, costas will run interferance for clements, WHILE continuing to shape public opinion against Bonds.

    Jemele, I know you’re doing your job, when white america is itiching to get you fired.

  112. I’m so enjoying this conversation. At this point let’s just agree that the MSM is full of a bunch of greedy, biased individuals. They wouldn’t see the truth if it came up and bit them is the ass. I personally don’t want to have a stroke so I have to try and ignore the reality of America. I for one want every man to be judged the same. Unfortunately that will never happen. So what do we do. I think that people of color should have their own Hall of Fame. For it makes no sense that people of color have less than 10% of the vote for said awards. When you see the obvious bias in sports media, how can this be fair? Well, it’s not. We can speak here at TSF all day and night about the unfairness we see against athletes of color. What does that do though? Those people in power will still dictate the end result. No matter if it’s the lack of black general managers and coaches or the witch hunt we see directed at Barry Bonds. So we need to be more productive in our efforts to promote change. Or at least secure a place for our favorite athletes to be celebrated. Any ideas?

  113. Sankofa & T3, Big ups!!

    friedman, you in here dropping name and making idle threats, Puck you!

  114. Michelle, I have to say that your idea of a black sports hall of fame is one of the best ideas I have heard of in a LONG time. Why should we let them vote on us when it is obvious that they hate us to the core? I absolutely love the idea. I wonder how we could get it going?

  115. KevDog,

    I don’t know. Maybe some of Mizzo’s connections could help. We would need money of course. I really want to make this happen. I was pissed when Dominique Wilkins wasn’t a so called first ballot hall of famer. I’m like who do these people think they are? The MSSM treats black atheletes like they are children. I can’t stand it. If they don’t like a player for personal reasons they will deny them entry. That’s BS! Kevdog there are many intellegent professionals that visit TSF. There has to be a way we can figure this out, raise the money and make it happen.

  116. That’s intelligent. Forgive me folks I can’t type. How could I spell that wrong? Dah!

  117. My rational for the Black hall Of Fame is, we need positve solutions. Vindication for all of the BS. From the Fab Five, Dick Allen (baseball) and even Hurricane Carter for a career that would have been but for the racist police that framed him and put him in jail for murder. Hell even Pete Rose would be welcome. Sports, where most people will say is just a game has many memories for us. It’s part of our lives. It’s one of the few things that stays with us from childhood to when we become old adults. I want these memories protected and respected. Racist hide behind the same rhetoric they have been using for years. Lies and deception. The I’ll look away when their own makes a mistake but I’ll get the nigger and try to take everything away. Well it’s time we stop letting that happen.

  118. Temple3, I’m glad you decided to come back at me.. I’m glad that you want to turn to me and grace me with your text, and to also tell me what exactly I “mean” when I typed what I type.. I do enjoy it, as I enjoy the fact that 90% of the commenters here have been wringing their hands waiting for a “useful” white player to be involved in steroids or HGH. Waiting for someone that has a “name” in the league, and not a Jay Gibbons or a Troy Glaus. It’s almost actually comical that all the fists that this particular community here have thrown up in defense of Barry Bonds, and half of them don’t even know what Barry Bonds was on the stand for during grand jury testimony to which it’s not alleged he lied on. It’s almost laughable that I can picture you sitting there fuming over my request of a Detroit Pistons basketball highlight rather than here the same rhetoric AND opinions of former baseball players that are currently clocking checks from ESPN. I DO actually want to talk about basketball since it is basketball season, is that that hard of a thing to actually f-ing grasp.

    If you want to play Mr. Big Man and try to push me around and stand up with your chest out in the name of “black power” that’s fine with me. Just know, any statement that I make towards you will not contain halfassed curse words in it because a “real” man doesn’t “duck” or “run for cover” by adding a “ph” in front of words in order to drop an F bomb, actually, a real man wouldn’t take a statement I made when I wasn’t even arguing, and try to somehow argue with me. Take your clenched fist to someone that is actually arguing.

  119. Oh well…..Dubya said not to rush to judgement………………
    Expect gas prices to jump 50 cents next week.

  120. Miranda,

    LOL! As always you know how to lighten things up.

  121. Allen, I think I’ve told you before that I come here and to dwil’s site for a change of perspective. I don’t go to “white” sites because, well, I haven’t ever searched for one considering I came here when doing a search for Vick.

    I don’t come here to intentionally start arguments like Friedman tries to do. I throw a thought out there and it’s thrown back at me like I’m some sort of white devil who hates my next door neighbor simply because he’s black.

    The “hate” that you like to point out, comes out 10 times out of 10 when I’m “attacked” by a Temple3, or a Sankofa or any of the other clenched fist people that comment here that don’t want whites around here to comment.

    But then again Allen, I would guess that my attitude is a bit “odd” to people that walk around with some sort of agenda… all I can do is continue to ask questions and find out why some of you guys are so angry about topics.

  122. Michelle,
    Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!! LOL!!

  123. Anybody read Pettite’s “apology”?? Can we actually define what he said as an apology??

  124. Miranda,

    I haven’t read it. Do you have the link?

  125. Boney,

    Open your eyes. Roger, one reaction by the public and MSM, Barry another. What part of that don’t you get?

  126. There’s an interesting article on ESPN now about the difference between the Roger Clemons story and the Barry Bonds story.

    Jemele touches on a strong point that Jason Stark brings up. He talks about how Game of Shadows answers questions about Bonds and vindicates his feelings towards him while the Mitchell report doesn’t answer any questions about Roger. I wonder if those same writers are interested in putting together the same book on Roger. I’m sure if someone was willing to put forth the EFFORT to find information about Roger, its out there. But is someone going to step up and do it as fast as they did against Barry? I doubt it, no matter how much money is out there.

    Here’s the link:

  127. Boney, methinks you protest too much. Hear that? That’s me playing the world’s tiniest violin.

    Hate? Nah! Disdain? Yeah! Pity? No!

    Cry me a river dude, when it comes to my survival and yours…when it comes to African survival and the survival of those who are ant-African, when it comes to ethical and intellectual dishonesty versus doing the right thing….Fuck you! No ph on the front of it.

    I am all for truth, justice and consistency, when you and the like minded can strive for that you may be on the road to relevancy. America Inc. has had one half of a millennium to correct an injustice done in the name of WHITENESS!

    Today America Inc. still does the same thing and is expecting a different result. No apologising here for being real.

  128. Nicole 10/20 Says:


    I am not anti-Semitic… I just wrote that it seems like Jews have it in for blacks.. Just as there are southern whites, liberal whites, European whites some blacks and a whole littany of people who seem to have it in for blacks…. I didn’t blame anything on Jews. They are certainly not keeping me down.. Jemele, have you ever gotten into a conversation about one thing and then the conversation veered off into another direction??? How are you going to tell people what they can discuss??? This is not ESPN!!!!


    I don’t hate anyone, I was just making an observation.. this is a great forum and I certainly don’t want to sully it’s reputation.

  129. Michelle,

    Please read the article that Cevidence linked…..let me warn you that it will make you mad as hell.

  130. Miranda,

    Just when I was giving myself much needed therapy, I read Starks article. I’m just done. These people are evil. I’ve come to that conclussion and I’m sticking to it. What a bunch of crap. I’m banning ESPN.

  131. Miranda,

    Can I be immature and say ” Say that shit to my face”

  132. Michelle, I’m with you completely. Evil simple and plain.

  133. Kevdog,

    This entire mess sheds so much light on America. We may have made progress financially, but our standing in America is the same. At least we know without question that they still think the same.

  134. Michelle,
    Starks has the unmitigated gall to suggest that McNamee only gave up Clemens out of fear of an indictment by the feds…Starks actually states “can we believe a guy who talks under those conditions?”……..

    Wow……..just wow…………unbelievable…..

  135. They smile in your face but hate you. These situations bring out the best in Americans. Their true feelings are revealed every time. Just sad. People WAKE UP!

  136. Miranda,

    Like they said to him under the hot lamp. Give us Roger or go to jail.

  137. Kevdog,
    Its like some bizarro world sh!t……WTF??? This clown actually questions McNamee’s statements because he was scared of the feds?? Did he really suggest that?? I’ll be phucking damn………….

    Let me pour one for Vick, Marion Jones…and all who will follow.

  138. Michelle,
    Seriously……the disdain for black athletes if outta damn control.

  139. Miranda,

    Look at what they did to C-WEBB. Taking money from a booster is not illegal. Ed Martin was just involved in other shit. They wanted to bring down the Fab Five so bad that even after Ed Martin died they still pursued a perjury case against him. “We got you now darky, we got you now” BS!
    Hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars and for what?

  140. Yeah C-Webb needs to keep his mouth shut. Stop educating inner city black kids about their real history with his million dollar collection. Stop talking about racism. Play by our rules. Stop dating black women and get a nanny with very blonde hair. Stop being a trouble maker and we will leave you alone.

  141. In other words be more like Mike!

  142. I tried to read that Stark bile and I couldn’t get past the heading and caption. I mean what more would i expect?

    I had said over at SOMM to exect a spin, but the Supremacists are so bold, they aren’t even attempting to be subtle with this.

    it is what it is.

  143. Sankofa,

    Help me brother. After reading that I’m mad as hell.Your right though it is what it is. Why should any of us be surprised.

  144. No Sankofa…read it…you have too.

  145. Jemele Hill Says:


    I haven’t said anything here that I didn’t say here:

    Or here:

    Mizzo is a friend and other than being a poster with sports interest, I have no “associations.” I respect the opinion of everyone on this board. Even yours (sorry to say). If that was your way of trying to punk me by threatening to tell on me to my superiors, please know you’re messing with a sista who can read and one who wouldn’t be foolish enough to compromise herself or her position.

    As I said in my previous post, it’s all about consistency of opinion. Rob Parker, a dear friend, also questions the trainers the veracity of the Mitchell report. But his opinions about Roger are the same ones he uttered for Bonds.

    Now I’ve heard others whose opinions are not consistent. They were harsh on Barry, but are being soft now. I’m sure some of it can be blamed on the fact that the more this steroids stuff has unraveled, the more athletes have been caught, the more desensitized people have become to PED use. I’ll personally admit that, over time, I have softened on Bonds. I still believe he was the best player of my generation, a first-ballot Hall of Famer, but I remain disappointed in him for cheating his talent. He didn’t need PEDs. He used them because he was jealous. To me, Bonds is a great lesson when you become overly-concerned with what everyone else has.

    In my opinion, Clemens needed PEDs more than Bonds. His career was on the decline. When Barry supposedly started taking them, he was still at the top of his game.

  146. Jemele Hill Says:

    By the way, Andy Pettitte admitted he used HGH.

    He needed it for injuries. Cue up the violin…looks like someone has been studying from the Rick Ankiel playbook

  147. Nicole I wasn’t addressing any one person in particular. Just outlining the best interests of the blog.

  148. Jemele I called you but my battery died. I thought it was Clemens until my brother in law set me straight.

  149. You mean the George Washington chopped down a cherry tree I cannot tell a lie play book?

  150. Watching ESPNNews….apparently Pettite’s usage of HGH in 2002 was the equivalent of a cortisone shot.

  151. The thing is Miranda, over the last two days I have been listening to and reading different opinions on this report and they all sound the same.

    Maybe another day when I am in a more mellow mood, it can only serve to rile me up. Right now I am riled up, so i don’t want to regress into a different state.

  152. OK….cuz if you’re already riled up…reading that Starks manure will probably put you in a coma.

  153. you know it sis. As a matter of fact I am trying to stay as far away from mainstream views if I can. As Jamele said, Andy Petit is getting all kind of love for his forth rightness.

    When you think you figured out the game, they go and change it on you.

  154. Sankofa,

    They invented the game so they change the rules as often as needed.

  155. Wow, watching this unfold as expected, while not surprising, is just sooo…damned infuriating. So Bond’s mistress can tell any tale and she’s a credible source while the trainer who claimed to have shot Clemens in the ass with roids is suspect? So now it’s totally acceptable to use the “I just used HGH to recover from injury” line?

    Absolute insanity.

  156. Miranda I’m not ready for that yet. I’ll sleep on it, wake up and hope I don’t spit out my coffee while reading it. I don’t know how you all do it. Some cats I just can’t read.

  157. Nicole 10/20 Says:

    I wonder what happens if Barry beats the perjury case??? They are in California and all Anderson has to say is that he never told Barry that the cream and clear were steroids. That could be considered reasonable doubt. Just wondering…..

  158. Ya know what…I would like to meet this Jason Stark.

    Yesterday he writes a column making Bonds out to be a worse case than Roger. Today he makes Rodney Harrison out to be the bad guy over Andy Pettite. Anyone notice a trend? What the heck is this about?!?!?!

    African Americans have been facing this double standard in media for YEARS and now he wants to bring some attention to it, but paint the standard for the white player? I’m actually pissed off at this…

  159. This is why I refuse to read ESPN. I was already sick of ESPN for different reasons, but their blatant spin and institutional biases became too much for me. Breaking point for me was Simmons justifying Belichek’s spying by bringing up Merriman, it isn’t even a race thing for me, it is just they’re straight up bullshit.

    So anyway, screw ESPN and if any good articles get lost in the shuffle, so be it. But it seems this Stark article isn’t good, so no need for me to ever go to that site again. I refuse to give them any ratings or whatever they do to register page hits.

  160. I just wanted to note I read Boney’s comments where he played the race card. After all, he attributed the venom peoiple directed at him as a result of his skin color. It’s clear that people just think he’s dishonest and disagree with his points, but he had to go and make it all racial. Instead of being objective and considering things with a rational mind, he went to the easy card of race. I mean, GMP and Dave Ziring and other white folks don’t get hated on like Boney and Friedman. That’s proof right there.

    And if anybody missed it, my post was written in the exact way white people respond to accusations of racism from black folks. I don’t think Boney’s comments were true, but if I really wanted to discuss them with him I would have responded in a much more intelligent manner.

  161. Jemele wrote a piece on Andy Pettitte. She went hard.

  162. Jemele said what needed to be said……and probably will be the only one to do it too. A lot in the media are darn near blaming the public that Pettite felt he had to apologize at all.

  163. Man…sometimes I can’t even read the HATE that African American writers on ESPN get….Its sickening man…ridiculous…and Jemele gets it the worse that I’ve seen in a while.

    She didnt say anything that was a lie or made up. But people still can’t get their heads around the very valid points she is making.

  164. Jemele,

    Thanks for just telling the truth. Ignore the ignorant hate mail.

  165. Just to open this up again. My bad for being so late on this, but Sally Jenkins wrote a piece today that affirmed my belief she is one of the best. I was sent this link this morning by one of my peoples. Again my bad. Do check this out. She puts it down and calls out MSM for their double standard in subsequent reporting after the Mitchell Report. Must read.

  166. Sally Jenkins is an old, liberal hag. This commenter nails it on the head, so I won’t try to paraphrase him:

    “The accusation of racism cannot be levelled at the federal government in this matter. DoJ pursued these athletes in order to get at BALCO, run by Victor Conte. DoJ offered every athlete complete immunity so long as they testified truthfully. DoJ honored that agreement, and has not shown even the slightest inclination to charge any of the athletes for anything other than lying to the grand jury — even where the underlying drug use was illegal. This is not a “weak rationalization;” it is the truth. The federal government’s role in all of this has been designed to put a group of white dealers in illegally-distributed drugs out of business, and to demand of everyone else only the truth.”

    Also, what of Mark McGwire, Raffy Palmeiro, and Curt Schilling, testifying in front of Congress? Are they black too?

  167. Friedman, you’ve been on this site long enough to know how we do.

    You continue playing the dumb role to elicit an self interested explanation is understandably typical considering your political leanings.

    Sally Jenkins nailed it. She hit a Josh Gibson bomb out of Yankee Stadium. This country will not deal with its racist personality until Whites begin to call each other out–or in this case MSM reporting.

    I applaud Sally for having the courage to speak words so few of her peers have the cojones to speak. Her piece might get the ball rolling for more objective reporting.

    I’m speaking to you in particular Jayson Stark. Your pieces were disgusting. Call a spade a spade and be done with it.

    Uh Friedman…where’s your piece we are all waiting to critique?

  168. Now I had to scan thru the end of her piece, because I couldn’t stand her guilty white conscience throughout, but nowhere in there did I see any mention of BALCO. All the Bonds speculation started with BALCO – same thing with Marion Jones – which the Feds were going after. And who else was in there? Jason Giambi.

    Who ALSO testified in front of a grand jury. The only difference is that he didn’t LIE – unlike Bonds. Which is why Giambi wasn’t furthered pursued much, whereas Bonds, the LIAR, was. Why does everyone always overlook this point? (I will concede, again, that Bonds was raked over the coals too much in the media; it was excessive, but not baseless).

    Oh, my piece is coming. Tentatively title: Criminal Athletes and Their Media Apologists

  169. Look dude the vilification of Bonds began waaaay before that. Take that pandering bs some place else.

    I can’t wait to see this Thomas Mast’s creation come to life. Can’t wait for the headline: The Star Spangled Bojangler’s Bojangler Parrots the Parrot.

  170. blackmystory Says:

    Listen Friedman you racist dumbass prick, where did Bonds lie? How is Bonds situation vis-a-vis alleged steroid allegation differet from Roger Clemens?

    You constantly come on here talking racist shit and feel confident that you won’t get physically jacked up, cause that’s what a cowards like you do.

    Hide in the trees and shoot African people and any other that defend African people.

    I know you been on blackmystory, cause you’re too much of shit disturber not to go on there. Let’s cross swords on my blog, where neither you or I need restraint.

    Come on over to my house redneck!

  171. Ha. BMS, you’re one funny dude. Please: what “racist” words have I EVER used on this site? Thanks.

    “where did Bonds lie?”

    You have a website? Is it as terrifying as some of your posts?

  172. Don’t let Friedman get you hot bruh. He just give us more credibility by coming here. Keep on coming back. 12 minutes was a long time ago Friedman. Dude you LIED to the TSF Jury. Don’t pass go! Get yo ass in there with Bubba.

  173. I have one question about Bond’s lying. At this point, do we know for a fact that he lied, or are we just going off of the hersay that’s been going around for the last four or so years?

    He’s said that he unknowing took steriods, and at this point the Mitchell Report confirms that. Is the prosecution going to prove that he knowlingly took steriods with the intent on improving his performance? And if so how?

    I also pointed this out before. But if Barry’s trainer flipped on him, the MSM would claim that to be damning evidence without a shadow of a doubt. If the hearsay against Bonds (ie his mistress) is good enough to convince the public that he took roids, then the same should be applied to Roger’s trainer. But look across the media. It’s not. He’s being picked apart as someone who isn’t credible because of his “motives.” That can be done to ANYONE who “flips” on someone.

    PS — Pete Rose is EXACTLY right!!!!

  174. My goodness…did anyone notice how incredibly punked the owner of the Atlanta Falcons got today?? Wow…..who’d a thunk a new contender for the most hated man in Atlanta award would have a late entry in Bill Parcells??

  175. Famous Philanthropists…

    […]Friday Fire 2: The Mitchell Report: What Does It All Mean? « The Starting Five[…]…

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